Total Pokemon the Musical was the 3rd season Misdreavous525 did on youtube. Based off memory, this is not the last, but it's possible that the season following this one will be the last. The season will take place around the world with initially 42 and counting later added characters 75 pokemon competing for 5 million poke while at the same time singing. With the inclusion of Azumarill, Vespiquen, Mismagius, Luxray, Magmortar, Cherrim, Sceptile, Jynx, Clefable, Bellossom, Drifblim, Lopunny, and Purugly, that makes those 13 characters the only ones to be in every season so far. This also includes the highest number of antagonists, including Purugly, Persian, Espeon, Umbreon, Bronzong, Honchcrow, Flareon, Lopunny, Machoke, Primeape, and Roserade. Due to the commencement of this season, Misdreavous525 is the first person on youtube to make a pokemon parody of Total Drama World Tour, with the next one to do so being wave3436. According to Misdreavous525, most of the season takes place in real parts of the world, but there is also an episode for Atlantis, an episode that takes place completely on the blimp for the jury vote, and the last 4 episodes are on pokearth.


There were 19 characters returning from TPI/A initially: Unown, Sceptile, Jynx, Gastrodon, Hippowdon, Ninetales, Espeon, Umbreon, Bellossom, Flygon, Mismagius, Carnivine, Dodrio, Clefable, Wigglytuff, Bronzong, Blissey, Chimecho, and Persian. Castform was supposed to be in instead of Persian, but Purugly stole Castform's ticket at the airport and gave it to Persian. Despite this, Castform became the first of many contestants to be added late, along with Onix (later Steelix). The initial 23 new characters are Roserade, Meganium, Starmie, Drapion, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Teddiursa (later Ursaring), Ambipom, Sneasel (later Weavile), Tyrogue (later Hitmontop), Smeargle, Marowak, Jolteon, Glaceon, Lapras, Froslass, Absol, Phione, Mothim, Banette, Honchkrow, and Shuckle, starting the season off with 42 characters, 44 with Castform and Onix. Starting in episode 11 and ending in episode 20, a volley of returning and new characters were added. These were Luxray, Azumarill, Cherrim, Probopass, Mamoswine, Drifblim, Exploud, Illumise, Ella (a Shiny Illumise), Lickitung (later Lickilicky), Girafarig, Dragonite, Goldeen (later Seaking), Xatu (the X-Factor), Tropius, Lopunny, Machoke, Magmortar, Togetic (later Togekiss), Stantler, Rampardos (from Nicki's TPI), Vespiquen, Flareon, and Vaporeon, bringing a total of 68 characters, the largest cast from Misdreavous525's series until it was surpassed by Total Pokemon Live, as well as largest cast from all the total pokemon's in youtube. Azelf and Persian are the only ones to return after their 1st eliminations.The last edit to the cast came in the merged phase of the game as Primeape, Blaziken, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Sudowoodo, and Gallade joins, and Purugly returns, making the grand total 75. For the purposes of rankings, if you include Persian and Azelf's returns it would go from 77th to 1st place but this page will rank them from 75th to 1st (disregarding Azelf and Persian's initial eliminations).

Detailed Episode GuidesEdit

Episode 1: Arabian Tights

Location: Saudi Arabia

Challenge: For Team Chatot, find a local Slowking. For Team Mawile, flawlessly reenact the song Prince Ali from Aladdin.

The 19 contestants that passed to be in season 3 wait for the plane that will take them to Miltank's blimp at an airport. Meanwhile Castform goes to the bathroom and leaves her ticket unattended, allowing Purugly to steal it and give it to Persian. The 18 contestants and Persian, filling in for Castform for stealing her ticket, board the plane and talk about how excited they are to be in season 3. Once at Miltank's blimp, she introduces the 23 new characters and announces the teams. Team Mawile was Umbreon Honchkrow Bronzong Wigglytuff Clefable Sceptile Ninetales Tyrogue Ambipom Sneasel Shuckle Chimecho Blissey Mismagius Marowak Smeargle Banette Uxie Mesprit Flygon and Carnivine and Team Chatot was Espeon Jolteon Glaceon Teddiursa Lapras Froslass Absol Dodrio Drapion Bellossom Meganium Jynx Gastrodon Starmie Mothim Phione Unown Roserade Azelf Hippowdon and Persian. The contestants land in Saudi Arabia, or, were dropped (courtesy of Miltank), which was only enjoyed by Tyrogue and Bellossom. When they make it to the shore, Miltank explains the challenge. Espeon, Jolteon, and Glaceon become the leaders of Team Chatot, which causes Roserade to think Espeon is a bitch. Umbreon, Honchkrow, and Bronzong become the leaders of Team Mawile, and immediately after Ninetales guarantees that although the Eevee twins are in control of the teams, they won't be in control of this game. Lapras immediately assumes the position as Teddiursa's care taker for the competition (or until it evolves later on). While the majority of Team Chatot does the challenge, Espeon sends Bellossom to sabotage the other team, which Bellossom agrees to, most likely because Espeon permitted the use of bombs. Bellossom attempts to throw a bomb at Team Mawile, but Smeargle grabs the bomb from her but mistakenly throws it at Miltank and his own team, which outrages Umbreon. Espeon leads her team to find the Slowking and Team Chatot wins immunity. Smeargle is optimistic that his team will forgive him for what he did and will vote someone else off, namely Umbreon. At the poffin ceremony, Honchkrow, Bronzong, Clefable, Wigglytuff, Tyrogue, Ambipom, Weavile, Ninetales, Sceptile, Shuckle, Mismagius, Banette, Marowak, Uxie, Mesprit, Chimecho, Blissey, Carnivine, and Flygon got poffins, leaving the bottom two to be Umbreon for, well, being Umbreon, and Smeargle for accidentally throwing a bomb at his team. Umbreon gets the final poffin, and Smeargle becomes the 1st contestant voted off TPTM. When Smeargle parachutes off the blimp, he says it was kinda obvious he was going but he wishes to have stayed a little longer nonetheless.

Episode 2: Squishing in a Winter Wonderland

Location: Denmark

Challenge: Five members from each team race each other downhill in sleds.

Jynx and Meganium have their first confrontations which will start their long and bitter conflict, expecially when Meganium calls Jynx a slut. No matter how Jynx tries to befriend Meganium, Meganium's princessy attitude is to much for a friendship to become created. The girls all think about how cute Teddiursa is as he wakes up. The dudes of Team Chatot feel awkward that Drapion thinks is because they don't know each other too well-yet. Ambipom thinks he should prank Persian and says he will do that later on. Another conflict brew as Mismagius says she doesn't like Honchkrow since her boyfriend (Umbreon) is an asshole. The tourists are dropped off at Denmark and they all comment on how it is freezing cold, and as usual Miltankd does not care, and then announces the challenge. Espeon pays no attention to her teams' suggestions for the challenge and makes her, Glaceon, Jolteon, Froslass, and Teddiursa participate, despite Lapras thinking it won't be safe and Bellossom being eager to ride. Froslass decides to take care of Teddiursa while they're on the sled which makes Lapras breathe easy. In the Confessional Froslass explains why she volunteered for babysitting Teddiursa for the challenge because she fears when/if Espeon has kids Froslass will be scared for them. Team Mawile has an easier time coping with Umbreon's leadership when he picks Tyrogue, Mesprit, Uxie, Sneasel, and himself to ride the sled. Mesprit explains her excitement in being in the challenge by explaining that this is necessary to become famous, which is her life long dream. Meanwhile, Bellossom scales the hill and finds an egg that will later hatch into a brand new competitor.At the start of the challenge, Jolteon displays his pervertidness by commenting on how "fine" Froslass's butt is (and Teddiursa, being a kid and all, has no clue what he's talking about). Froslass swears to kill him if he touches her butt. But Jolteon cannot resist and even before Team Chatot can start the sled Jolteon touches her butt and Froslass uses Ice Beam as a replex, causing Espeon, Glaceon, Jolteon, Froslass, and Teddiursa to fly off the sled and allowing Team Mawile to win the challenge by default.In the confessional, Froslass vows to get Jolteon eliminated, while Jolteon explains himself saying it wasn't like he was forcing Froslass to "you know" with him and that she overreacted. Espeon pretends to not see what Jolteon did wrong only to protect her own alliance for her own good and she says Froslass will be going home.In the confessional Espeon says that Jolteon didn't know what he was doing due to his young age, hoping Team Chatot would see things Espeons' way.Miltank announces that Team Mawile wins and explains the concept of the immunity song, saying that a losing team can have some of its members sing a song to grant them immunity from the elimination should Miltank like it. Roserade+Espeon talk over who will be in the song. Roserade says she is not gonna let Espeon's alliance take total control of the game and that Jolteon will not be in the song for screwing up in the challenge. Espeon agrees to this only if Froslass is excluded from the song as well. Roserade agrees but says that Jolteon's still gonna go home anyway, but Espeon says she knows it will be Froslass. For the immunity song, Roserade gathers Dodrio, Drapion, Lapras, Teddiursa, Jynx, Absol, Gastrodon, and Glaceon to sing a parody of Grandma got run over by a reindeer called Espeon got run over by a Mamoswine, and as such she even got a Mamoswine(the same one from last episode and the one that'll be a future competitor) to stomp on Espeon. Miltank liked it and Espeon, Glaceon, Roserade, Gastrodon, Absol, Jynx, Teddiursa, Lapras, Dodrio, and Drapion won immunity. Espeon is completely embarassed and swears to get revenge on Roserade. At the poffin ceremony, Azelf, Starmie, Phione, Unown, Mothim, Persian, Hippowdon, Meganium, and Bellossom are also safe, leaving the bottom 2 as Froslass, for causing everyone to fall of the sled with her Ice Beam, and Jolteon, for touching Froslass's butt, which aused her to flip out. Froslass gets the final poffin and Jolteon becomes the 2nd contestant voted off TPTM. During his journey from the blimp to the surface, Jolteon says he was voted off for a stupid reason, that his sister will get revenge, and that he can't wait to see the ladies when they get voted off as well.

Episode 3: Torn Apart and Sent Down the Nile

Location: Egypt

Challenge: Both Teams will search for seven fossils in the pyramids of Egypt.

The episode starts in the Team Chatot girls' cabin where Phione comments on Teddiursa's cuteness. Bellossom then asks Lapras if when her egg hatches could the pokemon that hatches form it be Teddiursa's friend, and she also says her psychic powers told her it would be a boy pokemon. Lapras tells her that she can't be psychic since she's a Bellossom, but Bellossom doesn't believe that. Then Lapras says that since Bellossom, well known for being a psycho, is the mother of what hatches, it cannot be friends with Teddiursa. Seconds later, the egg hatches into an Onix, but not at full size yet (most Onix are 28'10", but this one was just taller than Bellossom, but it will grow). The news passes quickly to the guys of Team Chatot and they are complaining because Onix will take up so much space in the near future, and if it becomes as psychotic as Bellossom, it would be deadly. But Azelf is quick to calm his team down saying Onix will grow up to be like them-cool and collected. Dri (the three heads of Dodrio are Do, Dri, and O, each with distinct personalities) was hoping Onix would be a girl so there'd be more girls to look at. At the Team Mawile boy's cabin, Flygon asks Umbreon if all the boys on the team can form a dude's alliance. Umbreon only vetoes that idea because he refused to vote off his girlfriend, Honchkrow. Flygon's disapointed and calls Umbreon a party pooper, but Umbreon says the only reason Flygon brought up that alliance was because Bellossom (Flygon's girlfriend) is on the other team. In the confessional, Shuckle made a point that the mood in the cabin was too grim even for him, being emo. In the Team Mawile girl's cabin, Mismagius and Honchkrow's new feud continues, and Mismagius asks Starmie, Mesprit, and Blissey if they hate her. Starmie says Honchkrow's ugly, not answering the question. Mesprit says she doesn't know her too well so she doesn't decide. Blissey, hating Mismagius, sides with Honchkrow. Before the cast crash lands to Egypt, Meganium says she prefers an alternate method so it doesn't mess up her flowers, but Miltank still drops them anyway. In the confessional, Uxie says him and the competition are a total mismatch since he frowns upon all sorts of competing, and the only reason he joined was because Azelf and Mesprit wanted to. However, Uxie says if he wins, it'll prove he is the master of strategy. Espeon tells the team to split into two groups of ten for a best possible chance of finding all the fossils.Absol admits for her love for Dodrio in the confessional, and also says that Espeon is full of it and thinks no one but herself wants to win. Umbreon uses the same strategy as Team Chatot because he claims it's a good idea.Marowak states he's excited because due to the pyramids' size, he will be able to sneak off with Phione to geet to know each other, due to his crush on Phione. In Team Chatot, Espeon, Glaceon, Persian, Gastrodon, Starmie, Meganium, Phione, Unown, Azelf, and Mothim become one group and Roserade, Jynx, Hippowdon, Absol, Dodrio, Lapras, Teddiursa, Froslass, Drapion, Bellossom and Onix become another for the challenge. Meganium repeats how she thinks Jynx is a slut, but Jynx listens in and threatens to beat her up if she calls her that again, but Meganium continues anyway. In Team Mawile, Umbreon, Marowak, Chimecho, Clefable, Wigglytuff, Blissey, Ninetales, Banette, Honchkrow, and Bronzong are a group and Sneasel, Tyrogue, Ambipom, Shuckle, Sceptile, Carnivine, Flygon, Mismagius, Uxie, and Mesprit are the other. Roserade strategizes by making Drapion lookout and Absol and Jynx scan the are for fossils because Roserade belives if Espeon finds the fossils, she'll think Roserade's group is useless. While Umbreon is 100% focused on the challenge, Blissey and Chimecho notice that Marowak is not with the group.Phione and Marowak finally meet and they totally click. Roserade's group finds the fossils first so Team Chatot wins the challenge. Drapion compares Roserade's leadership skills to that of Star Trek's Captian Kirk, but realizing that sounds geeky he corrects himself by saying she's like the captain of a football team.Honchkrow finds Marowak and Phione together, and scolds Marowak for getting with the enemy. Marowak says he's not scared of her, but Honchkrow says he should be. In the confessional, Honchkrow plans to eliminate Marowak through a little white lie. Ambipom and Sneasel also have their moment in the Sahara Desert and reveal their insterests for each other, not before pranking Persian that is. Umbreon, Glaceon, Espeon, and Bronzong have an alliance meeting, and reflect over Jolteon's elimination, and Honchkrow tells them that Marowak is flirting with Phione and knows how to use that to eliminate Marowak. Honchkrow gathers Sneasel, Ninetales, Mesprit, Blissey, Clefable, Wigglytuff, and Mismagius to talk about how Marowak treats girls as objects and nothing more. Mismagius leaves claiming what Honchkrow says is crap. Honchkrow says if the girls break Marowak down through a song it'll be easier to vote him off. Clefable and Wigglytuff are skeptical, but do it anyway. The girls call Marowak over and sing the song Womanizer by Britney Spears (featuring Nickinor2 singing as Honchkrow). After the song is over, Marowak complains that that is not him, but the girls don't care what he says claiming he's a liar. Miltank and Tauros predict high ratings. Phione coems over to marowak and tells him off for being a "womanizer". Int he confessional, Phione and Marowak are upset about the situation. Marowak calls Honchkrow a bitch for ruining his hapiness and doesn't care if he goes home, because he has no reason to stay. Ninetales, Sneasel, Honchkrow, Clefable, Blissey, Wigglytuff, and Mesprit are pre-given poffin cases for singing the immunity song. Banette, Flygon, Bronzong, Chiemcho, Sceptile, Ambipom, Carnivine, Tyrogue, Shuckle, Uxie, and Umbreon also receive poffin cases. Mismagius and Marowak are at the bottom 2: Mismagius for refusing to sing with the other girls and Marowak for treating girls like crap, as Honchkrow would say. In the end Mismagius gets the poffin case, and one depressed Marowak becomes the 3rd contestant voted off of TPTM.

Episode 4: Belle La No Friends

Location: France

Challenge: Collect five rare items dotted across Paris and be the first team to make it to the top of the Eiffel Tower

In the confessional, Lapras is fed up with Bellossom treating a big rock snake (Onix) as a baby, and that Bellossom's crazy and sooner or later Onix will have to go to the boy's cabin because he's soon to obtain the mentality of a teenager. Bronzong and Umbreon discuss Marowak's elimination and say it'd be unjust for anyone BUT Marowak to leave last night. In the confessional, Ambipom doesn't know if Marowak is really a pervert but Marowak left and he has to think abotu what's gonna happen rather than what did happen. He explains how he made an alliance with Sneasel and Tyrogue, hoping that the two of them will evolve soon, and will maybe get two people from Team Chatot into the alliance, so that way despite it being early Ambipom has some plans that can take him very far. Mismagius is on the outs of the girls of Team Mawile because she knows Honchkrow got Marowak eliminated and is also annoyed of Ninetales commenting on her beauty. But Blissey defends Honchkrow, agreeing with what she says. Miltank explains the challenge while welcomignt he players to France, saying if you collect the most items and make it to the top, not only do you win invincibility but you get a reward as well. On one end of the scale, Meganium is totally excited about being in France and wants to definitely date Sceptile while they're there. On the other hand, Shuckle says love is a wasted emotion and could care less if he's in France. Espeon's strategy is to split into several small groups to cover more ground; Umbreon empolys the same strategy. Bellossom, Onix, Lapras, Teddiursa, and Froslass are the first to find a rare item: the Damp Rock. Teddiursa and Onix's friendship begins, but Lapras frowns upon it and wants Teddiursa to stay with her, not Onix. Teddiursa says Onix is his best friend. Froslass obviously doesn't fit anywher ein the conflict so she complains on why she was put in this group. In the confessional, Teddiursa says he likes Onix and Bellossom and Lapras doesn't have to, but Teddiursa still wants to be Onix's friend. Sneasel, Ambipom, Carnivine, Sceptile, and Mismagius then find a Grip Claw. Mismagius goes over the game so far and repeats how she hates Honchkrow and anyone alligned with her. She says everyone is buying the crap Honchkrow says but her and although it may help her get farther, it could prove dangerous for Mismagius, but other than that her position in the game appears to be secure. Starmie, Azelf, Phione, Mothim, and Persian find the Adamant Orb. Mothim is psyched but Persian tells Mothim to shut up. And naturally, Mohtim reminds Persian on how no one likes him. Persian is compeltely aware that his friend count this season is zero, so he needs to form an alliance to stay in the game, although especially for Persian, that task will prove to be very hard. Banette helps Umbreon, Honchkrow, and Bronzong find the Black Sludge. In the confessional, Umbreon says that Banette could be a "disposable: member of his alliance since Banette does well in challenges and once he ceases to be usable Umbreon will just let him go. He also understands that tactic is frowned upon, but he could care less. Banette receives the news from Umbreon and is excited to be in an alliance and hopes to be in the final 4 with Umbreon, Bronzong, and Honchkrow. Dodrio and Absol meet up by a fountain and they tell each other they like each other, but decide to take it slow-even Dri, known for being a pervert. Absol explains her horrible dating history and hopes Dodrio will be the one, or in this case, the three. Back on the competition, Jynx, Meganium, Gastrodon, Glaceon, and Espeon find the Lucky Charm. Meganium takes Jynx's friendship with Gastrodon the wrong way and accuses her of attempting to steal him from Delcatty (Gastrodon's girlfriend who isn't competing this season). Jynx says Meganium isn't perfect, but Meganium retaliates saying she is perfect since Sceptile prefers her over Jynx. Glaceon easily gets annoyed, especially since it was Espeon's idea to put Meganium and Jynx on the same group, since they'd fight and be easy targets for elimination. Glaceon says she isn't a bad person although most people at this point would judge her by Espeon and Umbreon's status as villains, but she hopes to get far, even if she must cope with Espeon's brutal tactics. Jynx's has had it up to here with Meganium's princessy ways and wants to eliminate her the next time she gets a chance. Gastrodon states he is scared that Meganium and Jynx were gonna kill each other, and started fighting in the main street of Paris, drawing forht a crowd until Espeon used Psychic to break up the fight. Persian talks Azelf, Starmie, Phione, and Mothim into forming an alliance with him, and Persian's trick to make him look like a loser worked like a charm. But in the confessional, Starmie says she doesn't trust Persian and only joined his alliance to keep him in check. Team Chatot make sit to the Eiffel Tower and it was a long flight of stairs, and Starmie was quick to complain, and Roserade was quick to say it's good for her figure and that Starmie doesn't care about hers. But Jynx's klutsyness proved to be her weakness and caused her entire team to fall from halfway up the tower, which pisses off everyone; Hippowdon, Espeon, and Meganium especially. Team Mawile then climbed all the way to the top to win the challenge. Chimecho and Blissey say that they want to be immune even more times in the future because they could be voted off for recently obtaining their status as narcasists from the TPA Aftermath last season. Meganium gathers Jynx, Bellossom, Lapras, Froslass, Phione, Starmie, and Absol for the immunity song and requests everyone sing in French. Jynx vetoes it, so Meganium can't help but call her a slut AGAIN. The Meganium goes on and on saying she's 10 times as perfect as anyone else can ever be, which pushes Jynx over the edge. Jynx takes charge of the immunity song and brings Sceptile to sing I Don't Like Your Boyfriend by Hillary Duff to Meganium. Miltank admits she likes the song, but for the first time she denies immunity for the song. The reason behind it is because it would bring so much ratings to see both Jynx and Meganium at the chopping block. Jynx says Miltank is testing her patience, but she's not worried since Meganium is more of a bitch than Jynx. Bellossom, Froslass, Absol, Lapras, Phione, and Starmie are pregiven poffins for taking part in the immunity song. Azelf, Unown, Dodrio, Drapion, Espeon, Glaceon, Mothim, Hippowdon, Teddiursa, Onix, Gastrodon, Persian, and Roserade receive poffins. It came down to Meganium and Jynx, due to the conflict they shared since Episode 2. And in the first result in the bottom 2 that can be deemed shocking in this season, Meganium received the final poffin. Jynx is in total shock and says it won't be long before Meganium leaves as well and she becomes the 4th contestant voted off of TPTM (also, Jynx is the first girl out and the first one out that has been a contestant in a previous season).

Episode 5: German Chocolate Schemer

Location: Germany

Challenge: Obtain several chocolate items and deliver them to a store before they are eaten by a Snorlax or Lickilicky

Onix has finally reached his full size, and the girls of Team Chatot reached a verdict that Onix is now a teen so he must go with the boys of Team Chatot. Bellossom agrees, and Teddiursa wants to go with Onix, and Lapras disagrees to that. Onix says he enjoys being regular size and Teddiursa's his little buddy, but he hopes he can evolve into Ursaring soon. But with Lapras being over protective, that will have to wait. The guys are a little bummed that with Onix moving in, it'll be cramped, but Drapion tries to see the positive-but doesn't succeed. Unown mentions that he misses Castform, but Mothim says there's nothing that can be done at this point-except remember that it's Persian's fault. Wigglytuff and Clefable came to a conclusion that even though Mismagius hates Honchkrow, the two of them like her because Honchkrow is nice to the two of them. Unown's wishes came true and Castform was allowed back on the show sinc Persian did steal her ticket in Epsiode 1. Castform is glad to be back and has her entire focus on catching up with Unown and winning the game. The cast reaches Germany and announces that Castform will be on Team Mawile since Onix is on Team Chatot and it wouldn't be fair otherwise. Miltank explains the challenge, and Mismagius says it seems easy, and for that Miltank adds a Snorlax (from RuinsofPoli) and Lickilicky(from Nickinor2) into the mix to make the task harder. Roserade isn't ahppy about a challenge involving chocolate because it could ruin her figure. This time Espeon and Umbreon employ different strategies: Espeon divides the cast evenly among the team so no one has a hard time, while Umbreon just wants one or two people to carry all the chocolate. Azelf wa simpressed that Espeon was being nice for once. Wigglytuff and clefable volunteer to do the task for Team Mawile, and Umbreon agrees to it, only because if they win, no one goes home, and if they lose, it'll be Wigglytuff or Clefable's downfall. Umbreon also plans to let the duo sing the immunity song should they lose and he heard them sing and no way would they win immunity. Mothim is immediately annoyed by Lickilicky begging for chocolate, which is wierd since everyone knows that particular Lickilicky is allergic to chocolate. Sceptile questions why Umbreon selected Wigglytuff and Clefable to carry the chocolate as opposed to Bronzong, Carnivine, and even himself, being a Sceptile. But he doesn't worry about it too much as he's more itnerested in making out with Meganium later on. Team Chatot makes it to the store first where Froslass comments on Lickilicky's stupidity of wanting something that makes him sick. Team Mawile arrives soon after, but they're too late, and Wigglytuff and Clefable let Snorlax eat the chocolate, thinking that was the objective of the challenge. Umbreon flips out as usual calling those two idiots. Flygon is glad that his son, Onix, is full grown, and makes a point to be the best father for him. Umbreon tells Team Mawile that Clefable and Wigglytuff will be the only oens singing for immunity, and the two of them sing Best Friend by Toybox. Miltank got 100% annoyed by the song and denied them both of immunity. At the poffin ceremony, poffins went to Mismagius, Flygon, Sceptile, Ambipom, Uxie, Carnivine, Sneasel, Tyrogue, Shuckle, Ninetales, Banette, Mesprit, Blissey, Chimecho, Castform, Bronzong, Honchkrow, and Umbreon. The bottom 2 were Wigglytuff and Clefable for costing the challenge for their team. The last poffin went to Wigglytuff, and Clefable wishes the best for her friend as she becomes the 5th contestant voted off TPTM.

Episode 6: Broken Ice

Location: Iceland

Challenge: 3 players form each team go ice fishing while an additional 2 players from each team serve as lookouts. The ice fishers must real in a pokemon, defeat it in battle, and find the mystic water

The episode begins with Lapras freaking out as she wakes up and Teddiursa has left his bed. Bellossom says Teddiursa went with Onix to the boy's cabin. In the confessional, Lapras calls Bellossom a horrible mother and she doesn't want her little Teddiursa hanging out with Bellossom's big Onix. Bellossom says she has been doing her best to control her bomb obsession now that she has Onix as a son, but wants to get it out of her system really bad, so she seeks the perfect opportunity to do so and wants it to come soon. During Teddiursa's first time with all the Tema Chatot males in one room, Teddiursa seems to like it. Miltank drops the competitors off at Iceland and explains the rules of the challenge. Espeon can't stand the cold so she lets Glaceon lead for the challenge since she's an Ice type. Glaceon picks her and Azelf to be lookouts, and Froslass and Lapras to fish because they are also Ice types. Drapion also volunteers to fish since he's a strong guy, and Glaceon allows it. Glacoen admits that Starmie would've been a better choice, but she has a crush on Azelf, despite knowing that her alliance wouldn't approve. And for the first time Shuckle has emotions: He shows sympathy toward Wigglytuff since she lost Clefable last episode and seems to be good friends with her. Umbreon, Bronzong, and Honchkrow are also really cold so Umbreon gives the leadership position to ambipom for the challenge since he and Ambipom are suprisingly friends. Ambipom chooses Blissey and Chimecho to be lookouts and his alliance, Sneasel, Tyrogue, and himself, to fish. Umbreon admits he wouldn't pick that same lineup, but is cool with it nonetheless. The challenge begins, and Glaceon tells Azlef that she likes him, and Azelf responds saying he also likes her. Thus, Glaceon's wish of being judged individually and not just as Espeon and Umbreon's sister comes true. Sneasel reminds Blissey and Chimecho to get their head in the game, not just in each other, while Blissey says she knows and Chimecho says to back off. The pokemon in Team Mawile's lake are Tentacruel, Empoleon, Lanturn's stalker: Huntail, Lumineon's ex boyfriend: Gyarados, and Gyarados's new girlfriend: Kingdra. The pokemon in Team Chatot's lake are Kyogre, Quagsire, Walrein, Mantine (from TPA), and Wailord (also from TPA). Azelf tells Mesprit that he likes Glaceon, while Mesprit warns him that Glaceon is related to Espeon and Umbreon, which pisses off Azelf because Glaceon isn't like her siblings. Sneasel says Blissey and Chiemcho's performance in the challenge could be better, but on a brighter note, her and Ambipom's relationship is going well. Finally, all the ice fishers get a bite. Drapion, Lapras, and Froslass get Kyogre, Mantine, and Quagsire; Tyrogue, Sneasel, and Ambipom get Gyarados, Kingdra, and Huntail. In the confessionals, Drapion compares him fighting Kyogre with the Fantastic Four fighting Galactus in the comics, but he corrects himself by saying in the movie, following up with him stating that comics are for nerds. Tyrogue explains that he wants to fight Gyarados because he is desperate for evolution. Drapion makes quick work of Kyogre with Poison Jab, Lapras defeats Mantine with Ancientpower, and Froslass defeats Quagsire with Psychic. On Team Mawile, Tyrogue made quick work of Gyarados with Mach Punch, and that got him to evolve into Hitmontop. Then Sneasel KO's Kingdra with Shadow Claw, and Ambipom defeats Huntial with Giga Impact. Glaceon is disapointed in herself for not doing her part in the challenge because she was distracted by Azelf. Hitmontop is glad he evolved and he feels mroe secure about his position on Team Mawile. Team Chatot got the Heat Rock, the Wave Incense, and the Mystic Water. Team Mawile gets the Focus Sash, the Razor Claw, and a Super Potion. But since Team Chatot got the Mystic Water, Team Mawile loss, upsetting Blissey and Chimecho, but Ambipom, Sneasel, and Hitmontop defend themselves because it was the luck of the draw and Blissey and Chiemcho didn't even do their job. Miltank announces the results and since she and Tauros are going to a local hot spring, Chef Hariyama will judge the immunity song. After the challenge, Espeon questions why Glaceon likes Azelf, because she tells Glaceon Uxie and Mesprit won't like you and that Glaceon belongs with Espeon, Honchkrow, Bronzong, and Umbreon. But Glaceon finally stands up for herself saying that she can like Azelf no matter what Espeon says and that she needs to remember Glacoen is older than Espeon therefore to quit bossing Glaceon around. Umbreon got Blissey and Chimecho after Ambipom, Sneasel, and Hitmontop told Umbreon about Blissey and Chiemcho's poor performance in the challenge. Umbreon makes it as clear as crystal that is Blissey and Chimecho don't get immunity for singing, either Chimecho or Blissey will be sent home. So Blissey and Chimecho sing Breaking Free from High School Musical. Hariyama liked it, but Miltank says that she got sued when Team Mawile sang a disney song in Episode 1 so no immunity for Chimecho or Blissey. In the confessional, Blissey says Miltank is a (explicit). And Chimecho agrees. At the Poffin Ceremony, poffins go to Castform, Bronzong, Flygon, Sceptile, Ninetales, Honchkrow, Banette, Wigglytuff, Shuckle, Carnivine, Hitmontop, Sneasel, Ambipom, Uxie, Mesprit, Mismagius, and Umbreon. The bottom 2 are Chimecho and Blissey for doing a crappy job at the challenge. The last poffin goes to Chimecho, and Blissey becomes the 6th contestant vote off TPTM. After Blissey's elimination, Ambipom and Sneasel kiss each other for the first time, and since Sneasel had the Razor Claw and it was Night time, she evolved into Weavile.

Episode 7: Top, Lee, and Chan

Location: Japan

Challenge: Locate either a Hitmonlee or a Hitmonchan in the city of Tokyo, but the objective is to find the one that has the Icy Rock

The episode starts with Gastrodon and Hippowdon discussing Blissey's elimination and say that they weren't shocked due to her behavior in the TPA Aftermath. Mothim seems more interested in how Chimecho will react. The guys also talk to Drapion about how he seems interested in Roserade. Drapion says he'll consider asking out Roserade in the future. Do, dri, and o have their first little conflict in the confessional as Dri talks about how sexy Absol looks, O endlessly mentions pie, and Do says that he's stuck in the same body with two morons. In the girls cabin of team Mawile, Honchkrow explains her reasoning for voting off Blissey by saying she's smarter than Chimecho making it a better move for the game to come. Ninetales contradicts Honchkrow's theory saying Chimecho should've gone over Blissey, despite Ninetales being constantly fighting with Blissey in the TPA Aftermath, and Mismagius agrees with her, forcing Honchkrow to call Mismagius stupid. In the confessional, Mismagius shrugs Honchkrow's comment saying she knows Honchkrow isn't better than her and also says that she enjoys herself a little bit more w/o Blissey. Miltank tells the cast they'll be landing in Japan and as such they'll all change to either shiny or pokesho sprites while they're in Japan. In the confessional, Roserade says that she hates being shiny because the colors of shiny Roserade make her look wierd. Banette also says he's gonna try to hit on Mismagius because she's hot and she's not back with Luxray yet, and he knows it'll either be a hit or a miss, but it's worth trying. Espeon tells her team to stay together no matter what to make winning the challenge easier since the whole team has to be back with the item first. Umbreon employs the same strategy. While at a garden, Hippowdon begins to hit on Roserade, but Espeon tells them to snap out of it. In the confessional, Azelf said he really wanted to go make out with Glaceon even though it could cost his team the win. Hitmontop proves to be useful to Team Mawile because since he's a Hitmon, he can sense where the other Hitmons are. In the confessional, Wigglytuff comments on how Shuckle is nice to her even though she used to be scared of him for being emo, but calls Shuckle her "shoulder to cry on", relating to how he helped her when Clefable was voted off. Meanwhile, Azelf and Glaceon stray from Team Chatot saying that the other is perfect and cute and stuff. In the confessional, Glaceon hopes nothing will come between Azelf and her, because that's what this game is infamous for: tearing people apart. Espeon quickly notices Azelf and Glaceon fled and she's outraged, claiming she has to do everything herself. In the confessional, Espeon explains that she doesn't want Glaceon being with Azelf because Azelf will be more loyal to Uxie and Mesprit and she's just trying to save Glaceon from being backstabbed, and says she's gonna vote off Azelf next. Also in the confessional, chimecho says that he is said Blissey left, but he's not gonna cry about it, otherwise he won't last much longer. Team Mawile finds Hitmonlee and the Icy Rock thanks to Hitmontop, and they win the challenge. Espeon and Team Chatot find Glaceon and Azelf having alone time in a tree. Espeon and Glaceon have a heated discussion over whether or not Azelf can be trusted. In the Confessional, Espeon says she isn't doing it to be mean to Glaceon but to protect her. Her theory is that Azelf will be loyal to Uxie and Mesprit and not Glaceon and that Azelf will backstab her in the future. When the cast is reunited, Espeon says that Azelf and Glaceon will sing the immunity song because they both screwed over their team in the challenge and if they both want to stay in for more time they have to sing to do it. Glaceon agrees to it, but tells Espeon that should Azelf not be immune and she votes for Azelf, Glaceon will quit Espeon's alliance. In the confessional, Absol says she feels Glaceon's pain and is sick of Espeon's controlling attitude, along with guaranteeing that if Azelf and Glaceon don't get immunity, she won't vote for either of them. Glaceon and Azelf sing a duet version of Love Story by Taylor Swift and have Froslass, Absol, and Lapras be back-up singers. Miltank and Tauros admit they did a good job, but says she won't give immunity to BOTH Azelf and Glaceon. Glaceon volunteers Azelf and vice versa, but they both ultimately turn it down and let the backups be immune and just let the dice roll. Glaceon knows that Espeon will vote off Azelf, but when/if she does, Glaceon will only be Espeon's sister-not her alliance mate. Froslass, Lapras, and Absol were pre-given poffins for singing in the immunity song. Unown, Phione, Drapion, Roserade, Mothim, Persian, Dodrio, Hippowdon, Gastrodon, Starmie, Onix, Teddiursa, Espeon, and Meganium also received poffins. On the chopping block were Glaceon and Azelf for sneaking away during the challenge ultimately making the team lose. Glaceon got the last poffin, and Azelf wishes her the best and becomes the 7th contestant voted off TPTM.

Episode 8: Soccer Blunders

Location: Brazil

Challenge: Both teams will play soccer against each other. Three games are played, with the first team to two winning the game. Best two out of three wins.

Drapion suggests that the boys of Team Chatot talk about their love itnerests in the competition. Hippowdon opnely states he likes Roserade, and Drapion says the same thing, but the two stay friends despite them reaching for the same goal. The question's passed on to Mothim who says he's not itnerested in anyone at the moment, and Unown says he likes Castform. Dodrio says they all like Absol, and then follow up by saying they would ask Persian, but no one likes him. Persian shrugs the comment and passes the question to Onix, who is also unsure. Teddiursa wants to have a turn in the conversation, but Onix says he's too little to understand that stuff. In the confessional, Teddiursa says sometimes he wishes he was bigger to be fully included with the guys, so he expresses his desire for evolution. He also says that he and Onix talked to Ambipom, Weavile, and Hitmontop and them three would let them in their alliance, so Teddiursa thinks he might be able to evolve soon. Also in the confessional, Glaceon explains that after Azelf's elimination, she's through with being in Espeon's alliance and joins an alliance with Lapras, Froslass, Bellossom, Absol, and Phione so she can be in an alliance that allows her voice to be heard. The line has been drawn between the girls of Team Mawile pitting Mismagius, Castform, Mesprit, Wigglytuff, and Weavile against Honchkrow for being in an alliance with Espeon and Umbreon, and Ninetales for being stuck up. Ninetales defends herself saying it's hard to be beautiful, but Mismagius doesn't "buy her crap". Weavile talks about the status quo in her alliance, saying she talked to Teddiursa and Onix and let them join her alliance in exchange for helping the two evolve into Ursaring and Steelix respectively, because Weavile thinks her, Ambipom, Hitmontop, an Ursaring, and a Steelix in one alliance is sure to intimidate foes, and also says that although Ambipom and herself are officially a couple, the only ones that know are her alliance. Miltank drops the cats off at Brazil, welcoming them while imitating a Brazilian accent. Miltank says the next challenge is planned to make her lazy cast move around for once since all they do in the blimp is lie around. Mismagius defends herself by saying her challenges are hard, but Miltank doesn't care. Weavile, ambipom, and Hitmontop welcomed Onix and Teddiursa to the alliance with Rare Candies, which Teddiursa especially wanted since he is desperate to evolve. Ambipom says it was a good way to form a final five alliance since they didn't force Teddiursa to have the Rare Candies and they have nothing against him being a kid, but Teddiursa really wanted them so why not? Before Espeon can strategize with Team Chatot, she notices Teddiursa and Onix missing, so Lapras assumes Onix kidnapped him since he's Bellossom's son and immediately freaks out, despite Bellossom's efforts to calm her down saying the two are just playing somewhere. Umbreon also can't strategize because Hitmontop, Weavile, and Ambipom are missing. In the confessional, Mesprit says she was sad to see Hitmontop missing because she has a crush on him, but it'll be difficult with her being alligned with Uxie and Hitmontop being alligned with Weavile, Ambipom, Onix, and Teddiursa. Teddiursa eats the Rare Candies and evolves into Ursaring, and his entire alliance cheers. Ursaring says he's stoked to have the mindset of a teenager just like everyone else and to be able to like, and he also hopes get, girls. His only worry is that Lapras will be in shock, but thinks everything will work out. Ursaring and Onix return to Team Chatot, with everyone shocked of Teddiursa's evolution, especially Lapras, who still wants to tuck Ursaring in at night, but Ursaring declines as he's one of the dude's now. Lapras blames Bellossom, but Bellossom says children grow up and Lapras needs to move on. In the confessional, Roserade says she hopes she can sit out so she won't become ugly by getting hit in the face with a soccer ball, because to her, her beauty is her only way to win. When Ambipom, Hitmontop, and Weavile return to Team Mawile, Ambipom covers for their absense by saying they needed to use the restroom. Umbreon buys it, and motivates his team for the challenge because he thinks the teams are at enqual capacity and he doesn't want to enter a losing streak. Uxie thinks him and Mesprit can win it for their team due to them being very fast. Miltank says that the TC's must be on the filed each game, the goalies cannot be substituted, and it's best two out of 3. For game 1, Dodrio, Espeon and Glaceon play offense, Ursaring and Drapion play defense, and Onix is the goalie for Team Chatot; for Team Mawile Umbreon, Hitmontop, and Ambipom are on offense, Flygon and Weavile are on defense, and Bronzong is the goalie. Espeon mainly picked big-ish pokemon to be good defense, but Umbreon shrugs it since he believes his lineup will do just as well. Umbreon gets the first kick and passes to Ambipom, and Ambipom goes for the goal, but Drapion kicks it away. It goes to Bronzong who kicks the ball back, but Dodrio kicks it to the goal. However, Flygon falls on Weavile, making the goal vulnerable and the ball KO's Bronzong and makes a goal for Team Chatot. Weavile claims she's playing with morons since Flygon and Bronzong were horrible in the first game. In game 2, Espeon kicks the ball first, but Hitmontop kicks it to Team Chatot's goal, and since Drapion, Ursaring, and Onix were in a conversation, they couldn't defend the goal, so Team Mawile scored. Hitmontop brags about the goal he made and says had he still been a Tyrogue, it wouldn't happen. Espeon is the first to kick the ball again in game 3 and it is passed to Glaceon, and she goes for the goal, and since Flygon runs into Weavile again, causing her to collide with Bronzong, Team Chatot scores and leads 1 -0. Weavile is no furious at Flygon for being a screw up in this challenge. For game two, Starmie and Roserade (against her wishes, since Espeon threatened her wiht elimination should she refuse, msot likely to piss her off and get her back for the Mamoswine incident in Episode 2) sub for Dodrio and Glaceon and Hippowdon and Lapras sub for Drapion and Ursaring in Team Chatot, and in Team Mawile, Mismagius and Mesprit sub for Hitmontop and Ambipom and Wigglytuff and Shuckle sub for Weavile and Flygon on Team Mawile. Umbreon kicks the ball in first in game 1 to Mesprit, and Mesprit kicks it, and right before Onix, Lapras, and Hippowdon could defend, Mesprit gives the ball a follow up kick to score for Team Mawile. In game 2, Mesprit kicks it first, and it's so hard that it ricochets off Starmie, Espeon, Roserade, Lapras, Hippowdon, and Onix to score again for Team Mawile, tying it up 1-1. Mesprit is excited after the game since Hitmontop hugs her for a job well done, which Mesprit enjoys. For the final game, Mothim and Absol sub for Starmie and Roserade and Meganium and Gastrodon sub for Hippowdon and Lapras in Team Chatot; Team Mawile has Carnivine and Honchkrow sub for Mismagius and Mesprit and Ninetales and Flygon (who begged Umbreon to let him back in) sub for Wigglytuff and Shuckle. Umbreon fears Flygon may mess up so he tells Ninetales to keep an eye on him. Espeon kicks the ball first in game 1, and it goes to Absol, who kicks it toward the goal. Flygon attempts to defend, but Mothim quickly kicks the ball again to score for Team Chatot and Flygon crashes into Ninetales. Mothim says he never knew he was good at sports until that challenge. In game 2 Espeon kicks it first again, and although Carnivine tries to kick it back, he stumbles on it and rolls into Honchkrow and Umbroen, who roll into Ninetales, Flygon, and Bronzong and they all get in the goal with the ball so Team Chatot wins the challenge. Ninetales is quick to freak out claling Carnivine an idiot for tripping on his own roots. Honchkrow talks to Weavile individually and tells her that she knows she likes Ambipom through her evolution from Sneasel to Weavile, so Honchkrow lets Weavile sing in the immunity song with her, Umbreon, and Bronzong while in turn Weavile agrees to allign with her, but Weavile refuses, claiming she's not a sucker. Honchkrow says that was a dumb mistake. Weavile says she doesn't trust Honchkrow because she blindsided Marowak. Honchkrow then goes to recruit Ninetales into her allianc,e but Ninetales also refuses. Honchkrow says her team is idiotic for not wanting to allign with her and get far into the game, but she had Banette listen to the bathroom doors to get some juice on another player: Mesprit. Honchkrow tries to persuade Mesprit saying she knows she likes Hitmontop and that if Mesprit doesn't sing and doesn't allign with her, either Hitmontop or Mesprit will go home next. Mesprit agrees, but only if Uxie and Hitmontop are safe too. Honchkrow agrees. For the immunity song, Honchkrow, Bronzong, Umbreon, and Mesprit sing Poor Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid. For the first time since episode 3, they all get immunity. In the poffin ceremony, Honchkrow, Mesprit, Bronzong, and Umbreon are pre-given poffins for singing, followed by Uxie, Ambipom, Hitmontop, Shuckle, Wigglytuff, Mismagius, Chimecho, Banette, Castform, Sceptile, Ninetales, and Carnivine. In the bottom 2 was Weavile for refusing to allign with Honchkrow and Flygon for being a total klutz throughout the challenge. The final poffin case goes to Weavile, and Flygon bids a farewell to his girlfriend Bellossom, his son Onix, and becomes the 8th contestant voted off TPTM.

