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Poke DodgeBallEdit

PokeBall Dodgeball is based off the Episode 4 challenge of Total Drama Island. It usually is a dodge-ball where where Pokémon instead of humans compete. It has been featured as a challenge in many famous and non-
S2 finale dodgeball
famous tpi shows, such as Elcoraiderx1994, NickiNor2, and others. It was also featured as a minor plot device in the S2 finale of Mjpj189's TPI finale.

Cliff DivingEdit

The Cliff Diving challenge is based off the challenge from Episode 2 of Total Drama Island. Instead of humans, Pokémon have to jump off a cliff. They'll have to try to get into the safe zone in the water so they don't get attacked by the Sharpedo(Sharks). If they don't jump off the cliff, they have to wear a very embarrassing hat, which is a Torchic hat most of the time. This challenge has appeared in many TPI Shows, including Nickinor2, Misdreavous525, GalladexSpiritomb123 and InsaneXmas. This is one of the most used challenges from TDI.

Capture the FlagEdit

The Capture the Flag challenge was a made up challenge created by a TPI Maker. It is based off the real game of Capture the Flag where the Pokemon have to guard their flag or try and steal the other teams flag. The challenge is completed when a team wins best 2 out of 3. This challenge has appeared in Nickinor2, Levi and InsaneXmas' TPI's.