1. Charizard(WINNER)


  1. Choroneko(girl) (she was to busy,quiet)
  2. Ledyba(girl) (first) (she could not control her anger)
  3. Murkrow(boy) (LEFT,Flew away)
  4. Lotad(girl) (He swam under a shark)
  5. Azelf (could not face her fear)
  6. Ambipom(boy) (had to slap everyone)
  7. Espeon(girl) (first) (RMCP chased her)
  8. Politoed(boy) (A boy caught him)
  9. Typhlosion(boy) (He was to busy doing nothing)
  10. Lombre(boy) (He had to saved his brother)
  11. Chaobuu(boy) (They did not know him that much)
  12. Lunatone (He escaped)

Merge StartedEdit

  1. Zorua(girl) (Some girls put her makeup)
  2. Togepi->Togetic->Togekiss(girl) (she quit)
  3. Charmander(girl) (Voted herself off)
  4. Uxie (Just lazy)
  5. Ledyba(girl) (again) (She lost the challenge first)
  6. Persian(boy) (He was chasing Meowths)
  7. Seviper(boy) (He was poisoned)
  8. Mudkip->Marshtomp(boy) (He fainted)
  9. Espeon(girl) (She was injuried)
  10. Eevee->Flareon(boy) (He fainted because swimming challenge,and Goldeens beat him up)
  11. Solrock (He lost the Finale)