Episode 9: When in Romania

Location: Romania

Challenge: Avoid being captured by zombies (the role being played by the 8 ousted contestants)

The episode begins with the boys of Team Chatot waking up. Drpaion asks how they slept, and Dri says he dreamt about lots of girls. Do is disgusted that he still acts that perverted when they are all dating Absol. Onix breaks up the fight between Do and Dri by saying he's kinda bummed that Flygon left last episode and wonders why it was him. Ursaring thinks it's because Umbreon is enemies of Flygon and Bellossom and thought that if Flygon went, Bellossom would be upset, although he doubts that's the case. In the confessional, Onix states that even if Flygon isn't coordinated, he's still a great guy and that he shouldn't have been voted off. Bellossom asks if one of the Team Chatot girls can distract Onix so she can get her bomb obsession dealt with and that she can't even think about Flygon's elimination, which she is mad about and that Umbreon is toast. Espeon shrugs it saying either her or Umbreon will win, and that it'd be cool if them two were the final 2. Bellossom asks what about Honchkrow, and Espeon replies saying she hates Honchkrow just like everyone else. Honchkrow says she feels awkward with the Team Mawile girls being on opposite sides. Ninetales says she's only on Honchkrow's side because she can't fit with Mismagius, Wigglytuff, Weavile, Castform, and Mesprit and that she hates her. Mismagius says if Honchkrow hadn't gone through the trouble of blindsiding her teammates and blackmailing people into her alliance she may have been more popular, but Honchkrow shurgs it saying she will win in the end. Int the confessional, Msimagius once again rants on Honchkrow annoying her. She says it's like having another Purugly on the show (remind her that she's gla dPururlgy's not in and that she's also not on the same team as Persian), that if Team Mawile loses, she'll vote off Honchkrow, and that she finds humorous the conflict between Espeon and Honchkrow. When Miltank announces Romania is the next destination, Roserade complains saying Romania is creepy. However, Banette is excited to go there since he's been there before and that he thinks it's fun, but he's a Banette-making it self explanitory. Banette also implies that Mismagius and him cna do stuff too, but Mismagius calls him a creeper, and repeats that she doesn't like him, which she claims to have told him the same thing last night when Banette was stalking her. Miltank explains the challenge and says that the zombies will be Smeargle, Jolteon, Marowak, Jynx, Clefable, Blissey, Azelf, and Flygon; the eight losers. In the confessional, Mothim says he's excited since he's been to Romania before. Then he talks about his alliance, and even though Starmie told him they were leading Persian on, Persian told Mothim he trusted him the most, and since Persian had no one, he might as well trust him back. Espeont ells her team to do whatever they'd like but don't lose. Glaceon says Espeon is getting on her last nerve, and that in the girls alliance they added Meganium for a numbers advantage even if Meganium's a little bitch, but they need a scapegoat and Meganium fills that role nicely. Umbreon tells his team the same thing Espeon told her team. Banette wants to be in the same group as Mismagius, but Mismagius immediately declines and says if Banette's even 20 feet from her, he's a goner. In the confessional, Uxie reveals that he likes zombie movies so he may perform well in the challenge, and he and Mesprit have to since Azelf is eliminated. Then Ambipom says his alliance is doing great and that he'll prank someone in the future if he can. Honchkrow, Banette, Espeon, Umbreon, and Bronzong get cornered by Marowak, which is ironic since they got him eliminated. Honchkrow comments on the irony but doesn't care what she did to Marowak. The point is to eliminate people, and Honchkrow did, does, and will do, until her and Umbreon get to the final 2. Mothim, Starmie, Unown, Phione, and Persian run into Flygon, with Persian's alliance ditching him. In the confessional, Persian says his alliance are all losers are that Mothim thinks Persian will take him far, but he's mistaken. Meganium, Sceptile, Castform, Shuckle, and Wigglytuff form a group. Meganium insults shuckle, Castform, and Wigglytuff, but Sceptile tells her to be nicer. Meganium says she tries but she's too perfect. Just her luck, Jynx appears. Jynx then states it was fun to get back at Meganium, and it's only a matter of time until Megnaium loses just like her. Mothim leads Unown, Phione, and Starmie to a dead end. Mothim said Persian told him this was the way, and the other three reminded him not to trust him. Then Smeargle and Blissey double team them. In the confessional, Starmie says Mothim is a complete idiot, and that she's the strongets one in her alliance, even though Phione and Unown do contribute. Starmie predicts that if Team Chatot loses, it's Persian or Mothim. Bellossom goes on and on to Lapras, Glacoen, Froslass, and Absol that she needs to throw a bomb really bad, but Lapras reminds her they're in a challenge. Then Jolteon corners them. Froslass says of all the people it had to be the one that touched her butt. Froslass also admits that she likes Uxie. Since Team Chatot had more members covered, Team Mawile wins. Espeon says that since she's a brutal player and a great strategist soone ror later she'll be targeted so she gets some other girls to sing with her for immunity; she picks Meganium, Starmie, and Phione. The four girls sing Too Cool by Meagan Jette Martin from Camp Rock. Miltank grants them immunity. In the poffin ceremony, Espeon, Meganium, Phione, and Starmie are pregiven poffins for singing, followed by Drapion, Onix, Lapras, Absol, , Gastrodon, Unown, Glaceon, Froslass, Hippowdon, Roserade, Ursaring, and Bellossom. The bottom 2 were Persian and Mothim-Persian for being the most hated player in the game, and Mothim for screwing Starmie, Unown, and Phione in the challenge which could've saved Team Chatot. Semi-shockingly, the final poffin went to Persian. Mothim becomes the 9th contestant voted off TPTM. When he parachutes off the blimp, Mothim comments on his idiotic move by trusting Persian.

Episode 10: Snowballs Froze the Cat

Location: Antartica

Challenge: Both teams compete in a snowball fight

Onix and Hippowdon are confused that Mothim was eliminated last night instead of Persian. Persian explains it saying that Mothim is a loser and there's nothing anyone can do to eliminate Persian. In the confessional, Ursaring concludes that Persian dug his own grave with that comment. In the girls' cabin of Team Chatot, the line is drawn with Froslass, Phione, Absol, Lapras, Bellossom, and Glaceon on one side and Starmie, Meganium, Roserade, and Espeon on the other. Espeon asks Glaceon how it feels to be on the loser side of the cabin, and Glaceon replies that Espeon is only being immature, which she can relate to since Espeon is Glaceon's younger sister, and that she's better off with her friends that treat her like a person than Espeon and Umbreon. In the confessional, Lapras proves totally oblivious to her teammates' fighting and proves she's more hung up on Ursaring's evolution, which lead to him being rebelious, more like the guys, and more free. Lapras blames Ambipom for taking him under his wing which changed Ursaring, and the only good thing that came out of it was that she made a friend out of Bellossom, which she never expected to do in a million years, but that's because Lapras turned into a downer post Ursaring's evolution. Honchkrow says she's glad Mothim left, but only because with every elimination she gets closer to the end. Mismagius bursts her bubble by saying sooner or later there will be an elimination with Honchkrow's name on it preventing her from winning. Wigglytuff remains one of the few people NOT to hate Honchkrow, mostly because she hasn't done anythign bad to Wigglytuff up to this point, and Wigglytuff is more focused on Shuckle. In the boys cabin of Team Mawile, Umbreon says that even though there's 35 left and only him, Bronzong, Banette, Honchkrow, and Espeon (Mesprit presumably withdrew from the alliance by this point) are alligned, he thinks they have the advantage because it's easy for the outsiders of the alliance to trarget themselves. But Ambipom is quick to prove Umbreon's reasoning wrong by saying him, Hitmontop, Uxie, Shuckle, Carnivine, and Sceptile are tight, Umbreon's a deceitful ass, Bronzong is just a suck up to Espeon, and that Banette's literally and mentally a puppet. Chimecho then says the only reason he's on Umbreon's side is because the other side is crowded. Ambipom finishes off by saying that they can think whatever they'd like, but none of them will win. In the confessional, Chimecho says the only reason he likes Umbreon's alliance being in the game is that it's distracting enough for everyone to forget that Chimecho was an asshole in the TPA aftermath and he won't be targeted. When Miltank announces their arrival in Antartica, the grass types (Meganium, Sceptile, Roserade, and Carnivine) are quick to worry, except for Bellossom, who shurgs the fact that it's the coldest place on earth. Due to the cast being dropped into the cold sea surrounding Antartica, they are all frozen when the reach shore and require thawing out. Espeon feels the fact that Mothim got eliminated last episode isn't important since he was a weak link and tells her team to do nothing more except avoid getting hit by snowballs. Int he confessional, Drapion says he'll begin to hit on Roserade today and compares their love with that of Princess Lea and Han Solo from Star Wars, but quickly follows it up by adding that his cousing told him about them and that he would never watch something so lame. Umbreon says that his team can do whatever they want while avoiding snowballs. Banette asks Mismagius if he can come with her, and Mismagius says that once again, the answer is no. Mismagius says that the worst part of the game right now is dealing with her stalker, Banette. She says it was worse than when Porygon-Z stalked him and that she hopes Luxray can return to scare Banette off and that the two can get back together.Persian becomes the first one out of the challenge when Ninetales, Mismagius, Mesprit, and even his own teammates: Meganium, Lapras, Bellossom, Froslass, and Absol bury him in snowballs. Persian then slips off the edge of a cliff and falls head first into one of the ice shelfs of Antartica. Persian vows to get back Mismagius for orchestrating that. Roserade rounds up Drapion, Hippowdon, and Ninetales and aks if they want an alliance? Ninetales says she doesn't trust Roserade, but Roserade assures Ninetales that Drapion and herself will have Ninetales' back.Hippowdon and Ninetales agree and join her alliance. Roserade, in the confessional, says she only needs Ninetales to see what's up on Team Mawile and that she can't trust her. But Roserade says that although Ninetales and Hippowdon are best friends, Nientales in reality likes him, but Hippowdon doesn't know, and that Roserade will play Ninetales and Hippowdon against each other. After that, Ninetales says she still doesn't trust Roserade, and that she's only in the alliance to protect Hippowdon from her, saying that the two had a lot of time together in the TPA Aftermath and if Roserade does anything to hurt him, she'll be burnt to a crisp. In the next snowball match up, it's alliance vs. alliance with Roserade, Drapion, Ninetales, and Hippowdon vs. Espeon, Umbreon, Bronxong, Honchkrow, and Banette, the latter who leaves moments before the action. Roserade and Espeon hit each other, and then Hippowdon, Drapion, Bronzong, and Honchkrow get hit. It comes down to Ninetales and Umbreon, and Ninetales hits umbreon and gets away. Banette says he snuck away to find Mismagius, and admits to watching her when she sleeps, but goes away so Mismagius doesn't find out. Next up Ambipom, Onix, Weavile, Ursaring, and Hitmontop encounter Sceptile, Carnivine, Wigglytuff, and Shuckle. Carnivine and Onix hit each other, then Wigglytuff and Ursaring, Sceptile and Hitmontop, and Shuckle and Weavile, allowing Ambipom to escape. Sceptile complains about the cold and wants to go back in the blimp. Next up Castform, Chimecho, Mismagius, Uxie, and Mesprit encounter Bellossom, Meganium, Lapras, Glaceon, Absol, and Froslass. Bellossom gets too into the game that she thinks its war, which motivates Froslass to have some fun. Bellossom and Castform hit each other, then Meganium and Uxie, Lapras and Chimecho, and then Msimagius and Mesprit become able to hit Froslass, Glaceon, and Absol and flee. Mesprit claims this is the most fun she ever had because as a lake spirit, she, Azelf, and Uxie almost always stay indoors and all she can do is read with Uxie and she wants to have a life. Unown, Phione, Starmie, Dodrio, and Gastrdon encounter Mismagius, Banette, Ninetales, Mesprit, and Ambipom. Dodrio, Unown, and Ninetales go down first, and then everyone but Mesprit and Ambipom get hit. Mismagius claims Banette is her achilles heel because she can't concentrate around him. Banette then appears in the confessional with Mismagius, and Mismagius told him she found out about him watching her in bed, and she beats up Banette. Mesprit and Ambipom win the challenge for Team Mawile. Absol gets Dodrio to do a duet with her for the immunity song. The couple sings Walls by All-time Low. Miltank claims she was shocked Absol and Dodrio could sing like that and they both get immunity. At the poffin ceremony, Miltank comments on Team Chatot's losing streak and pregives Dodrio and Absol poffins for sing for immunity. Glaceon, Lapras, Froslass, Drapion, Ursaring, Bellossom, Onix, Unown, Phione, Hippowdon, Roserade, Gastrodon, Starmie, and Espeon also get poffins. Meganium is in the bottom two for being a diva and complaining too much while Persian's in the bottom 2 for being hated by everyone and getting whoope din the snowball challenge. The last poffin case goes to Meganium, Ursaring tells Persian he deserved to go for being cocky, and Persian becomes the 10th contestant and the 1st villain voted off TPTM.

Episode 11: Rare, Rare Britania

Location: Great Britain

Challenge: Search for rare items all over London, some out in the open, some held by kicked off contestants. The team with the most items wins.

Ursaring expresses his relief about Persian being eliminated, and the other guys of Team Chatot easily relate. Gastrodon syas they can finally just hang, and Dri is excited to talk about chicks, but Do reminds him they are dating Absol. In the confessional, Unown says that Persian being eliminated was the best move he made this season, and that Starmie, Phione, and him will continue their alliance. He only fears that Starmie will want to lead, and she's a bit of a diva. The girls of Team Chatot are also happy with their desicion in eliminating Persian, especially Lapras, afraid Ursaring would be influenced by him. Bellossom tells Lapras not to worry, since he's with Onix who is a good boy. Espeon adds by saying "unlike Bellossom", but Bellossom replies by saying just because she likes bombs doesn't mean she's evil. Phione said that Persian had it coming for all the crap he did on TPA. In the girls' cabin of Team Mawile, Honchkrow also says she's glad Persian left, but Mismagius says that's a sign that Honchkrow's days in the competition are numbered. Honchkrow repeats that she'll win no matter what, and at this point the girls are sick of it and even more certain that she'll lose. In the confessional, Weavile says that the bickering is only good for making herself less of a target, which means her alliance will prosper. In the boys cabin of Team Mawile, Carnivine is cheerful because Persian left, and thinks Umbreon will be next, and of course Umbreon tells Carnivine that he's a moron and that if he loses, no way can Carnivine win. Carnivine says that he's not a moron he's just a nice guy. Sceptile and ambipom defend him by saying Carnivine's cool and Umbreon's a jerk that won't last much longer. In the confessional, Bronzong said that Persian's elimination was just to signal that no one is in control of the game except him and his alliance (Espeon, Umbreon, Honchkrow, and to a lesser extent, Banette). When Miltank welcomed the cast to Great Britian, she also revealed the addition of 5 more tourists, making 39. The first is Cherrim, who sued the pants off of Miltank for the "faulty" elimination Cherrim went through in TPA. Next is Luxray, who Mismagius is glad to see. Miltnak brought him back to see if there'd be drama between Luxray, and Banette-she is correct that early. Miamagius comments on how "hot" it was for Luxray to intimidate Banette. Azumarill also returns, because Miltank wanted to torture Persian with her, but Persian is gone but she let Azumarill back anyway, who is glad to reunited with Carnivine (Carnivine and Azumarill are a couple), and to see her friend Wigglytuff, who announces that she and Shuckle are officially a couple. Then the two NEW players introduce themselves: Probopass says he's nice, a team player, and they can call him mustacio because that is a nickname he acquired form his friends. Mamoswine said that he made cameos in episodes 1 and 2 and that he also wants to represent BlizzardMamoswine, who wasn't on youtube anymore at the time. In the confessional, Cherrim says it's great to be back and she hopes Magmortar (her boyfriend) also returns, and that she only likes to be mean to Miltank because that doesn't target her. Probopass then says he's so excited that he can't even think straight. Then Mamoswine says he hopes to get fans through representing BlizzardMamoswine. Miltank then says that Luxray, Cherrim, and Azumarill go to Team Mawile, and Probopass and Luxray go to Team Chatot. Miltank explains the challenge and says they really don't wanna lose otherwise they experience the new twist she added, but won't reveal it until the challenge concludes. Espeon welcomes Probopass and Mamoswine to Team Chatot, and says although the "just breakup into groups" strategy got them losing 2 in a row, she employs it again anyway, but she requires Phione, Unown, and Starmie to be with her, but aside form that any group combinations are feasible. Absol is supsicious of Espeon for choosing them. Starmie believes Espeon likes her and will easily side with her, and Unown and Phione don't talk much so they just go with the flow. So it all adds up to Espeon having 3 more votes in her favor, which sucks since Absol seems to like them, well more or less Starmie. Umbreon welcomes Luxray, Azumarill, and Cherrim to Team Mawile, especially since Uxie, Mesprit, Honchkrow, Banette, Shuckle, Ambipom, Weavile, and Hitmontop are just meating them now for the first time. Umbreon again employs the same strategy as Espeon and hopes their team can pull off a three win streak. Luxray feels good about the new competition, being his third time back, and hopefully him protecting Mismagius from Banette the creeper can elad to them rekindling their relationship and they can last long this season. Smeargle is strolling along London and runs into Ursaring, Onix, Probopass, and Mamoswine and gladly hands over the King's Rock to them, the fiv eof them becoming friends in the process. In the confessional, Ursaring says looking back he wishes Smeargle was still in over Umbreon, but moves on to the topic of his relationship with Lapras. He still lvoes her because she took him in when he needed someone like her the most, but she's too smothering and hates that he evolved, and hopes the two can be on better terms in the future. Lastly, he hopes his team get out of their losing streak. Roserade and Hippowdon get along (or at least they think), and Roserade tells Hippowdon she loves him and kisses him. Hippowdon is completely infantuated by her, but the bad part is Drapion sees it all from afar and is hella mad. The bad news continues when Roserade says it's just part of her plan to get deeper into the game with using Hippowdon for her own gains. In the confessional, Drapion says he's gonna beat up Hippowdon if he ever does anything like that with Roserade again, despite his type advantage to Poison types. Then Ninetales says that Roserade is using Hippowdon to try to make her jealous and Drapion jealous and the two will fight each other but in the end still work together since they both love Roserade and Roserade will get them both to vote with her, and that the sooner that user of a bitch leaves the better for Ninetales and that Ninetales likes Hippowdon and doesn't want his heart to be broken. Back to the challenge, Mismagius, Luxray, Hitmontop, Weavile, and Ambipom find Jolteon, who gives them a dawn stone. Hitmontop says he'll consider adding Mismagius and Luxray to the alliance since they are cool. Froslass, Lapras, Bellossom, Glaceon, and Absol find Marowak by a phone booth and he gives them an ipod. Wigglytuff, Cherrim, Shuckle, Carnivine, and Azumarill find Jynx who gives them the rainbow wing. Azumarill says that she's looking for more time with Carnivine and for redemption since she got out 2nd in TPA. Espeon, Starmie, Phione, and Unown have found lots of rare items with no owner and meets up with Persian, saying there are CERTAIN items Miltank wants. Starmie questions why are they carrying this crap and why is Espeon treating them like pacmules. Espeon says that Starmie is a pacmule or bitch, whichever she prefers. Starmie gets pissed off and accidentally drops the smokeball, and once the smoke faded, Espeon finds Persian, Unown, Phione, and Starmie KO'd on the street and the items gone, but Espeon says it was part of her alliance's plan. In the confessional, Starmie noticed a Night Slash and another attack was performed in the smoke, and since Honchkrow knows Night Shade, she suspects Espeon's alliance was behind the theft of the items. Miltank announces that for the 3rd time in a row, Team Mawile won. So Team Chatot has to sing the immunity song and then the TC (Espeon) will be notified of the special twist. Umbreon said that they planned to use Starmie (for her "friendship" with Espeon) and Unown and Phione (for their quiet attitude) to do the dirty work for Espeon, and to piss Starmie enough to drop the smoke ball granting cover for Umbreon to use Pursuit and Honchkrow to use Night Slash on Unown, Phione, Persian, and Starmie and steal all the items. Hippowdon (vocals), Drapion (bass), Ursaring (guitar), and Mamoswine(drums, the instruments and 4 boys singing is a reference to the British rock group The Beatles) sing Dammed if I do, Dammed if I don't by All Time Low for the immunity song. Miltank grants them immunity. Espeon reveals to Team Chatot that the twist was that from now on, the losing team has to eat Chef Hariyama's rotten food, and she gets to pick two people NOT to eat it tonight, and she chooses Meganium and Gastrodon, probably to pick more naive competitors for alliance-mates, and Mamoswine and Probopass don't have to since they're new. Starmie says she knows something happened in the smoke, and Froslass is curious so prompts Espeon to tell them. Espeon explains the whole plan, but in the end points her finger at Starmie since she dropped the smoke ball. After that Froslass says that Espeon can say whatever she wants, but she will vote off Espeon, not Starmie, and that that bitch (Espeon) has to go. Hariyama explains that if they refuse to eat his food they get auto-booted form the show, and the special today is rotten fruit. Glaceon says this is the worst thing Miltank ever make them do. Drapion, Hippowdon, Mamoswine, and Ursaring are pregiven poffins for the immunity song, and also receiving poffins are Absol, Probopass, Glaceon, Bellossom, Lapras, Froslass, Onix, Dodrio, Phione, Unown, Gastrodon, Meganium, and Roserade. At the bottom 2 were Starmie and Espeon, who are both blamed for the team's loss in the challenge for different reasons. And shockingly, the final poffin goes to Espeon, which no one can believe since they claim they all voted off Espeon, but Miltank says she got the majority of votes against Starmie. Espeon explains that they THINK they voted off Espeon, but Espeon began what would soon be a regular thing with her by using her psychic powers to change the voting results so whoever goes home has been voted off by everyone, making Espeon maybe the most powerful contestant, and with that Espeon blindsided Starmie into being the 11th contestant voted off TPTM.

Episode 12: Rowdy Mates

Location: Australia

Challenge: 3 members from each team will box against Kangaskhan, with the team with the most winners winning the challenge.

Ursaring, Onix, Unown, Gastrodon, Hippowdon, Dodrio, and Drapion want to get to know the new contestants, Probopass and Mamoswine, better, and tell them there's nothign to worry since Persian was eliminated two episodes ago. However, there is one conflict left, and it's currently ownly known to Drapion since he's mad at Hippowdon for the Roserade incident. Probopass says what he likes to do for fun is roll down hills with Rollout, since he can't get damaged for being Rock and Steel types. In the confessional, Gastrodon says he likes Mamoswine, and Probopass is cool except he's a little on the odd side, thinking rolling down hills are fun, but maybe it's based on perspective since if Gastrodon did it, he'd leave slime everywhere and get stuff in his slime, but now has an urge to do so anyway. Froslass is mad at Espeon for blindsiding Starmie, but Espeon says they should be grateful it wasn't one of them. Phione says that Espeon having something to do with Starmie's elimination, no matter how divaish Starmie was, means Espeon can really control the game. Lapras tries to tell Miltank of a potential "election fraud", but Miltank shrugs it sticking to Jeff Probst from Survivor's saying: "Once the votes are read the desicion is final. Person voted off leaves immediately". Miltank welcomes the cast to Ausrtalia, and even speaks in an Australian accent, but fails sometimes, especially when she randomly shouts WOMBAT. Miltank explains that they will be boxing Kangaskhan, and also reveals to Team Mawile that from here on, which ever team loses eats Chef Hariyama's rotten food. Ursaring says that this challenge was made for him and he can't wait to show off a new move he learned. Espeon feigns sympathy for Starmie's previous elimination although everyone knows Espeon blindsided her, but Espeon shrugs it saying she's still here, she's still in charge, and that's the way it will always be. She asks for volunteers for the challenge. Ursaring immediately volunteers, and Drapion does so as well. Bellossom almost reveals to her son her bomb obsession. Espeon asks Roserade if she wants to fight, and as always she refuses, and Espeon realizes the only other person even remotely fit for the job is Froslass, making the lineup Ursaring, Drapion, and Froslass. In the confessional, Froslass says that she hates Espeon for bossing Team Chatot around even after she isn't legally still in the game, that she'll still ask Uxie out despite how dissapointed he could be if he saw her fight, and that she's not a fighter, but if she loses, there's still Drapion and Ursaring-two very strong pokemon, and she doubts those 2 will lose. Umbreon asks for volunteers from his team, and Ambipom and Weavile volunteer. Then Umbreon asks if Sceptile, Wigglytuff, Banette, Uxie, Mesprit, Azumarill, Carnivine, and Hitmontop if they'd like to fight, and they all decline. That leaves Mismagius, even though Mismagius doesn't know how she'll be in the challenge, but Umbreon doesn't care and makes the lineup Ambipom, Weavile, and Mismagius. Weavile compares each teams' rosters and thinks it'll go either way. Miltank gets info on who's participating and gives the fighters boxing gloves that allow the user to fuse their moves with the gloves for devastating punches. The first round is Ursaring vs. the youngest Kangaskhan sister, and Ursaring ends things before they start with Hammer Arm. Ursaring is glad that his new move worked like a charm. Roun 2 is Weavile vs. the 5th oldest Kangaskhan sister. Weavile makes a light hit with Ice Punch, and Kangaskhan KO's Weavile with Fire Punch. Weavile said she tried, and there wasn't any other Punching move she could use besides Ice Punch, and she was unsure if the use of any other moves were permitted. Round 3 was Froslass vs. the 4th oldest Kangaskhan sister. Froslass didn't even make a dent with Ice Punch, and Kangaskhan finished her with Ice Punch. Froslass told Espeon she wasn't good, but she didn't listen so that's what happened. Round 4 is Ambipom vs. the 3rd oldest Kangaskhan sister. Ambipom's Focus Punch gives Ambipom the win. Ambipom says the learned how to be a fighter by being on his high school's boxing team. Round 5 is Drapion vs. the second oldest Kangaskhan sister. Kangaskhan thought Drapion couldn't learn any punching moves, but was in for a shocking defeat at the hands (or pincers) of Drapion's Poison Jab. In the confessional, Drapion compared that fight to Luke Skywalker fighting either Java the Hut or his father (he doesn't remember), but once again corrects himself by saying he hasn't seen that movie so he can't remember and only a geek likes Star Wars, and instead compares his awesomeness to that of Arnold Swarchsinager from his old movies. In the final round, it's Mismagius vs. the oldest Kangaskhan sister. Mismagius uses Psychic but it does little damage, and then Banette distracts Mismagius by trying to get close to her, which dsitracts her, allowing Kangaskhan to KO Mismagius with Knock Off. That meant Team Chatot finally broke their losing streak. Mismagius states that it'll finally be Banette's time to either die or get voted off, and either way Mismagius won't deal with the "little turd" anymore. Honchkrow thinks although Banette getting voted off is the obvious solution, she could blinside Mismagius to cause drama between Luxray and Banette, which'll only lead to their eliminations as well in time. Luxray and Mismagius corner Banette in the boxing ring and tell him AGAIN to leave Mismagius alone and that they are getting back together. Mismagius says that she'll sing the immunity song to Luxray and once that's done, Banette will be next to leave. Umbreon tells Honchkrow and Bronzong they won't be eating rotten food and hears about the plan to blindside Mismagius and will try to make that happen. For the immunity song, Mismagius sings Miracle by Cascade to Luxray. Miltank is shocked that Mismagius sang so well, but nonetheless denies her immunity but gives it to Luxray. Afterwrds, Mismagius and Luxray kiss and officially restart their relationship. In the confessional, Luxray said that's why he came back, for forgiveness from Mismagius and to restart their relationship. Now nothing can stop them. Team Mawile then goes to Chef's kitchen and eat rotten shrimp. Ninetales desrcibes that the taste was horrible and pukes. Before Miltank starts the elimination, she notices Honchkrow and Bronzong were force fed shrimp even though they didn't have to. Luxray was pregiven a poffin for getting immunity form the song. Cherrim, Azumarill, Weavile, Ambipom, Chimecho, Bronzong, Carnivine, Castform, Wigglytuff, Shuckle, Sceptile, Ninetales, Hitmontop, Uxie, Mesprit, Umbreon, and Honchkrow. The bottom 2 were Mismagius for not getting immunity from Miltank and Banette for stalking Mismagius and costing the challenge. The final poffin goes to Mismagius, and Banette becomes the 12th contestant voted off TPTM.

Episode 13: Running of the Tauros

Location: Spain

Challenge: 3 players from each team will run from angry Tauros while trying to cross the finish line first.

Honchkrow talks about Banette's elimination and wonders why Mismagius isn't as happy over it as her, and that's because Mismagius was told by Banette that Umbreon told him that Mismagius likes boys that are persistent so Banette did as he said. In the confessional, Mismagius can't get over the fact that Umbreon controlled Banette and lead to his seldestruct and she feels kinda bad for Banette. In the boys' cabin of Team Mawile, Umbreon thinks that they should all be happy that Banette was eliminated last night, but Luxray disagrees saying you caused Banette to behave like that which got him eliminated. Carnivine follows up by saying Umbreon should be eliminated yet. The other guys agree, but Umbreon shuts them up saying that Banette's gone, Umbreon's in, and so what if he controlled Banette: It's called PLAYING THE GAME. In the confessional, Shuckle says that although he didn't know Banette too well, he shouldn't have been eliminated the way he ahd been, and that since he started going out with Wigglytuff, he doesn't feel as emo as he used to be. Miltank drops off the contestants in Spain and explains the challenge. Mesprit says that she loves the running challenges because it's her and Uxie's fortee. Espeon asks Dodrio and Meganium if they want to participate in the challenge-Dodrio is eager to, and Meganium says it'll help maintain her figure. Gastrodon then volunteers and says he's gotten better at running, so Espeon lets him participate. Dodrio thinks they can win it for Team Chatot, but then again they might lose should they compete against the lake spirits (Uxie and Mesprit). Umbreon picks Uxie, Mesprit, and Luxray for Team Mawile, thinking no way can Team Chatot win. Luxray thinks his odds of his team winning are pretty good, and that he should be worried that one of his friends on Team Chatot doesn't get blindsided. Uxie, Mesprit, Gastrodon, Luxray, Dodrio, and Meganium gather at the start point. Gastrodon says he can't move and that he doesn't know what's happening to him, so Luxray stays back and tries to help, but the race starts, Uxie, Mesprit, Dodrio, and Meganium run off, and Gastrodon and Luxray are tackled by Tauros. In the confessional, Luxray was wondeirng how could Gastrodon NOT move? And then he digresses syaing his butt hurts and wishes Shaymin was here to use Aromatherapy on him. After that, Bronzong says the reason Gastrodon couldn't move is because he used Gravity on him, which would help Mawile win. Then Meganium gets rammed by the Tauros, and in the ocnfessional Megnaium complains on how these challenges push her to the extreme of her physical abilities and she can't take much more of it, and she fears Sceptile won't like he rperfect butt now that it has a Tauros horn mark on it. Next one rammed by a Tauros is Dodrio, and due to that O says Pie, it hurts. Do and Dri are shocked that O said something other than pie. In the end, Uxie and Mesprit unshockingly win the challenge for Team Mawile. In the confessional, Uxie and Mesprit weren't shocked that they won, but kinda want to figure out who's faster-Uxie or Mesprit, but decide to do that post season, and hope someone from Team Chatot that they like doesn't go home. In the confessional, Onix thinks he and Ursaring should sing the immunity song ebcause they're best friends, and on the elimination, thinks Meganium should go since she acts like a total princess and it's driving him crazy. For the immunity song, Ursaring and Onix sang Don't Trust Me. Miltank liked it so she gave them immunity. Then Team Chatot had to eat Chef's rotten orange smoothies (except for Froslass, who is immune from eating the crap). Afterwards, Mamoswine says he's so happy he didn't taste Chef's food the first time because it was really bad. Ursaring and Onix are pregiven poffins for the immunity song, and Bellossom, Glaceon, Froslass, Lapras, Phione, Absol, Drapion, Unown, Mamoswine, Probopass, Hippowdon, Roserade, Espeon, and Dodrio also get poffins. The bottom 2 is Gastrodon, for not even moving in the race, and Meganium, for stopping in the middle of the race because she was sweaty. The final poffin goes to Meganium, and Gastrodon becomes the 13th contestant voted off TPTM. After elimination, Gastrodon says he's glad to see Delcatty again and hopes whoever sabotaged him in the challenge gomes home soon.

Episode 14: Unicycle Revolution

Location: Russia

Challenge: 3 members from each team will race on unicycles.

The episode begins with Unown discussing Gastrodon's elimination, saying that even though he didn't move, he didn't deserve to get eliminated. The guys agree, and then ask for Probopass's opinion. Probopass says he doesn't get it either and that Gastrodon was cool. Mamoswine, Dodrio, Ursaring, and Hippowdon also agree. Then Drapion is asked for his opinion, but Drapion thinks about Hippowdon and Roserade more than Gastrodon's elimination, but snaps out of it saying Gastrodon should've stayed over Meganium. There lies the mystery: How did Gastrodon get eliminated? Then the boys reach a conclusion that Espeon must've blindsided him just like Starmie. But how? In the confessional, Drapion says that the main problem he is facing is that Roserade likes Hippowdon over him. So Drapion's going to try to vote off Hippowdon so Roserade can like him again. Lapras immediately confronts Espeon thinking she got Gastrodon eliminated. But Espeon denies it, saying Gastrodon lost the challenge so obviously he was voted off by the team. Bellossom said she talked to Mismagius and Luxray, and Gastrodon was unable to move and that Espeon (or someone in her alliance) had something to do with it. Phione finally speaks up saying she agrees. Then Froslass says the next time Team Chatot loses, Espeon's out of the competition. But Espeon says she won't be leaving anytime soon. In the confessional, Glaceon says Espeon never does anything halfway in this game, but it stockpiles her enemies. Sooner or later, Glacoen's probably going to vote Espeon out. Before Miltank drops the cast off at Russia, Miltank hints that the challenge will involve lots of balance. Even when they land all the info Miltank provides is that Espeon and Umbreon must pick 3 contestants each that contributed rather little to challenges recently. In the confessional, Bellossom says she has great balance because when she was in 5th grade, she didn't like her principal so she rode a bike to school balancing 10 bombs and blew up her principal's house. She adds that the principal didn't die-she refuses to kill. Espeon asks if anyone would like to do the challenge and Bellossom immediately volunteers. Espeon agrees, but threatens her with elimination should she lose, but Bellossom has an alliance so she doubts that's a possibility. Espeon also forces Phione and Roserade to do it, and as usual Roserade tries to get out of it, so Espeon, naturally, threatens her with elimination, but Bellossom says they'll probably vote off Espeon before Roserade. In the confessional, Roserade says Espeon can torture her all she wants-she's NOT leaving the game. Not only does Team Chatot hate Espeon, but Roserade also has Ninetales, Drapion, and Hippowdon in her alliance to back her up. Umbreon asks Cherrim if she wants to participate, but says she has bad balance. Umbreon then chooses Shuckle, Azumarill, and Wigglytuff for the challenge, and the 3 are cool with it. In the confessional, Cherrim says she's glad she's not in the challenge because she would definitely lose and then her team would lose and she would get voted off before Magmortar came into season 3(who she hopes returns or else). She adds that she will win this season in the end. Miltank takes the cast to the Russian circus and reveals the challenge, and Mismagius calls it stupid. Miltank says she shouldn't care since she's not in the challenge. Carnivine says he loves the circus, and that after the show is over he's gonna take Azumarill there with him. Now that she knows what the challenge is, Azumarill is scared to fail and get voted off, but she's still going to try her best. The challenge starts, and every does well, especially Bellossom, who claims she loves unicycles. Roserade however isn't having fun, and it only gets worse when Bellossom throws a bomb at her and she explodes on the unicycle. Now Bellossom feels less psychotic since she let her bomb obsession out of her system. In the confessional, Roserade says she's going to kill Bellossom and complains about how she's not pretty anymore, but the cameraman gets annoyed so he cuts off the confessional. The final 5 in the challenge continue to ride on the unicycles. Shuckle's a little tired, so Wigglytuff tries to help him. But suddenly, the two are being controlled by Psychic and fly away. But it was merely the doing of Honchkrow and Bronzong. Honchkrow says sabotage is fun, but Bronzong tells her not to talk to him because he hates her just like Espeon, but Honchkrow shrugs it. In the confessional, Shuckle says that someone's trying to sabotage him because you don't just randomly stop riding a unicycle and fly into the distance, and he's going to find out who did it and safe him and Wigglytuff from elimination by blindsiding the commiter of the crime. He adds that he can't be seperated from Wigglytuff because she's the reason he's not an emotionless freak anymore. Wigglytuff says that it was wierd that that happened, but she's glad that Shuckle saved her from the fall and that he's such a gentleman. The final 3 in the challenge continue riding, but Phione stops and Psychic throws her out of the unicycle-way out. Phione says whoever did that is going to get it, and she landed in manure which was not fun. Azumarill finally gets the lead in the race, but encounters an Arbok, and runs away. But when Bellossom confronts it, she merely runs over it. Azumarill said she's a little disappointed because she was going to win but an arbok scared her. Onix also says that his mom's awesome for running over that Arbok as if it was nothing, and that he was shocked that Miltank didn't put that there on purpose, since she usually does things like that. Miltank announces that thanks to Bellossom, Team Chatot wins the challenge. Shuckle knows he has to save dhim and Wigglytuff by singing the immunity song, and that if in anyway Wigglytuff is on the chopping block, he'll sacrifice himself for her. Shuckle and Wigglytuff sing The Start of Something New from High School Musical. Miltank liked the song, but since it's a Disney song and she doesn't want to risk copyright lawsuits, neither of them get immunity. Wigglytuff is worried because someone is trying to sabotage them and she'd rather they kick her off instead of Shuckle because she doesn't want to be alone again because it was hard once. When Clefable was eliminated, Shuckle was there to "pick up the pieces", but if Shuckle goes, Wigglytuff could reach a dead end. Team Mawile went to Chef's kitchen to eat rotten cake. In the confessional, Bronzong stops complaining about the food long enough to tell that Espeon told him that blindsiding Gastrodon was fun, but couples are dangerous too, and they should start breaking up couples, so why not start with the easiest couple to seperate: Shuckle and Wigglytuff, and that if the vote off Shuckle, Wigglytuff will be all depressed and alone, but if they send home Wigglytuff, Shuckle will return to his previous emo state, meaning either option is feasible, and now that Espeon taught Bronzong how to cheat like her, both teams are under the control of one alliance. The members of Team Mawile receiving poffins were Bronzong, Umbreon, Honchkrow, Ambipom, Weavile, Hitmontop, Carnivine, Castform, Chimecho, Sceptile, Ninetales, Cherrim, Uxie, Mesprit, Luxray, Mismagius, and Azumarill. The bottom 2 was Shuckle and Wigglytuff for being sent flying by a Psychic attack during the challenge. Before Miltank can give the final poffin to anyone, Shuckle tells Miltank to give it to Wigglytuff because he's voting himself off because he doesn't want to play the game without Wigglytuff, and after bidding his girlfriend a fond farewell, Shuckle becomes the 14th contestant voted off TPTM.

Episode 15: Luck of the Psychic

Location: Ireland

Challenge: For Team Chatot, find an Abra. For Team Mawile, find a Smoochum. Both teams must convince their respective pokemon to return with them to the blimp before the other team.

