Phione is a Water-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. It is obtained by breeding a Manaphy with a Ditto.


Phione is depicted as a shiny girl who eventually learns to stand up for herself and has a crazy side, similar to Musharna in Total Pokemon Live.

In TPMT/WT, Phione liked Marowak, but then Honchkrow played Phione to thinking that Marowak was a pervert, causing Phione to hate Marowak and Marowak to get voted off. Phione ended up joining an alliance with Unown, Mothim, Starmie, and Persian, although she ends up voting Mothim out for being a weak link Persian out for being hated by everyone and technically Starmie (Counting Espeon rigging the votes so everyone voted off Starmie). Phione was a cause in Team Chatot's victory in Italy but also a cause in the teams' loss in Morocco along with Drifblim, but the reason Phione was booted over Drifblim was because Espeon knew that now that Phione figured them out, she would be a threat. Phione got 61st place this season.

Phione returns to TPL. She makes an inter team alliance with Marowak, and the couples Clefraptor, Shigglytuff, and Leafmin. Phione also aligns with fellow teammates Gallade, Milotic, and Solrock. in Episode 8 Phione makes a point of noting that she survived the 17th elimination, something she failed to do last season. Despite this, in Episode 10 she attack Honchkrow, prompting Milotic (among others) to vote her off. Due to this Marowak had trouble playing without her, making it uncertain if Marowak has a chance of winning this season.