Total Pokemon Nightmare

Episode 1

37th Glalie:He Was Being Annoying So They Voted Him Out

Episode 2

36th Honchkrow: He Was Sabotaging People And Didnt Get Invincibility So They Voted Him Out

35th Chansey: She Broke Up With Garchomp So He Changed The Votes Against Her

Episode 3

34th Infernape: He Was A Threat By Being With Shiny Typhlosion So They Voted Him Out

33rd Shiny Typhlosion: She Was A Threat By Being With Infernape So They Voted Her Out

32nd Dusclops: He Was Scaring Glaceon So TheyVoted Him Out

Episode 4

31st Seviper: She Was Evil Last Season So They Got Rid Of Her

30th Pikachu: He Was A threat So They Voted Him Out

Episode 5

29th Ampharos: She Was Crying Because Pikachu Was Out So They Sent Her Home

28th Rhyperior: They Got Rid Of Him Since He Wasnt Really Doing Anything

Episode 6

27th Ambipom: He Was Annoying People Again So They Got Rid Of Him

26th Venusaur: He Was Bragging About Him Winning Season 2 So They Got Rid Of Him

25th Lickilicky: He Made An Alliance With Ambipom Which Screwd Him Over

24th Lopunny: She Is A Bitch They Got Rid Of Her

Episode 7

23rd Starmie: She Was Annoying So They Got Rid Of Her

22nd Gligar: Gachomp Changed The Votes Against Him

Episode 8

21st Drapion: He Was A Big Threat And Made People Lose The Flying Challenge

20th Mamoswine: He Was A Threat From Lost Season

19th Dragonite: She Was Still A Bit Snobby

18th Graveler: He Was A Threat From Season 2 And Still Dated Glaceon

Episode 9

17th Flygon: Him And Yanmega Were Having a Affair On Pidgeot sO She Got Them Out

16th Yanmega:Her And Flygon Were Having A Affair On Pidgeot So She Got Them Out#

Episode 10

Rhyperior And Gliscor Return

15th Tyranitar: He Was And Strong So They Got Rid Of Him

14th Sceptile: hE Won Season 1 And Did Good In The Other 2 Seasons

Episode 11

13th Skuntank: She Was Nice But Since Toxicroak Still Didnt Like Her He Got Her Out

12th Walrein: he Still Had Haters From Season 2 And Was A Big Threat

11th Glaceon: She Was A Very Sweet Girl But That Mad her Go Home

10th Gliscor: Since He Came Back he Was Evil After He Was Eliminated Its Shows Darkrai Leaving His Body Thats Why he Was Evil

Episode 12

9th Pidgeot: She Was Just Like Courntey In Season 2 So They Voted Her Off

Episode 13

8th Rhyperior: He Was A Add On So The Jury Voted Him Off

Episode 14

7th Abomasnow: He Won Season 3

Episode 15

Graveler And Glaceon Return

6th Swellow: He Was Nice And Very Athletic So They Got Rid Of Him

Episode 16

5th Graveler: They Didnt Want Him Back In

Episode 17

Dusclops Returns

4th Garchomp: After The Whole Chansey Thing In Episode 2 He Was A Main Villiain But Now He Is Out

Episode 18

3rd Dusclops:Glaceon And Him Werent Very Good Friends But Glaceon got Invin So Dusclops Went Home

Episode 19

2nd Toxicroak:He Made It To The Final But Didnt Put All Effort In Because He Wanted To Talk To Skuntank Again He Lost But He Got Skuntank As A GirlFriend Again

1st Glaceon: She Won She Was The First Female Winner And SHe Was Well Liked Well Done Glaceon