The episode begins with Wigglytuff still being in awe that Shuckle sacrificed himself for her last night. Honchkrow says she should be grateful to still be in since Wigglytuff would be the one voted off had it not been for Shuckle messing with thing, but Wigglytuff finally hates Honchkrow and threatens to Mega Punch her should Honchkrow talk to her again. In the confessional, Castform says that she's glad Wigglytuff finally got the memo on Honchkrow, Bronzong, Espeon, and Umbreon and hates them like the rest of the cast, and thinks it's probably because of Clefable and Shuckle's eliminations. Now Castform thinks that the alliance that "thinks" they are in control better watch out because they will pay for their actions. In the boys' cabin of Team Mawile, Sceptile wonders if Umbreon's scared considering the things Wigglytuff said about Umbreon's alliance last night, but whether they get out by medical helicopter or being voted off is fine by him and everyone else. Umbreon says he's not scared because Wigglytuff's an idiot-always has, always will be. Sceptile still suggests Umbreon sleeps with one eye open, but Umbreon shrugs it. In the confessional, Sceptile says that it was sad to see Shuckle go, but he gives him props for giving up his chance for money to save Wigglytuff's. But right now Sceptile is more worried about his girlfriend-Meganium.She had been in the bottom 2 3 times: once with Jynx, once with Persian, and once with Gastrodon, and she lucked out each time. Scpetile repeatedly tells her to not whine and to not brag, but nothing works, and that Meganium seems to be digging her own grave. But whether Meganium is voted out via team desicion or is blinsided by someone else, Sceptile's not going to let it go unnoticed. Before Miltank drops the cast off at Ireland, she announces that two more players will be returning, increasing the number of remaining contestants from 35 to 37. Cherrim asks if it's Magmortar, but Miltank keeps it a secret until they land, which prompts Cherrim to say that if it's not Magmortar and Magmortar doesn't return EVER, she has her lawyers on speed dial. When the cast touches down, Miltank greets them in an Irish accent and introduces them to Drifblim and Exploud, who both say hello, eager to be back. Drifblim says the two are returning because Exploud hasn't been in the show since his early elimination in TPI and Exploud didn't want to come back w/o Dirfblim, so she came along too. Exploud is eager to finally be back and says his strategy is to avoid peoples' minds completely and avoid eliminations left and right through doing so, which is a good strategy since this seaosn has so many contestants. Miltank says to keep teams even, Dirfblim and Exploud have to be split up, but Probopass switches from Team Chatot to Team Mawile so both of them can be on Team Chatot. Drifblim and Exploud thank him for his generosity. Miltank then explains the challenge. In the confessional, Cherrim says that she and Drifblim are friends and are glad to see each other again, and that she likes Exploud a lot better than in season 1, mostly because Exploud likes Magmortar and Drifblim, and so does Cherrim. It's also to avoid being judgemental like Roserad eand Meganium, both huge targets in the game right now. But aside form that, she says Magmortar BETTER be coming! Espeon welcomes Dirfblim and Exploud, but are supsicious of her since they both know her. Espeon then says the team should stick together since she thinks it'll be better for convincing Abra to come with them. Roserade has had it up to here with the challenges, and is only in it for the 5 million poke (isn't everyone?). Umbreon welcomes Probopass to Team Mawile and then employs the same strategy as Espeon. In the confessional, Probopass finally does something strategic by explainign that by helping Drifblim and Exploud, later on they'll be compelled to help him, which could save him from elimination in the future. Team Chatot looks for Abra in the streets of Dublin. Bellossom asks Espeon if leprechauns reside in clover fields, why are they in Dublin? Espeon says that they are Psychic pokemon, not real leprechauns. Bellossom then says they are supposed to be acting like real leprechauns, which gets some of Team Chatot to agree with her. But Meganium and Roserade interupt the fight by saying they're in Dublin and it smells like boos which is disgusting. This causes Exploud to get angry and tell the two to shut up. Team Chatot agrees with Exploud. In the confessional, Lapras says that Ursaring and Lapras are 100% cool as before, but Meganium and Roserade are on Lapras's last nerve, and wishes they both be kicked off soon. Umbreon has a hard time finding Smoochum, so Sceptile suggests they check some clover fields. Umbreon goes with it and tells Bronzong to use Psychic to find the nearest clover field. Bronzong tells the team to go northeast. For once Umbreon gets over his big ego to admit Sceptile's adivce was good and it could give Team Mawile the win. Also, Umbreon's worried about Wigglytuff because she threatened to use Mega Punch on Honchkrow, depsite Wigglytuff being as soft as a pillow (or Wailord, for that matter). That means if Wigglytuff continues to act like this, she'll be a threat to Umbreon and he may need to vote her out, if he can. Team Chatot finds Abra and Espeon asks if he can come with them, and Abra says no, because he's "not in the mood". Roserade threatens to kick Abra in the ass if he doesn't come, but Bellossom knows violence won't work. Roserade calls Bellossom an idiot because Abra isn't really a leprechaun, but Bellossom says he's still a Psychic type. Abra warns them not to threaten him. Roserade asks what does Abra want form them, and Abra says he'll have to think about it. In the confessional, Absol says Roserade is pissing her off and wants to vote that bitch off. Team Mawile finds Smoochum, and Umbreon asks if Smoochum can return with them, and Smoochum says yes right off the bat. Ninetales says Smoochum is adorable and wonders how Hippowdon and Team Chatot are doing. Since Ninetales knows that Roserade is an idiot when angry, Ninetales predicts Roserade will be voted off next. Abra asks Team Chatot to get him a large coke, fries, and a white chocolate statue of Espeon, and to get the job done in an hour, and they have to go to "that one street, behind that one bar", and if they're not bakc in an hour, Abra won't ever return with them. Abra even calls all of team Chatot pathetic. But after Abra calls Meganium fat, Meganium asks if Abra even has eyes and can kick his butt in 2 seconds. But after Meganium calls Abra ugly, he turns Team Chatot into toys. And the team only has Meganium and Roserade to blame. Froslass says one of the two bitches (Meganium and Roserade) is going home. Miltank says that Team Mawile win immunity since Team Chatot are all toys and failed to bring back Abra. She says they won't have to eat Chef's food out of pity, and claims she already knows the bottom 2 will be Meganium and Roserade. Ambipom claims the two girls signed their death warrants with that act and laughs at Team Chatot for being toys. For the first time since episode 1 there is no immunity song so Miltank goes straight to the poffin ceremony, Poffins go to Bellossom, Lapras, Glaceon, Drifblim, Exploud, Phione, Absol, Froslass, Onix, Ursaring, Drapion, Mamoswine, Unown, Dodrio, Hippowdon, and Espeon. As Miltank predicted, the bottom 2 are Roserade for being the first to mock Abra and Meganium for being the main cause that Team Chatot got turned into toys. The final poffin goes to Roserade, and Meganium becomes the 15th contestant voted off TPTM (like Jynx predicted, Meganium didn't last much longer than Jynx). Sceptile then says he'll get revenge on anyone that voted off Meganium.

Episode 16: Leaning Tower of Rivalry

Location: Italy

Challenge: For Team Chatot, go to the Treavy Fountain, pick 4 teammates to go in the fountain, and retreive the Sea Incense. For Team Mawile, have 5 teammates climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa and get the Rose Incense.

The episode begins with Ambipom calling out Chimecho. Ambipom reveals that he has an alliance, but doesn't say with whom. Ambipom also says that he'll give Chimecho a chance to prove himself and if he can, Ambipom will welcome Chimecho into his alliance. Chimecho accepts his challenge and is excited because not many people like him from TPA and it's only a matter of time until he gets voted off for that. In the girls' cabin of Team Chatot, Lapras says she's glad to have Meganium finally voted off, and once Roserade and Espeon leave, they can finally relax. But Espeon repeats how she's not going to let that happen, but speaks for herself since she could care less about Roserade. Drifblim suggests the girls just get along even for a little bit, and Glaceon appreciates what Drifblim's trying to do but it won't happen. Drifblim says Glaceon's right but it didn't hurt to try. In the confessional, Drifblim thinks that they can compete in challenges and fight when it's time to vote people off, but there has to be some points in which everyone can get along. But she realizes that won't happen in a game as chaotic as this but she finds the good side saying if the fights don't involve her, she'll make it farther, which Drifblim plans on doing. Onix said he's glad Meganium finally left but the downside is that Sceptile's really upset. But Unown reminds him that he's going to target the twins (Espeon and Umbreon) and not them, which is good. Exploud once again repeats that he's glad to be back and will try to win and the guys should probably form a guy's alliance so they have each others' backs. Hippowdon says it'd be a good idea on paper, but he's worried about his "girlfriend" Roserade. Drapion says she's just using him, but Hippowdon's oblivious. Dri says Hippowdon should enjoy being with a girl as "fine" as Roserade, and at this point Do finds Dri's behavior so ridiculous he's not going to comment on it. Ursaring thinks that the alliance may be less successful because there are still 36 contestants, but it'll be a good idea if any of the boys are targeted. In the confessional, Hippowdon questions why people think Roserade doesn't like him (which she doesn't) if she kissed him, which doesn't make sense to him. He also thinks Drapion is jealous and out to kill him, since he set some traps on the blimp like a pail of water almost hitting him which would greatly damage a ground type like Hippowdon, so he's scared of Drapion. When Miltank announces that Meganium got voted off, Sceptile gets furious because he liked her. Miltank then goes on and on about how she's sick of people whining when their girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever gets eliminated because that's the game! Miltank then drops them off at Italy and introduces the cast to 4 new contestants: Ella, Illumise, Tropius, and Lickitung, bringing the number of remaining contestants from 36 to 40. Tropius says he's glad to be here, especially with the girls, who are infantuated by him since he's a model. Lickitung says she hopes she can be friends with the contestants, and Probopass says that she's pretty. Then Illumise and Ella address the cast by insulting the other, which annoys Miltank. Miltank puts Tropius and Ella on Team Chatot and Lickitung and Illumise on Team Mawile. Ella and Illumise say they're glad to be on seperate teams. In the confessional, Tropius says he's not joing to be like TDA's Justin and use ladies to get farther just because he's a model, and Ella says she's better than Illumise because she's the older twin and the shiny twin, and she knows she'll make it farther than her sister, and that her inspiration to be on the show is Vespiquen, who she hopes returns. Miltank explains the challenge, with the first team to complete their challenge winning invincibility. Espeon welcomes Tropius (who if she wasn't dating Bronzong, she'd go out with him) and Ella to Team Chatot. Ella wonders has Espeon always been that much of a bitch, and Lapras says yes. Espeon tells Lapras to shut up, while Lapras doesn't care since everyone hates her. Espeons ays her Team has the easier task, but big pokemon like Mamoswine and Onix won't be able to do anything. Espeon has Phione, Unown, Bellossom, and Ella to the challenge since they're tiny and can do it quickly. Froslass thinks that Espeon is being more resonable and not as cruel this challenge since choosing Unown, Phione, Ella, and Bellossom to do the challenge was a good idea. In a shocking twist, Team Mawile allows Wigglytuff to overthrow Umbreon as Team Captain. Wigglytuff says now that the bastard Umbreon, the bitch Honchkrow, and the stupid bell(Bronzong) are not in charge, she's gonna lead the team in the right direction. First off she welcomes Lickitung and Illumise to Team Mawile. Wigglytuff, unlike Espeon, allows them to say somethings. Illumise hopes they can all be friends, and Wigglytuff thinks that's sweet. Lickitung says she's the twin of Lickilicky form Nickinor2's TPA but she's the elast fave of the two to their mom so Lickitung has a lot to prove. Wiggltyuff thinks Uxie and Mesprit would be good for the challenge, and Ambipom volunteers himself, Weavile, and Chimecho (as part of Chimecho's test). Wigglytuff approves and wishes them the best of luck. In the confessional, Lickitung says she's glad Wigglytuff's TC and not Umbreon, and that she has a crush on Probopass, but he seems shy since he doesn't want to talk to her. Lickitung hopes the two likes each other or she'll have to get rid of Probopass. Team Chatot gets to the fountain. Phione hopes they win and thinks they will since Phione's great in the water. In the confessional, Chimecho says that he's glad Ambipom's giving him a chance to be in his alliance, but also realizes that even though Ambipom won't sabotage him if Chimecho fails, he may get voted off by the rest of the team. But if so, he'll reveal that Ambipom and Weavile are a couple, which they've been trying to avoid. Chimecho says it'll stink to do that because he's trying to be a nice guy again, but he won't go down without a fight. Bellossom, Unown, Ella, and Phione find the Sea Incense, and Bellossom claims it was mostly her since she's awesome. In the confessional, Bellossom said after blowing up Roserade in Russia, she hasn't been obsessed with bombs, and that her relationship with Onix is great, and Lapras called Bellossom a good mother. Lastly, Bellossom states she will win this season. Team Mawile's having a hard time since the tower seems to have an infinite amount of floors, so Chimecho volunteers to teleport them to the top with Psychic. Weavile says that if Chimecho fails, she's voting him off because he'll be useless then and he seems to know Ambipom and Weavile's secret which can pose them as threats. Chimecho teleports himself, Uxie, Mesprit, Ambipom, and Weavile to SPACE, which is not even Italy. Chimecho apologizes for that, but still he's been labeled as a moron now. Uxie says that even though he's a nice guy, Chimecho's a moron because everyone knows to teleport with Psychic you got to know where you're going. He also says that Chimecho said that Ambipom and Weavile are a couple, which doesn't effect him, but could convince other to vote off Weavile or Ambipom instead of Chimecho. Miltank announces that Team Chatot wins. Cherrim said she's going to sing the immunity song with Wigglytuff and that she's an amazing captain. Cherrim and Wigglytuff sing When You're Gone by Avril Lavigne because they both miss their boyfriends (Magmortar and Shuckle, respectively). Miltank says although it was about crappy hormonal love, both are immune. Chef gives Team Mawile moldy bread for losing. Hitmontop says he voted for Chimecho because he threatened his alliance and can't have his alliance go down in not even past the halfway point of the game. Miltank pregives Cherrim and Wigglytuff for singing the immunity song. Also receiving poffins are Illumise, Lickitung, Probopass, Hitmontop, Honchkrow, Ninetales, Luxray, Mismagius, Bronxong, Castform, Carnivine, Azumarill, Uxie, Umbreon, Mesprit, and Weavile. The bottom 2 is Chimecho for costing the challenge for his team and Ambipom because Chimecho spread word of his relationship with Weavile. The final poffin goes to Ambipom, and Chimecho becomes the 16th contestant voted off TPTM. Ambipom later reveals that the challenge for Chimecho to prove himself wasn't to win the challenge, it was to remain loyal to ambipom. Chimecho didn't, so he got eliminated. Chimecho says he made a lot of dumb moves that day that sealed his fate.

Episode 17: Balancing High in Morocco

Location: Morocco

Challenge: Balance on a stick over a river the longest

Wigglytuff gathers Mismagius, Luxray, Cherrim, Probopass, Castform, and Illumise because she wants to form an alliance with those 6. Wigglytuff says the purpose of this is to stop the alliance of Umbreon, Honchkrow, Bronzong, and Espeon. They gladly agree to it and another alliance is born. Wigglytuff calls it the Anti-Eeveelution Alliance Alliance. Although the name is ok at best, she plans to sabotage either Honchkrow, Umbreon, or Bronzong next episode because Team Mawile has 19 right now and Team Chatot has 20 and they need to think of the team too. Wigglytuff says her reasons for being this strategic this season is because in season 1 all she did was be with Clefable until Wigglytuff was blindsided and she wasn't in season 2 at all, so this will make her mark as a great player. She thought about just attacking Umbreon's alliance straight up, but it's not the best idea. But since they got her boyfriend out, Wigglytuff's going to get Honchkrow's and Espeon's, meaning she going to do what she can to get Bronzong and Umbreon eliminated, and Espeon and Honchkrow won't work together after that-no way. In the girls' cabin of Team Mawile, Honchkrow says that not that another loser (Chimecho) left the game, she's one step closer to the end. Mismagius doesn't care because everyone hates her. Illumise says she's just as bad as Ella. Honchkrow says that if Illumise goes against her, it'll be her downfall. In the confessional, Mismagius says that she joined Wigglytuff's alliance because she does want to eliminate Umbreon and company, and if Umbreon goes, Honchkrow won't last much longer, which will be music to Mismagius's ears. She also said that Luxray and her are getting along great and they won't keep secrets from each other, which is why they broke up last season. In the boys' cabin of Team Mawile, Probopass said he's sad Chimecho left. Ambipom agreed since Chimecho was a lot cooler than in season 2, and wants Umbreon to get eliminated. Umbreon reminds Ambipom that he was in the bottom 2, not Umbreon, meaning someone's mad at something he's doing or someone he's with (Weavile). Sceptile says Umbreon's alliance will get what they deserve for voting off Meganium. In the confessional, Hitmontop says although the guys don't fight as much as the girls, it's just contsant fighting between Umbreon and Bronzong vs.everyone else, and he wishes things can be less hostile, because it's not his style. He also says that there may be a chance he can be Mesprit's boyfriend, but he's unsure at this point. Miltank says that they will be going to Morocco next and like in Russia, they need balance to win this challenge. Ambipom says he'd like to be in the challenge, and is also aware Wigglytuff's starting an alliance, but shrugs it saying she's probably going to target Umbreon's alliance for putting her and Shuckle in the chopping block. Espeon picks ehrself, Roserade, Drifblim, and Phione to do the challenge. Roserade objects saying she did horrible in the balance challenge in Russia, and Espeon says that's why she's doing it-this time they might vote her off if Team Chatot loses. Froslass is glad not to be in the challenge because Espeon usually picks her for challenges she sucks at, but is excited because Uxie and Froslass are finally a couple and Froslass hopes she and him can be the final 2, or at least one of them wins. Still, she won't be distracted from the game just for that. Wigglytuff says she's choosing Lickitung and Illumise because they're new, and Umbreon and Honchkrow because this is part of Wigglytuff's secret plan. Illumise says she likes Wigglytuff as TC over Umbreon as TC, and says that Wigglytuff chose Lickitung because her tongue is big which I guess could help her. Also she says picking Umbreon and Honchkrow might just be used for targets should they fail, and she's glad Ella's not in her team. The challenge begins and Espeon falls first. Honchkrow mocks her since she hates Espeon. Umbreon is the next to fall off. Umbreon says he doesn't care that he lost because Illumise and Honchkrow are good at this, although Lickitung will probably fall soon. Umbreon's prediction came true since Lickitung fell next. Lickitung feels that she blew her opportunity to show the team how great she is and now she's in danger of elimination. Illumise, Honchkrow, Phione, Roserade, and Drifblim remain, and Roserade falls off. Roserade thinks Espeon's in bigger danger of elimination that Roserade bcause she's been hated longer that Roserade and has done more things than Roserade. Drifblim and Phione fall down after that. Drifblim says now it could be her or Phione getting voted off, which stinks because Drifblim had only been here for a couple episodes and she doesn't want to be split from Exploud. Espeon doesn't know who to vote off. If she keeps Phione, she splits Drifblim and Exploud up. But If she keeps Drifblim, she can get rid of the team's weakest link (Phione) and make Espeon look like a team player. Miltank announces that Team Mawile won the challenge. Espeon, Honchkrow, Bronzong, and Umbreon look back at the progress they made so far this season, and remember when Honchkrow blindsided Marowak in Episode 3 and Phione bought that Marowak was a womanizer while Marowak wasn't. But Phione listens in to the conversation and says she's going to get Espeon voted off, but Espeon says she doesn't have the power. Then Phione says she's tired of Espeona cting like she's number one when clearly, she ISN'T. She said that Umbreon and Espeon used to be cool, but they aren't now and whether it's real life or just a game, they are horrible people, and that Phione doesn't care if she's voted off-Espeon and company will never win unless they change their attitude. Phione says it could very likely be her going tonight, and she's sorry she didn't trust Marowak in the beginning, and now her only hope is if her team picks Drifblim to go over her. For the immunity song, Phione sings Here I Am from Camp Rock. Miltank says it was good but to avoid a lawsuit from Disney, she doesn't give Phione immunity. Chef gives Team Chatot rotten shish ka bobs. Tropius says he may lose a modeling contract if he continues to eat that god forsaken food. At the poffin ceremony, poffins go to Tropius, Ella, Lapras, Absol, Froslass, Glaceon, Exploud, Bellossom, Onix, Unown, Ursaring, Drapion, Mamoswine, Dodrio, Hippowdon, Roserade, and Espeon. The bottom 2 are Drifblim and Phione, both because they lost the challenge for their team, but also for Phione the fact that she learned the truth about Marowak, and you know how paronoid Espeon can get. The final poffin goes to Drifblim, and Phione (possibly for being blindsided by Espeon) becomes the 17th contestant voted off TPTM.

Episode 18: Thrown Down a River

Location: Israel

Challenge: 5 from each team race each other while rafting in the Jordan River.

Lapras immediately becomes suspicious of Espeon for once again messing with the votes, but Espeon says she has no proof. Lapras says that Phione was well liked and Lapras and her alliance wouldn't vote her off over anybody. But espeon reminds them of who's behind them: Drifblim. Drifblim is now sad because she thinks she heard that she was supposed to be voted off over Phione. But Lapras tries to tell her what she said was a mistake, but it fails. In the confessional, Drifblim said she's not mad that she was supposed to be voted off; she's mad that Espeon cheated to blindside the sweet Phione. May be Espeon was threatened by Phione BECAUSE she was so sweet, and although Drifblim's sad to see her go, at the very least she's glad she got out and that Drifblim stayed in. Ursaring and Onix say they were upset that Phione was voted off, and Exploud immediately flips his lid by asking if they were going to vote out his girlfriend (Drifblim). Ursaring says that he doesn't mean it that way and that Espeon or Roserade should've left, but he reveals that he did vote off Drifblim, only because he knew Phione better and he feels bad about it. Exploud says whatever in a pissed manner and also says that Drifblim's sensitive and he doesn't want Drifblim thinking they'd vote her off over Phione w/o a second thought (too late). Miltank lands the blimp in Israel and adds 4 more contestants, bringing the total to 42. The newcomers are Rampardos, Machoke, Lopunny, and Girafarig, all because of lawsuits. Rampardos sued for not being let to participate in the challenge to compete in season 3(during the TPA special), Lopunny sued because people kept calling her a slut, so Miltank made a rule that anyone who calls her a slut gets eliminated immediately, and per rules of Lopunny's lawsuit, Machoke gets to play as well. Machoke says hi to the cast and says either him or Lopunny will win. Lastly, Girafarig sued because Miltank didn't give her the prize money for winning season 2, so she gets to be on season 3. Miltank puts Lopunny and Rampardos on Team Mawile and Girafarig and Machoke on Team Chatot. In the confessional, Rampardos says he evolved from Cranidos through his awesomeness and he can beat the crap out of Machoke and woo Lopunny with his "Rampardos charm". After that, Machoke says he's not worried that Rampardos is on the same team as Lopunny because he's a loser despite the fact he evolved and is bigger than himself and Machoke is buff and cool; Lopunny's dream guy. Machoke also announces that he's going to have a kid soon due to some stuff that happened between him and Lopunny. Espeon welcomes Girafarig and Machoke to Team Chatot. Espeon said that she already decided that herself, Glaceon, Drapion, Hippowdon, and Lapras will be in the boat. Machoke asks why is Espeon captain? Espeon says she is because she can be and no one will like Machoke because he dates Lopunny, and through that Machoke is added to Espeon's long list of enemies. Girafarig says she's glad to be back and even if she doesn't win season 3, one way or another Miltank will give her the money she earned from winning TPA. She also thinks that Ursaring is cute, claiming she likes the strong buff types. Wigglytuff welcomes Rampardos and Lopunny, the "girl who likes men a lot" (nice save, Wigglytuff). Rampardos says that Wigglytuff's a lot smarter than before, and Wigglytuff says aside form that she's still the same girl since when she started playing the game. Wigglytuff picks Bronzong, Illumise, Luxray, and Probopass, along with herself, to compete in the challenge. Lopunny says that Rampardos is being a stalker trying to get some but failing, saying he's like Lopunny's Banette (comparing Rampardos to another contestant infamous for being a stalker). Lopunny says that if Rampardos continues to be annoying, he's going to get it. The challenge begins, and in the confessional Wigglytuff says the plan was that she, Illumise, Probopass, and Luxray would be bickering a lot so Bronzong would lose focus while steering the raft and cause Team Mawile to lose the challenge, meaning his ass would be on the chopping block. The plan is commenced when Illumise and Probopass light the candle and Luxray and Wigglytuff allow the flames to spread. Bronzong starts having difficulties steering due to the fighting, meaning the plan was working. Espeon notices Team Mawile's situation and although the 4 are fighting, none are too aggresive about it. Espeon picked the people she picked because Hippowdon and Drapion wouldn't stand each other, Glaceon wouldn't stand Espeon, and Lapras so she can be the peace keeper. And even if Team Chatot does lose, it could be the end of Drapion or Hippowdon, and not Espeon. Bronzong uses Psychic to guard the raft since they entered the rapids. Probopass says he's not good at fighting and kept calling everyone fat and ugly (second grade level insults) but at least it was annoying Bronzong. The fighting continues until Team Mawile goes over a waterfall. Bronzong said he had a fool proof plan to win but they kept fighting until they went over a waterfall, and Bronzong thinks they might be trying to sabotage him, but he doubts it. Illumise calls the plan a success, and now has to decide between Umbreon or Bronzong to blindside (since Wigglytuff is gunning for either of them over Honchkrow), and knows how Bronzong has been controlling the votes (using Psychic). So Illumise got one of Ella's old antennaes and stuffed it in Bronzong's bell shell. That'll make Bronzong's Psychic power not work, making his alliance that less stronger. Miltank announces that Team Chatot wins the challenge since Team Mawile fell off a waterfall. Weavile says that although Bronzong's a huge target right now, a lot of people know ambipom and her are a couple, so they need to save themselves whenever possible. Weavile and Ambipom sing Our Song by Taylor Swift for the immunity song. Miltank feels they deserve it so Ambipom and Weavile get immunity. Weavile and Ambipom are pregiven poffins for singing the immunity song. Also receiving poffins are Hitmontop, Lopunny, Rampardos, Mismagius, Lickitung, Azumarill, Carnivine, Cherrim, Probopass, Mesprit, Uxie, Ninetales, Sceptile, Castform, Honchkrow, Umbreon, Wigglytuff, and Luxray. The bottom 2 are Illumise for starting the arguing and being shallow and mean to Ella, and Bronzong because Wigglytuff's alliance sabotaged him. The final poffin goes to Illumise. Bronzong is surprised his cheating, which he was smooth enough not to reveal out loud, failed, and becomes the 18th contestant voted off.

Episode 19: Beijing Loving

Location: People's Republic of China

Challenge: Find Chef Hariyama, dressed up like a Gaisha, along the Great Wall of China, and get the Lucky Charm from him.

The girls of Team Chatot wake up Espeon by singing Silver Bells, in reference to the fact that Bronzong was blindsided last episode. Espeon tells the girls to shut up and Bronzong's elimination only made Espeon want to destroy everyone even more. Glacoen thought it didn't affect her since that's what Espeon said last night, and Espeon said it didn't; she's just annoyed about the Silver Bells. Bellossom continues to irritate Espeon because Silver Bells is about bells, like the bell Bronzong. Bellossom and Lapras claim kicking Espeon while she's down is fun. In the confessional, Espeon reveals that she really is upset because Bronzong was targeted for dating Espeon, but she tries to pull her act together, and does so semi-successfully. Espeon says she will get revenge on Bronzong and no one will stop her. In the boys' cabin of Team Mawile, Ambipom notices that Umbreon's a little quiet today. Umbreon wakes up, apparently from a nightmare, and Ambipom asks is he scared that in the boys' cabin of Team Mawile, it's Hitmontop, Sceptile, Carnivine, Probopass, Ambipom, Uxie, Luxray, and Rampardos all against him. Ambipom says he knows what's wrong: Umbreon was up all night comforting Espeon over Bronzong's elimination. Umbreon denies it, but Ambipom knows that's what happened. Umbreon shurgs it and says either Espeon or him will win, and of course the others don't care what he says because it's untrue. In the confessional, Umbreon admits that what Ambipom said was true, and that he had to be there for Espeon because he's her twin. And he thinks that if anyone thinks just because they got rid of Bronzong, Umbreon's alliance is in the crapper, they're wrong because they've only fueled the fire and whoever got Bronzong out will pay. Miltank laughs at how Bronzong left to get under Espeon's skin, and drops the cast off at China. Waiting for them there were five more contestants, bringing the total from 41 to 46. They are Xatu (a Zen Monk), Vaporeon (another of Espeon's siblings), Goldeen (a compulsive liar), and returning contestants Vespiquen and Magmortar. Cherrim is excited that Magmortar finally came and the two make out immediately. In the confessional, Magmortar and Cherrim say that now that they're together they are really going to win. The two then start commenting on how cute each other are. Then Vespiquen says she's going to win this for her and her boyfriend, Gliscor, and sticks to Coach from Survivor Heroes vs. Villains motto: Slay Everyone, Trust No one, because both times in TPI and TPA Vespiquen had been blindsided for trusting the wrong people. After that, Xatu says he is a Zen Monk from the Ruins of Alph and hopes to win through peace and tranquility (good luck with that). Miltank puts Vespiquen, Xatu, and Vaporeon on Team Chatot and Magmortar and Goldeen on Team Mawile, and Cherrim celebrates, much to Miltank's dismay. Miltank explains the challenge and announces that the losers eating Chef Hariyama's rotten food bit is discontinued because the producers found it a little extreme. Espeon tells Team Chatot not to mess with her because Vaporeon is now her bodyguard in the competition. Vaporoen says he can take down anyone that crosses him-even Onix (omg! He's a rock-ground type! Of course Vaporeon can take down Onix!), which scares Onix. Bellossom says he's a lot tougher than Espeon, but he still doesn't scare her-NO ONE does. Espeon welcomes Xatu and Vesiquen to Team Chatot, and Vespiquen says it's good to be back, and calls Espeon a backstabbing bitch! Bellossom says she didn't know Vespiquen had it in her. Espeon isn't scared, saying Vespiquen won't win this season. In the confessional, Vaporeon said he joined the game just to help Espeon revenge eliminate those that got Bronzong eliminated. And although he has no interest in this game, Vaporeon thinks he can win. Wigglytuff welcomes Magmortar and Goldeen to Team Mawile. Goldeen then says she used to be the Queen of Atlantis and that she has magical powers. Umbreon says she's almost as crazy as Bellossom. Wigglytuff ignores the comment and tells her team to break up into whichever groups they want to be in. Goldeen says she doesn't know why people call her a liar and claims she can use her magical powers to build a building, super strong and fast, and best friends with Arceus. Then she says people who lie about those things to be popular are losers. The challenge begins, and Lopunny meets up with Machoke, Xatu, and Goldeen. Xatu says he'll join her alliance because he always honors women no matter what they do with their bodies. And Goldeen joins to, claiming Machoke is cute, yet smaller than her last boyfriend. Rampardos then follows Lopunny saying he wants to be in Lopunny's alliance too, since he's amazing, but Lopunny refuses to let him in. Rampardos says Machoke's got nothing on him because he's amazing and has more talents than Machoke. Ursaring and Onix ask Weavile, Hitmontop, and Ambipom can have Girafarig (Ursaring's new girlfriend) in their alliance. They approve, and Girafarig's happy. Mesprit then appears out of nowhere and Hitmontop says hi to her. Ambipom says they're kinda talking, and Mesprit, not suspecting an alliance, says she was just following Hitmontop because he's cute. Ambipom then gives Onix a Metal Coat he found and he evolves into Steelix. Steelix says he's psyched to be evolved and can't wait to tell Bellossom. Glaceon tells Lapras and Bellossom that she's letting Ella and Vespiquen join their girls' alliance. Lapras then explains that the reason Froslass and Absol aren't with them during the alliance meeting is because Absol and Froslass are double dating Uxie and Dodrio. In the confessional, Ella says Illumise doesn't got anythign on her because she has her own alliance and is going to make her move on Tropius, claiming Tropius would pick her over her sister any day. Absol, Froslass, Dodrio, and Uxie seem to be enjoying their double date. In the confessional, Uxie says that Froslass is the perfect girl for him and he thinks after the competition is over, Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie can go their own ways instead of being forced together as the lake trio. Lopunny makes her first move as a villain by telling Azumarill that when Carnivine was talking to Machoke, and Carnivine said he wants a new girlfriend instead of Azumarill. Azumarill says she doesn't buy it because Lopunny tricked Rampardos in TPA, but if Lopunny, gives her proof, which she doubts, she'll believe Lopunny. In the confessional, Lopunny said she and Machoke agreed that they have to start splitting up couples, and why not start with a couple as weak as Carnivine and Azumarill? It's an easy path to victory, and while her and Machoke do sabotage, Goldeen and Xatu do the challenge. Machoke and what appears to be Carnivine are talking about what Lopunny said Carnivine was talking about to Machoke saying he'd rather go out with Goldeen instead of Azumarill. Azumarill can't believe what Lopunny said was true, but Lopunny and Machoke laugh because it wasn't Carnivine-it was a Ditto that transformed into Carnivine. In the confessional, Azumarill couldn't believe Carnivine called her stupid and liked Goldeen better, and after that Lopunny says it worked like a charm. Meanwhile, the real Carnivine was climbing a tree, and three seconds later he falls off. Bellossom is about to blow up Miltank and Tauros in one of their spa getaways, but Steelix finds her to tell her he evolved and he notices a detonator Bellossom was about to triger, and Bellossom takes Steelix away so he doesn't find out her secret. But a Parasect falls on the detonator blowing up Miltank and Tauros anyway. Lopunny, Machoke, Xatu, Goldeen, and Rampardos find the lucky charm. Hariyama gives it to them saying he hates Miltank for making her dress up like a geisha. Since Lopunny gave Miltank the lucky charm, Team Mawile wins. Lapras plans to have her girls' alliance sing the immunity song because Espeon was gonna target that alliance. Lapras gathers Glaceon, Bellossom, Ella, Vespiquen, Absol, and Froslass to sing River Lullaby. Miltank's about to give them all immunity, but Vaporeon comes in saying why do they all get immunity if only Lapras sung? Miltank says that's a good point so only Lapras gets immunity. Vaporeon said he did that because he, Espeon, Honchkrow, and Umbreon are targeting the girls' alliance (possibly due to the silver bells wake up call). Vaporeon said Ella and Vespiquen are rather new so they're not threats yet, while Glaceon, Bellossom, and Lapras are threats, but it'll be real messy should they go. Meaning either Froslass or Absol, one of the "spineless followers" is going home. Lapras is pregiven a poffin for singing the immunity song, and Bellossom, Ella, Vespiquen, Steelix, Ursaring, Girafarig, Xatu, Glaceon, Machoke, Dodrio, Hippowdon, Tropius, Drapion, Mamoswine, Drifblim, Exploud, Unown, Vaporeon, Espeon, and Roserade also get poffins. The bottom 2 are Absol and Froslass for being on a double date during the challenge and Espeon's alliance is targeting them. The final poffin goes to Froslass, and Absol becomes the 19th contestant voted off TPTM. Absol thinks Espeon had something to do with it and wishes the best for Dodrio. And Dodrio (all 3 of them) vow to avenge Absol.

Episode 20: Go Go Krazy in Korea

Location: South Korea

Challenge: Look around the city of Seoul for the Ashachu

Espeon comments on how happy the girls were in the start of episode 19 but now they are as quiet as mice. Lapras tells her to shut up because she knows that Espeon cheated to eliminate Absol. Espeon then uses the famous excuse villains use in these games: IT'S CALLED PLAYING THE GAME. Vespiquen says she's only been in the game for 2 episodes and Espeon already annoys her. She guarantees that she will get farther than Espeon even though it hasn't happened before. In the boys' cabin of Team Chatot, Steelix says he's happy that he evolved. The other guys are, but it's hard to fit in one cabin now. Hippowdon and Exploud are having trouble breathing, Drapion is stuck between Exploud and Hippowdon, and Unown is barely in sight. Vaporeon says he was worried about getting into the cabin with Steelix causing problems for his side of the cabin. And he said he could assert his dominance by putting Steelix in a hold, but it wasn't necessary. He's also shocked that even though he's Espeon and Umbreon's brother, he wasn't really hated by the boys, which he thanks that for happening. Miltank is questioned by Roserade by the fact that she still has the lucky charm, and Miltank says she kept the lucky charm because it's lucky-it gave her a raise. miltank says that once they land in Korea, they'll meet five more contestants joing (and in one case returning) to TPTM. They are Flareon, Stantler, Togetic, Dragonite (a rather large one, since the norm is that Dragonite are 7'03" but this one is taller than the 8'02" Mamoswine, and she has a Swedish accent), and Azelf, returning from elimination, and temporarily reuniting the 3 lake spirits. Glaceon is glad to see Azelf again. Dragonite starts to sing out of excitement for competing, which annoys Miltank. Togetic is like an uberfan who is psyched to see her faves from season 1. Stantler comments on his high IQ, rivaling that of Uxie, and that he won't be outsmarted. Lastly, Flareon is the last of the seven eeveelutions to appears in this TP series. In the confessional, Dragonite goes on and on about how her mom said she'll be a star someday and she is now, and how Dragonite wants to win. Togetic says she's with so many original players like Mismagius, Espeon, and Umbreon, the latter two who she does dislike like everyone else but also likes them because they're on her favorite show. She continues to lsit her faves like Cherrim, Magmortar, Vespiquen, and Bellossom. Then Azelf says he's glad to be reunited with Glaceon, Uxie, and Mesprit. He also thinks he's less of a target because Espeon lost Glaceon as a member in her alliance in episode 8 as a result. Miltank puts Flareon and Azelf on Team Chatot and Stantler, Togetic, and Dragonite on Team Mawile. Miltank explains the challenge Miltank also says that after the 20th elimination, there will be no more Team Chatot and Mawile, and everyone will be in all new teams. Flareon joins Vaporeon as "co-team captains" and Espeon welcomes back Azelf. Glaceon says that if Espeon gets Azelf out again, she'll regret it. Espeon shrugs it, and says that with both Flareon and Vaporeon on her side, nobody can touch her. Flareon says that the reason she's here is because she needs to help Espeon get remotivated in the game even though Bronzong's eliminated, and it's necessary if Espeon's alliance wants to reclaim their position as the people who run the game. Wigglytuff welcomes the new players to Team Mawile and says they can divide into whatever groups they want for the challenge. Stantler says that he's going to win this game because he is a child prodigy, but the hardest thing for him is that his smartness came at a cost-not having too much friends, and it slightly bothers him. Carnivine is also worried because Azumarill is acting strange around him saying "I can't believe you said that about me". That leaves Carnivine to be a little confused. Espeon talks to her alliance about how awful it was to have Bronzong voted off, and that's when Flareon lets loose. She tells Espeon that if she doesn't get her act together, she's leaving the alliance. She reminds her about how she blindsided Absol and Dodrio was a mess, and they should keep striking at that girls' alliance while the iron's hot, and to keep moving forward in the game. Flareon says that she'll even do her part in finding out about every alliance in the game. Flareon said that was all Espeon needed to be fully back in this game. And she also says she knows ambipom and weavile have an alliance, and Wigglytuff has one too, which'll help them out in the future. Dodrio talks to Froslass and Uxie how sad they are Froslass left. Froslass and Uxie assure that Espeon and company will get what they deserve. But then a cage falls on Dodrio, Froslass, and Uxie. Who set it up? None other than Espeon's alliance. Espeon said that revenge was futile because once Team Chatot loses the challenge, Dodrio and Froslass will be to blame and either of them will lose the competition. Froslass calls Flareon abitch for reconverting Espeon to the player everyone grew to hate, and now Froslass is endanger of elimination, which sucks. Vespiquen, Ella, Bellossom, Glaceon, and Lapras find a Pikachu, but it's a cheerleading Pikachu. Bellossom said she really liked that Pikachu and now that a Parasect exploded Miltank and Tauros in China, her bomb obsession is dealt with for now. Togetic says she's a fan of Lopunny, and lopunny thanks her but says they're in the middle of a challenge. Togetic, Lopunny, Goldeen, Dragonite, Rampardos, and Stantler find a Pikachu infused with a Blue Orb. Lopunny insults her teammates for leading her the wrong way and calls them wierd. Goldeen says she is best friends with Groudon; the other highly doubt it. In the confessional, Rampardos said he got bruised because Lopunny said if he defeated that Pikachu, she'd love him, and Rampardos accepted the challenge and failed. Roserade and her army of men: Machoke, Tropius, Drapion, and Hippowdon, found an origami Pikachu. Tropius hits on Roserade, and Hippowdon tells him that's his woman. Drapion says he wishes. Tropius says that he's going to have to undergo several spa treaments to regain 100% beauty post competition, but if he wins, it'll all be worth it. Lickitung, Probopass, Illumise, Mismagius, Luxray, and Wigglytuff find a Pikachu that's half Ditto. Lickitung and Probopass show that they're officially a couple. Wigglytuff says she's happy she set up their blind date. Lickitung says she's excited because not only did Wigglytuff let her in her alliance, she's now dating Probopass, and she says she loves shy guys (meaning Probopass is perfect for her). Lapras and her girls' alliance found holograms of Dodrio, Froslass, and Uxie who only say set phrases, and try to get their attention. The Ashachu completely walks by them, angering the girls. Glaceon said that stuff like this always happens: Scpetile and Jynx had that happen to them in TPI, and the same for Shaymin and Leafeon in TPA, and thought people would learn from their mistakes. Team Mawile brought Miltank the Ashachu first meaning Team Mawile wins. Vaporeon, Flareon, and Espeon take charge and sing the immunity song, meaning only what they want can happen at the vote. Espeon, Flareon, and Vaporeon sing River Lullaby, just like what Lapras sang last episode, but they divide the singing so all of them get immunity. Their plans work and miltank grants the three of them immunity. Espeone xplains that Vaporeon has a certain characteristic that allows everyone to be fascinated by him, which will help in getting Espeon's alliance far. Flareon, Vaporeon, and Espeon are pregiven poffins for the immunity song, and Bellossom, Steelix, Ursaring, Vespiquen, Ella, Xatu, Glaceon, Lapras, Girafarig, Tropius, Exploud, Drifblim, Unown, Drapion, Mamoswine, Hippowdon, Machoke, Roserade, and Azelf also receive poffins. The bottom 2 are Froslass and Dodrio for getting trapped by Espeon's alliance making them sitting ducks in the challenge. The final poffin goes to Dodrio, and Froslass becomes the 20th contestant voted off TPTM. Froslass says she hopes Dodrio, Uxie, Ella, Vespiquen, Glaceon, Lapras, or Bellossom wins for being her best friends.

