==Elekid is an Electric poke

on introduced in Generation II. It evolves into Electabuzz at level 30.==


Elekid is the Duncan of the group so he is a deliquent. In Episode 5, Wooper showed fear toward Elekid, and Elekid lead Team Mawile to victory, but sadly, the police caught up to him during the car stealing challenge, and Vaporeon let Elekid get eliminated by default since he got arrested. Elekid evolved into Electabuzz, along with Grumpig and Masquerain, in the TPI Special.


Elekid was one of the 34 originial campers that came to the island and we chosen to be team captain for Team Charmeleon. He soon got a rep for being mean and annoying especially towards Chansey. he joined alliances with Turwtig but only if he was the leader of the allinace, so Turtwig decided that they would both by co-captains. Elekid is still currently in the competition


Elekid is one of the original 36 campers to arrive on the island. He is on The Beastly Buizels and is a tomboy. He is an target of the Buizel Alliance (Shinx, Buizel, Churine, Meguroco, Kibago, and Poochyena) for accidentally losing challenges. Every time Elekid faced elimination, his best friend Poochyena would often flip his vote which angers the Buizel Alliance. In Episode 2, the Buizel Alliance along with Swinub decided to vote off Elekid because he had a chance to win the challenge by defeating Finneon but lost to Rattata. Poochyena switched his vote making it a 6-6 vote an Elekid winning the random tie-breaker.

Allies Poochyena, Murkrow, Emonga
Enemies Buizel, Meguroco, Rattata, Kibago
Love Interest Unknown
Place TBA