Magby is a Fire Pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves into Magmar at level 30


Magby was the Tyson of the show, occasionally making rude jokes and stuff. Magby didn't do much until a few episodes before his elimination. He knew that Rapidash was playing him so she told her that he's no puppet. Magby, along with Rapidash, backstabbed Linoone. However, in the double elimination in Episode 13, Magby was hit by karma and was voted off. Magby qualified for TPA.

In Episode 1, Magby continued to make smart remarks at Seaking. Magby finished 6th in the Shake It Up challenge out of the returning boys and was put on Team Iron Island. In Episode 2, during the laser tag portion of the Suite Life challenge, Magby managed not to get shot, but regardless, his team lost that challenge. And thanks to Yanmega and Rapidash, Team Iron Island was sent to the Gold Medal ceremony, where Magby got no votes against him. In Episode 3, upon Trapnich's victory in the what am I licking part of the iCarly challenge, Magby jokes about it, saying that no wonder a dumb girl's into him if he excels at licking random objects blindfolded.

Based On: Tyson Apostol(Survivor Tocantins and Heroes vs. Villains)
Friends: Rapidash, Seaking (one sided on Seaking's side)
Enemies: Everyone except Rapidash

TPI: 16th (along with Abra)



Magby received little character development due to be eliminated relatively early on (in episode 9) and being hypnotised by Misdreavus during the episode he was eliminated. He evolved into Magmar sometime between his elimination and the 4th episode of Cranidos' Crazy Spinoff Series (Which is after the 18th episode of the main TPI series). He also starts dating Frosslass within that timeframe. He remains a guest on the TPA aftermath, as he didn't qualify for TPA. In the TPA aftermath 4, the AfterMassacre, Magmar evolved into Magmortar.


TPI: 26th



Magby was a lot like Duncan. In episode 5 of TPI, he evolved into Magmar with Cherubi, Starly and Buneary by meeting Latias and in episode 15, he evolved into Magmortar by the challenge where they were transformed into Pokemon Trainers. Then Magmar defeated Crasher Wake and changed back to Magmortar. He started dating Cherrim later in the series.

TPI: 8th Place

TPA: 44th

TPTM: 48th



Magby was the Cody in GardevoirIsAwesome's TPI. He is in love with mean mean Smoochum. In episode 18, he evolved into Magmar. And in that episode, he tied last in the bike race with Jigglypuff, and so they both were eliminated.

TPI: 11th/10th Place

TPA: To Be Announced


  • In Vaporterra's TPI, Magby got eliminated in a double elimination episode. Interestingly, so did Tyson, Magby's presona, in Heroes vs. Villains.