Episode 21: Stuck on an Island

Location: Indonesia, most likely the island of Java

Challenge: Find at least two of the following: A Skitty egg, a Meowth egg, and a Glameow egg

49 contestants remain. Espeon asks how does it feel, knowing Girafarig and Ursaring had a son (Teddifarig)? Lapras said she couldn't be happier, because now she's a grandmother. Espeon also asks how does Bellossom have a kid if Flygon left a long time ago? Bellossom said she snuck off to have some alone time with her boyfriend, and her daughter's name is Trapdish. Lapras says she's adorable, which makes Bellossom happy. In the confessional, Girafarig says Espeon is just pissed that Bronzong isn't in the game and that she doesn't have a son, let alone one like Teddifarig. In the boys' cabin of Team Chatot, everyone congratulates Ursaring on being a father. Ursaring is completely grateful for all the appreciation. Steelix says it was nothing, and he wants to be lucky enough to have a son like Teddifarig and a girlfriend like Girafarig. In the confessional, Mamoswine says he admits he hasn't done as much in the competition as others have but he's still in it to win it and repeats how he's doing this for Blizzard Mamoswine. At first Miltank freaks out in the apperance of Trapdish and Teddifarig because she DOESN'T want more addons. Bellossom and Girafarig calm Miltank down by saying they're not addons, merely just their children they want to have with them. Miltank says it's ok, but is not ok with Bellossom sneaking off the show whenever she wants to. When the cast lands in Indonesia, Miltank reminds them there will be new teams as of today and that she randomly drew for TC's, and they ended up being Ursaring and Ninetales. Ursaring says a lot of good things have happened in the competition: evolution, meeting Girafarig, having a son, and now he's a TC. He doesn't care about not being able to pick teams, but only hopes his entire alliance is on the same team. Ninetales is equally excited of her new leadership role, but only hopes Hippowdon doesn't end up on the same team as Roserade bcause she's a horrible influence and she doesn't want Hippowdon's heart to be broken. The new teams are Team Celebi (Ninetales, Hippowdon, Mismagius, Luxray, Cherrim, Uxie, Azelf, Glaceon, Mamoswine, Drifblim, Exploud, Roserade, Drapion, Espeon, Umbreon, Honchkrow, Magmortar, Togetic, Goldeen, Xatu, Dragonite, Flareon, Tropius, Ella, and Probopass) and Team Shaymin (Ursaring, Girafarig, Weavile, Ambipom, Castform, Hitmontop, Mesprit, Unown, Bellossom, Steelix, Azumarill, Carnivine, Lapras, Dodrio, Wigglytuff, Sceptile, Machoke, Lopunny, Stantler, Vespiquen, Vaporeon, Rampardos, Illumise, and Lickitung), and after that is settled Miltank explains the challenge. Ninetales tells Team Celebi to employ whatever strategy they deem feasible. In the confessional, Glaceon says even though she doesn't know Ninetales too well, she's glad Ninetales is TC over Espeon. Ursaring is in the middle of strategizing with Team Shaymin, but a Kangaskhan appears out of nowhere and interrupts, saying that Lopunny and Machoke's kids, Macheary (the female one) and Bunchop (the male one) are the biggest brats ever because Macheery calls her fat and ugly and Bunchop benchpresses her couch. Kangaskhan then leaves, and leaves Lopunny and Machoke's kids with Lopunny and Machoke. Ursaring continues saying they can break into whatever groups they want to find the eggs. Girafarig leaves Teddifarig with Lapras so he doesn't get hurt when Ursaring and Girafarig look by the cliffs. In the confessional, Lopunny introduces the world to her "sweet" kids. Togetic comments on how Hippowdon and Ninetales are her faves, but Ninetales corrects Togetic, saying EVERYONE is her fave. Then Ninetales, Hippowdon, Drapion, Roserade, Goldeen, and Togetic find the Glameow egg. Goldeen then evolves into Seaking, claiming it was due to her magical powers, despite Roserade saying she saw Seaking train all yesterday. Seaking says she's glad to have evolved, hopes to get a boyfriend, and doesn't know why no one believes she has magical powers. Rampardos leads Lopunny, Machoke, Carnivine, Unown, Stantler, and Dodrio to find the Meowth egg, and thinks Lopunny ill love her now for contributing to the challenge, although Macheary disagrees saying her mom loves her dad and would never love a big stupid dinosaur. Rampardos tells her to shut up and that he'll be her stepfather someday. Carnivine reminds the group that they're in the middle of the challenge so they should get the egg now and argue later. In the confessional, Rampardos says when he's Lopunny's second husband, he won't take any crap from her kids, although he will keep his distance from the boy. Bellossom, Lapras, Castform, Illumise, Vespiquen, Wigglytuff, Azumarill, and Lickitung find the Skitty egg in a high place. Vespiquen's about to go get it, but the sky suddenly turns dark, scaring Azumarill. Then Lickitung notices a portal to the Reverse World open up, but Lapras tells everyone to stay calm: Bellossom can do anything. Then a mutated Giratina appears from the portal, asking Bellossom if she remembers him, which she doesn't. He says he won't let them get to the egg until Bellossom apologizes, but Bellossom is still confused. Steelix comes into the scene, assuming someone if bothering his mom. The mutated Giratina then calls Bellossom mo, menaing it could only be one person: Girabell, Bellossom's son she left in the Reverse World. Girabell then asks what's Steelix doing here, saying he's obviously adopted. Bellossom is about to apologize for not telling that to Steelix earlier, but Steelix said he knew he was adopted, because it was pretty obvious Flygon+Bellossom doesn't = Steelix. Girabell asks Steelix if she knows she's obsessed with bombs, and Steelix says yes and he doesn't care, which shocks Bellossom. She then figures out who Girabell is and that he got mutated from being in the Reverse World, and he's going to kill Bellossom for that, but Steelix is quick to defend her. Bellossom then puts an end to it by apologizing to Girabell, adn says that what Lapras said to Bellossom earlier in TPTM was true: she is a bad mom. But Girabell forgives her, and is excited to have a stepbrother (Steelix) and a half sister (Trapdish), and they're one big happy family. Steelix says even though Bellossom's psychotic to no end, she rescued her from the cold of Denmark, and that's what counts. While thinks are hunkydory for Bellossom, things are about to get brutal for Hippowdon. Ninetales gets Hippowdon to use Dig so she, him, Togetic, and Seaking see what Roserade and Drapion are up to. Roserade says she could care less about Hippowdon and kisses Drapion. Ninetales tries to calm him down, but Hippowdon bursts with anger and quickly confronts Roserade about him cheating on her and dumps her, which shocks Roserade. In the confessional, Hippowdon calls Roserade a bitch and says now he has a girlfriend that cares about him: Ninetales. Then Roserade says she isn't lying about liking Drapion, she was lying about liking Hippowdon, and also adds now she has no choice but to blindside Hippowdon. Hitmontop and Mesprit have some alone time and decide to start a relationship. Mesprit in particular is excited. Miltank announces that Team Shaymin won the challenge. Ninetales knows she and Hippowdon are going to be targeted by Roserade so they sing the immunity song. Ninetales sings You Belong With Me byt Taylor Swift to Hippowdon for the immunity song. Miltank liked it, but since only Ninetales sang, only Ninetales gets immunity. Ninetales is pregiven a poffin for the immunity song. Dragonite, Roserade, Drapion, Togetic, Seaking, Ella, Mismagius, Cherrim, Magmortar, Luxray, Tropius, Mamoswine, Exploud, Drifblim, Xatu, Azelf, Glaceon, Uxie, Probopass, Flareon, Espeon, and Umbreon also get poffins. The bottom 2 is Honchkrow for not being well liked in general and Hippowdon for finding out about Roserade's scheme. The final poffin goes to Honchkrow, and Hippowdon becomes the 21st contestant voted off TPTM.

Episode 22: Speedy Azumarill

Location: Mexico

Challenge: In a giant taco, find members of the opposing team using projectiles hidden in the taco.

48 contestants remain. Honchkrow notices that there are two new kids on board: Magmortar and Cherrim's daughter, Magrubi, and Mismagius and Luxray's daughter: Misdrinx. Espeon says Mismagius's baby is ugly, just like Mismagius. Mismagius says she's just jealous. Ninetales says that Roserade better sleep with one eye open for blindsiding Hippowdon, and suspects Espeon was involved as well. In the confessional, Dragonite says although it's been tense and her team lost the first challenge, she likes being on her team and on this show. She also said it was wierd that Hippowdon got voted off even though Dragonite didn't vote for him, but felt like she did, leaving the swedish dragon confused. Magmortar comments on Dodrio's new daughter, Abduo, and he congratulates Dodrio, which makes Dodrio happy. Dri says they get their look from her mother, and O is especially glad to have daughters. Magmortar also announces that he also has a daughter. In the confessional, Luxray introduces Misdrinx to the world and says Mismagius and hi thought it was about time and her friendly attitude can make this competition more bearable. Miltank surprisingly admits Mismagius's daughter is cute, and says the same thing about Cherubi. Miltank then wonders how Dodrio has their daughter with them if Absol's not in the game? Do says Absol sent her with them until episode 26. Miltank then announces their arrival in Mexico (pronouncing it Me-ji-ko, confusing Tropius). Miltank explains the challenge, and Stantler immediately says it's impossible for it to work. Miltank then tells Stantler that since he's smart, he should be smart, and shut up, because the taco is mechanical. Wigglytuff says she's going to step back from trying to blindside Umbreon for just a sec so Flareon doesn't target her, and then she also adds how her alliance dissolved since they got split by the new teams, so she'll make a new one and try to eliminate Umbreon soon. For different reasons, Tropius, Probopass, Togetic, and Seaking volunteer to do the challenge, and Ninetales does the same, rounding out the roster for Team Celebi. Togetic also tells Ninetales than even though she's mad about Hippowdon's elimination, she has to cheer up and lead Team Celebi to victory. Ninetales says that's a good point. Flareon is shocked that dumb players, like Wigglytuff and Togetic, are making good moves in the game, but she shrugs it and plans to turn every alliance against each other so voting them off will be easy. For Team Shaymin, Carnivine, Lickitung, and Rampardos volunteer. Stantler says Azumarill barely does and says anything (how does he know? This is what Stantler's third episode?), but she refuses knowing Carnivine's in the challenge. Ursaring is shocked by Azumarill's attitude, but forces her to do so or she's getting voted off next. In the confessional, Azumarill says she didn't want to be in the challenge because of what Carnivine did in China. Azumarill hates how Carnivine acts like he doesn't know what she's talking about, and wants Carnivine to lose the challenge and get voted off. Then 10 participants in the challenge, without excitement, get started, and Tropius comments on how "creative" it is. Seaking knocks Rampardos off the taco with an Adamant Orb. Rampardos says that wasn't his proudest moment since he was thinking of Lopunny and how awesome their children will be. Carnivine knocks Ninetales off with a Magmarizer. Ninetales is pissed off at Carnivine for doing that to her. Seaking finds a case, and chucks it at Lickitung. Lickitung says that sucked but also says she and Probopass have been working on getting Lickitung to learn Rollout so she can evolve into Lickilicky. Then the 7 remaining in the challenge are flying in the taco, which contradicts everything that makes sense. Seaking finds a bike, the same one Lumineon threw in season 2, and chucks it at Azumarill. Carnivine and Ursaring then find picnic baskets and throw them at Seaking and Tropius. Tropius says all these unfortunate events are bad for his beauty, and also hopes his team doesn't lose again. Carnivine throws a Shiny Stone at Togetic, causing her to evolve into Togekiss, and then Togekiss knocks off Carnivine with a Metronome. And Probopass finishes the challenge with using Ancientpower on Ursaring. Togekiss says she's glad she evolved, wants to help Seaking with her lying problem, and wants her and Seaking to save Carnivine and Azumarill's relationship. Carnivine also says that now he's in a bad position and he could get voted off. Seaking and Togekiss bring together Azumarill and Carnivine and tell them that Lopunny tricked Azumarill into believing that Carnivine didn't like her by using a Ditto to transform into Carnivine and talk to Machoke on that. Azumarill and Carnivine then apologize for the inconvenience and make up. Seaking feels good about telling the truth for once. Meanwhile, Lickitung shows Probopass that she learned Rollout and evolves into Lickilicky. Lickilicky said even though she evolved she's a little fatter, but still thinks her team will like her. Roserade can't believe that Togekiss and Seaking got Azumarill and Carnivine back together, since they would be easy targets seperated. Seaking said they fixed it because it was the right thing to do. Stantler then says it's not over-just tell the team to vote off Carnivine or Azumarill, since Carnivine already sucked at the challenge and are both weak players. Roserade likes that idea and gets Stantler, Unown, and Dodrio to get into peoples' heads. Stantler says he's not proud of being in Roserade's alliance, but they're the only ones, probably in his ENTIRE LIFE, that have been nice to Stantler, and Stantler's loneliness can make him desperate sometimes. Azumarill knew her and Carnivine were in danger so to Carnivine she sang My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson for the immunity song. But Azumarill was the only one that sang, so either she gets immunity or no one does. Azumarill declines, saying with a little damage control, both of them might last another episode. The pokemon that received poffins were Bellossom, Lapras, Vespiquen, Castform, Illumise, Wigglytuff, Steelix, Ursaring, Ambipom, Weavile, Hitmontop, Girafarig, Lopunny, Machoke, Dodrio, Stantler, Vaporeon, Sceptile, Mesprit, Unown, Rampardos, and Lickilicky. The bottom 2 are Carnivine for doing bad in the challenge and Azumarill for falling prey to Lopunny's scheme. Shockingly, the last poffin goes to Carnivine, and as Azumarill says it sucks to be seperated from Carnivine, she becomes the 22nd contestant voted off TPTM, and the 1st one voted off who made their debut after episode 1.

Episode 23: Alaskan Animosity

Location: Alaska

Challenge: Search for the blue iceberg in the Bering Sea.

47 contestants remain. Lapras is sad that Azumarill got eliminated and wonders how Carnivine must feel. Lopunny says it was either her or Carnivine since Carnivine helped Togekiss evolve. Lopunny's kids then call Lapras ugly, and Weavile says her kids are worse than Lopunny, which she didn't know was possible, and that angers Lopunny. In the confessional, Weavile says Lopunny's kids are brats and wants Lopunny and Machoke to leave soon. Carnivine is sad about Azumarill's elimination, so Rampardos tries to cheer him up. Steelix then reminds Rampardos not to act like Lopunny is his because Lopunny's with Machoke and she doesn't like it. Rampardos is oblivious and says one day Lopunny will come around. In the confessional, Stantler says he thinks Rampardos doesn't have a brain. He also says that alligning with Roserade makes him look like a villain, but he isn't; he just doesn't want to be targeted. He says since he's not like the other competitors he could get voted off, but he wants to win and make friends. Miltank tells Carnivine to shut up about Azumarill because other people lost their significant others in the competition and have lived, so he will too. miltank announces that for the Alaska challenge, they'll be on a boat again. Probopass says that was very fun, especially since they went over a waterfall in Israel. Miltank explains the challenges and says each team only has 5 per raft. In the confessional, Cherrim introduces Magrubi to the world, and says Espeon can insult her daughter as much as she want; she's just jealous. Ninetales says she wants to go, and Seaking says she should go since she's a water type. Mismagius, Xatu, and Glaceon also volunteer. In the confessional, Honchkrow says even though she doesn't like Flareon, she thinks her idea to break up another couple in Alaska is a good one. Ursaring will be on the boat, and forces Machoke and Lopunny to go because Ursaring doesn't trust them and wants to keep those 2 in check, and the 2 bring their kids, and Ursaring brings Teddifarig. Unown says he has a navigational system in his psychic powers that can lead them to the iceberg, and also wants to bring Castform with him, and Ursaring allows it. Sceptile says he hasn't thought of ways to get revenge yet to avenge Meganium, but he's working on it, and hopes they leave Alaska soon-he hates the cold. The challenge begins, and Mismagius brings Misdrinx with her. Xatu uses his psychic compass, just like Unown, to find the iceberg. Xatu says he's glad to be a vital part in this challenge, which will further his quest to prove that even though he's a zen monk, he can win this competition, and when he does, he'll donate the winnings to the needy. Unown leads the way for Team Shaymin in the challenge. Teddifarig is having a fun time on the boat, but Macheery and Bunchop could care less. Machoke says that Ursaring is paranoid that Machoke and Lopunny are more evil than the alliance of Espeon, Umbreon, Flareon, Honchkrow, and Vaporeon (the later who isn't really evil). However, Ursaring must not care about it because the majority of the alliance is on Team Celebi, and Machoke says as long as Team Shaymin wins, he could care less. Seaking comments on how beautiful Alaska is, and her mother went there once. Glaceon asks if she's lying, but Seaking said Togekiss is working with her to learn to tell the truth now. Glaceon, Xatu, Mismagius, and Ninetales are glad Seaking took it upon herself to make that improvement and think they can all be friends. Glaceon says she's proud of Seaking learning the truth about the truth, that the truth will set you free. Castform thinks Unown got them lost because an iceberg wouldn't be at a port with lots of ships. Machoke also states that everywhere he looks it says "" on the scenery. Unown and Castform say they're not lost, but Machoke and Lopunny argue with them, leaving Ursaring in the middle. Ursaring says he got real annoyed when everyone started fighting which is not good for his son to see. Ursaring then thinks taking Teddifarig may have been not a good idea ,but he only wanted to take his son sailing because once the show's over and if Ursaring doesn't win, money will be tight. Meanwhile, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Flareon, Honchkrow, and Espeon are at the beach and Espeon decides to mess with Unown's compass so Team Shaymin can lose, Unown can get voted off, and the couple of Castform and Unown will be split up. Flareon says this plan is fool proof especially since the five of them are away from everyone else. Then Togekiss appears because she wants to talk to Umbreon and notices Espeon glowing and wodners if they're sabotaging someone. Honchkrow tells Togekiss to go away, but Togekiss refuses. Honchkrow then loses her temper and chases Togekiss around...with a CHAINSAW! Espeon laughs as Honchkrow becomes psychotic. Team Shaymin is having a rough day with Unown's failed compass getting him, Castform, Ursaring, Machoke, Lopunny, and the kids frozen. Lopunny is mad at Unown for freezing her hair and complains that she could have split ends. Xatu finally finds the blue iceberg, giving Team Celebi the win. Ninetales says nothing can stop her now and plans to win this for Hippowdon and their upcoming child (not another one!). Castform is freaking out because Persian split her up from Unown too early and she doesn't want Unown to go away again. Since Unown doesn't want Castform to go down with him, Castform sings Colors of the Wind from Mulan for the immunity song. Miltank gives Castform immunity despite it being a Disney song. Castform is pregiven a poffin for the immunity song, and Lapras, Bellossom, Steelix, Girafarig, Vespiquen, Illumise, Wigglytuff, Hitmontop, Mesprit, Lickilicky, Weavile, Ambipom, Stantler, Rampardos, Vaporeon, Sceptile, Dodrio, Carnivine, Ursaring, and Lopunny also receive poffins. The bottom 2 is Machoke and Unown-Machoke for being a muscle headed jerk and Unown for costing his team the challenge. The final poffin goes to Machoke, and Unown becomes the 23rd contestant voted off TPTM. After Unown's elimination, Castform says she's through with letting people like Honchkrow, Machoke, Lopunny, and the eeveelutions sabotage people to get ncie people eliminated for unfair reasons and she vows to get revenge for Unown.

Episode 24: Arceus and the Zap Plate

Location: Greece

Challenge: Search for the ancient temples of Arceus, Cresselia, and Darkrai and retrieve their respective orbs. At least 2 are essential to win.

46 contestants remain. In the girls' cabin of Team Shaymin, everyone comemnts on how wierd it was that Unown got voted off, even though they didn't mean to remind Castform. Wigglytuff says that Unown wasn't a threat and that she didn't vote for him. Teddifarig seems to have started noticing some people dissappearing and asks why are people getting voted off? Girafarig says it's part of the game (can't think of a better person to answer that question; Girafarig won TPA). In the confessional, Bellossom wonders why Unown got voted off if he wasn't a threat. She even made a threat list, and according to the list she'd take Unown and Castform to the top 4 not being threats and since she rpedicts Lapras and Steelix will be gone before the final 8 or so. She suspects it was the doing of the eeveelution alliance. Steelix says Machoke should've left over Unown and of course Machoke resents Steelix for saying that. Rampardos and practically everyone is confused on how Unown left. Carnivine says he's slowly but steadily recovering from Azumarill's elimination. Ambipom thinks that the eeveelution alliance is causing the recent, wierd eliminations: first Hippowdon, then Azumarill, and now Unown. And it's scary because you don't know who will be next. The cast arrives in Greece and Miltank explains the challenge. Exploud explains that this game is more fun than it was in season 2 since the majority of people are friendly. Ninetales thinks the flying pokemon should be a group together and all the earthbound pokemon becomes seperate groups. Meanining Mismagius, Ella, Dragonite, Togekiss, Seaking, Uxie, Mesprit, and Drifblim will search from above. All of Team Celebi is hoping to go for 3 challenges in a row. Espeon says it's cute how Ninetales thinks she's running the game just because she's TC. She reveals that Espeon put the Shiny Stone in the taco in Mexico because she knew Carnivine was dumb enoguh to induce Togekiss's evolution that way. She also says the reason she caused Unown's elimination was to deflect a bullet off of them because they kept voting off strong players but she played it safe-r when targeting a non-threat like Unown. Ursaring tells his team to break up into groups and give 100% in the challenge because they lost 2 in a row and don't want to go for 3. In the confessional, Vespiquen says although she's avoid eliminations like she planned to and currently isn't a target, she comments on the randomness of eliminations, saying she doesn't know why non-threats like Azumarill and Unown left. The challenge begins, and Team Celebi's air brigade quickly finds Cresselia's temple thanks to Dragonite. Mismagius congratulates Dragonite, and Togekiss calls Mismagius her fave for always being nice (that's an inaccurate fact). Drifblim's excited that her team's doing so well, but even if she loses, no one has targeted her or Exploud since Morocco so their positions in the game are good ones to be in. Lapras, Bellossom, Mesprit, Hitmontop, Ambipom, Weavile, Girafarig, Steelix, and Ursaring find a temple-but it's just the parthenon. Ursaring's worried that if their team keeps losing sooner or later he'll be on the chopping block, but Lapras and friends assure him that that won't happen. Lapras says she's worried that Ursaring's getting worried, but she keeps being optimistic and thinks Bellossom's crazyness will protect them from elimination. The group of Ninetales, Luxray, Probopass, Glaceon, Tropius, Magmortar, and Cherrim also ends up at the wrong temple, but Tropius says never fear-his good looks are here. In the confessional, Magmortar says he and Cherrim are doing fine in the competition and thinks the only thing that worries him is that he and Cherrim can be targeted for being a couple like in TPI but he doesn't worry too much at this point. The group of Castform, Lopunny, Machoke, Dodrio, Carnivine, Stantler, Rampardos, and Illumise takes a break because Lopunny's tired. Rampardos and Machoke decide to at least scout so they're not COMPLETELY wasting time. In the confessional, Dri says hi to any hot girls watching, but Do and O tell Dri to not talk like that in front of Abduo. Abduo also says hi. Roserade says that the eight of them: Xatu, Mamoswine, Espeon, Flareon, Umbreon, Honchkrow, Drapion, and herself form an alliance. Drapion doesn't trust them, but Roserade reminds on how they eliminated Hippowdon, Azumarill, and Unown for them, especially Hippowdon, who Drapion hated for a while. Drapion then agrees. The eeveelution alliance agree, and although Xatu and Mamoswine know they hate playing like that, they need an alliance to last, so they join too. Ursaring tells Lapras to help Vaporeon's group because they need more members. As such, Lapras, Vaporeon, Sceptile, Wigglytuff, Vespiquen, and Lickilicky search through a busy Athenian street. Lapras then hits on Vaporeon, calling him sexy. In the confessional, Vaporeon says he likes Lapras, but that puts him in Glaceon's previous position: What will his siblings think of this when they find out? Back to the challenge, Team Celebi's air brigade fretrieves Cresselia's orb. Ella's especially impressed, because she enjoys making her sister's team lose. Rampardos begins to tire of scouting, but for some strange reason Illumise thinks she sees Ella's face on Rampardos's body taunting her, so Illumise beats Rampardos up, thinking it was Ella. In the confessional, Rampardos declares that he is scared of Illumise for beating him up. Then Drapion says Roserade told him their alliance with Espeon and Umbreon is only temporary until they get targeted by the majority of the cast. Carnivine tries to get his group to do something productive, but again Illumise sees Ella's face, but this time on Carnivine's body, taunting Illumise, so Illumise beats up Carnivine. In the confessional, Carnivine cries for his mommy or Azumarill (whichever comes first) saying he's scared of Illumise. Drifblim, Dragonite, Mismagius, Togekiss, Ella, Seaking, Azelf, and Uxie win the challenge for Team Celebi by finding the temple of Arceus and retreiving Arceus's orb. Azelf says it's good for his team to win 3 in a row because they can ride this all the way to the end. Machoke, Lopunny, Castform, Stantler, and Dodrio want to ditch Illumise before she beats them up for no reason, but it's too late: she sees Ella in all of them, even the kids Abduo, Bunchop, and Macheery. And of course Illumise beats them all up. Illumise snaps out of her delusiveness and is confused on what had happened to her teammates. Lopunny is pissed off at what happened and plans to eliminate Illumise. Illumise is confused on what happened so she sings the immunity song just to be safe. Illumise sings Go The Distance from Hercules. Miltank doesn't give her immunity for it being a disney song and she hates copyright lawsuits, and she only gave Castform immunity last episode for singing Colors of the Wind because she was in a good mood in Alaska. But now she isn't. Illumise says she hates Miltank. At the poffin ceremony, poffins go to Bellossom, Lapras, Steelix, Ursaring, Girafarig, Wigglytuff, Lickilicky, Dodrio, Stantler, Vespiquen, Sceptile, Castform, Ambipom, Weavile, Hitmontop, Mesprit, Carnivine, Vaporeon, Machoke, and Rampardos receive poffins. The bottom 2 are Lopunny and Illumise-Lopunny for being a bitch and Illumise for going psycho. Lopunny gets the poffin, and Illumise becomes the 24th contestant voted off TPTM. Afterwards, Ella says no one messes with her sister but herself, and she will get revenge.

Episode 25: It's the Circle of Lies

Location: Kenya

Challenge: Locate a Shiny Luxray in the savannah.

45 contestants remain. The episode starts in the middle of the nigth when Bellossom wakes up everyone except Honchkrow, Flareon, Vaporeon, Espeon, and Umbreon. Bellossom says she, Wigglytuff, Castform, and Ella have an interesting proposition for the none-eeveelution alliance cast. Mismagius is pissed that Bellossom woke her up this early. Bellossom says she, Castform, Ella, and Wigglytuff formulated a plan to eliminate one of two contestants people wanted gone from day one: Espeon and Umbreon. Everone thought they'd never here those words be spoken. Even Glaceon's on board. Mismagius asks why Xatu, Mamoswine, Roserade, and Drapion are here if they're alligned with Espeon and Umbreon. Bellossom says they could care less what happens to them, but if they betray them, Bellossom will tie them to a rocket and blast them into space. Drapion thinks she's joking, but he's mistaken. Here's the plan: Azelf, Ella, Mamoswine, Ninetales, Glaceon, and Uxie beat up Espeon so she won't have the power to cheat on the elimination like she always does. Sceptile, Carnivine, Dodrio, Rampardos, Machoke, and Lopunny keep Vaporeon in check. Castform, Vespiquen, Wigglytuff, Stantler, Lickilicky, and Bellossom will keep Umbreon in check and make sure he doesn't escape, because he will once Espeon is beaten up. Ursaring, ambipom, Hitmontop, Weavile, Steelix, Mesprit, Probopass, Roserade, Drapion, Probopass, and Bellossom again(she'll switch teams after Umbreon's in check) will keep Honchkrow in check. And Exploud, Drifblim, Cherrim, Magmortar, Luxray, Mismagius, Xatu, and Dragonite will keep Flareon in check. Lapras explains she wasn't mentioned in any part of the plan. Bellossom says Lapras will watch the children and Lapras, Stantler, and Lickilicky will help their team win so Team Celebi loses making Espeon and Umbreon vulnerable. Furthermore, Ella used Silver Wind on Espeon and Umbreon so no one that they want gone will be gone this episode. Mesprit's glad for once in the competition everyone's on the same page. Machoke thinks it's good to side with everyone so for once everyone can forget HE'S a bad guy.They land in Kenya and Miltank explains the challenge. Xatu says the only good thing out of this is getting out the closest things to pure evil on the show. Ninetales splits her team up into groups according to Bellossom's plan, which Flareon found odd since Ninetales usually doesn't care about who's in what group. Ursaring does the same. Hitmontop says Espeon and Umbreon, whoever goes home, earns it. And as an added bonus, Hitmontop's not a target, so he's very calm. The challenge begins, and while Roserade, Drapion, Probopass, Seaking, Togekiss, Tropius, and Xatu comment on how beautiful Kenya looks, Honchkrow calls them losers and tells them to get their heads in the game. Seaking is really annoyed by Honchkrow and hopes she goes soon after Espeon or Umbreon. Steelix, Ursaring, Hitmontop, Ambipom, Weavile, Girafarig, and Mesprit wait for Bellossom's queue to take down Honchkrow. Weavile's looking forward to seeing Espeon and Umbreon's faces when one of them finally loses. Drifblim, Mismagius, Cherrim, Dragonite, Magmortar, Luxray, and Exploud alll agree that they are too powerful and deserve to leave for what they did to everyone. Dirfblim is surprised Espeon and Umbreon continued to be nasty to this point in the series even though that's what did Espeon and Umbreon in on season 1. Castform says she's doing this for Unown because she promised him to avenge him. Ninetales, Azelf, Uxie, Glaceon, Ella, and Mamoswine decide to take a break, which upsets Umbreon and Espeon because they want to win the challenge. Then Espeon says Uxie and Azelf float so they can't be tired, Mamoswine is fat so he should suck it up and try to lose a few pounds, and Ella can fly. Glaceon says this is low-even for Espeon.Vaporeon wonders why Dodrio, Machoke, Sceptile, Carnivine, Rampardos, and Lopunny stopped, and Lopunny says they're taking a rest, and that it's ok since all the others are hard at work in the challenge. Sceptile is shocked on how easy Vaporeon let them be and he's not a bad guy, but taking Vaporeon down is part of Bellossom's plan. Mamoswine, Ninetales, Azelf, Uxie, Ella, and Glaceon are about to beat up Espeon and Umbreon, but Umbreon runs away, leaving Espeon to suffer. Mamoswine said the only reason he didn't feel bad about this was because Espeon called him fat. Drifblim, Exploud, Mismagius, Luxray, Cherrim, Magmortar, and Dragonite prevent Flareon from going to help Flareon. Exploud made it clear that Flareon wasn't going anywhere. Flareon says those 7 are asking for it, but Magmortar replies by saying so is she. Umbreon manages to get away from Glaceon's group, but runs into Wigglytuff, Stantler, Lickilicky, Castform, vespiquen, and this plan's mastermind: Bellossom. The six relentlessly beat up Umbreon. Stantler said his motivation was that Umbreon, like several others in Stantler's lfietime, called him a big brain freak, and for once Stantler did something about it-and it felt good. Then Vespiquen, Castform, Wigglytuff, Sceptile, Dodrio, and Carnivine (avenging Illumise, Unown, Shuckle, Meganium, Absol, and Azumarill respectively) beat up Espeon. Vespiquen said also her motivation for beating up Espeon was that she blindsided Vespiquen in season 1. Then Glaceon, Ninetales, Ella, Azelf, Uxie, Bellossom, Steelix, Ambipom, Weavile, Mesprit, Hitmontop, Girafarig, and Ursaring join the scene when Espeon says why aren't they beating up Honchkrow? Then Togekiss, Lopunny, Mismagius, Luxray, and Machoke bring in Vaporeon, Flareon, and Umbreon. Roserade, Drapion, and Probopass explain that the reason they didn't beat up Honchkrow was that she was on their side because Espeon could finally be going home. Honchkrow explains she'll be glad once that bitch (Espeon) finally leaves the game. And for that, Honchkrow helps Stantler, Xatu, Lickilicky, and Lapras find the Shiny Luxray so Team Shaymin can win the challenge. Lickilicky said after this, the Eeveelution alliance is no longer a threat. Miltank says she's happy to see Flareon, Umbreon, and Espeon beat up, but not so much Vaporeon since he's a nice guy. Roserade explains that the immunity song will break Umbreon and Espeon so bad, it won't even be funny. For the immunity song, Roserade, Drapion, Uxie, Azelf, Castform, Cherrim, Ninetales, Glaceon, Wigglytuff, Vespiquen, and Ella sing TO Umbreon and Espeon Not One of Us from the Lion King. Miltank forgot about being liable for copyright lawsuits and gives Ella, Roserade, Drapion, Glaceon, Ninetales, Uxie, Azelf, and Cherrim immunity because Wigglytuff, Vespiquen, and Castform are on the other team. Espeon immediately breaks down in the confessional saying looking back, she is ashamed for all the blindsides she caused, all the couples she split up, and how she became from a sweet girl to a menace, and that she doesn't care if she leaves now, but she's going to be nice from now on. Ella, Roserade, Drapion, Ninetales, Uxie, Azelf, and Cherrim are pregiven poffins for the immunity song. Mismagius, Luxray, Magmortar, Togekiss, Seaking, Tropius, Dragonite, Drifblim, Exploud, Mamoswine, Probopass, Xatu, Honchkrow, and Flareon also receive poffins. Now the moment everyone's been waiting for: Espeon and Umbreon in the bottom 2 for being the biggest villains on this season. The final poffin goes to Espeon, which shocks everyone, especially Umbreon and Honchkrow. But Umbreon says good luck to his sisters and honchkrow, admits he deserves it, and becomes the 25th contestant voted off TPTM.

Episode 26: Phanpy Tamers

Location: India

Challenge: Find a Shiny Phanpy in New Delhi

44 contestants remain. Roserade is shocked that Espeon hadn't said anything about anyone today, and Espeon tells her to shut up, but not in the vicious way Espeon was infamous for. Roserade continues to bug Espeon, but Glaceon tells Roserade to shut up, seriously this time. Roserade asks what's Glaceon going to do about it, and Glaceon says she'll have Dragonite sit on Roserade, in which Dragonite says she'd be glad to do. Roserade says she'll sue dragonite if that happens, but Dragonite doesn't care. Glaceon says Roserade better watch her mouth, but Roserade says she won't be getting voted off over her bitch of a sister, which only makes Espeon even more depressed. In the confessional, glaceon said Espeon had been acting different, and she told Glaceon that Espeon, Umbreon, Flareon, Vaporeon, and Honchkrow felt like something was controlling them, and Espeon asked her to be in her girls' alliance, consisting of Mismagius, Dirfblim, Ella, and Dragonite among others. They let her in, and Glcaeon was glad because Espeon really needs her sister right now. In the boys' cabin of Team Celebi, Probopass said he's glad umbreon went, but Luxray said he was shocked that it was Umbreon instead of Espeon. Vaporeon then asks why does he care? Luxray says it's because everyone wanted Espeon out, but it was Umbreon instead. Magmortar says he had no idea how that could be, but at least one of them left. Vaporeon said he agreed because together they were creating so much chaos. In the confessional, Vaporeon says Flareon told him that the reason Umbreon left and not Espeon was that Wigglytuff treaked with the votes because she wanted him gone. And that wierd thing that controlled the eeveelution alliance seemed to have faded away, but now he has to look out for his sister Espeon since she's really depressed. Miltank taunts Espeon by saying since umbreon left last episode, Miltank hopes Espeon follows, but Glaceon is quick to defend her sister. The cast lands in the subcontinent of India. Miltank explains the challenge and they break off into teams. Mesprit says that she doesn't really like this challenge because elephants are gross, and then she calls Hitmontop the perfect boyfriend. Ninetales tells her team to stick together because India's a big country. In the confessional, Espeon says although the voice in ehr head's gone, she feels like she's an easy target and could be the next one to leave. Ursaring employs the same strategy as Ninetales. Ambipom then says he'll be throwing a stink bomb next episode at somebody, so his fans should look forward to that. Roserade tells Seaking, Togekiss, and Drapion that they'll be sabotaging the lake spirits, which confuses the 3 because they don't know what they'd get out of it. Roserade says they are legendary pokemon, making them fierce competition. She thens says that she recorded a dream Froslass was saying out loud once and she thought it'd come in handy, and today's the day. Seaking says that's an invasion of privacy, but Roserade can care less, saying she'll do anything to win. In the confessional, Togekiss says she doesn't approve of Roserade's tactics, but at least she's getting farther in the game. The challenge starts, and Team Celebi's by a highway. Ninetales asks if they see anything, but Probopass only says he sees a road, which is obvious. Dragonite says she sees a stable so Team Celebi goes there. Uxie hears Roserade's recording of Froslass's voice, but Azelf says that can't be since Froslass is voted off. But Uxie still strays from the group. In the confessional, Honchkrow says she's worried because Drapion, Roserade, and Roserade's puppets (Togekiss and Seaking) weren't there, and since Umbreon just got voted off, the iron's hot. And she's also pissed that everyone lied to Honchkrow about Espeon going home but it was umbreon. And she heard the Froslass voice, and Honchkrow immediately suspects roserade's trying to sabotage Uxie, but does nothing about it. Bellossom, Vespiquen, Mesprit, and Steelix find some stables, so Team shaymin keeps moving. In the confessional, Stantler says he wasn't in Roserade's alliance meeting because if he wentaway from his team, he'd be targeted should Team shaymin lose. But nonetheless, Stantler says he hates being in Roserade's alliance. Also, Togekiss told Stantler that she wants to be friends with him, which makes Stantler's day and he admits she's kinda cute. Roserade's plan is working like a charm, since Azelf and Uxie are taking the bait. However, Azelf is quick to spot Roserade's alliance in the distance, but Uxie is completely ingoring Azelf's warnings. In the confessional, Azelf says this is looking bad for Uxie and him because it's obviously a trick to blindside a lake spirit. And Azelf says he's willing to vote himself off to keep Uxie in because Uxie's a genius, and it would kill him to be voted off due to sabotage. Xatu helps Team Celebi find the stable with the shiny Phanpy, but right out of the sky Uxie and Azelf crash land into them. Exploud says he's totally going to vote for either Uxie or Azelf, but he doesn't know which to vote for, but as long as him and Drifblim stays, Exploud doesn't give a crap. Uxie feels like he dug himself into a really deep hole, which stresses him because he would feel like an idiot to be eliminated via sabotage. Lapras, Ursaring, Ambipom, Weavile, Girafarig, and Hitmontop find the correct stable and Team Shaymin wins! Lapras is shocked the eeveelution alliance didn't put a little mroe ffort because they are really big targets at this point. Uxie says he has to sing the immunity song, otherwise it's certain elimination. Azelf said he got his team to vote Azelf off so Uxie can still have a chance even though he screwed up royally today. For the immunity song, Uxie sang Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings. Uxie is granted immunity for his performance. However, Uxie turned down his immunity after he learned what Azelf was up to. At the poffin ceremony, poffins went to Ninetales, Glaceon, Espeon (shocker), Mismagius, Dragonite, Magmortar, Luxray, Cherrim, Drifblim, Exploud, Mamoswine, Tropius, Probopass, Ella, Xatu, Togekiss, Seaking, Drapion, Roserade, Flareon, and Honchkrow. The bottom 2 are Azelf and Uxie for crashing into Team Celebi, and also for Uxie looking for Froslass even though Froslass was voted off in Korea. The final poffin goes to Azelf, and Uxie, who accepts his defeat because he alone cause it, becomes the 26th contestant voted off TPTM.

Episode 27: Splitting the Cast Down the Middle

Location: Somewhere on the equator

Challenge: A three part episode; the remaining contestants must survive the biggest twist of the season or risk being part of a mass elimination.

Part 1

43 contestants remain. Mesprit is upset that Roserade sabotaged Uxie, but Lapras tells her not to worry about it and that she and Azelf will do well in the competition with out him. Mesprit thinks Lapras is right and swears to get revenge on roserade. Lopunny is tired of everyone complaining when people get voted off. It's an elimination game, and roserade is just playing it, so get over yourselves. In the confessional, wigglytuff is really feeling guilty about tweaking the votes to blindside Umbreon in Kenya, but she just wanted both Espeon and honchkrow to know how she felt like when shuckle was voted off 13 episodes ago. Also in the confessional, Sceptile really misses Meganium, and gets annoyed with everyone talking crap about her, but he's still going to try to win this for his girlfriend. In the girls' cabin of Team Celebi, Dragonite says it would probably be more fun if honchkrow and Roserade got voted off soon. Honchkrow then retaliates by calling Dragonite fat, but Dragonite says she can squish her. Drifblim tells Honchkrow to shut up for even two minutes. In the confessional, glaceon says it's just another regular day in TPTM: constant bickering. Also, she's been trying to get Honchkrow away from Espeon because Espeon is really out of it allowing Honchkrow to walk all over her if unprotected. In the boys' cabin of Team Celebi, Magmortar admits Cherrim's more calm about the competition that he is, and he wonders what the next challenge will be. Luxray says he hasn't a clue, and O says he wants pie, so Do shuts him up. Then dri says he's going to look at some fine ladies, but do reminds him they're watching their daughters so don't talk about that crap. In the confessional, Vaporeon says he's done doing schemey things and wants to go his own way, and maybe he won't be seen as a villain anymore, because that's the last thing he wants happening to him right now. Miltank announces that today is a big game changing day. But first, with the help of some magic powder, the contestants transformed from pokemon to humans! Then, Tauros explains that although 43 still remain, 13 will get immunity to the final 23. Rampardos then asks if he will get immunity for being amazing, but there are no promises.The remainder of the cast will break up into 4 groups, and each group is going to vote someone off, meaning 4 people's dreams of winning come to an end this part of a huge episode. Then after that, the youtube fans are going to vote for their favorite 10 contestants that aren't immune to join the immune 13 to form the final 23. As for the other 16 contestants, it's game over. Miltank said the reason this is happening is to speed up the game because of the excess amount of contestants. Do, Dri, and O have seperate bodies due to them being transformed into humans. Do hopes the three of them get immunity, and maybe them being temporarily seperated body wise will be good for some alone time. Lapras says she looks sexy as a human and hopes the youtube fans keep her and her son ursaring in the competition. Stantler immediately figure out that they have landed in an island on the equator due to the climate. First things first, miltank reveals the 13 immune and taking the one way train to the final 23: Hitmontop, Steelix, Ambipom, Weavile, Vespiquen, Dodrio, Rampardos (because he's "amazing"), Mismagius, Honchkrow, Espeon, Flareon, Roserade, and Drapion. Girafarig questions why Honchkrow, Flareon, and Roserade are immune? Miltank says she knows that if the fans get the chance they'll vote off every villain, but she wants drama on her show. Hitmontop's glad he's immune but is worried for Mesprit's sake. Now for the groups. Group 1 is Machoke, Magmortar, Cherrim, Dragonite, Mamoswine, Probopass, Seaking, and Tropius. Seaking is rather calm because she's banking that machoke will leave from her group. Group 2 is Wigglytuff, Lickilicky, Bellossom, Glaceon, Lapras, Castform, Mesprit, Castform knows that with her group, anyone's a target: Castform and Wigglytuff are both competitive, Bellossom and Lapras are tight with Ursaring and Steelix, and Mesprit and Lickilicky are couples with Probopass and Hitmontop. Group 3 is Azelf, Xatu, Ursaring, Carnivine, Ella, Togekiss, Drifblim, and Luxray. Luxray feels that voting off Ursaring will be bitter sweet: it takes out one of the game's strongest competitors, but it makes Luxray an enemy of Bellossom, Lapras, and Steelix, so he is unsure of what to do. And lastly, group 4 is Lopunny, Stantler, Girafarig, Sceptile, Ninetales, Exploud, and Vaporeon. Girafarig thinks that although lopunny's a bitch, she'll probably try to vote out Vaporeon, because he's not evil, but still strong and an ally to Espeon, Flareon, and Honchkrow. Machoke, completely aware of him being a target, gathers Cherrim, Seaking, Tropius, and Magmortar for some strategizing. Machoke says Mamoswine should be voted off for being strong, nice, and quiet-obvious qualities of a threat. None of them trust Machoke 100%, but they can't help but think it could be a good move later on. Tropius thinks that he looks good being human, but aside from that his heart tells him to boot Machoke, but his gut says to vote off Mamoswine because he's totally capable of beating tropius at challenges, and Machoke will be a target no matter what. Mesprit gathers Glaceon, Wigglytuff, Bellossom, Lapras, and Castform to tell them they should vote off Lickilicky. Lapras says they are all friends and they all agreed to vote who they think to be fair. Mesprit knows that she's walking (or floating) on hot water for doing this, but Lickilicky's really nice and can easily be over looked when voting off people late game. Bellossom is more concerned that this'll make Probopass angry, but Mesprit says voting off someone will always make at least one person angry. Castform wonders why they can't vote Mesprit out for trying to blindside Lickilicky. Lapras asks Wigglytuff what she thinks about this since she's been unusually quiet. But when wigglytuff talked, her nervousness made her accidentally reveal to the girls that she tweaked the votes to send Umbreon home instead of Espeon, which enraged them. Mesprit tries to cover for Wigglytuff by telling Castform, Glaceon, Bellossom, and Lapras to really consider voting off Lickilicky. In the confessional, Wigglytuff says this is bad for her, and now she's in danger of leaving. Ella then rounds up Ursaring, Luxray, Togekiss, Carnivine, Xatu, and Azelf. Ella says she thinks the should all vote off drifblim because she made it very far last season and she's very nice, making her a threat to win the game. Togekiss and Carnivine are against it, but Ella reminds them it's either Drifblim, or one of them 7 that will be leaving. Azelf is shocked that ella's randomly targeting drifblim like that, and decides to vote off Ella for that. Exploud wonders why he, along with Vaporeon, Stantler, Sceptile, and Ninetales, were summoned by Lopunny if he doesn't even like her. Lopunny tells him to shut up long enough to explain herself. She wants all of them to vote off Girafarig because she won last season and she's part of Ambipom's alliance-an alliance that can control the game if members of that alliance don't leave soon. Lopunny explains that if they don't target Girfarig, anyone of them can leave for various reasons. Exploud is loud and annoying, Ninetales can sometimes be stuck up, Sceptile dates a judgemental bitch, Stantler is pretentious, and Vaporeon has ties with Espeon, Flareon, and Honchkrow. Sceptile says she has good points so he'll think about it, and Exploud, Vaporeon, Ninetales, and Stantler say the same. Stantler says Girfarig is a threat, but voting off Lopunny can make him look more favorable to the majority of the cast. In group 1's poffin ceremony, Cherrim, Magmortar, Seaking, Probopass, Dragonite, and Tropius get poffins. The bottom 2 is Mamoswine for being nice, big, and quiet, and Machoke for being a villain. The final poffin goes to Machoke, and Mamoswine becomes the 27th contestant voted off TPTM. In group 2's poffin ceremony, Glaceon, Bellossom, Castform, Mesprit, and Lapras receive poffins. The bottom 2 is Lickilicky for being a sweet girl and Wigglytuff for toggling with Episode 25's votes. The final poffin goes to Wigglytuff, and Lickilicky becomes the 28th cotnestant voted off TPTM. In group 3's poffin ceremony, poffins go to Ursaring, Luxray, Togekiss, Carnivine, Azelf, and Xatu. the bottom 2 are Drifblim for doing well last season and being nice, and Ella for trying to blindside a popular contestant. The final poffin goes to Ella, and Drifblim becomes the 29th contestant voted off TPTM. Lastly, in group 4's poffin ceremony, poffins went to Stantler, Ninetales, Sceptile, Exploud, and Vaporeon. The bottom 2 are Girafarig for winning season 1 and having ties with Ursaring, Ambipom, Weavile, Steelix, Hitmontop, and Mesprit, and Lopunny for ,well, being Lopunny. the final poffin goes to Lopunny, and Girafarig becomes the 30th contestant voted off TPTM. After that, Flareon says she has a plan, and tries to get Vaporeon involved in it, but it fails to grab his attention. But Flareon doesn't take no for an answer, and threatens to get Lapras voted off should Vaporeon fail to compromise. Vaporeon then agrees to help Flareon. Vaporeon wonders if Flareon's being "controlled" again.

