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Dewott is a Water-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It is the evolved form of Oshawott and the pre-evolution of Samurott


Dewott, while still being an overall new pokemon, is being played by 101Loyola1012 for Season 5 of Total Pokemon Cruise.


Dewott joined TPA as Oshawott. Wanting to prove himself, Oshawott was always keen to help in challenges and always tried his best, once he evolved into Dewott, he believed this was further help his team succeed in the challenge, however when he lost the challenge for his team, they voted him off. He later returned at merge, claiming he returned ready to learn from his mistakes earlier in the game and play a more aggressive game, however this was not the case as Dewott was extremely quiet once he returned only winning one immunity and rarely speaking. During the Weakest Link challenge, Dewott was tied with Starmie for the 2nd lowest score and had to go into sudden death to decide who would be eliminated from the first round and Dewott lost to Starmie, however Sandslash quickly revealed that the first 4 players who were eliminated from the competition would actually be eliminated from the game entirely, Dewott was sent packing, placing 16th.


TPA: 16th