Grumpig--screenshot large

Grumpig as Miss Fitwell.

Grumpig is a Psychic Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Spoink at level 32.


Grumpig joined the cast in the beginning of Total Pokemon Action. She was played by the Dexteras gym teacher, Miss Fitwell. Grumpig was a tough pokemon but had a soft spot for Lanturn, which is why he got eliminated in the 10 elim twist-to save Lanturn. In Total Pokemon The Musical/World Tour, Grumpig co hosted the Youtube Questions segment of the Aftermath w/ Lanturn. In Total Pokemon Live, Grumpig was on Team Tauros, but got eliminated in Episode 6 when Garchomp pissed him off which caused Grumpig to inadvertidely cost his team the challenge.


Grumpig debuted in TPA as a Spoink and was placed on Team Farfetch'd. He was quickly placed into the majority alliance. He evolved into Grumpig after kissing Kirlia who also evolved in Gardevoir and they started a relationship. Grumpig showed his team that he could be a good player as he helped win challenges and showed loyalty voting with his alliance every time, however he is viewed as playing an under the radar game as he is not trying to make any big decisions. Grumpig made merge and remained loyal to his original alliance, ensuring he voted with them all the time. During the Maze Runner challenge, Grumpig failed to win immunity when he unlocked the wrong jail cell causing he and Gardevoir to get captured. When it was clear that only Grumpig & Gardevoir were the only targets for the other alliance, Grumpig bravely told the other side to target him in order to protect Gardevoir, however unbeknownst to Grumpig, Starmie was playing both sides and decided that she wanted to get revenge on Vespiquen & Gardevoir for blindsiding her last round and flipped, voting out Grumpig, placing him 11th.


TPA: 11th