Part 2

Before this part of Episode 27 begins, Misdreavus525 announces the current votes each of the non-immune contestants currently have to keep them in the game from the youtube fans. Glaceon has 15, Bellossom has 14, Lapras has 9, Vaporeon has 8, Ursaring has 7, Azelf has 6, Luxray has 4, Ninetales has 3, Dragonite and Stantler have 2, Castform, Togekiss, and Sceptile have 1, Mesprit has 0, Magmotar, Wigglytuff, Probopass, and Seaking have -1, Xatu and Carnivine have -2, Tropius has -3, Exploud has -6, Cherrim has -8, Ella has -10, Machoke has -13, and Lopunny has -14. 39 contestants remain. Rampardos says although no one here is as amazing as he is, he's glad him and the other 12 designated immune contestant are immune. Mismagius agrees, except that it sucks with Flareon, honchkrow, and Roserade being immune because everyone hates them. Flareon syas Mimagius is just nervous because Luxray isn't immune, but Mismagius tells her to shut up. Do says while him, Dri, and O are in seperate bodies, only hDo and O will watch their daughters because Dri's an irresponsible parent. In the confessional, Dri says just because he's a little perverted, even though he loves Absol, doesn't mean he's a worse parent than O. Lapras said she was sad that Mamoswine, Girafarig, and Drifblim yet. She feels the same about Lickilicky, but that was her own doing. Togekiss agrees, and then Lopunny says she hopes a lot of them leave because they are annoying. But Dragonite and Lapras say the youtube fans hate Lopunny so they won't vote for her to stay in. In the confessional, Mesprit feels bad about blindsiding Lickilicky, but sooner or later SOMEBODY had to. Exploud is very pissed off that Drifblim went home last night, but Magmortar says he has to chill (coming from a Magmortar, not likely) because if Exploud continuosly rants about Drifblim, the youtube fans won't vote for him to stay. Exploud says Magmortar has a point so he'll chill. In the confessional, Exploud says he's going to (explicit) everyone that voted Drifblim off. for some reason, Vaporeon is talking to Miltank about Xatu's secret. Miltank explains that before Xatu was a Zen Monk, Xatu was a very juvenile, destructive, and totally out of control. So Xatu's parents took him to a psychic doctor to block out Xatu's destructive thoughts to make Xatu become Zen, but those thoughts are still in Xatu's head, making him a monster waiting to be unleashed. Vaporeon asks if there was anyway Xatu would revert to his original state? Miltank says only if a pokemon uses Psychic on Xatu again. Vaporeon wonders how Flareon's going to convince Espeon to make Xatu release his inner monstrosity? Vaporeon just hopes that the plan won't happen. Vaporeon tells Flareon the whole story. Flareon said Xatu lied to her when he told her he was always a Zen Monk but he didn't KNOW he was lying. Flareon says she'll tell Espeon that what she'll be doing to Xatu is a GOOD THING. Then her plan will totally work. Flareon then tells Xatu about his story, and Xatu admits he felt like a part of his life was missing. In the confessional, Xatu said although Flareon is evil, he's glad to have had her help him regain some of his lost memories. Flareon then tells Espeon that Xatu wants to regain his past memories and if Espeon helps him do that, it'll be a good deed. Espeon says she doesn't trust Flareon, saying Flareon's lucky to be immune. Flareon tells her the same, and says this can be Espeon's chance for redemption. Espeon says she'll do it-only for Xatu. But Seaking overheard this conversation and can't let Espeon do that to him. Epseon said she's doing this to help Xatu because he's a good person. Then Seaking says the reason she's concerned about Xatu is because the two grew up together and Seaking knows everything about him, and is Espeon brings back Xatu's memories, it'll be catastrophic. Ninetales then gathers Wigglytuff, Togekiss, and Dragonite to help her sabotage Lopunny. Lopunny then appears out of nowhere and asks if Dragonite could talk with her. Wigglytuff's worried about Dragonite because she's not the brightest bulb in the box and Lopunny could really use her because Dragonite likes to be friends with EVERYBODY. Lopunny lets loose by telling Dragonite that she's fat, ugly, smelly, she could squish any pokemon, and no one will ever love her. Dragonite is shocked because she thought Lopunny wanted to be friends with her. Lopunny says she would never be friends with someone that's ugly, has scaly skin, and doesn't know what soap or deoderant are. Dragonite tells Lopunny to stop it and goes as far as to call her the forbidden word: SLUT! Lopunny then calls over Miltank because Dragonite called Lopunny a slut, which Lopunny made clear(in Episode 18) that Miltank said anyone who called Lopunny a slut would be eliminated. Miltank asks Lopunny not to sue, but Lopunny says only if: Dragonite is eliminated, and Lopunny and Machoke also become immune. Miltank says she'll make the arrangements but since Lopunny and Machoke are immune, Miltank's changing it from the final 23 to the final 25. Dragonites says this isn't fair because since she debutted after Lopunny, she didn't know about this rule, and now she's going to be out. Espeon then gives Xatu back his memories. Xatu then says the X-Factor (Xatu's nickname from when he was a delinquent) is back! He's glad not to be a stupid monk anymore, and uses Psychic to KO Espeon, as Xatu is a new person and plans to KO everyone, push them off the blimp, and win by default. In the confessional, The X-Factor says he's going to take over this game in a way never before attempted. Seaking warns Glaceon, Lapras, Ella, Castform, and Bellossom that Xatu's juvenile side has been released. Seaking explains Xatu's past, so they all believe what Seaking said. Castform wasn't sure if she should believe Seaking since she was a liar. Xatu appears, shocking the girls, and saying he's now The X-Factor. He then instantly KO's Glaceon, Ella, Bellossom, and Castform with Psychic. Seaking's the next target, but she tries to convince The X-Factor to reconsider. Bellossom says she thought SHE was crazy. Before The X-Factor can strike at Lapras, Vaporeon comes to her rescue. Vaporeon says he's doing this because he loves Lapras. But that one word "love" makes The X-Factor go on overload and faints himself. Seaking thinks he had a psychic breakdown. Vaporeon was shocked that that happened to xatu. but at least he stopped it. Since Dragonite called Lopunny a slut, Dragonite becomes the 31st contestant voted off TPTM. But Xatu (not referring to himself as the X-Factor anymore) says he votes himself off because he doesn't deserve to be in the competition after he became juvenile again. Miltank goes with it, and Xatu becomes the 32nd contestant voted off TPTM. Seaking rushes over to the scene, implying Xatu and Seaking are a couple , saying she lost him once bfore and doesn't want to again, so she votes herself off too. And with that, Seaking becomes the 33rd contestant voted off TPTM. Lopunny then says today was a big win for her, and now that she and Machoke are invincible, no one, not even the youtube fans, can stop her. Now that Lopunny and Machoke are immune and Dragonite, Xatu, and Seaking are out, the youtube fans can only vote for Ninetales, Tropius, Vaporeon, Magmotar, Lapras, Ursaring, Mesprit, Carnivine, Azelf, Wigglytuff, Cherrim, Exploud, Probopass, Luxray, Castform, Bellossom, Stantler, Glaceon, Ella, Togekiss, and Sceptile.

Part 3

36 contestants remain. Roserade's excited that 11 losers are about to be eliminated all in one episode today. Mismagius says as long as Luxray stays she'll be fine. Weavile says she's lucky both her and Ambipom are immune, and feels for Mismagius because Luxray could be eliminated. Wigglytuff is really nervous because she might be voted off, but Lapras says Wigglytuff has nothing to worry about. In the confessional, Wigglytuff hopes what she did to Umbreon won't come back to haunt her-today. Magmortar thinks he's going to be staying. Tropius says of course he's staying because he's so hot. Ursaring thinks Tropius should be less full of himself. Tropius says Ursaring should chill because just because Ursaring's buff doesn't mean he's guaranteed to stay. Sceptile and Exploud hope they stay so they can win the game for Meganium and Drifblim, respectively. Exploud thinks even though he played an honest game this season, he wasn't in season 2 and helped Spiritomb attempt to sabotage Cherrim in season 1 so there's no guarantees. Before the elimination begins, two shadowy figures claim they messed with the votes so two contestants who would be staying WON'T. Miltank gathers all the non immune contestants to the top of a volcano. One by one Miltank will say the names of the contestants will the lowest amount of votes from the youtube fans and if a contestant's voted off, the volcano will erupt straight at him or her. The 1st pokemon voted off by the fans is Ella, making Ella the 34th contestant voted off TPTM. Ella says she understands she got some votes from blindsiding Drifblim but she was upset to have the most votes to kick her off. The next one out is Cherrim, making Cherrim the 35th contestant voted off TPTM. Cherrim says she's going to sue Miltank again for another unfair method of elimination. The next one out is Tropius, making Tropius the 36th contestant voted off TPTM. Tropius wonders how was he not liked by the youtube fans if he looked so good? But he doesn't care saying next season he'll win for sure. The next one out is Magmotar, making Magmortar the 37th contestant voted off TPTM. Magmotar is kinda bummed that both him and Cherrim weren't as liked as they thought but Magmortar shurgs it because his friends are still in and he had a blast. The next one out is Carnivine, making Carnivine the 38th contestant voted off TPTM. Carnivine is sad because he wanted to win for Azumarill. The next one out is Mesprit, making Mesprit the 39th contestant voted off TPTM. Mesprit is sad because her and Azelf were supposed to avenge Uxie's elimination in India and now she's seperated from both Hitmontop and Azelf, which sucks. The next one out is Sceptile, making Sceptile the 40th contestant voted off TPTM. Sceptile understands he was very likely considered a threat and even though he wanted to win for Meganium, he's cool and leaves with his head held high. The next one out is Castform, making Castform the 41st contestant voted off TPTM. Castform said she was ready, willing and able to win this for Unown but she got voted off which really upset her. The next one out is Probopass, making Probopass the 42nd contestant voted off TPTM. Probopass leaves on a good note because he had a wonderful time on the show and he gets to see Lickilicky again. The next one out is Togekiss, making Togekiss the 43rd contestant voted off TPTM. Togekiss is sad because she's really nice and helped Seaking with her lying problem, but at least she gets to see all her favorite contestant she didn't see yet on the T+M show like Gastrodon and Jynx, among others. The last one eliminated due to the youtube fans' desicion is Luxray, making Luxray the 44th contestant voted off TPTM, and the last of 18 contestants eliminated in this 3 part episode. Luxray is really confused on why he was eliminated as opposed to Wigglytuff or Exploud or someone, and is really confused on whether or not he has as much fans as he thought he did. That measn the last 10 contestants admitted to the final 25 are Bellossom, Ninetales, Vaporeon, Glaceon, Wigglytuff, Exploud, Azelf, Lapras, Ursaring, and Stantler. Mismagius is really confused on how Luxray was voted off, and suspects it is Purugly's doing, and if it his, Mismagius is going to kill her. Hitmontop says good bye to Mesprit and Mismagius says good bye to Luxray and sas such, the 11 eliminated contestants leave the blimp, along with all the kids, who are going to be sent to the Kangaskhan day care because they are a hassle to watch during the competition. At the end of the episode, Purugly and Persian reveal that Togekiss and Luxray were supposed to stay over Wgiglytuff and Exploud, but messed with the votes to prove they are running the game, not Roserade, not Machoke and Lopunny, and definitely not the Eeveelution alliance, and to spite Mismagius.

Episode 28: Bermuda Confusion

Location: Bermuda

'Challenge: The contestants turn back into their basic pokemon forms due to the Bermuda Triangle's mysterious radiation'. Also, time will be turning back, causing pokemon in the newer generations to temporarily disappear. The first one to find the Metronome, which will revert everyone back to normal, wins invincibility.

25 contestants remain. Exploud announces that Miltank said that teams are dissolved (through this action, Misdreavous525 set the record for merging with the highest number of contestants) and even though he's sad Drifblim left, he's going to win this for her. Ambipom's glad that Exploud's in the right attitude to win, and says he's going to pull a prank today, and thinks he'll pull it on Flareon. Everyone's excited for that, even Vaporeon, despite Flareon being his sister, after what Flareon made Vaporeon go through in the second part of the previous episode, this will be sweet, but indirect, revenge. In the confessional, Ambipom says his plan is to throw a stink bomb at Flareon, and Weavile, Hitmontop, Ursaring, and Steelix are in on it too, because they're his alliance. Although Exploud made it very clear, Miltank felt the need to have the words come out of her own mouth: All teams are officially dissolved, and from here on out, the remaining contestants will be vieing for individual immunity. Miltank explains the challenge, and is glad she's Miltank and her husband's Tauros so they'll only become younger and not devolve. Miltank also says if everyone disappears, Miltank keeps the money for herself. Rampardos says if that happens, he'll sue, but Miltank says he can't sue if he doesn't exist. Once they get to Bermuda, the constestants devolve to Misdreavus, Combee, Murkrow, Teddiursa, Sneasel, Tyrogue, Aipom, Onix, Oddish, Skorupi, Budew, Vulpix, Machop, Buneary, Igglybuff, Whismur, Doduo, and Cranidos respectively. Flareon, Vaporeon, Glaceon, and Espeon also devolve into Eevee, making thinks somewhat confusing, except that Espeon's a shiny Eevee.. As for Miltank, Tauros, Stantler, Lapras, and Azelf, they simply just got younger since they don't have pre-evolved forms. Then Makuhita runs out, complaining that he's not a Hariyama, and goes back to the blimp. Tauros says that's a good idea. So Hariyama, Miltank, and Tauros wait at the blimp so they can be adults again and let the contestants do the challenge on their own. Whimsur says he hates being a Whimsur because in this evolutionary stage, he's pretty much useless. Aipom's alliance meets up, and Teddiursa says the thing he hated about being in this stage is that he sounds like a baby. Aipom seems to be having fun hanging upside down from a tree. Sneasel tells him that they need to be doing the challenge, but Aipom runs off to committ his prank, so Sneasel, Onix, Tyrogue, and Teddiursa go after him. In the confessional, Aipom says it'll be confusing to prank Flareon since she's an Eevee, but he digresses and comments on the shiny mirror, claiming he had ADD as a child. Lapras, Oddish, Eevee, Vulpix, Combee, and Igglybuff think they should stick together in this challenge because they're children. Igglybuff cries about not being with Clefable, so Eevee states that they probably weren't seperated when they were kids. Combee's three heads are fighting, but for some reason Combee disappears, and Vulpix, Igglybuff, Eevee, Oddish, and Lapras change to their Gen III sprites. Vulpix complains since she looks so old fashioned as a GBA pokemon. Without O (since Doduo only has two heads) Do and Duo bicker, but Eevee tries to stop them. Azelf suddenly disappears, upseting Eevee. Doduo, Misdreavous, Eevee, and Eevee then change to their Gen III sprites. Misdreavus says it's wierd being a GBA pokemon. Budew scolds Whismur for being a chicken now that he devolved, but Whismur tells her to shut up. Stantler says she's not too amazing as a Budew herself, but Skorupi defends her. But then skorupi and Budew disappear, and Stantler and Whismur change to their Gen III sprites. Stanlter says it was annoying being a kid again and even MORE annoying being stuck with Whismur because he's practically useless now. Cranidos attempts to hit on Buneary, but both Machop and Buneary tell him to back off. But Cranidos and Buneary disappear, and Machop changes into his Gen III sprite, and says it's bitter sweet: Cranidos is gone, but so is Buneary. He also says it sucks being a kid since his voice is almost as annoying as Cranidos's. Murkrow and Eevee realise that they are the last two in their alliance so they decide to work together, only for a lack of a better option. After that, Murkrow and Eevee change to their Gen III sprites. In the confessional, Murkrow says she's going to win this for Umbreon, and she thinks she's safe because now everyone thinks Budew is the biggest target. Aipom's alliance also changes into their Gen IIIsprites and as Aipom still goes to committ his prank, Sneasel, Tyrogue, Teddiursa, and Onix continue to follow him. In the confessional, Tyrogue says he's really annoying as a child. Aipom is ready to drop his stink bomb, but instead of throwing it at Flareon as an Eevee, he threw it at Misdreavus, Doduo, and two other Eevees (Glaceon and Espeon). Aipom laughs at them, but then Glaceon, as an Eevee, chases him for pranking them. Eevee says Aipom is going down. Sneasel, Tyrogue, Teddiursa, and Onix know that this is bad, and Sneasel says she's worried that aipom could be the next one to go. Whismur disappeared, so Stantler is back to his Gen II sprite. Doduo, Eevee, Eevee, Misdreavous, Aipom, Sneasel, Onix, Teddiursa, and Tyrogue also changed back to their Gen II sprites, and now Eevee's crying, so Eevee says Aipom's toast. Sneasel tries to resolve the conflict, but fails. Misdreavus says although now she can't win immunity, it looks like Aipom is going home, so she dodged a bullet. Lapras, Igglybuff, Oddish, Eevee, and Vulpix find the Metronome so they turn back to normal and Vespiquen reappears. Bellossom says she's happy to be able to throw bombs again because as an Oddish they were too heavy, but being a kid again was fun. The rest of the contestants reappear and turn back to normal, pleasing everybody. Steelix tells Ursaring to get off his head, and Glaceon says Ambipom is a goner. Now Ambipom's alliance is worried that Ambipom could be eliminated. Miltank announce that Lapras, Bellossom, Vaporeon, Ninetales, Wigglytuff, and Vespiquen win immunity, and says she knows who's going home but she still has to follow the routine. However, Miltank does even allow a song to be sung because of the obviousness of how the elimination will turn out. Vespiquen, Ninetales, Lapras, Wigglytuff, Vaporeon, and Bellossom are pregiven poffins for winning immunity. Also receiving poffins are Steelix, Glaceon, Espeon, Hitmontop, Dodrio, Drapion, Roserade, Mismagius, Azelf, Ursaring, Exploud, Rampardos, Weavile, Stantler, Machoke, Lopunny, and Flareon. The bottom 2 are Ambipom for pranking the wrong Eeveelution and Honchkrow for being really hated. The final poffin goes to Ambipom, which shocks Honchkrow. Ambipom said the strategy was to make it look like Ambipom was inevitably going home so Honchkrow'd feel like all targets were off her, but instead Honchkrow would be blindsided with everyone voted her off. Honchkrow swears she'll get revenge next season, and becomes the 45th contestant voted off TPTM.

Episode 29: I Wanna Be A Starmie

Location: California

Challenge: Avoid having your picture taken by the seemingly infinite amount of paparazzi roaming the streets of Hollywood.

24 contestants remain. Mismagius, Lapras, and Wigglytuff all say that after Honchkrow's blindside, Roserade, Lopunny, and Flareon got a lot more quiet, possibly because they know that if Honchkrow was sent home that easily, anyone of them could be next. Lopunny can't help but say that they're still losers, and as long as she's on the blimp, Lopunny will always feel like she's on top. In the confessional, for possibly the 1st time since before Umbreon left, Espeon feels very happy, but that's because the bitch (Honchkrow) finally left. She knew she'd make it farther than Honchkrow and was pissed off when Honchkrow thought Espeon was just fake crying to survive in the game post Umbreon's elimination, but Espeon says she's not that mean. Steelix congratulates Ambipom for making the "get rid of Honchkrow" plan a huge success. Everyone is pleased with Honchkrow's elimination, except Dri, because he thinks Honchkrow is hot. Do reminds Dri to be less of a pervert because they are dating Absol. O reminds Dri that he only likes Absol...and pie. Rampardos agrees with the latter, saying everyone likes pie. Rampardos tries to trick Machoke by saying Lopunny said she loved Rampardos, but Machoke foils Rampardos's "strategic move" by saying Lopunny and him were talking this morning-before Rampardos even woke up. In the confessional, Steelix says everyone agreed to vote off Roserade the next time she doesn't win immunity, but still thinks he's a target because Ambipom almost left on two previous occasions: in Italy and in Bermuda. And since Steelix is a powerhouse, it's possible for him to be blindsided soon, but Steelix keeps his optimism by saying Roserade's next. Miltank says she's happy and sad Honchkrow left-happy because she was annoying but sad because she annoyed Mismagius. Miltank announces that they'll be landing in one of the most high profile places in the world: California. Miltank explains the challenge to the contestants, saying it'll be hard since they've lasted 29 episodes in a series that involves going around the world so the paparazzi will be all over them. Vespiquen deems this challenge too easy-she can fly, allowing easy access to immunity, unless there's flying paparazzi, which Vespiquen doubts there is. And even though Roserade's "scheduled" to be the next one out, you never know, so immunity is very important. The cast then goes to Hollywood, and Miltank says good luck on the challenge and she and Tauros better leave before they're "mbbed by fans". In the confessional, Stantler says there's no way those 2 losers would get mobbed by fans, because the fans like the contestants better than the hosts (an example: in terms of Survivor, Rupert Boneham is more popular the Jeff Probst). Ursaring, Ambipom, Steelix, Hitmontop, and Weavile find themselves on the walk of fame. Hitmontop is surprised that he is totally flying under the radar, even though he 1HKO'd a Gyarados in Iceland. He still wants to win immunity, because without immunity, you are completely vulnerable for elimination. Vespiquen, Lapras, Vaporeon, Bellossom, Azelf, Glaceon, Espeon, and Wigglytuff are in a group, and Lapras says as long as one of them win immunity, everything will be alright. Wigglytuff says she's enjoying her time in California and says her position in the game is really good since they have a big, strong alliance, and although Wigglytuff wants to target Ambipom's alliance, Bellossom and Lapras have sons in said alliance and she could get voted off for voting Ursaring or Steelix off, and Lapras and Bellossom just forgave Wigglytuff for the Umbreon incident so it's not a good move to execute. Mismagius, Ninetales, Dodrio, Exploud, and Stantler are a group, and Exploud gets excited (so he gets loud) but Mismagius tells him to chill, otherwise they'll lose the challenge. In the confessional, Ninetales is glad to have made an alliance out of Mismagius, Dodrio, Stantler, and Exploud, although Exploud can really be hard to control. But whatever helps her to win is good as gold, because with only 24 left, you got to watch yourself 24-7. Machoke and Lopunny are, as usual, stalked by Rampardos. Lopunny is at boiling point, saying what does she have to do to prove to Rampardos that she doesn't like him? Rampardos says there's nothing she can do, because he knows she loves him. In the confessional, Lopunny calls Rampardos the biggest idiot to grace this Total Pokemon series, but he comes with a benefit-Rampardos will always be loyal to Lopunny, practically giving Lopunny two votes each elimination-a huge advantage. Flareon goes to Roserade and Drapion, saying Glaceon, Espeon, and Vaporeon are in an alliance with Azelf, Lapras, Vespiquen, Wigglytuff, and Bellossom, and Honckrow was voted off, so Flareon's last resort is to be in an alliance with Drapion and Roserade. Drapion and Roserade understand where Flareon's coming from and accept her into their alliance. In the confessional, Drapion says that Flareon is a bitch, but with her alligned with himself and Roserade, it makes Flareon a bigger target. Steelix, Weavile, Ambipom, Hitmontop, and Ursaring are cornered by a Skiploom Mew, and Chansey. Everyone escapes except Steelix, allowing his picture to be taken and causing him to lose the challenge, much to Steelix's dissapointment. Espeon, Vaporeon, Glaceon, Bellossom, Vespiquen, Lapras, Azelf, and Wigglytuff are cornered by a Corsola, Slugma, and Snubbull. All of them escape except Vaporeon and Lapras, so their picture is taken (but at least theirs was taken TOGETHER). Lopunny begs Rampardos to leave, but Rampardos says he'll follow her around the world (been there, done that). Machoke says he wants to beat the crap out of Rampardos so bad, it's not even funny. Exploud, Mismagius, Stantler, Ninetales, and Dodrio are cornered by a Kirlia, Marshtomp, and Prinplup. Mismagius escapes, but Ninetales, Exploud, Stantler, and Dodrio get their picture taken. Exploud wonders why Mismagius didn't help him since he and Luxray are good friends, but Exploud shrugs it, saying he knows he's not the next to go. Meanwhile, Lopunny pushes Rampardos off a cliff out of anger, but that still isn't hint enough for Rampardos that Lopunny isn't in to him. Mew, Chansey, and Skiploom the take Flareon, Roserade, and Drapion's picture. Roserade blames Flareon for that, saying Roserade really needed immunity. Mismagius, Vespiquen, Azelf, and Glaceon meet upin high air, but a Slugma riding a Magnezone takes their picture. Mismagius is shocked that the paparazzi were that creative to send a Slugma on a Magnezone to take their picture, but Mismagius isn't a huge target at the time being and she's glad both Purugly and Honchkrow are miles away from her. Bellossom, Wigglytuff, Espeon, Machoke, and Lopunny meet up, and since Bellossom knows she can't call Lopunny a $1ut or a w#0re, she calls Lopunny a harlet (it means the same thing). Then Kirlia, Marshtomp, and Prinplup take a picture of the five of them, and Bellossom and Lopunny blame each other for that. Wigglytuff could care less that she lost; she's going to vote off Roserade. Miltank announces that since Rampardos was pushed off a cliff, he wins immunity since he avoided the paparazzi. Rampardos knew he would win the challenge because he's amazing. for the immunity song, Espeon, Lapras, Bellossom, Glaceon, and Wigglytuff sing When I Grow Up by the Pussycat Dolls. Miltank totally loved the performance and gave the girls immunity. Rampardos is pregiven a poffin for winning the challenge, and Espeon, Lapras, Bellossom, Glaceon, and Wigglytuff are pregiven poffins for singing the immunity song. 17 poffins remain, and 16 of them go to Azelf, Vaporeon, Ambipom, Weavile, Hitmontop, Stantler, Vespiquen, Mismagius, Exploud, Drapion, Ninetales, Dodrio, Ursaring, Machoke, Flareon, and much to everyone's shock, Roserade. Therfore the bottom 2 is Lopunny for being a bitchy harlet and Steelix for being a powerhouse. The final poffin goes to Lopunny, which shocks Bellossom, and even more shocks Steelix, but nonetheless, Steelix becomes the 46th contestant voted off TPTM. After his elimination, Steelix is very confused on how he was sent home as opposed to Roserade or Lopunny.

Episode 30: The Hula Dancers From Hell

Location: Hawai'i

Challenge: Surf in a Hawaiian beach while avoiding demon Bellossoms (not the contestant) trying to eliminate you from the challenge.

23 contestants remain. The episode begins with Lopunny taunting Bellossom about Steelix getting voted off last episode, but Bellossom responds by saying Lopunny has a bomb with her name on it waiting to explode when it comes in contact with her. Bellossom also says today Bellossom will be known as Sherlock Bella Lee and Lapras will be her Wattson, and the two dress accordingly. In the confessional, Lapras says that she's helping her friend because she knows that if Ursaring was voted off, Lapras would feel the same way Bellossom is right now. Ursaring also proves to be angry with Steelix's elimination, demandin to know who voted him off. Rampardos confesses that he voted off Steelix because he can't stand Bellossom and did so to spite her. Ursaring then automatically assumes Machoke did, and although to assume usually makes an ass out of u and me, Machoke reveals that he did vote off Ursaring. Drapion says he also voted off Ursaring because Roserade said he was a threat, but Ursaring says it was an even DUMBER move on his part because with Steelix out, Drapion's debatebly the biggest one still in the competition. In the confessional, Ambipom says he, Weavile, and Hitmontop voted off Steelix, and it'll be the move he regrets most in this game, but he was a big threat and it'd make him LESS of a target. Before Miltank can even speak, she laughs at Lapras's costume, but Lapras explains she's Bellossom's Wattson and Bellossom's investigating who voted off Steelix. Miltank doesn't really care, and announces that they've landed in a popolar tourist destination: Hawaii. Once they head out to the beach, Miltank explains the challenges, and adds that they can also sabotage each other if they'd like, as long as they don't kill, and the winners of the challenge will also choose 1 person each to also be safe from the vote so 4 people will win immunity. Bellossom announces that she and Lapras won't be in the challenge to do detective work. Miltank allows it, only due to the possibility that Bellossom could get herself voted off that way. Vaporeon says he'll be good at the challenge and hopes to win to save Lapras from elimination as well. Bellossom and Lapras figure out that 14 people voted off Steelix because Bellossom, Lapras, Ursaring, and Vaporeon are good friends of Steelix, Steelix wouldn't vote himself off, and Espeon, Wigglytuff, Vespiquen, Glaceon, and Azelf are loyal to their alliance, meaning the people that voted off Steelix are: Flareon, Drapion, Roserade, Lopunny, Rampardos, Machoke, Ninetales, Exploud, Dodrio, Stantler, Mismagius, Ambipom, Weavile, and Hitmontop voted off Steelix. Bellossom says she won't care if they complain when they get exploded by a bomb; they deserve it for voting off Steelix, but only 5 will be getting blown up today since she only has five bombs left and she's waiting for the new shipment to arrive. The challenge begins and Flareon, Rampardos, and Ninetales immediately lose. Flareon says she thinks she'll be safe due to her alliance with Roserade and Drapion, she'll survive, but the she spaces out and Purugly talks through her, saying she and Persian still have been amintaining control over Flareon. Back to the challenge, Bellossom surfs on Lapras and throws bombs at Roserade, Mismagius, Lopunny, Machoke, and Ambipom. Mismagius says she hates how she got a bomb thrown at her; she was only thinking about her alliance, and she even felt bad voting off Steelix. Next ones out of the challenge are Azelf, Espeon, and Ursaring. Azelf says as long as Glaceon wins immunity, he'll be alright. Wigglytuff, Exploud, and Hitmontop's surfboards sink, taking them out of the challenge. Vespiquen says she loves these sports challenges because she's so good at them, and even so she isn't the biggets threat because strong pokemon like Machoke, Drapion, and Ursaring still remain. It's down to Drapion, Vaporeon, Stantler, Dodrio, Vespiquen, Weavile, and Glaceon, and Stantler, Vespiquen, and Weavile becomes the next one out. Weavile says even though she lost, she's safe because since she voted off Steelix, people will be debating if Ambipom's alliance is still hanging strong. The challenge concludes when Dodrio and Glaceons' surfboards sink and Vaporeon and Drapion win. Glaceon says she's said because she couldn't win this challenge for Azelf. Vaporeon and Drapion pick Lapras and Roserade, respectively, to be immune along with them. Mismagius decided that her alliance should sing the immunity song, but it'd be somewhat wierd with 3 guys and 2 girls, so she asked Weavile to join them for the immunity song. Ursaring says he's pissed off that his alliance backstabbed Steelix, and for revenge, Ursaring told Mismagius to let Weavile sing the immunity song with them, because not only would it make Weavile slightly more of a target, she'd most likely tell Ambipom about this and not Hitmontop. The thing is that Hitmontop thinsk that he's on par with Ambipom and Weavile, but in reality Ambipom and Weavile deem Hitmontop to be on the same level as Ursaring, so this would breka Hitmontop's trust in Weavile and Ambipom and dissolve the alliance. Ursaring concludes by saying that bitch, her prankster boyfriend, and that stupid top won't get away with voting off his "bro". For the immunity song, Weavile, Mismagius, Ninetales, Stantler, Exploud, and Dodrio (mainly Dri) sing Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride by Jump 5. Miltank is impressed and gives them immunity. Stantler says he's happy that he looked pretty good for once during the immunity song (from Episode 29 on, all the immuity songs feature the pokemon as humans). Stantler thinks Bellossom will probably be the one going tonight since she's a damgerous competitor. Drapion, Roserade, Lapras, and Vaporeon are pregiven poffins for winning immunity. Ninetales, Dodrio, Stantler, Exploud, Mismagius, and Weavile are also pregiven poffins for singing the immunity song. 12 poffins remain, and 11 of them go to Wigglytuff, Vespiquen, Glaceon, Espeon, Ambipom, Ursaring, Azelf, Rampardos, Hitmontop, Machoke, and Lopunny. The bottom 2 are Bellossom for being psychotic and throwing bombs at Roserade, Mismagius, Ambipom, Machoke, and Lopunny, and Flareon for being widely hated and possesed at times by Persian and Purugly. The final poffin goes to Bellossom, which shocks Flareon because she thought for sure Bellossom's actions would cost her the game, but instead everyone planned to use that to delude Flareon and blindside her when she least expected it, so Flareon became the 47th contestant voted off TPTM.

Episode 31: Feraligatr in the Glades

Location: Florida

Challenge: 11 pairs, 1 boy and 1 girl, will be participating in a trathelon. Part 1: The male of the duo will attempt to send another large pokemon flying, with the lowest ranking male have his pair eliminated from the challenge. Part 2: the 10 remaining females race, with the top 6 taking their males to the final roun. Part 3: the six remaining males will wrestle a Feraligatr in the Floridian Everglades. The top 3 males win invincibility for their designated female partners.

22 contestants remain. Lapras gloats how they're so close to having a room completely filled with nice people, and they only need to vote off Lopunny and Roserade to achieve it. Lopunny says that's not going to happen. Bellossom tells her to shut up because she's nothing but a dirty harlet. In the confessional, Glaceon says she's sad Flareon left because she's her sister, but they way she played the game just wasn't smart enough for her to win. Exploud is very excited that another villain-Flareon-left the game. Azelf says that he should calm down because there still remains Machoke, Lopunny, and Roserade, who Exploud is determined that those 3 won't get much farther. In the confessional, Vaporeon fears that Exploud could get voted off for being really loud. He then says although he's sad Flareon left because he's her brother, that's what she gets for forcing him to sabotage Xatu 4 episodes ago. The cast arrives in Florida and Miltank explains the challenge. Mimsagius is annoyed that Miltank will pick the pairs because she thinks Miltank will pair up Mismagius with Machoke so he can sabotage her. However, Miltank says she'll spin a wheel with the girls' pictures on it, so whichever girl the wheel lands on will pick their partner for the challenge. The wheel lands on Lapras, who picks Vaporeon, Bellossom, who picks Ursaring, Lopunny, who picks Machoke, Weavile, who picks Ambipom, Glaceon, who picks Azelf, Roserade, who picks Drapion, Mismagius, who picks Exploud, Vespiquen, who picks Hitmontop, Ninetales, who picks Dodrio, and Wigglytuff, who picks Rampardos. That leaves Espeon with Stantler. Wigglytuff says she's not as endanger as she was when the cat was let out of the bag about the Umbreon incident, but she still wants to have immunity, but with Rampardos, it seems impossible. Hitmontop says him and Vespiquen are a good pair because they're both strong and athletic. Machoke thinks Miltank probably handed him and Lopunny immunity. The challenge begins with the 1st leg of the traithelon. Hitmontop's up first and he kicks a Snorlax high into the sky. Hitmontop thinks if he wins this challenge for him and Vespiquen, he can get into her alliance, because he doesn't really trust Ambipom and Weavile for keeping secrets from him. Machoke's easily sends a Gyarados flying, saying "if that wimp Hitmontop can KO a Gyarados, of course I can. Then Steelix is brought back just for the challenge so Vaporeon can prove that he really can KO a Steelix. Vaporeon doesn't bluff and does so easily, saying miltank had no faith in him; of course he wasn't lying about being able to beat up Steelix; just because I'm a Vaporepm I can't be tough? Ursaring's turn, and he manage to send Slaking (from TPI and TPA) flying, to which Ursaring says he's just trying to keep him and Bellossom in the game-for Steelix. Exploud then tries to Headbutt an Aggron, but fails miserably. exploud says that wasn't his proudest moment, and hopes Mismagius isn't too mad at him. Mismagius says she's Exploud's friend and knows Exploud isn't as tough as Machoke or Ursaring, but she expected better from Exploud. Dodrio's up against Salamence, and although Dri was raring to go, Do and O felt it would save them time and injury if they just give up this round. In the confessional, Dri apologizes to Absol because Do and O are complete wusses and Dri was ready to KO that Salamence for her, but Do says Dri's only kissing up to her for flirting with Vespiquen before. Once again O takes no part in the argument and just says "pie". Azelf is up and tries to send Bastiodon flying with Psychic, but Bastiodon's too heavy and it just ends up landing on Azelf, probably shattering a few bones, and worrying Glaceon. Rampardos has to send a Blissey flying (one with a deeper voice than the Blissey that was voted off) and since Rampardos has a fear of Chansey, he has an even bigger fear of Blissey, so he runs away. Ambipom successfully sends a Tyranitar flying. Ambipom is glad because he impressed Weavile. But Drapion impressed roserade even more when he sent a PALKIA flying. Lastly, Stantler has to send Camerupt, from nickinor2's TPA, flying, but refuses because she's too fat. miltank explains that due to the results, Espeon and Stantler lost the challenge already. Weavile thought Ambipom could do better, but he did great nonetheless. Espeon says she really wished Stantler could've at least done better than Rampardos or Dodrio, but she's ok with it, due to Espeon not being as vindictive as earlier this season. For the second part of the trathelon, the top 6 girls, bringing their guys to the final part of the triathelon, are Weavile, Roserade, Vespiquen, Glaceon, Mismagius, and Lopunny. Lapras is sad that she couldn't have done better for Vaporeon. Glaceon is worried that Azelf's going to get even more injured when he fights the Feraligatr. Up 1st is ambipom, and ambipom and Feraligatr end up in a tie in their battle. Weavile hopes that at least puts her and Ambipom in 3rd. Hitmontop beats Feraligatr fairly easily, but Azelf gets brutally mauled by Feraligatr, and as Azelf describes, he only has enough energy to float, since every other part of his body is bruised. Machoke KO's Feraligatr in record time, which makes Lopunny happy she's with such a strong man, and points out that that's what makes Machoke a hero and Rampardos a zero. Drapion also defeats Feraligatr with no sweat, which makes Roserade sweat, saying Drapion is so strong with his muscles, and that's what makes him hot. Exploud is the last to go, but sadly Exploud ends up losing his fight against Feraligatr. Mismagius isn't upset that Exploud lost; she's upset that now her alliance is vulnerable. Miltank announces that with Machoke in 1st, Drapion in 2nd, and Hitmontop in 3rd, Machoke, Lopunny, Drapion, Roserade, Hitmontop, and Vespiquen win invincibility. Ninetales says that for the immunity song, she's going to have Miltank bring Togekiss back (just for the song) because the reason Stantler gave up so early in the challenge was because he was bummed that Stantler and Togekiss NEVER KISSED. So this would help Stantler two ways-save him from elimination, and give him a chance to kiss Togekiss. For the immunity song, Mismagius, Roserade, Ursaring, Ninetales, Exploud, Wigglytuff, Drapion, Vaporeon, Vespiquen, Hitmontop, and Stantler sing Kiss The Girl by Ashley Tisdale, ft. a short-lived return of Togekiss. Miltank grnats them all immunity. Before Togekiss leaves, she and Stantler finally have their kiss,and even "stumbled into some bushes"(meaning another kid's on the way!) and Stantler announces that he is once again 100% back in the competition, and now he doesn't feel like a know-it-all loner anymore-he feels like one of the good guys. And on a side note, Vaporeon grew his hair as human form longer so he won't be mistaken as Probopass as a human. In the poffin ceremony, Hitmontop, Drapion, Machoke, Lopunny, Vespiquen, and Roserade are pregiven poffins for winning immunity. And Stantler, Mismagius, Ursaring, Ninetales, Exploud, Wigglytuff, and Vaporeon are also pregiven poffins for singing the immunity song. 8 poffins remain, and 7 of them go to Lapras, Bellossom, Espeon, Glaceon, Rampardos, Dodrio, and Weavile. The bottom 2 are Ambipom and Azelf-Ambipom because Ursaring hates him for voting off Steelix and Hitmontop hates him for keeping secrets from him, and Azelf for being heavily injured this episode, putting him in bad shape for future challenges. The final poffin goes to Ambipom, and Azelf becomes the 48th contestant voted off TPTM.

Episode 32: Terrifying Twister Tales

Location: Oklahoma

Challenge: A crazy Pidgeot will create tornadoes that the contestants have to dodge in order to win the challenge.

