Grotle is a Grass-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from Turtwig, starting at level 18, and into Torterra, starting at level 32.


Grotle was a Turtwig until he evolved into Grotle in episode 12 due to training. Grotle resembles Trent and is in an alliance with Squirtle, Larvitar, Scyther and Slugma. His other alliance member Electabuzz was in the alliance but was voted off which Grotle didn't mind. Grotle is still currently in the competition and has evolved during a challenge at the merge.


Grotle evolved from Torterra in season 2 and managed to get to the final 6 until Ruinsofpoli left Youtube after evolving into Torterra.


Grotle evolved from Turtwig in season 1 and resembled Owen. A running gag in the season was Grotle being in the confessional with popcorn. Due to him getting along with everyone but Mismagius and having a boy's alliance for a point in the game, Grotle made the final 3 until he got eliminated for losing the dare challenge. Grotle is currently competing in season 2 even though he was at the bottom 2 in Episode 2.