Magnezone is an Electric/Steel pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from Magneton which evolves from Magnemite. After leveling up in Stark Mountain in Sinnoh or Chargestone Cave in Unova


Team Magnezone was a team name in Total Pokemon Action between Episodes 19 and 36. It was a generally unsuccessful team, losing the majority of the challenges and needing to get 2 members from Team Electivire just to keep it fair. The members of Team Magnezone that made the merge were Mantine, Milotic, Girafarig, and Spiritomb.

A Magnezone made a cameo appearance in TPWT/TM in Episode 29 (I Wanna Be A Starmie). A Slugma rode on a Magnezone to take a picture of Vespiquen and Mismagius in the paparazzi challenge, which Mismagius found ridiculous

In other shows

For some reason, Magnezone, along with other members of its evolution line, aren't seen much in TPIs, probably because the Porygon family is more popular in choosing a geeky or robotic player.