21 contestants remain. The episode begins with Glaceon crying over Azelf's second elimination. Espeon says she's sorry for Glaceon but at least Azelf will have time to heal, and all the "assholes" were immune. She thens says she's glad she wasn't the reason Azelf went this time. In the confessional, Weavile says she's sad Azelf left, but on another note, Weavile and Ambipom don't have an alliance anymore because Hitmontop and Ursaring made up and now Hitmontop and Ursaring are all cool with Glaceon, Espeon, Vaporeon, Wigglytuff, Vespiquen, Bellossom and Lapras, meaning if Weavile doesn't get more allies and fast, she'll be next, but then there's the likes of Roserade, Lopunny, and Machoke. Exploud says he wished he could've voted off Machoke over Azelf, but Machoke says no one likes Exploud. Vaporeon corrects him, saying Exploud is more liked than Machoke. In the confessional, Ambipom says since Ursaring and Hitmontop left ambipom and Weavile's alliance, this is looking pretty bad for him. So he's going to psotpone future pranks until him and Weavile are once again secure in this game. Miltank announces that with Azelf's elimination, there are no more lake spirits, and that they've landed in the tornado heavy state of Oklahoma, and as such the challenge will involve tornadoes. Rampardos thought that tornadoes were heavy in Nevada or something and that Oklahoma was known for its amazingness, like Rampardos himself, but Stantler quickly corrects him, since Rampardos' knowledge of the world is very below satisfactory. Miltank says she talked to Rachel (Nickinor2's Raichu's sister) and she got to hire the then recently voted off contestant from Nickinor2's TPA, Pidgeot, for the challenge, which worries the contestants. Bellossom says that although the Pidgeot's no match for her, she's calling in backup: Gardevoir's older brother, Gallade. The challenge begins, and Vespiquen, Wigglytuff, Lapras, Bellossom, Vaporeon, Espeon, and Glaceon think that Wigglytuff and Vespiquen will probably be the first 2 out of the challenge because Wigglytuff's a balloon and Vespiquen's a flying type. The prediction is only half correct, as Vespiquen, Vaporeon, Bellossom, Lapras, Glaceon, and Espeon escape, but Wigglytuff gets attacked by the tornado. Wigglytuff shrugs it, saying her alliance has her back from getting voted off. While Roserade and Drapion are doing the challenge, they encounter the most infamous players on this TP series: Persian and Purugly, with their daughter Glameowth. Also known to Roserade, Persian and Purugly say that they've been controlling Flareon post-Umbreon's elimination, but since Flareon left too, they need Drapion and Roserade's help to get them in the game (well, back in the game for Persian), and say that if any of the 4 win, the winner will split their winnings with the other 3. Drapion declines, but Roserade accepts, saying Drapion won't win anyway, but sugarcoats it for Drapion by explaining that's because sooner or later Drapion will be blindsided for being a huge threat. Pidgeot interrupts and attacks Roserade, Drapion, Persian, Purugly, and Glameowth with a tornado. In the confessional, Purugly vows to return to the show and redeem herself. Back to the challenge, Mismagius, Ninetales, Dodrio, Stantler, and Exploud are together, when Pidgeot attack Ninetales with a tornado, but Mismagius helps Dodrio, Stantler, and Exploud escape. Ninetales complains that being in a tornado was not good for her hair. Machoke tells Lopunny that since the two of them need more protection that Rampardos (obviously), he brought some of his friends from his local gym in hopes of joining season 3: Primeape, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Sudowoodo, and Blaziken. Sudowoodo is eager to help Lopunny, who he has a crush on (not another one). Hitmonchan says this'll be good practice for his punching. Primeape is ready, but also really insane. Hitmonlee says he's ready to KICK some ass. The leader of the group of five, Blaziken says Machoke won't regret bringing him and his pals along. Lopunny thanks Machoke for doing this, saying they're all hot, but not as hot as Machoke. This worries Rampardos because now there's even more people standing between him and Lopunny. Pigdeot appears, and everyone is able to escape-except Machoke. Sudowoodo says he hopes to get on the show with Lopunny, who he really likes. Stantler, Mismagius, Dodrio, and Exploud are the next ones to fall victim to Pidgeot. Stantler says this is one of the stupidest challenges ever-even for MILTANK. Vespiquen gets sucked up by a tornado next, so Vaporeon, Lapras, Glaceon, Bellossom, and Espeon escape. Vespiquen says she won't be going home this episode because she has a cool idea for the immunity song, and since Miltank brought back Togekiss for the immunity song for stantler, she's going to have Gliscor momentarily come back, too, because she misses him. Rampardos once again attempts to hit on Lopunny, but now Primeape, Sudowoodo, Hitmonchan, and Hitmonlee are her bodyguards, and Blaziken threatens to kick his ass if he gets one step closer to Lopunny. Lopunny tells Blaziken to calm down because Rampardos is a moron, and therfore he WON'T listen to reason. Pidgeot then attacks Rampardos and Blaziken with a tornado, so Lopunny, Primeape, Sudowoodo, Hitmonlee, and Hitmonchan escape. Rampardos says he's not scared of that stupid chicken (Blaziken), but he's obviously bluffing. Pidgeot's tornado then attackes Ambipom, Weavile, Hitmontop, and Ursaring. Ursaring says that was the plan: to cost Weavile and Ambipom immunity, because he and Hitmontop want either Weavile or Ambipom out this episode. Gallade finally shows up and introduces himself to Bellossom's alliance. Pidgeot comes, so Gallade and Bellossom escape, causing Lapras, Vaporeon, Espeon, and Glaceon to be attacked by the tornado. Gallade says the reason he's on the show is because he's friends with Bellossom and since Gardevoir got out earky in TPA, he's trying to carry on Gardevoir's legacy on the show in season 3. Bellossom and Gallade encounter Lopunny, Sudowoodo, Primeape, Hitmonchan, and Hitmonlee, and since the last tornado only hits Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Primeape, and Sudowoodo, the challenge ends in a draw, so Lopunny and Bellossom win immunity. Also, Lopunny and Bellossom are allowed to give a friend immunity, so they pick Machoke and Lapras respectively. Lopunny's glad she and Machoke aren't going anywhere. For the immunity song, Vespiquen, Glaceon, Lapras, Hitmontop, Ursaring, Vaporeon, Stantler, Espeon, Bellossom, and Mismagius sing Everytime We Touch by Cascada, feature the temporary return of Vespiquen's boyfriend, Gliscor. After Miltank grants them all immunity, Vespiquen and Gliscor are glad to have some more alone time for the first time since so long, and Gliscor reminds Vespiquen tos tay strong and with this for the two of them. With those words of encouragment, Vespiquen is even more determined that this season will be her season. At the poffin ceremony, Bellossom, Lapras, Machoke, and Lopunny are pregiven poffins for challenge immunity and Vespiquen, Glaceon, Hitmontop, Ursaring, Vaporeon, Stantler, Espeon, and Mismagius are pregiven poffins for the immunity song. 8 poffins remain, and 7 of them go to Rampardos, Dodrio, Exploud, Ninetales, Wigglytuff, Drapion, and Roserade. The bottom two are Ambipom and Weavile for being allianceless and Ursaring and Hitmontop lost trust in them. The final poffin goes to Ambipom, which doesn't shock Weavile because she told everyone to vote her off and save Ambipom. Weavile leaves after telling Ambipom to stay strong and win, and becomes the 49th contestant voted off TPTM. On eproblem remains: Miltank has to get rid of the 8 stowaways: Gallade, Persian, Purugly, Sudowoodo, Primeape, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Blaziken.

Episode 33: Muscle Don't Make The Man

Location: Peru

Challenge: Girls get the day off; boys compete in a swimsuit contest

20 contestants remain. Finally being reunited with her archnemesis, Pururlgy uses the opportunity to insult Mismagius as she has in the past. Mismagius doesn't worry about it too much because once the blimp lands again, Purugly and the other stowaways will be going away, but knows about Purugly's deal with Roserade so she fears Purugly will be joining the show, and the one thing Mismagius liked about this show was being away from Purugly. Mismagius says Honchkrow was Purugly in a bird's body, and with Honchkrow out for 5 episodes now, she was finally at peace. But now Purugly's back to make her life miserable once more. In the boys' cabin, Machoke comments on how an entire half of the cabin is for him and his five partners in crime: Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Blaziken, Sudowoodo, and Primeape, although Sudowoodo fears this means no one will like him. Exploud says he can bet on that happening because they cheated to get on, and then Drapion tells him to calm down-they probably won't last long. Primeape and Blaziken doubt that factor saying one of them 6 will win. Rampardos says they aren't even contestants-they're merely stowaways. But Hitmonchan says Machoke has a plan to change that, and Blaziken adds thay he'll take everyone down-starting with the stupid rock (Rampardos). Rampardos tries to hide the fact that Blaziken scares him, but to no avail. In the confessional, Primeape praises Machoke for getting him on season 3, saying he's the game's biggest threat-muscle and brains. Miltank tells the final 20 that now that they've landed in Peru, they can get rid of the stowaways, but Lopunny says that won't be happening. The contestants step outside, and Miltank explains that she couldn't think of a challenge for both sexes to do in Peru, so the girls get the day off. As for the boys, they will be modeling speedos and whoevers gets the most votes (is the best model) wins immunity. Machoke once again claims Miltank gave him immunity, since he knows he's going to win. Everyone turns into human form, and Rampardos says he hates wearing a speedo, which makes Miltank happy because he hates it. Tauros is wondering why HE is wearing a speedo, to which Miltank says he looks good in one, and the flirting between the two hosts in human form disturbs the contestants, especially Vespiquen and Ninetales, but Miltank doesn't care. Ursaring's fed up with Machoke's bragging, claiming he, along with most others guys (except the usual suspects like Rampardos, Stantler, and Exploud) can give him a run for his money. Gallade wonders how the stowaways are affected by the dust that turns pokemon to humans if they're not contestants. Purugly calls Gallade an idiot, saying the dust affects all pokemon in a certain range. The Machoke 5 say that all 8 of them are going to be on season 3; there's no reason why some of them would and some wouldn't. Gallade agrees, saying Machoke has a plan. But Purugly says if they keep up the attitude, only she and Persian are getting on. Hitmonchan says Purugly made a deal and she's going to keep it, but Purugly says he can't hit a girl. Hitmonchan admits that's true, so he'll settle for Persian. Persian gets scare so he begs Pururgly to keep her promise. Sudowoodo then repeats that they will beat Purugly and Persian. Purugly doesn't see them as threats. In the confessional, Gallade says that being in human form is interesting, and says it'll be fun to tour the globe and win $1,000,000, even if Miltank does torture him along the way. Miltank and Tauros appear saying the stowaways have no chance of getting on the show. But Purugly reminds her of her boss, Mr. Zam (an Alakazam), and Mr. Zam appears. Mr. Zam states that he talked with Drifblim in season 2 and she pointed out something in the contracty of the show: all parties are able to participate in any and all seasons unless they decline. Also, if Miltank doesn't agree to the rules, Mr. Zam will have all 48 eliminated contestants return and she'll have to do the season all over again. Miltank hates that Drifblim pointed this out, but there's nothing she can do, so Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Primeape, Sudowoodo, Blaziken, Gallade, and Purugly join the cast, and Persian returns despite being voted off in Antratica. Mr. Zam, however, teleports Glameowth to the Kangaskhan day care and says Miltank will be back on schedule if she does 2 triple eliminations and 1 double elimination. Miltank knows that will boost ratings, so she accepts. Hitmonchan says he's glad to be on season 3, but just because he's tight with Machoke doesn't mean he'll sacrifice himself for him; he wants to win. Miltank announces to the final 20 that there are now 28 contestants remaining because of some contract issues allowing Purugly, Gallade, Primeape, Blaziken, Hitmonlee, Sudowoodo, and Hitmonchan to join and Persian to return. The contestants prove just as annoyed by this as Miltank. Roserade says she was hoping Purugly and Persian didn't come back on because she made a deal with them. But still, Roserade doesn't have to keep her word, and she probably won't. Purugly talks to Mismagius about when she wants to leave, claiming she can make it happen whenever she wants, but Mismagius says Purugly has no chance of winning, especially since everyone, even Lopunny and Roserade, hate her. In the confessional, Ninetales says ANYONE coming back, especially Hippowdon (who she misses), would be better than seeing Purugly and Persian again. She's especially worried for Mismagius, who will focus all her attention on Purugly and become depressed and stuff. After that, Sudowoodo says although he's not the strongest player, it'll be fun competing, especially since Lopunny called him cute. The challenge begins, and Persian, Gallade, Hitmonchan, Primeape, Blaziken, Hitmonlee, and Sudowoodo don't need to participate because they just got here. Persian says his odds of winning are a lot better than earlier this season. Not only is Purugly his partner in crime once again, the main targets are going to be Lopunny, Machoke, and the Machoke 5. Plus, that alliance of 7 are better at challenges than Purugly and Persian, adding to the reasons why they'll get voted off over Purugly and Persian. The challenge begun, but Miltank cancels it saying the challenge today does not matter. Drapion says he's nervous because he doens't know what Miltank's planning. Miltank gathers the 28 contestants, saying today 3 people are leaving, 3 more are leaving in Episode 34, and 2 more will leave in Episode 35, bringing the numbers back down to 20. Plus, MILTANK will decide which 3 are going home; 1 elimination which is non-negotiable and the other 2 will be her picks unless others want to sacrifice themselves. For the 1st pick to go, and the non-negotiable pick, Machoke will be the 50th contestant voted off for bringing 5 of his friends onto the show. Machoke and Lopunny try to change her mind but fail. Miltank then says her next 2 pics to go, unless they sing for immunity or someone takes their place, are Mismagius and Exploud because Miltank finds them very annoying. Exploud calls Miltank a (explicit) in the confessional. After that, Stantler says he's grown to be close friends with Exploud and isn't going to let him get eliminated that easily. So for the immunity song, Exploud, Stantler, Ursaring, and Drapion sing A Different Side Of Me by Allstar Weekend. Since miltank wasn't going to eliminate Ursaring, Stantler, nor Drapion anyway, Exploud was given immunity. after that, everyone turned back to their pokemon forms. Ursaring said that song was really fun. At the poffin ceremony, Miltank says since Exploud is immune, the 2 leaving are Mismagius for being hated by Miltank and Dodrio for bickering all the time. Miltank then asks if anyone wants to take their spots in being eliminated? Espeon says she'll take Mismagius's spot, because she was really mean to everyone all season and doesn't deserve to win. Miltank allows it, and Espeon becomes the 51st contestant voted off. Hitmontop then volunteers to take Dodrio's place bcause he feels bad for backstabbing Steelix when he trusted his alliance, so getting eliminated won't be so bad. Miltank allows it, making Hitmontop the 52nd contestant voted off. Machoke, Espeon, and Hitmontop leave the game, and afterwards Lopunny swears to get revnge on Miltank for getting Machoke eliminated.

Episode 34: Romantic Confusion

Location: Martinique

Challenge: 10 boys and 10 girls will be on a "date" with people they either don't know or have some sort of conflict with; the 5 extra guys that don't participate in the challenge are safe, along with the winners of the challenge.

25 contestants remain. Lapras, Mismagius, and the other girls feel going seeing as there are seven good girls (Mismagius Vespiquen Ninetales Wigglytuff Glaceon Bellossom and Lapras) and only 3 bitches (Purugly Lopunny and Roserade). That means that Purugly, Lopunny, and Roserade will be sleeping on the floor, and Mismagius says if there are any problems, Bellossom will chuck one of the villainesses off the blimp. In the confessional, Purugly says it's really sad how Mismagius has to use Bellossom to threaten her, calls mismagius, Luxray, and Misdrinx ugly, and even if those 7 outnumber her, they all have achilles heels. Bellossom is a distrcutive psychopath, Lapras can be snobby and obnoxious, Ninetales is a beauty queen so she's going to say something stupid that'll piss everyone off, Wigglytuff will annoy the heck out of everybody, Vespiquen will get voted off for the same reasons as TPI and TPA (Vespiquen's really competitive), Mismagius is "egly", and Glaceon's a follower so eventually people will look at that as a reason to vote her off. She finishes off by saying that in the end, Purugly will win, and no one can stop her. Sudowoodo knows his alliance is on the outs since Machoke is gone and his friends got in very late in the game, so he asks the other boys if he could be their friend. Rampardos says he'll think about it-he doesn't like his chicken friend (Blaziken). Blaziken once again threatens to kick Rampardos's ass, which intimidates him. Primeape calls Rampardos pathetic for being a coward. In the confessional, Hitmonchan says he's not a horrible person-he's the second nicest guy of the machoke 5, right above Sudowoodo. Hitmonchan also says although Machoke told him his main priority in the game was to protect Lopunny, Machoke's gone, so he can't check up on him and he can look out for himself. Lastly, Hitmonchan says he's not sure if he can win, but It'd would be cool. miltank greets the final 25, but more sourly greets the 8 that got on the show unfairly. Purugly says Miltank's just mad she found Miltank's achilles. Miltank laughs, saying EVERYONE knows that's her weakness. That's how a lot more contestants got on the show than she planned, including Lopunny, Rampardos, and Cherrim, but thankfully the latter is voted off. Miltank announces that they've arrived in the territory of Martinique but this challenge requires an even numbers of guys and girls, and since there are 10 girls and 15 guys, 5 guys received love knots in their breakfast this morning so they are safe from elimination without even doing the challenge. They get onto the beach of the island territory and it's revealed that the following contestants, Rampardos, Stantler, Drapion, and Dodrio, and the following loser (Miltank refers to the 8 former stowaways as losers out of spite), Gallade, got the love knots, so those 5 are sitting out of the challenge and are safe from elimination. Miltank explains the challenge saying even if there are some couples left in the game, you will not be partnered with him/her, only with someone you have some sort of conflict with or don't know. In the confessional, Gallade says he's bummed out not to be in the challenge but at least he won't get voted off this episode. For the challenge, the couples are Ninetales and Persian, Primeape and Vespiquen, Wigglytuff and Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee and Glaceon, Ambipom and Purugly, Lopunny and Ursaring, Exploud and Mismagius, Roserade and Sudowoodo, Bellossom and Vaporeon, and Lapras and Blaziken. Also, everyone will be in human form for the challenge. In the confessional, Ursaring says he doesn't care who miltank pairs him up with. Lopunny is attractive, but the only one for him is Girafarig-the one he's playing for in this game. Also, Wigglytuff says she's kind of nervous because she doesn't deal with people she doesn't know too well right away. The challenge begins, and Ninetales tells Persian that if they want immunity, they must engage in small talk. Persian says he doesn't care about immunity-he'll be safe no matter what. Ninetales says he will never be safe without immunity because everyone hates him, but Persian says she's just saying stuff because she misses her big mouth boyfriend (Hippowdon). Vespiquen tries to talk to Primeape, but Primeape immediately asks her if she's doing anything after this challenge. Vespiquen calls him a pervert-she has a boyfriend and would never go out with a psychotic muscle-head. Primeape shrugs it, calling Vespiquen a slut. Ursaring asks Lopunny if they can have a truce for the challenge just so they can be safe and get closer to the end like they want. Lopunny could care less and calls him a stupid muscle-head and says she could give two craps about him. In the confessional, Persian says if he was competing for individual immunity, he'd go after it with all his might. But he won't stoop low enough to work with Ninetales to win immunity-it's not worth it. Wigglytuff and hitmonchan don't fight with her, but Wigglytuff's nervousness just makes her say all the wrong things in all the wrong places. then Wigglytuff and hitmonchan find themselves in an argument over which place is a better hangout-the mall or the gym. Bellossom and Vaporeon do well in the challenge, mostly because they were already good friends before. Sudowoodo attempts to communicate with Roserade, but roserade says she's tanning and that the three going home in the triple elimination tonight will most likely be one of the newcomers that joined last episode. Bellossom says she feels sorry for Sudowoodo-he's not a muscle head like Hitmonchan or hitmonlee nor a bully like Primeape or Blaziken and he's actually kind of nice, but roserade just acted like a complete bitch toward him. Then Bellossom digresses to talk about one time when she accidentally killed someone, saying 'it's hard being me, but tons of fun". Exploud is eager to have a conversation with Mismagius, and so is Mismagius (sort of) but she tells him to bring it down, and so he does. Hitmonlee calls Glaceon hot and asks if she's doing something after the challenge, just like Primeape did. Glaceon reminds him that she's taken and that he's the complete opposite of a boy she'd date. Hitmonlee ignores that comments and flexes his body in front of her. Before Blaziken even gets a chance to hit on Lapras, Lapras calls him ugly and says she'd never EVER date him. Ambipom begs Purugly to do the challenge with him, but Purugly says she's not going to stoop low enough to give his "freaky monkey" ass immunity, and if Ambipom tries anything, he's a dead monkey walking. Ambipom says he has a girlfriend, but Purugly still calls him a pervert, to which ambipom replies by saying he would never touch any part of her ugly body. Blaziken says Lapras doesn't know what she's missing because he's the best man there is, and then goes on and on about the numerous girlfriends he had and how they bore him after their first date, saying he's young and still has time to party. Miltank gathers up Hitmonchan, Ursaring, Mismagius, Hitmonlee, Lapras, Sudowoodo, Bellossom, Ambipom, Ninetales, and Vespiquen to ask them questions about their challenge partner to help decide who gets immunity. Miltank asks hitmonchan who Wigglytuff's favorite singer is, he guesses Lady Gaga, but it's Toy Box. Next question is for Ursaring; what is Lopunny's favorite brand of nail polish? Ursaring has no idea. Mismagius is asked in what grade did Exploud win the spelling bee and why? Mismagius says it was in the second grade and because he shouted the words too loud into the microphone, which is correct. Hitmonlee is asked what is Glaceon's least favorite food, and hitmonlee says it's junk food, but it's actually dry poffins. Lapras decides to pass since she didn't get to know Blaziken at all. Sudowoodo is asked what is the name of Roserade's best friend, and Sudowoodo says she didn't say. miltank gets frustrated, but then asks Bellossom how much can Vaporeon bench, and Bellossom says 450, which is correct. Ambipom passes on his question because Purugly provided no info, and ninetales and Vespiquen say the same. Miltank realizes that only Bellossom and Mismagius talked to their partners in this challenge. Miltank asks Mismagius what trait of Drifblim does Exploud like the most, and Mismagius says it's her accent, which is correct. Bellossom is asked why does Vaporeon hate Golem, and it's because he almost got crushed by one, which is correct. Hitmonlee says that that bitch (Glaceon) just complained the entire time, but at least he's not getting voted off, so he thinks. The other halves of the couples will be questioned by Miltank now. But Miltank asks each of them if they learned anything about their partner for the challenge; Wigglytuff, Lopunny, Glaceon, Blaziken, Roserade, Purugly, Persian, and Hitmonchan say no, so Miltank eliminates them from the challenge, and gives Bellossom, Vaporeon, Exploud, and Mismagius immunity for actually talking with one another. Roserade doesn't care what others think of her-Sudowoodo is a total nerd and she wonders how he ever became friends with Machoke. Vespiquen says that for the immunity song, she's bringing back past competitors just for the song and to piss Miltank off. For the immunity song, Ursaring, Vaporeon, Lapras, Glaceon, Sudowoodo, Gallade, Bellossom, Wigglytuff, and Vespiquen sing Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid. This song included the temporary return of Mothim, Marowak, Phione, Weavile, Castform, Unown, Staraptor, Clefable, Drifblim, Azumarill, and Carnivine. Miltank says they get immunity despite having to see so many annoying faces that she was glad to see go again. Before they had to go, Marowak and Phione decided to sneak into the confessional and say hi to their fans and announce that their relationship is going along great and Honchkrow apologized to them for splitting them up early in the game in Egypt. Exploud then says seeing Drifblim again was just the boost he needed to keep going in this game, and he's already gotten so far. Gallade, Dodrio, Rampardos, Drapion, and Stantler are pregiven poffins for getting love knots, Bellossom, Vaporeon, Mismagius, and Exploud are pregiven poffins for winning immunity, and Lapras, Glaceon, Sudowoodo, Wigglytuff, Ursaring, and Vespiquen are pregiven poffins for sing the immunity song. 7 poffins remain, and 6 go to Ninetales, Ambipom, Roserade, Primeape, Purugly, and Lopunny. The bottom 4 are Persian for being despicable, and Hitmonlee, Blaziken, and Hitmonchan for unfairly getting on the show, being Machoke's friends, and for the most part being perverted. The final poffin goes to Persian, and Hitmonlee, Blaziken, and hitmonchan become the 53rd, 54th, and 55th contestants voted off TPTM, respectivvely, making Sudowoodo and Primeape the last members of the Machoke 5 still in the competition.

Episode 35: Krabby and Kingler Fight Back

Location: Maine

Challenge: Fish for the largest possible Krabby or Kingler

22 contestants remain. The episode begins with Lapras saying she's happy Blaziken, Hitmonlee, and Hitmonchan left last episode; they were perverts. Glaceon agrees, saying Hitmonlee wouldn't stop flirting with her even after she told him she's with Azelf. Lapras also says that Blaziken was also constantly hitting on her, but she's loyal only to Vaporeon. Wigglytuff says Hitmonchan was actually sort of nice but her nervousness ruined everything that challenge, but she agrees that Hitmonlee and Blaziken definitely deserve to leave. Lapras tells her to be happy since they left and not her, and Wigglytuff tends to like seeing it that way. In the confessional, Ninetales is glad to have made it this far in the competition and believes she can take it home and won't let something as foolish as a Pink Rhyhorn cost her chances of winning this time. There's just one problem in her alliance: Mismagius. Her will to win really dropped once Purugly returned, and Ninetales is really concerned because Mismagius is considered the de facto leader of their alliance and it could hurt everyone's chances of winning in the alliance. Rampardos says he's glad the stupid chicken (Blaziken) got the axe last episode, and reminds everyone that the reason Rampardos is still in the game is because he is amazing. Ignoring the statement, Ursaring asks Drapion how did he and Roserade get together if he knows she's a bitch? Drapion says he knows a deeper side of Roserade than anyone else does, and that's how he knows she loves him. O says he misses Absol...and pie. Do tells O that they'll see her after the competition, which cheers O up. In the confessional, Rampardos says that he was scared of Blaziken (really? We so did not know that until now) and that Blaziken wanted to cook him up into KFR: Kentucky Fried Rampardos. But he shrugs it, saying he's amazing, only chickens (like Blaziken) get cooked, and then finishes off by saying if Blaziken sees this, he's kidding. The contestants land in Maine, and Miltank explains the challenge. Mismagius says that Lopunny does need to do the challenge because she already has CRABS (another term for STDs). Lopunny tells Mismagius that isn't funny, but Miltank tells Lopunny that it is. Purugly says she thought Miltank had stupid challenges before, but crabbing? It craks the #1 stupidest challenge Miltank ever did, even beating the one in Mexico, despite Purugly not being in the game then. She also says she hates fish, shocking because she's a cat, but she's also the daughter of a rich pokemon. Lapras tells Vaporeon, Bellossom, Vespiquen, Glaceon, and Wigglytuff her plan. Since she and Vaporeon are water types, they'll talk to the resident water types in Maine and ask where the biggest Kingler is. Bellossom and the other alliance members find it a great idea, although Bellossom's sad she doesn't get to throw a bomb. But Lapras adds if they don't come, THEN Bellossom may use a bomb. Vespiquen also offers to scout from the sky. In the confessional, Vespiquen thinks her alliance is the best one in this series' history, because everyone has a major part. Ninetales asks for ideas, and Exploud has one, so Ninetales tells him he can tell her his idea if he doesn't scream. Exploud agrees, and says he can use his Supersonic attack as radar for finding crabs. Stantler can also help using his psychic horns. Mismagius is asked for suggestions, but has nothing. Ninetales tells her not to let Purugly get to her head. Mismagius claims Ninetales didn't have to deal with her as long as Ninetales has, but Ninetales corrects her because she outlasted Mismagius in TPI, but Ninetales wasn't on TPA, unlike Mismagius AND Purugly, so it's debatable. Nonetheless, Mismagius wants Purugly gone ASAP. In the confessional, Mismagius appreciates Ninetales' attempts at motivating her, but with the history Purugly and Mismagius had together, it'll take more than that. Lopunny tells Sudowoodo and Primeape their gameplan: The two boys will find the biggest crab possible, bring it to Miltank, and LOPUNNY gets immunity. Sudowoodo asks will they get immunity too, to which Lopunny says no because if all 3 of them bring in a crab, Miltank will choose Primeape and Sudowoodo, not Lopunny, to get immunity, and Machoke told them their main priority was to protect Lopunny. Sudowoodo doesn't seemed to be pleased with the position he's in in this game. Purugly tells Roserade and Drapion to find them a big crab and Drapion beats it up so Purugly gets immunity, though Drapion isn't bought, because HE didn't pledge his money to Purugly. Roserade tells Drapion that for now they need to be alligned with Persian and Purugly, but they'll dump them later. Drapion then agrees to the plan. In the confessional, Persian says it's good to have people do the dirty work for them, and they will dump Roserade and Drapion eventually and they know the other side of the alliance plans to do the same. He finsihes up by saying when Purugly and him are together, they're an unstoppable force. Rampardos breaks away from Lopunny and forms an alliance with Gallade, Ambipom, and Ursaring, and finds five Krabby. Gallade says they're too small for them to win immunity off them. Rampardos thinks if they put the Krabby together, it'll be big enough, but Gallade doubts that'll work. Ambipom warns Rampardos that the Krabby heard him and they're getting mad. In the confessional, Gallade says he knows Rampardos is a nice person despite him being cocky at times, but he doesn't perform well in challenges. Exploud and Stantler find two Krabby, which upsets Mismagius because they need a big Kingler to win immunity. O says he wants Krabby Pie, but do says not now. Stantler thinks he detected another crab. In the confessional, Do says Mismagius is cool and all, but she's full of negative energy that's bringing the alliance down. Dri then says Mismagius is kind of hot, but then remembers she's with Luxray so he says he's kidding. O says Dri's not and to beat him up, but Dri tells O that that means Luxray will beat them ALL up. Vespiquen, Lapras, Vaporeon, Wigglytuff, Glaceon, and Bellossom encounter one of the new Gen V pokemon: Mijimaru. Bellossom thinks he's cute and wants to adopt him. Lapras says she already has 5 kids (Trapdish Growdish Nidodish Girabell and Steelix), but Bellossom says she doesn't have a Water type. Lapras says she didn't want to provoke Bellossom because she hadn't been this happy since Steelix was voted off. Then Mijimaru says he hopes everyone's excited for Pokemon Black and White, and thinks Bellossom seems nice. Bellossom, Mijimaru, Lapras, Vaporeon, Glaceon, Vespiquen, and Wigglytuff encounter a huge Kingler. Kingler uses Bubble to send Vespiquen, Lapras, Vaporeon, Wigglytuff, and Glaceon flying away in that order. But Bellossom manages to defeat it EASY BUTTON (that was easy). Mijimaru is worried that she can hurt someone with that, and Bellossom says Mijimaru's so cute and it's cool that he concerns for peoples' safety. Primeape and Sudowoodo find a Kingler, but fail at defeating it, dissapoiting Lopunny. Primeape says Lopunny is hot but calls her a bitch and that he's only helping her for Machoke. Drapion then encounters a Kingler and manages to defeat it easily. He tries to compare his battle to something, but draws a blank, but then he's able to compare it to the Hulk's battles, but then he says he only sees the Hulk in movies because dorks read comic books and anyone who thinks is a dork will get their ass kicked by him. The challenge is over, and Bellossom and Purugly are immune. After that's announced, Persian confronts Lopunny, and after an exchange of insults, Persian calls Lopunny the one word you don't want to call her if you wish to stay in the game: a slut. Lopunny can't wait to tell Miltank, but first she has to save herself. Lopunny, Sudowoodo, and Primeape confront the contestants minus Gallade, Rampardos, Purugly, Persian, Dodrio, Exploud, and Stantler than Persian called her a slut so he'll be going home, but she wants to get rid of Purugly too (although Purugly has immunity). So she asks them if they want to be in the immunity song with her alliance, and Lapras declines because she hates Lopunny. Vaporeon and Ursaring agree with Lapras and don't participate in the song, but Bellossom does, only for the singing and dancing. For the immunity song, Lopunny, Primeape, Sudowoodo, Roserade, Drapion, Ninetales, Vespiquen, Ambipom, Wigglytuff, Msimagius, Glaceon, and Bellossom sing Maneater by Nelly Furtado. Miltank likes it so they all get immunity. Lapras thinks she's safe even if she didn't sing the immunity song. At the Poffin Ceremony, Bellossom is pregiven a poffin for being immune, and Primeape, Sudowoodo, Roserade, Drapion, Ninetales, Vespiquen, Ambipom, Wigglytuff, Glaceon, Mismagius, and Lopunny are pregiven poffins for singing the immunity song. 8 poffins remain, and 7 go to Vaporeon, Ursaring, Exploud, Gallade, Stantler, Dodrio, and Rampardos. The bottom 3 are Persian, Purugly, and Lapras-Persian for calling Lopunny a slut, Purugly for possibly being targeted by a blindside, and Lapras for, I guess being an enemy of Lopunny. The final poffin goes to Purugly, which shocks the contestants, but then Miltank reminds them they had immunity. Persian wonders why he's eliminated, and Lopunny explains that Miltank made a rule that anyone that calls her a slut is eliminated. Persian says that is total crap. Lapras wonders why she's eliminated, and Lopunny says because nobody hates her and she could win and she doesn't want that to happen. Ursaring tells Lopunny she's going to get it, and says goodbye to his mom, and Vaporeon and Bellossom say goodbye to their girlfriend and friend respectively. Lopunny finishes off by saying her plan turned out perfectly. So Persian and Lapras become the 56th and 57th contestants voted off TPTM. After the elimination, Bellossom, Ursaring, and Vaporeon vow to get revenge.

'Episode 36'': 'The Rattatas and The Celebis

Location: Norway

Challenge: Avoid getting turned into a Rattata by a Celebi

20 contestants remain. Lopunny taunts Bellossom by saying Lapras should've left way before last episode. Bellossom calls Lopunny a harlet, and says she will destroy her. Mijimaru tells Bellossom to be a little nicer, but Bellossom says she isn't nice to harlets that boot her best friend. Mismagius asks why Wigglytuff, Ninetales, Purugly, and Lopunny are wearing costumes, but Wigglytuff explains that this is a new fashion trend called pokepieces in which they wear clothes that represent pieces of other pokemon. She thens says she got the Vespiquen set. Ninetales says she got the Delcatty set, although she wanted a more expensive one, but she couldn't afford it because Hippowdon and her have Hippopix, who was a secret until Miltank found her and she'll have to leave at the end of the episode. Lopunny says she got the Blissey set to scare off Rampardos because she's loyal to Machoke, but then Mismagius brings up the fact that she slept with Blaziken, Hitmonlee, and Hitmonchan, but Lopunny said that didn't matter. Purugly says she's wearing the Weavile set to look hot, but Mismagius says she's fat and no one likes her. Lopunny goes off to take a shower. In the confessional, Ninetales says it'll be harder once Hippopix leaves. Hippopoix says that her mom is going to win this season. The bathroom explodes in the middle of Lopunny's shower (courtesy of Bellossom) and Bellossom laughs at the blue dye that covered Lopunny due to the explosion. Lopunny says that when she wins, she'll spend her money to make Bellossom, Vespiquen, Glaceon, Wigglytuff, Ninetales, and Mismagius miserable for the rest of their lives. Lopunny complains about how bad her hair looks due to Bellossom's prank. Primeape laughs at how Ursaring and Vaporeon are quiet due to Lapras's blindside. Ursaring's mad that his mom left and wonders why Sudowoodo knew about it but didn't do anything about it. Sudowoodo says he didn't know, but Primeape says he did, then the two argue about who is right. Vaporeon says he doesn't give a crap who's telling the truth, because the fact of the matter is you two will both be eliminated if he finds out they both did something about it. Primeape tells his to bring it on, and then calls him a mermaid. Vaporeon shrugs it, saying he's tougher than him. Vaporeon then tells Ursaring that they must be strong for Lapras if either of them want to win. In the confessional, Dodrio says he feels really bad for Ursaring because Lapras took him in as a Teddiursa when no one else did. But then Dri says she wasn't too hot though. O says he feels bad for Ursaring because both Lapras and Girafarig are now out of the game. Do decides to give O pie to cheer him up. Miltank says that while Mijimaru is with her, she has to make sure Mijimaru has a comfortable experience because he's a new pokemon. Miltank also proves to be happy that Lapras left, but Ursaring tells her to shut up. Miltank then taunts him saying that the big tough boy wants his mommy. Mismagius says that's low-even for her. For the Norway challenge, Miltank brings up the bookwriter Rayold Doll, who wrote The Witches, which is about witches that hated children and wanted to turn them into rats. Stantler says he read that book. Miltank then explains the challenge. Mijimaru says he wanted to be in some challenges and have some fun, but Miltank and Tauros won't let him. Wigglytuff tells Bellossom that she (Bellossom) was the reason Lapras left because Lopunny hates Bellossom and she wanted to upset Bellossom by taking out one of her closest allies. Therefore, Glaceon, Wigglytuff, and Vespiquen say they don't want to be in an alliance with Bellossom if that makes them targets for elimination. This hurts Bellossom's feelings, but then Celebi interrupts. Glaceon, Vaporeon, and Bellossom escape, but Wigglytuff and Vespiquen are turned into Rattata. Wigglytuff says she's not trying to be mean; she's just trying to win, and Bellossom could be a potential achilles heel for her. Celebi then finds Dodrio, Ninetales, Exploud, Mismagius, and Stantler, and although Dodrio, Stantler, and Mismagius escape, Ninetales and Exploud are turned into Rattata. Ninetales says she thinks she'll be fine with or without immunity-for now. Exploud says since he's a Rattata he can't really be loud, but he thinks it's sorta cool being a Rattata. Celebi then finds Rampardos, Ambipom, Ursaring, and Gallade, but Gallade teleports Ursaring, Ambipom, and himself, but Rampardos is turned into a Rattata. Rampardos says he's worried because Lopunny likes Blissey things, a pokemon Rampardos is afraid of because they're pink and fat and could squish him. But if he wants to be with Lopunny, he'll have to love whatever she loves. Celebi finds Lopunny, Sudowoodo, and Primeape, and Primeape gets turned into a Rattata, so Sudowoodo and Lopunny run away. Primeape thinks this competition is really easy for him becaus ehe's one of the strongest players left. Celebi turns Gallade and Ursaring into Rattata, so Ambipom flees. Ursaring wishes he left over his mom, but knows he must be strong for her, and vows to win for Lapras, Steelix, Girafarig, and Teddifarig. Glaceon is turned into a Rattata, so Bellossom and Vaporeon get away. Glaceon says she doesn't hate Bellossom, and although voting off Lapras for being tight with Bellossom is a cheap reason to vote her off, that's how she got eliminated, but at least Glaceon's still in. Celebi turns Dodrio, Stantler, and Mismagius into Rattata, and Mismagius says Purugly is bothering her less than before because Purugly has a lot of enemies, and Mismagius has a lot of protection. Celebi finally finds Roserade, Drapion, and Purugly, but Roserade and Drapion escape, leaving Purugly to get turned into a Rattata. Purugly says this is ironic-she turned from a cat to a mouse. But she would never eat wild mice like Rattata and Raticate, saying they have rabies, but Pikachu, Raichu, Marill, Plusle, and Minun are ok, but regardless, Purugly doesn't eat mice. Celebi finally turns Vaporeon and Bellossom into Rattata. Vaporeon says that Glaceon, Wigglytuff, and Vespiquen are overreacting and should still stick of Bellossom regardless of why Lapras was eliminated. Celebi turns Lopunny into a Rattata, but Sudowoodo ditches her. Lopunny said it stinks that Sudowoodo ditched her and that a Rattata's the second worst thing to be turned into, with the 1st being a fat, stupid Wailord. Celebi turns Roserade and Drapion into Rattata, which Roserade complains about mostly because of the huge teeth. Sudowoodo and Ambipom are the last ones left, and although they get turned into Rattata like everyone else, they win immunity. Ambipom says that was a fun challenge, says that he pulled the same prank as Bellossom on Lopunny again, and that his chances of winning greatly increased now that he patched things up w/ Ursaring and Gallade and Rampardos are on their side. Celebi says it was fun to do this challenge. In the confessional, Purugly says she does respect some players in this game, and although she knows she's safe, she wants to talk to a player she respects to see what she's thinking and probably get her to vote with her. Purugly comes up to Vespiquen and tells her she respects her game play. Vespiquen doesn't buy it at first, but then she believes Purugly. Purugly says that Vespiquen could've won both previous seasons had people not cut her throat, and Purugly tells her Vespiquen needs to do that to others if she wants to win, so Purugly asks, not convinces, Vespiquen to vote off Ninetales because sooner or later it'll be too late and Ninetales will win. Vespiquen considers it, but also thinks it would be a better move to vote off Purugly. Gallade says his alliance will be singing the immunity song, even if Ambipom's already immune. For the immunity song, Ambipom, Gallade, Ursaring, and lead singer Rampardos (OMG) sing Weightless by All Time Low. Much to everyone's shock, the entire alliance, INCLUDING RAMPARDOS, did a great job, and Miltank gives them all immunity. At the poffin ceremony, Ambipom and Sudowoodo were pregiven poffins for winning immunity, and so were Gallade, Ursaring, and Rampardos for singing the immunity song. 14 poffins remain, and 13 go to Wigglytuff, Bellossom, Glaceon, Mismagius, Dodrio, Stantler, Vespiquen, Vaporeon, Exploud, Drapion, Primeape, Lopunny, and Roserade. The bottom 2 are Ninetales for being a big threat and Purugly for being a big bitch. Sadly the final poffin goes to Purugly, and as Hippopix leaves, Ninetales becomes the 58th contestant voted off TPTM. After the elimination, Vespiquen says she's sorry she let Purugly get to her to vote off Ninetales, but she really wants to win this season and is tired of getting so close, but losing, season after season.

Episode 37: The Pros and Cons of Vegas

Location: Nevada

Challenge: Avoid the temptation of the casino and spend as little of your money as possible

19 contestants remain. Mismagius says that the previous episode's elimination made no sense: Why would people vote Ninetales off over Purugly? Purugly says that perhaps people found Ninetales as a threat, so Mismagius says that she couldn't be a bigger threat than Purugly. Mismagius asks Vespiquen if she agrees with her, and Vespiquen lies saying Purugly should've left over Ninetales, knowing that she has a guilty consience since Vespiquen played a part in Ninetales's elimination. In the confessional, Vespiquen wishes that she could've turned back time and voted off Purugly because it turned out to be the worst move she made since alligning with Espeon and Umbreon in season 1. In the boys' cabin, Ursaring also notes the irregularity of the previous elimination saying first they vote off his mom (Lapras) and now Ninetales is eliminated INSTEAD of Purugly? Rampardos said that it should've been Purugly, or at least Bellossom. Drapion says Bellossom is psychotic, but not evil, therefore being much better to have around than Purugly. Rampardos says she doesn't have any brains though, prompting Dri to saying that neither does Rampardos. Do tells Dri to be nice to Rampardos for once; he's just as unintelligent as Dri (not to mention O). in the confessional, Stantler compares this game to Chess: You can go right for the king and queen (Purugly, Roserade, and Lopunny), but it's more beneficial and smart to begin with taking out the pawns, knights, bishops, and rooks (pretty much everyone else), so if you solely play with your heart, it's going to be much harder to win. Therefore, they should get over Ninetales be eliminated and look at the positive: THEY are still in, and now THEY have one less person standing in THEIR way from winning. Miltank makes a comment that now that both Lapras and Ninetales left, all it takes is for Drapion to leave and they'll have a tiny little group. Drapion says he's never going to leave, prompting Miltank to say that during the course of this series, pretty much everyone has said that they will win, but for most of them, it never happens. Miltank announces that they've landed in Nevada: Las Vegas to be exact, and explains the challenge. In the confessional, Gallade says that he thinks he will in immunity because his parents raised him and Gardevoir (his little sister) not to be greedy. After that, Bellossom says she wants to have lots of fun when in Vegas, but Mijimaru reminds her to pay attention to the challenge, but with little to no avail. Bellossom finishes off by saying she'll NEVER leave, because she'll bomb them if they do. With Ninetales gone, Mismagius is now the de facto leader of her alliance, now including Sudowoodo, who didn't want to allign with Lopunny anymore. In the confessional, Exploud says he's glad Mismagius isn't as depressed as she was lately because this alliance needs a leader because Dodrio can't stop fighting, Sudowoodo is new, Stantler is still a little pretentious, and nobody listens to Exploud. Rampardos tells Gallade, Ursaring, and Ambipom that he wants to spend his coins, but Gallade reminds him that the objective is not to spend any coins, so Rampardos changes his mind. In the confessional, Ambipom says he always wanted to go to a casino, but if the challenge is not to spend coins, so be it. After that Vespiquen says her alliance knows that she booted ninetales, so she can't leave the alliance even if Bellossom can pose her as a threat or she's pretty much out of the game. Purugly tells Roserade and Drapion to focus on the challenge or they won't get immunity. Roserade thinks Purugly's getting annoying and admits that she's just counting the episodes until she backstabs Purugly like she's been planning to for some time now. Lopunny says Sudowoodo ditched them for Mismagius, Exploud, Dodrio, and Stantler, so they're all they got. In the confessional, Primeape says she's so tired of that bitch (Lopunny) because she doesn't do anything productive in this game aside from blindsiding Lapras in Episode 35, but that's about it. The challenge begins, and Bellossom immediately is attracted to the multicolor lights that the casino produces so she goes to play but loses all her coins. Vaporeon says that wasn't the point of the challenge. Bellossom admits that she never listens to Miltank so she usually depends on others to tell her what to do, most usually Lapras and Vaporeon. Also, Bellossom says she also spent Vaporeon, Wigglytuff, Vespiquen, and Glaceon's coins, meaning they are all out of the challenge, dissapointing Bellossom's alliance. in the confessional, Vespiquen says as if she didn't have enough to worry about without Bellossom's psychotic nature, but even so, she's more worried that Wigglytuff, Vaporeon, or Glaceon could tell someone what she did.Stantler leaves his alliance to use a pay phone that takes their tokens to call his family (apparently you have to spend at least one coin), so Mismagius, Dodrio, Exploud, and Sudowoodo do the challenge without him. Stantler says that with his antlers come the ability to pick up on things, and that's how he found out that Bellossom is planning to sabotage everyone and spend all their coins, but with only be in the casino due to the shiny color lights, leaving Stantler in the clear. So Bellossom's sabotage montage begins, and Dodrio find a machine that says "hot girls inside", and since Dri is perverted, they rush in there, only to find out that it was a trap set by Bellossom so she can take their coins. Sudowoodo and Exploud find a Dance Dance Revolution machine, but it's also a trap since Sudowoodo and Exploud got handcuffed to the floor and Bellossom stole their tokens and threatened to kill them. Sudowoodo was so dramatized, he vowed never to play Dance Dance Revolution again. Rampardos, Gallade, Ambipom, and Ursaring go to the poker tables, but Bellossom appeared there and started flickering the lights, only to shove Rampardos, Ursaring, Gallade, and Ambipom into a closet one by one, only to get their tokens taken by Bellossom. Gallade says that wasn't too painful since he's aware of Bellossom's capabilities (at this point, shouldn't everyone be?) and he was expecting something worse. Next, Bellossom jumps straight to Roserade, Purugly, and Drapion, and mugs all of them for their coins. Purugly asks what is going on in her brain to make her do that to them, but then says on second thought she doens't want to know what's going on in her brain. Lastly, Bellossom drops two Blastoise on Primeape and Lopunny and takes their coins. Bellossom tells her alliance that she sabotaged everyone except Mismagius, and Mismagius appears, just in time to get robbed by Bellossom. Mismagius says she didn't know Bellossom had that in her. In the confessional, Bellossom admits that she forgot about Stantler, probably because he's such a quiet nerd. The group reunites, and Bellossom asks Miltank if she wants the coins back. Turn out that Bellossom feigned spending her coins, and therfore she and Stantler win immunity. Bellossom says even though she's immune, she STILL wants to sing, and she asked Vaporeon if he wanted to, too, but he said it was too girly for his blood, but Mismagius, Glaceon, Wigglytuff, and Vespiquen agree. The afore ammentioned five sing That's Just The Way I Am by Sky Sweetner (sorry if i misspelled that). With Bellossom as the lead singer, Miltank enjoys it, giving the girls immunity. Wigglytuff says although Vaporeon isn't immune, he won't be going home: Primeape will. Adopting Stantler's chess tactics, Wigglytuff finds it more rewarding to take down Lopunny's last line of defense before finishing her off, which Wigglytuff says will happen soon. At the poffin ceremony, Stantler and Bellossom are pregiven poffins for challenge immunity, with Mismagius, Vespiquen, Glaceon, and Wigglytuff getting immunity for singing the immunity song. 12 poffins remain, and 11 of the go to Ambipom, Ursaring, Drapion, Dodrio, Gallade, Sudowoodo, Exploud, Rampardos, Purugly, Lopunny, and Roserade. The bottom 2 are Vaporeon and Primeape-Vaporeon for unknown reasons but presumably the same reasons that got Lapras out, and Primeape for being alligned with Lopunny. The last poffin goes to Primeape, which shocks everyone except Primeape and Lopunny, and Primeape admits that the reason Vaporeon's out is because he switched the votes because he hates Vaporeon. Vaporeon asks Miltank if she's going to do something about it, but Miltank says she doesn't care anymore because he likes Lapras, who Miltank hates just as much (well, it's debatable) as Mismagius. Vaporeon becomes the 59th contestant voted off TPTM, and says that he wishes he didn't have to go like this. Bellossom says that if Lopunny and Primeape weren't already dead before, they are now, because she hates it when people vote off her friends.

