Murkrow is a Dark/Flying-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II. It evolves into Honchkrow with a Dusk Stone.



Murkrow was one of the original contestants of Nickinor2's show. His role constantly switches between anti hero and antagonist, and he was the last of the M alliance from season 1. He finished in 4th in season 1 after evolving into Honchkrow, but was eliminated after backstabbing and attacking Pupitar (Only to be defeated by Quilava). He was the final antagonist of TPI. In season 2 he tries to act like a better person.


NickiNor2 is most notably known for his role as Murkrow that would eventually lead to his record with Honchkrow, surviving multiple elims surviving with just under the limit of votes to stay.


Murkrow was one of the original 36 campers to come to the island. In the beginning, he came to the island hoping to destroy the stereotypes about all Murkrows in TPIs being evil. After his kinda-sorta-girlfriend Emolga was backstabbed, he became evil because Emolga's good nature psychologically affected him. He single-handedly caused every single aspect of Shinx's elimination. Murkrow uses Night Shade to knock his opponents unconscious.

Allies Emolga, Poochyena
Enemies Buizel, Axew, Petilil, Shinx, Poochyena
Love Interest Emolga
Place TBA