Surskit is a Water/Bug pokemon introduced in Generation III. Its typing is exclusive, as when it evolves into Masquerain at level 22, it loses its water type to become part flying.


Surskit was a character in TPI and TPA, but it evolved into Masquerain in season 1.


Surskit was the Amanda of the group, so she constantly tried to push herself and strived to be the best. Surskit had a target on her back in Episode 2 for being unable to win the race despite being known as a fast pokemon. Despite Wooper being a liability, Surskit was eliminated over Wooper for not rising to her expectations and not being the TC. In Episode 25, Surskit voted off Froslass for not being as powerful in the challenges as Dragonite, Hitmonlee, and Scizor.

Based On Amanda Kimmel (Survivor China, Fans vs. Favorites, and Heroes vs. Villains)
Friends Dragonite, Hitmonlee, Chimecho, Marill, Wailord
Enemies Yanmega, Rapidash, Bagon, Wooper, possibly Froslass
Rank TPI: 27th