Episode 38: The Losers Fight Back

Location: Sweden

Challenge: Each of the final 18 is paired with a previously eliminated contestant or one that didn't appear in this season at all in a story book, where the objective is to find the pokemon that put them in the story book

18 contestants remain. The episode begins with Glaceon crying because Vaporeon got voted off at the last poffin ceremony, but Purugly says they didn't vote him off-Primeape switched the votes. Mismagius tells Purugly to shut up because she knows that Purugly could care less about who goes home unless it's her. Wigglytuff finally sanps, saying that's it's the same thing every day: Roserade, Lopunny, and Purugly fighting with everyone else just because they hate each other. At this point, it's as clear as crystal who hates who and they don't need to fight about it every episode. That causes everyone to stay quiet for a long time. In the confessional, Purugly says that she preferred it when Wigglytuff was all squeally and go-lucky, but it's nowhere near enough for Purugly to see Wigglytuff as a threat, saying she has no chance at winning: never had and never will. At the boy's cabin, Ursaring and Drapion say that if Primeape ever was one of them, he isn't anymore. Primeape can care less, saying they're just jealous that he knows how to play the game. Rampardos corrects him, saying what he did is called cheating. Primeape says Rampardos is a cheater too since he sued Miltank to get on this season, but Rampardos says that's debatable on whether that is cheating or not. Ambipom says that Rampardos and Primeape are cramping his mellow, but Primeape says that in this game, mellow does not exist (villains...can't play with them, can't play without them). In the confessional, Primeape said he just wanted Vaporeon gone because he was a threat, and in the end the only thing close to a consequence for him, completely aware that he could get voted off any time now, is that Glaceon will cry a river. He also says that he's trying his best to do what Machoke (now Machamp; he evolved post elimination out of rage) told him to do (protect Lopunny), but she's getting on his last nerve, so much he wants to allign with Roserade, mostly for her looks. Miltank is very happy that Vaporeon got eliminated, prompting Glaceon to restart crying, but both Wigglytuff and Miltank try to snap her out of it, because Tangrowth got eliminated by Miltank in TPA for crying over Medicham's elimination and neither want to do that again. Miltank announces that they landed in Sweden, as opposed to Switzerland which misdreavous525 originally planned to have the setting of this episode be. Lastly, Miltank says that 18 contestants either eliminated earlier this season or that have competed in seasons past will be returning-not to the game, but just for the challenge. Rampardos hopes that they don't bring back Blissey because he's afraid of them. Miltank explains the challenges and pairs each current contestant with a former contestant. The pairs are Vespiquen and Garchomp, Purugly and Luxray, Sudowoodo and Machamp, Gallade and Gardevoir, Ursaring and Weavile, Bellossom and Houndoom, Ambipom and Meganium, Dodrio and Absol, Roserade and Ninetales, Drapion and Hippowdon, Lopunny and Dragonite, Rampardos and Blaziken, Primeape and Gliscor, Glaceon and Hitmonlee, Stantler and Seaking, Exploud and Ella, Wigglytuff and Umbreon, and Mismagius and Honchkrow. In the confessional, Meganium whines that she should still be in because she deserved to win for being perfect. Houndoom says he's glad he won season 1, but as of now he used up almost all of his prize money so he's looking forward to another season, hopefully with his girlfriend, Garchomp. Bellossom says she enjoys being trapped in a storybook because it makes her look all shiny and pretty. The challenge begins, and Garchomp makes it clear to Vespiquen that she hates her and won't help Vespiquen win the challenge. Sudowoodo and Machamp don't knwo why Miltank paired them together since they're not enemies, but Machamp suggests that Miltank thought he'd be mad at Sudowoodo for sleeping with Lopunny like Hitmonchan, Primeape, Blaziken, and Hitmonlee, prompting Sudowoodo to tell Machamp that he hasn't and won't because the two of them are friends. Gallade and Gardevoir also find it funny that Miltank thought they were enemies just because they're siblings. Bellossom asks Houndoom if she'll get to ride on his back, and Houndoom allows it, making Bellossom happy. Luxray tells Purugly that he's not going to help her win the challenge, but Purugly doesn't seem too worried about it. Do wonders why Miltank thinks them 3 and Absol are enemies. Absol says it's just that Dri was flirting with Vespiquen. Do says he knows Dri made a bad desicion, but asks Absol to put it aside just for now, and so she does. In the confessional, Gardevoir says that Gallade and her are as close as siblings can be. Blaziken taunts Rampardos because he's scared that Blaziken will kill him. Drapion knows Hippowdon and him weren't the best of friends while Hippowdon was it, so he tries to rebefriend him, but to no avail since Hippowdon hates how Drapion treated him STILL. Ursaring and Weavile know they aren't really friends after the Steelix incident in California, prompting Ursaring to turn down any and all help Weavile provides, assuming she won't provide anything, which ursaring is wrong about. Roserade tells Ninetales that she's jealous of Roserade's beauty, which Ninetales quickly denies, saying she's more beautiful than Roserade can ever be. Meganium proves to still bear a grudge against Ambipom for pranking him, even though Jynx told him to. Lopunny doesn't hesitate to insult Dragonite, and also comments on how Dragonite doesn't have a Swedish accent anymore. Dragonite explains that that's because Miltank told her to feign being Swedish to have a foreign player instead of all Canadian/American pokemon. Dragonite also vows that she will stop Lopunny from getting immunity and also get her ELIMINATED this episode, but of course Lopunny doesn't care what Dragonite says. In the confessional, Weavile says she wanted to help Ursaring because it wouldn't be fun for either of them to have Steelix's elimination divide them forever, and that she did want to, but it was just a good move. Mismagius obviously isn't pleased to see Honchkrow again, but that changes when Honchkrow says she's sorry for being a "2nd Purugly" for Mismagius and tells her that she'll help Mismagius win, so Mismagius gives her a second chance. Wigglytuff is nervous about confronting Umbreon after she got him eliminated, but Umbreon tells her that it's ok because he needed that to remember that the way he played the game this season wasn't the right way. Gliscor makes a point of telling Primeape that he's mad at him for flirting with Vespiquen and calling her a slut in Martinique, but Primeape shrugs it. Exploud also shows no sympathy to Ella for blindsiding Drifblim in the equator, despite Ella attempting to apologize saying it was either Drifblim or herself. Stantler wonders why he was paired up with Seaking, prompting Seaking to guess that Miltank thinks that Stantler found Seaking annoying when she was a compulsive liar (which he did), but regardless, Stantler and Seaking look forward to working together. Glaceon and Hitmonlee both agree that they will not work with eachother because Hitmonlee was hitting on her before he got voted off and Glaceon kept insulting him. In the confessional, Gliscor (who was informed about Primeape courtesy of Vespiquen upon his temporary arrival) says Primeape has some nerve flirting with Vespiquen when she has a boyfriend and they have a kid together, and he will exact revenge, but probably not this season. Rampardos and Dragonite decide to team up against Lopunny to seal her fate in the competition once and for all. But luckily for Lopunny, she has Blaziken on her side, but neither Dragonite nor Rampardos (finally) is worried. Dragonite KO's Blaziken with Dragonbreath, commenting on how Blaziken is now Kentucky Fried Chicken, which NOW worries Lopunny. Dragonite says it felt great to finally take a stand, especially since she didn't make any game changing moves during her time in the competition. The teams of Mismagius and Honchkrow, Sudowoodo and Machamp, Bellossom and Houndoom, Dodrio and Absol, Stantler and Seaking, Wigglytuff and Umbreon, and Gallade and Gardevoir progress in the challenge, but encounter a filed made of cement, causing Bellossom and Houndoom, Stantler and Seaking, Dodrio and Absol, Wigglytuff and Umbreon, and Gallade and Gardevoir to sink in, but Mismagius, Honchkrow, Sudowoodo, and Machamp escape just in the nick of time. Absol hopes that despite their downfall in this challenge, Dodrio wins this season because they didn't participate at all in season 2 and in season 1, no one got to know them so they voted them off 1st. She thinks it because they just look at them and think they're wierd. And that's how she's always been, being a Shiny Absol, she couldn't help but think that she was more beautiful than the other girls, and therefore the other girls would call her a freak out of jealousy, which is why beauty is skin deep. Vespiquen, Garchomp, Luxray, and Purugly continue their arguing, but since Miltank rigged the book so that if you don't move long enough you get turned into story book, which happens to the afore mentioned four, and angers Garchomp. Minutes later the same thing happens to Drapion, Hippowdon, Ursaring, Weavile, Roserade, Ninetales, Ambipom, and Meganium. In the confessional, Drapion says he has no clue what Hippowdon's problem is because even though they both fought over Roserade early in the season, they both found their own girlfriends in the end, but STILL Hippowdon bears a grudge against Drapion? It just doens't add up. Regardless, Drapion finds this challenge to be one of the coolest ones this season, because it's like being in a comic book, but scratches that, saying he meant to say magazine, because he's no nerd, and anyone who questions that will pay. After that, Exploud, Illumise, Primeape, Gliscor, Glaceon, and Hitmonlee get turned into storybook as well. Ella says that Exploud is overreacting; it's not like Drifblim's dead. And right when Rampardos and Dragonite prepare to finish Lopunny off, they turn into storybook. Lopunny goes on and on complainign that she's now pixelated. Gallade said despite losing the challenge, doing it with Gardevoir made it all worthwhile. Finally, Mismagius, Honchkrow, Sudowoodo, and Machamp find the pokemon that PAINTED all of this: Smeargle. Meaning Mismagius and Sudowoodo have immunity. Smeargle says that doing this challenge sort of made up for his early elimination, despite him now being with Dragonite. Now that the challenge is over, Smeargle, Seaking, Honchkrow, Gliscor, Ella, Dragonite, Weavile, Blaziken, Machamp, Garchomp, Gardevoir, Ninetales, Meganium, Luxray, Hippowdon, Houndoom, Hitmonlee, Umbreon, and Absol leave the competition as they were already voted off or not in it. Purugly says that she wants Lopunny to leave, and to ensure that that happens, she made a one time deal with a group of people she can't stand. Together, Vespiquen, Glaceon, Bellossom, Mismagius, AND Purugly confront Lopunny to warn her that her time in the game has run out. Mismagius says that this one time deal has a lot of benefits: it takes Lopunny out of the game, and has Purugly out of Mismagius's hair for a few episodes. For the immunity song, Vespiquen, Glaceon, Bellossom, Mismagius, and Purugly sing I've Given You Everything by the Spice Girls. Miltank grants them immunity, not that Mismagius needed it. At the poffin ceremony, Mismagius and Sudowoodo are pregiven poffins for winning the challenge, and so are Purugly, Glaceon, Vespiquen, and Bellossom for singing the immunity song. 11 poffins remain, and 10 of them go to Wigglytuff, Ambipom, Ursaring, Gallade, Dodrio, Exploud, Drapion, Rampardos, Stantler, and Roserade. The bottom 2 are Lopunny for being dispicable and widely hated throughout the season and Primeape for alligning with Lopunny and also proving to be evil just like her. The final poffin goes to Primeape, prompting the rest of the cast to celebrate as Lopunny has finally been eliminated from the competition. Lopunny says a cliche villain catchphrase: I will get my revenge, and becomes the 60th contestant voted off TPTM

Episode 39: There Be Regis In Those Mountains

Location: Montana

Challenge: Be one of the four contestants to locate Regirock, Regice, Registeel, and Regigigas.

17 contestants remain. Purugly asks Wigglytuff how cheap her Vespiquen pokepieces were, and of course Wigglytuff gets fed up with Purugly's behavoir so she tells Purugly to shut up because everyone hates her. Purugly continues to insult Wigglytuff by calling her and Clefable simese twins, prompting Bellossom to comment on Purugly's negativity and wonders if a BOMB will cheer Purugly up. Purugly tells Bellossom that she's not scared by her threats. Glaceon remembers Vaporeon so she becomes sad again. Roserade openly states that the longer they all share a room together, the more she's closer to going insane. In the confessional, Wigglytuff says that everyone's probably sick of living with each other because they all shared a room for over 20 episodes now, except for Purugly, but people can't stand her anyway, but Wigglytuff vows to win this for Clefable, Staraptor, and Shuckle. However, the boys of the competition found a way to releave their stress; beat up Primeape. but Gallade encounters a dilemma; now that they did that, what should they talk about? Ambipom wonders what the next challenge is, but he, along with Sudowoodo, hope it will be fun. Exploud also shouts of excitement, so Stantler tells him to just relax. Sudowoodo said that he would never have had so much fun in this game if he hadn't switched out of Lopunny's alliance in Nevada, and now he feels like he has a shot at winning. Miltank shows content that Lopunny finally got eliminated last episode, and announces that they've landed in Montana. In the confessional, Primeape says that it's a done deal that he's going to win because he is so epic and no one can hold a candle to him, not even Machamp. As Miltank explains the challenge, Vespiquen comments on how they did this challenge already in season one, not that Miltank cares. Rampardos thinks that his alliance sees him as the bottom of the barrel, and he even admits that he depends on his alliance and that's what's kept him in the game for this long, but he wants to prove himself so he decides to do this challenge on his own. Vespiquen and Wigglytuff confront Glaceon and Bellossom saying that it's only a matter of time that they leave the game due to being alligned with Bellossom so they decide to dissolve the alliance and allign with other people. Glaceon is upset, but not as much as Bellossom, who vows to get even. Vespiquen says she hopes she's not seen as a bitch for leaving the alliance, because there are only four of them left in a group of 17, and the 13 on the outside can easily pick them off one by one, but if they join a bigger alliance, they can be part of the majority, and most players that win these competitions are in majority alliances in the end of the game. Mismagius tells Stantler, Dodrio, and Exploud that they have to find the Regis on their own but they are still in an alliance. In the confessional, Stantler thinks he can win the challenge by pinpointing the locations of the legendary golems. He also says that he needs immunity pertty much everytime because he's the smartest one left (Uxie isn't in the competition) and he was in the bottom 4 last time, making him a huge threat, even if he's alligned with Mismagius, Exploud, and Dodrio and even if Roserade, Primeape, and Purugly are widely hated. Gallade, along with Rampardos, Ursaring, Sudowoodo, and Ambipom, welcome Vespiquen and Wigglytuff into their alliance. And like Mismagius's alliance, they split up for the challenge. Gallade wonders why Vespiquen and Wigglytuff left their alliance with Bellossom and Glaceon because he thought they had a solid alliance, but it's fine with him if they want to switch, but with an alliance of 7 in a group of 17, that can pose all of them as a threat, so he needs to be even more careful. Without anyone at his side, Primeape relucantly joins the alliance of Purugly, Drapion, and Roserade, and the four split up for the challenge. But still they will be alligned because the are ALL targets, but Drapion says that he's not a target because he's a good guy unlike the rest of his alliance, but Roserade tells Drapion to be quiet because that could provoke Purugly to turn on them, but for now purugly's main focus to to sabotage Stantler since he's the biggest threat in the game. Drapion wonders how they're going to sabotage Stantler, but Roserade tells him to stop being stupid, causing Roserade and Drapion to get in a fight and Primeape and Purugly to just leave them alone to plan on sabotaging Stantler. Drapion wonders why Roserade's acting bitchy toward Drapion, and he reminds him that he knows secrets about Roserade that could cost her much more than just the game. Drapion tells her that he loves her, but doesn't feel like he loves him. Roserade tells him that she does, but doesn't make a convincing argument by saying that he's acting stupid. Drapion tells Roserade that the two of them are taking a break, which Roserade complains about, not knowing that that's one of the reasons Drapion wants to take a break. Roserade says she loves him, even if she insults him, she's just being honest. Glaceon is more depressed than ever right now, so Bellossom wants to do whatever she can to make Glaceon happy again, and it starts with having Glaceon, Mijimaru, and herself ride an Aerodactyl for aerial search for a Regi, even though Mijimaru doesn't find this safe. Aerodactyl says Bellossom's one of his best friends and because of her, he got to be on TV! Primeape says that since Drapion and Roserade are temporarily not together, Primeape wants to date her, because Drapion is an undercover geek who isn't good enough for her anyway. Drapion threatens to beat Primeape up-AGAIN, but Primeape calls him a loser. Purugly says that those 3 are killing her and that she couldn't ask for a worse alliance. Stantler hears the bickering and wants to see whats up. Drapion tries to hit Primeape with Poison Sting, but Primeape dodges it and Stantler gets hit instead. Purugly commends Drapion for sabotaging Stantler, even if it wasn't on purpose. Drapion says that he's sorry that he poisoned Stantler, but right now Primeape's causing bigger problems. He doesn't want to break up with Roserade, he just wants more respect. Purugly says she's glad Stantler got sabotaged so they can vote him off, but it most likely cost her alliance immunity, but Purugly's confident that she's not in danger this episode. Bellossom leads Glaceon to jump into a whirlpool, though it won't help with winning the challenge, but it's possible thanks to Bellossom's friend, Walrein (Bellossom's a people's person). Walrein says he's happy to be on TV and wishes to be on Miltank's show but he doubts that that's going to happen. Ambipom is able to find Regice, which gets him immunity. Ambipom's glad that the game's going wlel for him right now-makes him more hopeful about winning. Bellossom and Glaceon then deicde to go skydiving off of Drifblim. Drifblim tries to use the confessional, but Miltank cuts her off because she's partially the reason so many extra competitors entered the show. Vespiquen finds Regirock, so she gets immunity. Vespiquen says that if she had still been alligned with Bellossom and Glaceon, she'd be skydiving off a Drifblim right now, but she doesn't hate Bellossom-she's just psychotic. Next on Bellossom and Glaceon's best day ever list is to vandalize Garchomp's trailer, and Garchomp becomes enraged and wants to kill Bellossom. Garchomp says Bellossom has some nerve for wrecking her trailer. Miltank tells Garchomp to get out of the confessional because she's not a competitor in this season. Garchomp tells her to make her, so Miltank tells Tauros to do so, but Tauros is scared that she'll beat him up. Miltank volunteers Chef Hariyama then, bt Hariyama says he doesn't get paid enough, so Miltank triples his salary, but Hariyama says that would only be 3 pennies then. Mismagius finds Registeel, so she gets immunity. Mismagius hopes that Dodrio, Stantler, and Exploud got immunity too, but she thinks only Stantler has a chance of doing so, because despite Dodrio and Exploud being nice, they don't have "challenge champions" written all over them. Finally, Bellossom, Glaceon, and Mijimaru find Regigigas, and Bellossom gives the immunity to Glaceon, so Glaceon thanks her for the immunity and for getting her mind off Vaporeon. Glaceon is thankful that she has an alliance and more importantly a friend in Bellossom because she was incredibly nice to her today, even if it included doing things Glaceon NEVER wants to do again. Miltank announces that Ambipom, Vespiquen, Mismagius, and Glaceon won immunity. But since Stantler is sick, everyone decides to quickly get away from him so they don't get barfed on. In the confessional, Mijimaru says he's going to sing the immunity song with Glaceon and Bellossom before leaving, because he got a text from his girlfriend from Isshu and she's going to pick him up after the song, but he will be back next season (probably not as a competitor), but for now he just wants his step mom(Bellossom) to focus on the game. fore the immunity song, Bellossom, Glaceon, and Mijimaru sing Keep Your Mind Wide Open by Anna Sophia Rob from Bridge to Terebythia. Miltank and Tuaors enjoy it, and despite it being a Disney song, they get immunity. Glaceon is glad that Bellossom cheered her up, and she'll be there to cheer Bellossom up if necessary once Mijimaru leaves. Mijimaru's girlfriend, Zorua, appears and meets Bellossom. Mijimaru's friends, Tsutaja, Pokabu, Gear, Shimama, Chiramii, and Muuna also appear. Mijimaru tells Bellossom that he had a lot of fun with her since he met her in Maine, but he feels like it's time for hm to go so Bellossom can win the competition. The Isshu pokemon leave, and Bellossom says that she'll miss Mijimaru. Bellossom says that the competition has been very hard, because she had already lost Flygon (Ep 8), Steelix (Ep 29), Lapras (Ep 35), and Vaporeon (Ep 37), and now Mijimaru. But that won't stop her from trying to win this competition. At the poffin ceremony, Ambipom, Glaceon, Mismagius, and Vespiquen are pregiven poffins for winning immunity, and so is Bellossom for singing the immunity song. 11 poffins remain, and 10 of them go to Purugly, Wigglytuff, Drapion, Gallade, Ursaring, Exploud, Sudowoodo, Dodrio, Rampardos, and Roserade. The bottom 2 are Stantler for getting sabotaged by Purugly's alliance for being a brainiac, and Primeape for being a cheater. The last one goes to Primeape, making Stantler the 61st contestant voted off TPTM. Primeape says switching the votes is so much fun, but Miltank rains on his parade by saying that he can't do it again. Stantler says that he had a good time in the competition and he's glad that he made so many friends for a chance, met Togekiss, and made it to the final 17.

Episode 40: A Seed In A Snowpile

Location: Greenland

Challenge: Find a secret colony of grass pokemon among the frozen tundra of Greenland

16 contestants remain. The episode begins with Wigglytuff going on and on how Primeape is such a jerk for cheating to get Stantler out last time, and in a shocking change of events, Purugly agrees with Wigglytuff. Purugly says that Primeape is something debatebly worse than being evil: a complete perverted, cheating pig (ironic; Primeape is a PIG monkey). Mismagius is shocked but glad that she and Purugly agree on something. This leads to an interesting proposition between Mismagius, Bellossom, Vespiquen, Glaceon, Wigglytuff, and Purugly to try to eliminate Primeape. Roserade, however, has a different opinion on Primeape; she finds him somewhat hot because he's muscular, which shocks Vespiquen because she, like all the other girls, think very lowely of Primeape. In the confessional, Vespiquen says that the one thing all girls agree on is when guys are pigs, but the fact that Roserade doesn't think of Primeape that way is highly unusual. Primeape taunts the male competitors, suggesting that they're afraid that Primeape will win by repeating his cheap tactic of switching the votes. Drapion says it shouldn't have been Stantler, and he feels bad about it even more because he poisoned Stantler before his elimination. Ursaring and Dodrio assure that they know Drapion didn't mean to and that Stantler will forgive him, and suggest that Primeape should've left instead of him. Rampardos agrees, and he says that if the amazing Rampardos agrees, it should be done. Primeape tells Rampardos that he's a stupid rock w/ no brain. In the confessional, do points out that they haven't made a confessional for a while now. Dri says that despite the girls in the competition being hot, he made a promise to Absol in Sweden that he'd stop paying attention to them otherwise she'd cut his head off. Before O can finish saying that he likes pie, he thinks that he needs a new catchphrase. He tries chinese noodles and chocolate cake, but neither stick. But then O finds his new catch phrase: O likes syrup! the contestants aren't psyched about Greenland being the next destination because they were just in Montana, which shares some weather similarities to Greenland. Miltank says that they should be lucky that they're not back in Antartica. Purugly tells Miltank that she loves pissing Purugly off, doesn't she, and Miltank says that she loves pissing ALL of the contestants off because it makes her life that much more fun. In the confessional, ursaring also states that he hasn't been in the confessional that often lately. He says that although Greenland's not his favorite place in the world, he has fur so it doesn't bother him to much, and it doesn't really hinder his alliance because they're the only alliance without Grass pokemon. As Miltank explains the challenge, the grass types (Bellossom and Roserade) quickly freeze up. Roserade says that she hates the snow and is still furious at Drapion for telling her that he wants to take a break. And even if Primeape can be a pig, she thinks that he's cute, so that's another potential ally for her so she can whip him around until he's not useful anymore, something she hadn't done since Hippowdon left. Bellossom and Glaceon join Dodrio, Mismagius, and Exploud's alliance, and they all decide to work together this challenge so they ALL get immune. Glaceon says that she's a little nervous because since Bellossom and herself are new to the alliance, they are the outsiders while Dodrio, Exploud, and Mismagius have been alligned since the beginning of the merge, but being in their alliance gives Glaceon a better chance of winning than just sticking with Bellossom. Gallade, Ambipom, Vespiquen, Sudowoodo, Wigglytuff, Ambipom, and Rampardos discuss how vital it is that they get immunity so they get closer to the final 7. Wigglytuff suggests that they break up into smaller groups because they are the biggest alliance so they make a big target for whatever Miltank has in store for them to sabotage, because with Miltank, anything goes. However, Gallade thinks that they'll be ok because they can all watch each others' backs. in the confessional, Wigglytuff is a bit mad that Gallade didn't go with her plan because it was the better tactic. Purugly tells Drapion, Roserade, and Primeape that they all need immunity-especially herself because she wants to win, and reminds them that they are alligned with her so they don't get voted off, otherwise they'd easily get blindsided (wierd how Drapion is easily lumped with the villains just because he likes Roserade). Purugly says that her vision of an ideal alliance is her telling the others what to do because she knows best, but apparantly Roserade, Primeape, and Drapion are too stupid to understand that concept. Unknown to the contestants, Miltank hired local pokemon to sabotage them. The first is Articuno, who imprisons Mismagius and Dodrio into magical ice chambers, but Glaceon, Bellossom, and Exploud are able to flee. Mismagius says that she's actually glad Miltank threw in that twist because the challenge was pretty boring for her, but that doesn't chance how Mismagius views Miltank as a bitcht diva that's worse than Purugly (that means a lot). A Delibird ambushes Wigglytuff, Rampardos, Sudowoodo, Ambipom, Vespiquen, Gallade, and Ursaring, and captures Vespiquen, Gallade, and Ursaring, although Wigglytuff, Sudowoodo, Ambipom, and Rampardos escape. Gallade says he's embarassed and wishes that he listened to Wigglytuff, who listens in and says that she told him, but regardless Gallade continues that the fact that Vespiquen was flying so high and that Ursaring and Rampardos are pretty big didn't help him either, but he feels like he's safe because his only enemies are the usual: Purugly, Primeape, and Roserade. A Glalie captures Drapion and Purugly, but fails to get Primeape and Roserade. Drapion says that he wasn't shocked that he got sabotaged because he's by far the biggest member of his alliance and as said before the biggest remaining contestant, but what worries him more is that that tool Primeape will try to play Roserade. Froslass makes a cameo appearance, but since Miltank hired her, she traps Glaceon and Bellossom, but Exploud manages to get away. Bellossom found getting trapped in an ice chamber is really fun, despite being a grass pokemon. Wigglytuff warns Ambipom, Sudowoodo, and Rampardos to stay on their toes. But that doesn't go too well because an Abomasnow traps Ambipom, Sudowoodo, and Rampardos, but Wigglytuff escapes. Ambipom depicts the ice chamber as cruel and cold, and wants Wigglytuff to win immunity, even if she recently got the bad habit of being too bossy. Now that Roserade and Primeape are alone, Roserade asks Primeape if he wants to be her boyfriend, but Primeape says no; he doesn't like her, he's just been playing her, and he plans to vote Roserade off tonight. Roserade runs off crying, and proving that kharma's a bitch, an Empoleon appears after Roserade leaves to imprison Primeape. in the confessional, Primeape says that Roserade is hot, no getting around that, but she's a bitchy diva and he was just doing what players do best: play, as in he was playing Roserade into believing that he liked her back. He ends by saying that he will never settle down with one girl, especially when it's a poison/grass sinnoh pokemon named Roserade. Roserade says that she really sad that Primeape played her, not just because usually Roserade plays other guys, but more importantly because she took Drapion for granted, she doesn't deserve him, and she feels like voting herself off. Being the last three in the challenge, Exploud, Wigglytuff, and Roserade run into each other, and more serendipitous is that they encounter a few contestants that got voted off earlier this season: Froslass, Mamoswine, Magmortar, and Cherrim, who plan to help them get immunity, even if Roserade's a villain and Cherrim is very bitter about losing the competition AGAIN (somethings never change). Magmortar explains that the reason they're there is because they want Primeape out, especially after Roserade got played like that. Cherrim adds that Primeape is ugly and smells and stupid. They finish by saying they'll do their best to be in next season to please their fans. Froslass then says that even though Miltank paid her to do some sabotage, she felt that it was the better thing to do to help her friends. Thanks to Magmortar, Cherrim, Froslass, and Mamoswine's help, Wigglytuff, Roserade, and Exploud found the secret colony of Grass pokemon in Greenland, that consists of a Cacturne, Exeggcute, Skiploom, Cherubi, Sunflora, Breloom, Victreebel, and the de facto leader, Torterra, and win immunity. Exploud says that he's psyched that he won immunity because it takes him farther into the game and it increases his chance of winning the competition for his girlfriend, Drifblim. Rampardos says that even though he wanted to sing the immunity song, the contestants aren't a fan of his singing so they didn't let him, but Rampardos is still confident that he won't go tonight, but Primeape will. For the immunity song, Gallade, Drapion, Mismagius, Vespiquen, Ambipom, Sudowoodo, Bellossom, and Glaceon sing Come Fly With Us from Total Drama World Tour. Miltank gives the eight of them immunity. Bellossom says she has fun singing the songs and it's a win-win; she gets immunity AND to sing, but she fears that the contestants will find her almost as cheap as Primeape for constantly singing immunity songs. At the poffin ceremony, Wigglytuff and Exploud are pregiven poffins for winning the challenge and so are Gallade, Drapion, Mismagius, Vespiquen, Ambipom, Sudowoodo, Bellossom, and Glaceon for singing the immunity song. 5 poffins remain, and four of them go to Ursaring, Dodrio, Rampardos, and Purugly. The bottom 2 are Roserade and Primeape for both being villains and therfore umpopular with the rest of the cast. The final poffin goes to Roserade, which shocks Primeape because he admits that he switched the votes against Roserade, but he forgot one major detail: Roserade had immunity! So with that stupid mistake, Primeape becomes the 62nd contestant voted off TPTM. after Primeape's elimination, Roserade and Drapion rekindle their relationship after Roserade promises to be a better girifriend to Drapion.

Episode 41: One Tourist to Annoy Them all

Location: New Zealand

Challenge: Take a doll representing a pokemon that each player admires to a volcano and throw it in before time runs out or risk sudden elimination.

15 contestants remain. Wigglytuff says that she's happy Primeape left, and that they should've voted him off over Hitmonchan back in Martinique, but it was too late for that, and at least he's gone now. The other girls, and now even Roserade, agree with Wigglytuff. Purugly tells Mismagius that it's as clear as crystal that she and Mismagius share this show's biggest conflict and their fights are practically reruns after so much time that they've confronted each other, so she DOESN'T want to fight with Mismagius right now. Mismagius knows that opportunities like this aren't meant to last so she forgets her shock of Purugly's courtesy and agrees with her. In the confessional, Glaceon says that only Roserade and Purugly are left out of all of this season's villains, and with only 2 of them left (counting Drapion as a good guy even if Roserade is a villain) as opposed to 13 protagonists, she's not too worried about them anymore. Glaceon also says that she likes her new alliance with Mismagius, Exploud, and Dodrio. The boys all talk about how awesome it is that Primeape finally left. O then shouts out that he likes syrup, which confuses Exploud bec ause he thought he liked pie. Do and Dri say that he still likes pie, but he thought he needed a new catchphrase. Ursaring, Exploud, and Sudowoodo say that it's a good new catchphrase. Sudowoodo says that he's glad he's still in the competition and that he got to outlast Hitmonlee, Blaziken, hitmonchan, and ultimately Primeape, and that he hopes he wins. Miltank says that now that Primeape has been eliminated, there will be no more vote switching so everyone will be fair for now on, although Mismagius, Purugly, and Wigglytuff correct Miltank by saying that Miltank is NEVER fair. Miltank says that she's fair in her own way (her own way is right). Miltank announces their arrival in New Zealand, the place used to film many a movie, most notably Lord of the Rings, but Total Pokemon Action is long gone, so the challenge will not be centered around Lord of the Rings. Bellossom says that she loves Lord of the Rings, but mostly due to the amount of violence in the series. For the challenge, each of the final 15 will be given a pokedoll representing a pokemon precious to each individual competitor, that they will be split into four groups of either 3 or 4, and that if everyone completes the challenge on time, no one gets eliminated. Mismagius got a Luxray doll, Vespiquen a Gliscor doll, Roserade a Celebi doll(Celebi is Roserade's little sister), Drapion a Drapion doll(his mother is Drapion, not shockingly), Ursaring a Girafarig doll, Gallade a Gardevoir doll, Rampardos a Rampardos doll (he isn't the modest type), Purugly a Purugly doll (Persian dolls were out of stock), Dodrio an Absol doll, Wigglytuff a Shuckle doll, Sudowoodo a Machamp doll, Ambipom a Weavile doll, Bellossom a Flygon doll, Glaceon a Vaporeon doll (Azelf dolls were out of stock), and Exploud a Drifblim doll. Ambipom thinks that Miltank went a little easy on them this challenge, because it's just a doll, not the actual person, and who would anyone think that a doll is the actual pokemon? Ambipom's question gets answered as Wigglytuff says that she's happy that Shuckle returned and plans to go to the final 2 with it. The 1st group for this challenge consists of Ursaring, Drapion, Glaceon, and Exploud, so they get moving to the volcano. Exploud says that this challenge is basically handing him a spot in the final 14, because this isn't the real Drifblim, so he has no problem with throwing the doll into a volcano. The 2nd group for this challenge consists of Purugly, Rampardos, Ambipom, and Dodrio. Purugly is very upset that she's stuck with 3 morons, but Ambipom says that he's not an idiot, but Purugly says that he's a party boy, which means he doesn't use his brain much. Do says he's also not an idiot, but Dri says that he likes girls so his brain isn't put to as much work as Do's, and O says that he likes syrup. In the confessional, Purugly says that they can protest all they want, but she'll always view Rampardos, Ambipom, and Dodrio as idiots. The 3rd group for this challenge consist of Mismagius, Bellossom, Wigglytuff, and Sudowoodo. Mismagius thinks that this will be a great group and that they'll all 4 of them will get immunity. Wigglytuff corrects Mismagius, saying all 5 of them will get immunity, since she forgot that Shuckle "returned", but Sudowoodo, Mismagius, and Bellossom ignore Wigglytuff's new found insanity and play along. In the confessional, Mismagius says that she can relate to Wigglytuff being away from the one she loves; Mismagius outlasted Luxray in this season as well as in TPA, although Mismagius and Luxray weren't together after Luxray's elimination, but Wigglytuff thinking that a doll is Shuckle is wierding her out, and that she's probably going to have to vote Wigglytuff out before this becomes a huge problem. The 4th and final group for this challenge consists of Vespiquen, Gallade, and Roserade, and they are all confident that none of them will be leaving this episode. Gallade says that his group is a good one because they all share one thing: they are all driven to win the competition, and even though Roserade is evil, as long as he gets immunity, he doesn't care what happens to her. Ursaring, Glaceon, Exploud, and Drapion encounter a Blastoise, but if proves no threat to them as Exploud blows it away with Hyper Voice. Drapion compliments Exploud on a job well done. Ursaring also gives Exploud praise in the confessional. Rampardos, Dodrio, Ambipom, and Purugly encounter an Electivire, which scares Rampardos, so Purugly scolds him for being a chicken. However, Purugly and Ambipom also doubt their abilities to KO Electivire, but not Dodrio; they KO Electivire by using Tri Attack. In the confessional, Purugly doesn't give a crap that Dodrio KO'd an Electivire because they still annoy her and that will always be enough reason for her to hate them. Mismagius, Sudowoodo, Wigglytuff, and Bellossom encounter a Rayquaza, but Bellossom KO's Rayquaza by throwing a bomb at it. Bellossom said that it was fun to KO a Rayquaza, especially since not many Bellossom can say that they did that, and now she can continue her quest to throw the Flygon doll into the volcano, and if she's lucky, Purugly and Roserade too. Vespiquen, Gallade, and Roserade encounter a Charizard, but it gets easily defeated by Gallade's Psychic, and both Vespiquen and Roserade thank Gallade for doing so. In the confessional, Vespiquen says that if she wasn't already dating Gliscor, she would so date Gallade, because he is such a gentleman (Gallade's Diamond and Pearl pokedex entry does state that it's a master of courtesy), but besides that her guilt of voting off ninetales is STILL eating he rup even though that that was 5 episodes ago and she's been over this, and since Glaceon, Bellossom, and Wigglytuff are the only ones that know that she voted Ninetales off, she sort of wants them voted off, which makes her even more sad because Wigglytuff's one of her best friends after all they've been thorugh this season, but Wigglytuff did go insane today, and that could mean one less person standing between her and 1st place. Drapion, Exploud, Ursaring, and Glaceon throw their pokedolls into the volcano, and Drapion says that he hopes Roserade throws her pokedoll in in time, because he doesn't want Roserade going home right after they got back together. Drapion also mentions that Roserade is pregnant so their expecting a child soon. Purugly, Ambipom, and Dodrio throw their pokedolls in the volcano, but Rampardos doesn't want to. Rampardos says that he's in a huge dilemma; throw a doll of himself into a volcano and stay, or keep the doll and go home. Gallade, Vespiquen, and Roserade throw their dolls into the volcano. Roserade says that she loves her little sister and doesn't tell many people about her because she's a legendary pokemon and you never know how things go from there. Sudowoodo, Bellossom, and Mismagius throw their dolls into the volcano, but Wigglytuff also refuses to. Mismagius tells Wigglytuff to throw the doll into the volcano or get eliminated, because it's not the real Shuckle, but Wigglytuff fails to understand that. Sudowoodo says that Wigglytuff is completely insane because anyone with a brain can tell the difference between a doll and a person. 10 seconds remain until all competitors that haven't thrown in their dolls into the volcano become up for elimination, and like Bellossom intended to earlier, she gets revenge on Wigglytuff for leaving her alliance by taking Rampardos's doll away from him and throwing it in, and since Wigglytuff failed to throw in her doll in time, she becomes the 63rd contestant voted off TPTM. As she gets eliminated Wigglytuff is still insane and complains on how unfair it is that she and Shuckle got voted off as soon as Shuckle returned.

Episode 42: Collect the Maple Syrup, Eh?

