Mudkip debuted in season 2 and resembled Sierra by being a superfan and being crazy over a certain boy in the show-Grovyle. Mudkip even tried to get Swellow eliminated so nothing stood in Mudkip's way of being with Grovyle, but that plan didn't work in her favor and got Mudkip voted off instead. Mudkip evolved into Marshtomp (to improve her compatibility with Grovyle) during the aftermath and if expected to appear in Misdreavous525's Charm School, featuring the worst the shows have to offer in terms of female contestants.


Mudkip was one of the first 36 pokemon to be on the island and represents Izzy. She is known to be one of the crazy characters such as Spoink or Grimer. She joined an alliance made up of the 3 Water-type girls, Finneon, Poliwag, and herself, even though they were on different teams. On the 2nd episode it is revealed that Finneon and Poliwag liked Buizel but Mudkip liked Skorupi, to which her alliance friends laughed at. She is still in the competition.

Allies Finneon, Poliwag
Enemies Grimer
Love Interest Skorupi
Place TPI: TBA