Location: Canada

Challenge: Collect Maple Syrup around the rural areas of Canada

14 contestants remain. The episode begins with Roserade going on and on about how Wigglytuff cracked under the pressure and how winners NEVER act like that. Glaceon tries to defend her friend that she missed Shuckle and if she wanted to leave the game, then that's her choice. Bellossom then adds that Wigglytuff will be missed, despite Bellossom being the one that caused her elimination. In the confessional, Purugly notices how only 6 girls remain: Bellossom, Roserade, Vespiquen, Mismagius, Purugly, and Glaceon, as opposed to 8 boys that remain: Dodrio, Sudowoodo, Ursaring, Exploud, Rampardos, Ambipom, Drapion, and Gallade. Purugly says that that's really bad, and as much as she hates it, she may need to team up with the other girls to keep herself in the game and not let the numbers swallow them up. But the thing is that, aside from Vespiquen, who she respects, she can't stand the girls, and the girls can't stand her, so this will be tough. Most of the boys are somewhat upset that Wigglytuff left and will be missed, except for Rampardos, who is glad she left as opposed to him, and Dri, who thinks she isn't that hot. O says that he likes syrup, which confuses Sudowoodo since he usually says that he likes pie, but Do explains that he changed his catchphrase. In the confessional, Ambipom says that he pictured the final 14 being like a big party, but instead it's somewhat depressing due to everyone's head being deep in the game, which isn't bad, and he isn't complaining about getting this far, but he wishes that people would still be a bit more lively like they were early on in the game. Miltank thinks that it's for the best that Wigglytuff left so she can get back to all the people that she can't live without; Clefable and Shuckle. O shows great enthusiasm when Miltank announces their arrival in Canada, mostly due to his newfound love of syrup. Bellossom is also glad to be in Canada because of the moose, which she claims that they can be used for a lot of things, most notably (in her book) their amazing ability of bomb transport that Bellossom invented. Miltank is also happy, but not because she's in Canada; but because she came into some money that Weavile from TheSwiftYanmega's show owed her. The contestants split into alliances after Miltank explains the challenge. Dri and O go on and on about how great pancakes and syrup are, but Do tells them to get their heads in the game, and makes a shoutout to Absol saying they are going to win the competition for her and their daughter Abduo. Mismagius tells her alliance that they seem to be the alliance in the best shape as of now since Roserade's alliance only has 3 members and Gallade's alliance took a heavy loss with Wigglytuff's elimination. She also says that she doesn't feel the need to target any particular person until Roserade and Purugly are out of the game. Bellossom asks Mismagius if she can ride a moose, but Mismagius tells her that Bellossom can do whatever she wants-after the challenge that is. Exploud says that even though Bellossom is a nutjob, the two of them are friends so he's col with Bellossom throwing syrup bombs or whatever-as long as it's not at him. He also admits to be in shock to have made it this far but since he has he plans to win it for Drifblim. Gallade tells his alliance that he's both sad and annoyed that Wigglytuff left because this could signify a downfall for their alliance, even if they have the majority of the players as of right now. Rampardos thinks his alliance will be alright since he is amazing, therefore so is his alliance, and that will take him to the top, that is if he can outlast Vespiquen, Ambipom, Ursaring, Gallade, AND Sudowoodo, giving Rampardos a taste of reality. In the confessional, Gallade says that he does view Wigglytuff as a friend, but he is dissapointed that he may eventually cost him the game because he has one less vote on his side, and that Wigglytuff showed the world that despite her nice energy, she means business when she plays this game. Purugly tells Roserade and Drapion that now that they're together again, she doesn't want any slacking off from them so Purugly can get immunity, otherwise Purugly vows to eliminated both Roserade and Drapion. In the confessional, Roserade says that Purugly is getting on her last nerve and if she didn't depend on Purugly to keep her in the game, she would vote her off without a second thought, but right now Purugly is vital for Roserade's survival, as is Drapion, so she won't vote off Purugly just yet. Mismagius, Exploud, Glaceon, Bellossom, and Dodrio wander into the home of a colony of Weedle, Kakuna, and Beedrill, and the location of the 1st bottle of syrup. Bellossom threatens to bomb them if they don't give her the syrup, so without hesitation, the Poison/Bug types oblidge. In the confessional, Mismagius is very thankful that Bellossom joined her alliance, because even though Bellossom can be as annoying as hell, Bellossom is an easy barganing chip to getting the elements of victory from challenge to challenge. Vespiquen, Rampardos, Ursaring, Sudowoodo, Gallade, and Ambipom wander into the home of some Ledyba, Ledian, Spinarak, and Ariados, who agree to give them syrup in exchange for Ambipom. Against Ambipom's wishes,. Gallade agrees to said deal and promises to come back for Ambipom. Ambipom tries to see an upside to getting abducted by a Ledian; he can chill for the rest of the challenge. Roserade, Drapion, and Purugly wander into a home of Wurmple, Slicoon, Beautifly, Cascoon, and Dustox, who give Purugly and Drapion their syrup in exchange for Roserade. Against roserade and Drapion's wishes, Purugly agrees to it. Drapion wonders why they took roserade, but then he realizes that he's too muscular and Purugly's too fat for those Bug pokemon to pick them up. Ambipom and Roserade both find themselves in a nest up on a tree. In the confessional, Roserade says that it was torture being stuck in a tree with Ambipom because he's a moron. Dodrio, Mismagius, Bellossom, Glaceon, and Exploud wander into the home of some Burmy, Wormadam (Plant Cloak), and Mothim, who give them their syrup without any strings attached. Glaceon says that she's happy that their alliance was the only one that did get an alliance member taken away from there, although that's mostly because of Bellossom. Ambipom tells it straight to Roserade; he doesn't like drama queens like her and that she reeks of evilness. Roserade takes it the wrong way and thinks that Ambipom told her that she smells, and retaliates by saying that his girlfriend Weavile is ugly AND smells. In the confessional, Ambipom says that despite him usually being a mellow fellow, if anyone crosses the line like how Roserade just did, it's a whole nother deal. Vespiquen, Rampardos, Gallade, Sudowoodo, and Ursaring wander into the home of a colony of Kricketot and Kricketune who seem to enjoy singing, and then they give them the syrup for free. In the confessional, Vespiquen says that those Kricketot and Kricketune were annoying and now she doesn't really want to come back to Canada now because of them. Roserade tells Ambipom that she thinks that Weavile is a man, so Ambipom retaliates by saying that Drapion is an undercover geek, but that doesn't bother Roserade, as she finds that trait of Drapion hot, and that if ambipom tells anyone that she said that he's dead. Roserade continues the fight by calling Weavile a horrible Ice type(inaccurate much?). Drapion and Purugly wander into the home of a colony of Yanma and Yanmega, and one of the Yanmega happens to be the one that got eliminated from InsaneXmas's Total Pokemon Action. Regardless, Drapiona dn Purugly receive some syrup from them. Purugly goes on and on about how annoyed she is due to the constant camoes of losers from other shows. Luckily for Ambipom and Roserade, Togekiss shows up again to rescue the two of them from the tree, but Roserade is still annoyed that it was Togekiss. In the confessional, Togekiss says that she is sad that she lost this season but she's glad to show up even after elimination. The cast regroups, and that includes Ambipom and Roserade who continue to argue while riding Togekiss. In fact, their fight gets so out of hand that Ambipom tries to hit Roserade with Swift and Roserade tries to hit Ambipom with Petal Dance (this next part doesn't make sense since Swift never misses in the games) but they miss and hit the other 12 competitors, causing the syrup they are holding to explode and get all over them. In the confessional, Roserade thinks that this is really bad because people already hate her to begin with, and now she'll need a miracle to avoid elimination, especially when up against Ambipom. Miltank laughs at what Roserade and Ambipom did and says that no one gets immunity. Roserade hopes that she doesn't give birth while on the dirty blimp, while Ambipom is confident that he'll be safe and that Roserade will get eliminated. At the poffin ceremony, Rampardos, Vespiquen, Purugly, Mismagius, Bellossom, Glaceon, Exploud, Sudowoodo, Ursaring, Gallade, Dodrio, and Drapion. The bottom 2 are Ambipom and Roserade for covering the entire cast with syrup. The final poffin goes to Roserade, and much to Ambipom's shock, Ambipom becomes the 64th contestant voted off TPTM. Ambipom says that he is shocked that he went over Roserade, but he's glad he made it to the final 14 and that he had a fun time this season.

Episode 43: I'm Dreaming of a Rich Future

Location: North Pole

Challenge: Find Santa Claus and Jynx's missing Teddiursa and Ursaring

13 contestants remain. Aside from Purugly and Roserade, the girls are a little sad that Ambipom got voted off, but let's face it; in this stage of the competition, everyone has to feel some relief whenever someone gets eliminated. In the confessional, Roserade says that had she not have gotten Ambipom to crack by insulting Weavile, she wouldn't be in right now. And now that she got Ambipom eliminated, there's no doubt in her mind that she can win the competition. While the other guys are a little bummed about Ambipom leaving, Rampardos says that he doesn't care about Ambipom because he's annoying. Drapion tells him to watch his mouth because even if someone gets voted off and they get farther in the game because of that, we have to acknowledge that they were their friends and in the end, there is no way you can win this game all on your own. But nonetheless, Drapion is still glad that instead of Roserade leaving, it was Ambipom. In the confessional, Gallade can't help but worry that he could get eliminated soon because it's no mere coincidence that Ambipom left right after Wigglytuff, and it's not like anyone in his alliance did anything major to hurt anyone besides Rampardos sort of bugging Drapion and Vespiquen working with Purugly to eliminated Ninetales in Norway, but that's ancient history now and no one really seems to hold that against her except, in away, herself. Nonetheless, Gallade knows that he can't afford to have another of his alliance members leave this episode. Miltank announces their arrival at the North Pole, so Roserade quickly complains that she hates the cold, but Miltank doesn't care. And then Miltank decides to do something she hadn't done since earlier this season: literally drop the cast off. Purugly says that she hates Miltank even more right now since she let everyone fall, and not even without a parachute, and that Miltank is so lucky that Purugly didn't land in any water. Miltank explains the challenge, introduces the cast to one of Santa's Jynx, and they split up into their alliances. Vespiquen hopes that everyone forgot about the Ninetales incident, because that has been keeping her from sleeping lately, and hopes to get immunity. Mismagius tells Dodrio, Exploud, Glaceon, and Bellossom that even though Purugly is targeting Gallade's alliance, they can't fall asleep either, so it's the best choice to target the two powerhouses: Drapion and Ursaring. However, since Bellossom is tight with Lapras, she refuses to vote off Ursaring and demands that they target Drapion and not Ursaring. Mismagius, Dodrio, Glaceon, and Exploud tell her that they will do their best to respect Bellossom's desicion, but they make no promises. In the confessional, Bellossom vows to, at the very least, make sure Ursaring outlasts Drapion. Gallade tells Vespiquen, Ursaring, Rampardos, and Sudowoodo that them getting immunity is critically important in this point in time because Purugly seems to be targetting them, well specifically Ursaring, but still, they need immunity, even if Rampardos and Sudowoodo's chances of accomplishing that are lower than Ursaring, Gallade and Vespiquen's. In the confessional, Ursaring rceived word from Bellossom that Mismagius, Glaceon, Exploud, and Dodrio want to vote either him or Drapion out next, so it's not even a question at this point: he needs immunity. Purugly gives Drapion and Roserade her trademark "I need immunity first" speech and then tells them that while there's a lot of talk that Ursaring and Drapion are targets for being strong, Purugly says that she wants to target Gallade because he's a triple threat; he's above average physically, he's a good strategist, and he's tight with both his alliance and the alliance of Mismagius, Bellossom, Dodrio, Exploud, and Glaceon, so Purugly tells Drapion and Roserade that Gallade will be the one that they will sabotage today. Drapion wonders why he's still alligned with Purugly because Purugly hates Roserade and Drapion and vice versa, and furthermore, Drapion doesn't feel good about sabotaging people and he feels worse about it since he kind of cost Stantler the game 4 episodes ago, and since he's a target, he wants to get immunity. Mismagius, Dodrio, Exploud, Bellossom, and Glaceon find Ursaring, but to be fair they decide to call it to get immunity (it's sort of 3rd grade, but what else can you do?). Mismagius and Dodrio call the Ursaring first to they have claims to immunity, and Exploud, Bellossom, and Glaceon are ok with it. In the confessional, Mismagius thought of the "calling it" idea because she doesn't want her alliance fighting over immunity, and since she alsready got immunity, Mismagius will be a team player and help Exploud, Glaceon, and Bellossom get immunity too. Purugly uses Slash to carve a hole on some ice and to put Teddiursa on one side of the ice so when Gallade sees it, he'll fall into the trap. In the confessional, Purugly states that she's so over smart players like Gallade and Stantler and others because the more smart players last, the more they can get around Purugly and eventually eliminate her, and that's why she alligned with Drapion and Roserade, because she thinks that she can outsmart both of them easily. Gallade, Sudowoodo, Ursaring, Vespiquen, and Rampardos find two Ursaring, and although the alliance is okay with Vespiquen and Gallade getting immunity, Galalde says that they can debate it later should it be necessary. In the confessional, Rampardos says that although he is AMAZING, no one really targets him much so Vespiquen and Gallade need it more than him. Gallade, Ursaring, Sudowoodo, Rampardos, and Vespiquen find the little Teddiursa that is part of Purugly's trap, but something goes wrong-Ursaring falls into it instead of Gallade. Gallade says that Ursaring told him that even after getting frozen, he's alright with letting Gallade have immunity because they think that Purugly will finally get the boot after what she did. Miltank announces that Gallade, Vespiquen, Dodrio, Mismagius, and Bellossom win immunity, so they are pregiven poffins at the poffin ceremony. 7 poffins remain, and 6 of them go to Glaceon, Exploud, Rampardos, Sudowoodo, Roserade, and Drapion. The bottom 2 are Ursaring and Purugly for obvious reasons, unless you just started reading here. The final poffin goes to Drapion, and Ursaring becomes the 65th contestant voted off TPTM. Bellossom vows that Ursaring's elimination will be avenged.

Episode 44: The Search for the Youtube Celebrity

Location: Michigan

Challenge: Find Poli (RuinsofPoli) somewhere in Michigan

12 contestants remain. Bellossom tells Purugly that she's going to kill her for blindsiding Ursaring. Purugly tells her that is she kills her she'll go to jail, but Bellossom replies saying that jails are no match for her power. Purugly tells her that Bellossom should be thankful to be in the final 12 because it could've been her instead of Ursaring. Bellossom finsihes by calling Purugly fat and ugly (oh please, we've be over this time and time again). In the confessional, Bellossom says that Ursaring will be avenged and that she will take it out on Purugly just for fun. Gallade is a bit sad that Ursaring left, and Drapion tells Gallade that Purugly originally targeted him but since Gallade left she had to resort to blindsiding Ursaring. in the confessional, Exploud apologizes to Lapras, Vaporeon, and Steelix for voting off Ursaring but it was his alliance's desicion and he wants to win and Ursaring was a big obstacle. Exploud then hopes that hopefully he'll get a chance to vote off Roserade or Purugly next. Miltank is glad because only Bellossom remains that is pretty close to Lapras, but Bellossom tells Miltank that she is in it to win it. When Miltank announces their arrival in Michigan, O and Purugly wonder what is in Michigan that intrigues Miltank to maker a challenge there. She explains that it's where Poli lives and explains the challenge,s o they break up into their alliances. In the confessional, Glaceon also apologizes for voting off Ursaring because as much as she didn't want to, he was a threat. Sudowoodo is glad to still be in the competition and hopes to last a little bit longer before getting voted off. Mismagius apologizes to Bellossom for voting off Ursaring, and although Bellossom is annoyed, she won't throw a bomb at Mismagius, so of course Mismagius is relieved. Although Do and O feel bad about voting for Ursaring, but Dri doesn't because at this point, anyone can be a threat, just like how Ursaring was. Rampardos says he liked Ursaring because he was nice and a big help to their alliance, and although Bellossom and Rampardos's alliance voted for Purugly, everyone else voted off Ursaring, eliminating Ursaring 7-6. Purugly insults Drapion for feeling ba dabout Ursaring's elimination, and Roserade says that no one puts Drapion down, even though Roserade had a big habit of it previously, and it's only a matter of time before she cuts Purugly loose. The challenges begins, and Mismagius, Dodrio, Glaceon, Exploud, and Bellossom ask a Shuppet for directions, but the Shuppet was not helpful, and annoyed Bellossom. Gallade, Vespiquen, Rampardos, and Sudowoodo then ask a Whiscash for directions, but he wasn't useful either, so Gallade and Vespiquen decide to split up from Rampardos and Sudowoodo. Vespiquen said that Gallde wanted her to be with Rampardos while he was with Sudowoodo, but Vespiquen told him that she can't stand being alone with either of them becaus ethey're both annoying. Purugly, Drapion, and Roserade ask a Manaphy for directions, but Manaphy gives them no useful information, which upsets Purugly. In the cofnessional, Drapion says that he and Roserade are trying to get immunity for one of them since they could care less about Purugly, but preferably he should get immunity because he's the strongest player left. Mismagius, Glaceon, and Bellossom also split up from Dodrio and Exploud, and find a Grimer, but before he gives them a clue, Bellossom insults him on his scent, and since he felt offended he refused to help them, which annoyed Mismagius. Mismagius also says that she understands that Bellossom's mad about Ursaring's elimination but the point of the game is to be the last one left so she can't elt that bother her too much. Rampardos and Sudowoodo try to get directions from a Kricketune, but since it turns out to be one of the singing Kricketune from canada, they flee. Sudowoodo felt like Miltank brought Kricketune to Michigan to annoy them. While Roserade and Drapion are looking for Poli, they receive word from a Butterfree that he's two miles away. In the confessional, Roserade is upset that now Purugly might beat her to Poli and win immunity. Exploud and Dodrio are looking for Poliw ehn a Seedot calls them ugly freaks, and Exploud gets so mad that he beat the little Seedot up. in the confessional, Exploud says that he would've been more sympathetic if Seedot had shut up. Vespiquen and Gallade ask a Skuntank for directions, but its toxic fumes made Vespiquen and Gallade sick. Purugly finds Poli (in Delibird form) and wins immunity, prompting Purugly to gloat about how now the other "losers" have to wait another episode to vote her off. In the confessional, Gallade says he's voting off Drapion for being a huge threat and to avenge Ursaring's elimination. After that, Mismagiu says she's voting off Gallade to undermine his alliance, because with him gone, Vespiquen, Rampardos, and Sudowoodo won't get along, giving Mismagius's alliance a huge advantage. At the poffin ceremony, Purugly is pregiven a poffin for getting immunity. 10 poffins remain, and 9 of them go to Bellossom, Glaceon, Mismagius, Exploud, Dodrio, Rampardos, Sudowoodo, Roserade, and Vespiquen. The bottom 2 are Drapion and Gallade, both for being big threats. The final poffin goes to Drapion, and Gallade becomes the 66th contestant voted off TPTM.

Episode 45: Atlantis Sinks Again

Location: Atlantis

Challenge: Find the Damp Rock hidden in a palace in Atlantis

11 contestants remain. Mismagius notices that Vespiquen isn't very happy today so she asks her what's wrong? Vespiquen says that with Gallade gone, the remainder of her alliance are Sudowoodo and Rampardos which is going to suck. Purugly teases Vespiquen that she knew that Gallade's elimination would cause Vespiquen to be irritated by her own alliance. In the confessional, Vespiquen says that it's rather ironic that in Michigan, Vespiquen told Gallade that she can't stand mroe than 10 minutes alone with Rampardos and/or Sudowoodo, and now she has to spend the rest of the game with both of them. in a gameplay stand point, it's good to have 2 idiots in your alliance because no one targets them, but it's hard to deal with them alone, and as if trying to win this game wasn't hard enough for Vespiquen. Although Rampardos and Sudowoodo agree that they like Gallade more than Vespiquen, Sudowoodo seems more worried about Gallade being out of the alliance than Rampardos, saying that he is more amazing than Gallade and Vespiquen should be thankful that Rampardos is still in to be in her alliance. Dri tells Rampardos that he has to watch out since Vespiquen doesn't really like him, but Rampardos says that he should talk, being a triple headed bird, but in reality, Dodrio is more popular with the contestants than Rampardos. In the confessional, Sudowoodo hopes that Vespiquen doesn't really hate him because he never did anything wrong to her. Miltank announces their arrival to the gateway to Atlantis, and while no one believes her at first (except Bellossom, to which Glaceon finds even wiereder than Bellossom's norm for weirdness), one Hariyama uses Vital Throw to chuck the contestants to Atlantis, they aren't laughing, and inf act they are barely breathing. Miltank uses a powder to turn the contestants into mutated water pokemon, which will ony last for the challenge. Dodrio says that he doesn't appreciate Hariyama doing that to them, but he doubts that Miltank would give a crap. As for the transformations, Drapion becomes part Gyarados, Mismagius becomes part Ludicolo and Omastar, Roserade becomes part Lileep and Gorebyss, Dodrio becomes part Vaporeon, Sudowoodo becomes part Corsola, Rampardos becomes part Crawdaunt, Exploud becomes part Mantine, Glaceon becomes part Dewgong, Purugly becomes part Walrein, Vespiquen becomes part Lumineon and Milotic, and Bellossom becomes part Barboach. Furthermore, Tauros becomes part Sharpedo and Miltank becomes part Seadra. In the confessional, Purugly complains that she is temporarily an ugly walrus and that she's going to get Miltank back for that one. Miltank explains the challenge and the contestants disperse into their alliances. Before Mismagius can even strategize with Glaceon, Exploud, Bellossom and Dodrio, she can't stop laughing about how ridiculous Purugly looks. Dri says that Mismagius doesn't look too hot either, but Mismagius shrusg it saying no one asked for his opinion. Anyways, Mismagius says that Miltank didn't specify how many people can win immunity so she asks everyone to stay together so they all win immunity. Bellossom asks Mismagius is she can sabotage Purugly (why does she need to ask?). Mismagius says that as long as herself isn't involved Bellossom can do whatever she wants. In the confessional, Mismagius says that having Bellossom in her lliance is a total risk, but this season she helped more than hindered Mismagius, but you never know. Vespiquen doesn't sugar coat anything towards Rampardos and Sudowoodo: She doesn't like either of them, but they have to work together to the final 3 if they want a shot at winning, and after that it's everyone for themselves. Before Rampardos can even say that he is amazing, Vespiquen tells him to save it because she already hears that 50 time s a day and never wants to hear it again. In the confessional, Vespiquen thinks that she's going to go crazy because Rampardos goes out of his way to annoy her and even though Sudowoodo doesn't intentionally do anything bad he has an annoying voice (didn't know Vespiquen was so shallow). Roserade and Drapion make fun of Purugly's appearance, so Pururlgy tells them to shut up and just win immunity. In the confessional, Roserade says that since Purugly is always a bitch to herself and Drapion, she shouldn't be surprised by the remarks she and Drapion throw at her. Rampardos says that all he has to do to get to the final 3 is work with Vespiquen and Rampardos while dealing with Vespiquen being an annoying bitch. Exploud, Mismagius, Bellossom, Glaceon, and Dodrio get directions to the Atlantis Palace form a Seadra. Bellossom says that she can't wait to get revenge on Purugly. Vespiquen, Rampardos, and Sudowoodo also get help for the challenge from a Kingler. Sudowoodo says that he hopes he can get immunity because with Vespiquen's additude, he's not sure that he can trust her 100%. Roserade, Drapion, and Purugly try to get directions from a Huntail and Gorebyss, but to no avail since they didn't help them at all, which really infuriated the 3 of them. Dodrio is excited that him, Exploud, Glaceon, Mismagius, and Bellossom are the 1st ones to get to the Palace and therfore they have a good chance of getting immunity. They find the Damp Rock, but Bellossom decides to blow up Atlantis while Purugly is still looking to get revnge, against Mismagius and Glaceon's wishes, so Glaceon tries to lead them out of there. Drapion, Roserade, and Purugly wonder why they are running, and the Hutnail explains that someone put a bomb in the palace, so they try to flee as well. Mimsagius explains that this is the risk factor Bellossom has that she talked about earlier. Kingler also tells Rampardos, Vespiquen, and Sudowoodo about the bomb, they immediately assume that it was Bellossom, so they try to escape. In the confessional, Rampardos says that it's time slike these where Bellossom is really bad to be around. The Seadra and Kingler that help give directions are both pissed that they did good deeds and in exchange they have their home blown up by a psycho. Atlantis explodes and the final 11, Miltank, and Tauros rise to the beach again. Everyone is pissed at Bellossom and Miltank says that no one gets immunity. In the confessional, Glaceon says that it sucks that her longest lasting ally has a 99% chance of elaving tonight, but doesn't give up on home. She thinks that she can possibly convince some people to vote off Vespiquen because she's a threat and because she was treating Rampardos and Sudowoodo like crap, but it would take a miracle for that plan to work. At the poffin ceremony, poffins go to Mismagius, Glaceon, Exploud, Dodrio, Rampardos, Sudowoodo, Drapion, Roserade, and Purugly. The bottom 2 is Bellossom for blowing up Atlantis and Vespiquen for being a bitch towards Sudowoodo and Rampardos. The final poffin goes to Vespiquen, and Bellossom, much to Miltank's joy, becomes the 67th contestant voted off TPTM.

Episode 46: That's One Hot Contest

Location: Chile

Challenge: Boys and Girls compete amongst themselves to eat the most chili peppers they possibly can

10 contestants remain. Purugly and Roserade are obviously glad that Bellossom left last episode, but Roserade has even more reason to be happy: She now has a son, Budrupi. While Mismagius, Vespiquen, and Glaceon congratulate Roserade, Purugly obviously shows no sympathy and calls Budrupi ugly. In the confessional, Roserade said that Bellossom helped her give birth (hinting that it happen last episode) so they're kind of cool now, and right now she just can't be happier. In the boys' cabin, Drapion feels the same way. Rampardos says that he heard that him and his trampy girlfreind had a son. Drapion says although Rampardos is correct, she should pick his words more carefully next time. Rampardos shrugs it and says that neither his son nor Drapion can beat the Amazing Rampardos up. In the confessional, Rampardos says that he couldn't care less about what goes on between Roserade and Drapion because he thinks that's he's the star of the show because he's AMAZING. He also feels good about today's challenge. Miltank doesn't seem to like Roserade and Drapion's baby, and then she announces that they've arrived in Chile. In the confessional, Glaceon explains that Bellossom was done with this show so she bombed Atlantis so everyone would vote her off but she does like Glaceon and is rooting for her to win, along with Azelf, Espeon, Umbreon, Jolteon, Leafeon, Flareon, and Vaporeon. As Miltank explains the challenge she also states how she's feeling lazy today so since there's 5 girls and 5 guys still in the competition, 1 girl and 1 guy will win immunity. In the confessional Mismagius is super pumped because in this season, not only was it the first time she made the merge, but the first time she made the top 10, and she's going to go all the way for Luxray and Misdrinx, and that means that she'll have to eliminate Purugly soon. The challenge begins, and for round 1 of the challenge, the contestants must eat 5 chili peppers each, and anyone who wants to drop out is welcome to. Roserade and Glaceon drop out for the girls, but Mismagius, Vespiquen, and Purugly stay in and eat the peppers, only to hear Miltank say that they didn't have to since Roserade and Glaceon dropped out. In the confessional, Vespiquen said that it was those trust issue that got her annoyed ever since Espeon and Umbreon blindsided her at the final 6 of season 1, and she knows she regrets booting Ninetales, but there's nothing she can do about it and she's really trying to win for Gliscor and Glibee. For the boys, while Drapion, Exploud, and Dodrio stay strong for immunity, Rampardos and Sudowoodo forfeit. In the confessional, Sudowoodo said that he could've used immunity but he just can't stand spicy things and he feels like he has a few episodes left of people going "Well Sudowoodo's no threat let's keep him in" before the episode of "We need him out to win so let's vote him off" comes along. In the next round of the contest, Vespiquen, Mismagius, and Purugly all ate their new batch of peppers, but Purugly lost it when she collapsed. In the confessional, Purugly says that Miltank has every stupid challenge idea written in abook because there's no way she would not not use this challenge when they come in Chile, and she doesn't care if she loses the challenges because this is her season and in her season she never gets voted off. For the boys, Dodrio, Drapion, and Exploud finish their peppers, but Exploud collapsed so he's out. In the confessional, Exploud feels like no one is targeting him so maybe he has a chance to make it to the end. It's down to Mismagius, Vespiquen, Dodrio, and Drapion in this challenge, and when Mismagius and Dodrio fail, Vespiquen and Drapion win immunity (let's face it, they need it the most). Dodrio says that he tried to finish it before Drapion, but it was just too much and all they can hope for now is that Purugly or Roserade is finally done with the competition. Drapion syas that it was and always wil be for now on critically important he got immunity and despite Roserade being one of tonight's targets he's gonna go for Purugly. Since Rampardos and Sudowoodo were force-fed chili peppers by Chef Hariyama (enough for Miltank to consider paying him more than 3 pennies), everyone but Roserade and Glaceon is burnt inside by chili peppers. In the confessional, Roserade decides to strike while the iron's hot; Bellossom just left, so why not boot Glaceon? Vespiquen, Rampardos, and Sudowoodo seem to be on board, but no promises were made, but if all works out, Glaceon's gone and Roserade moves on. At the Poffin Ceremony, Vespiquen and Drapion are pregiven poffins for receiving immunity. 7 poffins remain, and 6 of them go to Mismagius, Exploud, Dodrio, Sudowoodo, Rampardos, and Purugly (finally she gets past the final 10, stupid fat cat). The bottom 2 are Glaceon for not doing much and to attempt to strike while the iron's hot and Roserade for being mean throughout the season. The final poffin goes to Glaceon, and Roserade becomes the 68th contestant voted off TPTM. Roserade admits that her strategy wasn't the best, looking back, and she hopes that Drapion can win in her place, prompting Drapion that he'll do whatever it takes to win this season.

Episode 47: Lost in the Crowd

Location: Minnesota

Challenge: Find 6 Rotom roaming around the biggest mall in North America

9 contestants remain. The episode begins with Mismagius taunting Purugly about Roserade's elimination and how that signals that Purugly is next. I don't know how, but Purugly still finds a way to say that she doesn't need an alliance to win this game and it will be totally easy. However, Mismagius, Vespiquen, and Glaceon all agree that they're voting her off next. In the confessional, Purugly says that even though Drapion never said that the alliance was through, it's the implicit message that he sent after Roserade left since the only reason Drapion alligned with Purugly is because Roserade did. Purugly still says that Drapion needs her because he's still the biggest one in the final 9, but no matter what Drapion's done with her, but that is no reason for Purugly to give up-she'll continue to cheat and sabotage and whatever to come out on top like she desired to do since Episode 1 Season 1. Rampardos doesn't sugarcoat a thing-he's ecstatic that Roserade left, but Drapion tells him to shut up because no matter what she's done this season she's his girlfriend and she means a lot to him. Exploud agrees and tells Rampardos to show a little respect-she's no Purugly. Sudowoodo also agrees that Roserade was both a diva and Drapion's girlfriend, and despite the former not being a good thing to be, the latter is enough for Roserade to get some sympathy. Do says the same thing Sudowoodo said, and Dri adds that she was hot, but tells Drapion that he was kidding. O says he likes syrup, somewhat Roserade, and Drapion because they're friends.Drapion agrees that he's cool with Do and O but Dri's a ltitle shaky. Drapion says that his chances of winning are slightly smaller with no alliance but he won't let that get to him because he promised Roserade to win this for her. Vespiquen also says that she knows the next destination is Minnesota which is stupid since Minnesota is just another state and they could've gone to an better one like Pennsylvania or New York but no it just had to be Minnesota. Miltank announces their arrival in Minnesota, more exactly, the Mall of America, and that today, two people are going home, meaning only 7 will move on to Episode 48. In the confessional, Sudowoodo says that he's nervous about the impending double elimination and that is enough for him to need immunity because any two could be eliminated for any reason and he could be targeted for the same reasons as Glaceon; being nice to everyone. To further mix things up, Miltank put the final 9 in 3 groups of 3 meaning that 3 will get immunity and 2 of the non-immune 6 will be booted. The groups are Dodrio, Drapion, and Glaceon (the three average players), Mismagius, Vespiquen, and Purugly (the three competitive and likely to fight players), and Rampardos, Sudowoodo, and Exploud (the three somehwta dim-witted players). Do thinks that this challenge will be fun and Dri points out that there's a lot of hot girls in the Mall of America, but Do reminds him that they're dating Absol and that she's already soemwhat pissed at Dri for flirting with the other girls. O hopes that they can go shopping for Absol and ride the rides, but the three doubt Miltank would let them. Purugly tells Mismagius and Vespiquen that she hates both of them but she will lead the three of them to immunity, and Mismagius doubts that that's possible. Vespiquen knows that this will be like hell. Mismagius says that Miltank really wants her out of this comeptition and that's why she's paired with Purugly, but Miltank's plans will fail as she's going to win this season. Dodrio, Drapion, and Glaceon all agree to work together to win immunity. Glaceon thinks that her group is the best because Mismagius and Purugly will be at each other's throats and Sudowoodo isn't the strongest guy, Exploud can be loud, and mostly everyone thinks Rampardos is annoying. As the de facto leader of their group, Exploud encourages Rampardos and Sudowoodo that they'll do whatever it takes to get immunity and show everyone that they're not idiots, and Rampardos and Sudowoodo agree. In the confessional, Exploud makes it pretty clear that him, Rampardos, and Sudowoodo mean business and will win this challenge and get immunity. Exploud, Rampardos, and Sudowoodo encounter Wash and Heat Rotom and although they caught them, the Rotom shock their group, but only really damage Exploud since Sudowoodo and Rampardos are Rock pokemon. In the confessional, Wash Rotom's phone rings, but he doesn't want to pick it up, and he states that it was jsut their luck that they ran into two Rock types. While Vespiquen, Purugly, and Mismagius look for Rotom, Purugly and Mismagius begin insulting each other, which annoys Vespiquen. In the confessional, Purugly was actually looking forward to the Mall of America but being paired in the challenge with Mismagius just killed it for her. Drapion, Glaceon, and Dodrio find Fan and Freeze Rotom, but the Rotom shock them first, which hurts Drapion and Glaceon but totally KO's Dodrio since they are a Flying type pokemon. In the confessional, Drapion said that it was kind of stupid how the Rotom shock them first and join them later since he prefers only the latter. Purugly and Mismagius continue to fight, which begins to anger Vespiquen. In the confessional, Mismagius said that she knows that she said that she wouldn't let Purugly get to her, but after a half hour of walking in circles in the Mall of America courtesy of a big fat cat it just drives you insane. Her only regret is that if Mismagius gets immunity, so must Purugly, but if it means waiting one more episode until getting rid of her to get one step closer to a million bucks, so be it. Exploud seems to be recovering from the last shock, and then he, Sudowoodo, and Rampardos find the last 2 Rotom: Mow Rotom and the standard Rotom, who also shock them 3 before joining them, which completely fries Exploud. Rampardos says that despite Exploud needing anti shock treatment, the 4 Rotom they found pretty much sets in stone that they've won immunity, which is amazing because he's amazing. Purugly's and Mismagiu's fight reaches the boiling point for Purugly, Mismagius, and now Vespiquen, who beats up Mismagius all so they can just STFO (shut the f*** up for any of you non teens). In the confessional, Vespiquen tried to keep her cool as long as possible, but it was just too much hearing them bicker over who was more stupid, who was ugly, who's boyfriend was ugly, who's kid was ugly, who was fatter (why'd they argue about that? Purugly is the clear answer), and the list goes on and on. Miltank was very pleased to see that everyone except Rampardos and Sudowoodo failed to leave the challenge unscathed, and since Rampardos, Exploud, and Sudowoodo got the most Rotom, they win immunity. In the confessional, Sudowoodo says that now that he's in the final 7, whatever place he gets in the end, he's proud to get. At the poffin ceremony, Exploud, Sudowoodo, and Rampardos are pregiven poffins for getting immunity. 4 poffins remain, and 3 of them go to Dodrio, Drapion, and Glaceon. The bottom 3 are Mismagius, Purugly, and Vespiquen-Mismagius for fighting with Purugly, Purugly for fighting with Mismagius and being a bitch in general, and Vespiquen for beating both Mismagius and Purugly up in the Mall of America. Before the final poffin is given out, Miltank had the pleasure of revealing 9th place and therefore the 1st of the two contestants not receviing a poffin, that being.................PURUGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And with that, Purugly becomes the 69th contestant voted off TPTM. Purugly states that no one every deserves to win besides her or Persian, and yet that happens every dam season, but she could care less because her father is rich and he'll give her whatever she wants in life so she doesn't need the grand prize-she enver did. Now that the nominees for the final poffin are shortened to Mismagius and Vespiquen, the final poffin goes to Vespiquen, making Mismagius the 70th contestant voted off TPTM. Mismagius said that Miltank wanted her outa dn she had it coming after losing her cool but she's glad to have finally outranked Purugly and she knows she did a good job this season.

Episode 48: Come Around for a Bite

Location: Washington

Challenge: Become on one the last 3 contestants not to be bitten by a Were-Mightyena

7 contestants remain. Glaceon and Vespiquen comment on how the Girls' cabin looks bigger now that they are the last two girls in this game. Glaceon asks Vespiquen is they can make a girls' alliance, although Vespiquen finds that tactic sketchy since they are the only 2 left, but Glaceon says that that's exactly why they should make a girls' alliance because there's only 2 girls left as opposed to 5 boys and if Glaceon and Vespiquen don't team up they could be the next two out. Vespiquen says that that's not a bad idea even though the jury vote is either this episode or the next, but she agrees to it.

Rest of the season:

Exploud is voted off in Washington because even though he, Dodrio, Glaceon, and Vespiquen agreed to vote off Rampardos for being annoying, but Vespiquen switched her vote to Exploud since he was a bigger threat, making him the 71st contestant vote off TPTM.

In the jury vote, the jury seemed widely fond of Dodrio, Drapion, and Glaceon, they let Rampardos slide despite his arrogance, and despite Vespiquen's controversial strategies throughout the game, Sudowoodo became the 72nd contestant voted off TPTM for being a weak player and a friend of Machamp. (6th place)

The final 5 go to Blackthorn City, where Drapion, Vespiquen, Dodrio, and Glaceon sabotage Rampardos for being annoying and the "amazing Rampardos" becomes the 73rd contestant voted off TPTM (5th place).

The final 4 go to Snowpoint City and although they anticipate a snowball fight it's actually an igloo building contest, automatically costing Drapion and Dodrio the challenge, and Glaceon wins immunity. Vespiquen makes a final 2 deal with Glaceon, but what Glaceon doesn't know is that Vespiquen actually wants Drapion with her in the final 2 because if it's a race sort of challenge, Glaceon and Dodrio have her beat, but not Drapion since he's slower than Vespiquen. Drapion also finds himself in between two final 2 deals with Dodrio and Vespiquen. While Do and O are asleep, Dri tries to take a peek at Vespiquen in the shower, but Vespiquen catches him, assume all 3 saw her, and lobbies Glaceon and Drapion to vote off Dodrio, but after Do wakes up he tries to convince Drapion and Glaceon to vote off Vespiquen because she's just trying to blindside us and that she can't be trusted after voting off both Ninetales and Exploud. Dodrio's efforts fail as Glaceon and Drapion choose Vespiquen over Dodrio and Do, dri, and o each become one third of the 74th contestant voted off TPTM. (4th place)

The final 3 go to Sootopolis City where they have to ride on Milotic, Wailord, and Lapras and find Rayquaza using the help of three Gen V pokemon: Gothitelle, Reuniclus, and Victini, the 1st two which will appear next season. Vespiquen gets Gothitelle the helpful one, Drapion gets Victini, the neutral one, and Glaceon gets Reuniclus, the annoying one. With the help of Gothitelle, Vespiquen wins immunity and finally realizes her dream of making the finals. Glaceon listens in to a conversation between Vespiquen and Drapion saying not to act like Vespiquen's actually voting off Glaceon, so Glaceon rushes over to tell off Vespiquen for breaking a promise she made INITIALLY to Glaceon and that she's not sorry about voting off Glaceon because all she cares about is winning, which was partially proven when backstabbing Ninetales in Norway and Exploud in Washington and is now completely proven after the poffin ceremony. Drapion tries to stay out of the conflict, and Vespiquen, now with a heavy and guilty conscience votes off Glaceon, making her the 75th contestant voted off TPTM.(3rd place)

Vespiquen and Drapion are now the final 2 and the past contestants that either didn't compete this season or got voted off return. Most of the villains and Vespiquens's friends that know she's been through a lot support her, but the majority of people, including Ninetalers, Exploud, and Glaceon root for Drapion. Rampardos, true to his ego, makes his own section for "Team Rampardos", the in between of Teams Drapion and Vespiquen. For the final challenge, Vespiquen and Drapion must revisit every location the've been to from Saudi Arabia to Sootopolis City and collect pokedolls, with the first player to go to Viridian City after getting all 77 pokedolls (Persian and Azelf were eliminated twice, therfore they have two pokedolls) wins Total Pokemon the Musical and the $5,000,000 that goes with it. Drapion proves to do better than Vespiquen expected, but for the whole race Vespiquen is in the lead, but when at sootopolis, she remembers when she voted off Glaceon, then Exploud, then Ninetales, and then remembers her first two season where she got so far but got backstabbed, and now this season she has become the backstabber. Vespiquen therefore forfeits the game, allowing Drapion to become the winner of Total Pokemon the Musical. Drapion said he is so happy he won but he didn't audition for the money-he wanted some friends and a trip around the world due to him being a nerd, and therfore he not only gives Vespiquen $2,000,000 so she can finally come out of a season with some money, and he also gives $1,000,000 to Girfarig to make up for the money Miltank didn't give her in TPA even though she won. And for the after party, Luxray and Mismagius invite everyone except Miltank to their wedding, and boy did they mean EVERYONE BUT MILTANK: the interns, Chef Hariyama, and even Raichu from Nickinor2's TPA Showed up. After that everyone danced and Luxray sang to Mismagius. Then Miltank's Total Pokemon Cast disperses to go on their separate ways.

Celebrity Manhunts: Total Pokemon World Tour Special

Nidoqueen and Tauros dish the dirt on some of the cast and what they've been up to including Poliwrath and Starmie's cooking show, Azumarill, Delcatty, and Carnivine's trip to Paris, Mismagius and Purugly's blogwars, and the unusal disappearance of Staraptor and Clefable. The cast is also due to reunite at the red carpet, and although Togekiss interviews them, she can't get any dirt that Nidoqueen and Scizor want so she gets fired. Miltank and Tauros bring more bad news to the cast: THEY'RE NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE (not even Bellossom). However, Miltank says that Tropius is still famous because he is so hot.

The cast is not willing to stand for this, so using Poliwrath and Starmie's bus, they case Miltank, but Ellamise stops driving to makeout with Jolteon, causing them to explode and separate. Probopass, Chimecho, Illumise, Rampardos, Sceptile, Luxray, Honchkrow, Umbreon, Dodrio, Girfarig, Exploud, Carnivine, Azumarill, Hitmontop, Mesprit, Primeape, Spiritomb, Castform, Unown, Bronzong, Seaking, Lickilicky, Xatu, Espeon, Flareon, Magmortar, Ursaring, Mamoswine, Drifblim, Azelf, and Persian stray from their groups to look for help, but unluckily for them, everyone else got rescued by Miltank and they, alongside Tropius, get cast for season 4: Total Pokemon Live, featuring new players Kangaskhan(Dugtrio's girlfriend) and Solrock(Lunatone's boyfriend). With $10,000,000 on the line this time, it's going to be another thrilling season full of laughs, backstabbing, crazy challenges, alliances, and the everlasting foundation this show was built upon: drama. To keep informed on who gets voted off and who is in the competition after each episode, use this url:

Brief Episode, Elimination, Ranking, and Additional Info Edit

Episode 1 (Saudi Arabia)

Overview Edit

Total Pokemon Island had humble beginnings and had pretty innocent eliminations, challenges, and strategies. Total Pokemon Action raised the bar with interesting challenges, more frequent addons, and its aftermath show. This season 3, Total Pokemon The Musical/World Tour, is definitely the parody of Total Drama World Tour to beat. From Bellossom sabotaging smeargle in episode 1 to Mismagius and Luxray's Wedding in the finale, the season kept throwing key moments that either made an impact on the rest of the game or just touching moments that people will remember and wish to watch again years from now. Despite being shy of popular characters from season 2 like Gliscor, Toxicroak, Delcatty, and Rapidash, it made up for it with a huge cast of 75 contestants, including many new players, a boat load of antagonists, and a guest appearance by Nickinor2's Rampardos. The revolving door of antagonists also kept people on their toes as the Eeveelution family were the antagonists of the first half of the season and then Roserade, Purugly, Persian, Lopunny, Machamp, and Primeape take over for the rest of the game. The character development of several characters was also good, such as the strategic alliance under Ambipom, the blindsides Vespiquen reluctantly caused, Do, dri, and O's three personalities calshing with one another, Ursaring growing up post his evolution, and even Xatu's temporary bad boy trip as the X-Factor. This is definitely the best season Mis has so far and it makes me greatly look forward to Total Pokemon Live. And lastly, congratulations Drapion for your well earned victory. This is Vaporterra/Ivan Ornels concluding this gigantic article. Thank you for reading.