Swellow is a Normal/Flying-type Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Taillow at level 22.


Swellow evolved from Taillow in Total Pokemon Action. Swellow is aligned with Grovyle, Lucario, Porygon2, and Vibrava and had a chance at winning before Nicki became a retard and cancelled it.


In the Stranded series, Swellow first appeared as a Taillow on Stranded on Poké Island. She got eliminated in episode 23 by a Tentacruel.

In Stranded on Poké World Tour, Swellow got eliminated in episode 3, because Electabuzz purposely kissed her, causing Gliscor to convince Team Kanto to vote her out over Electabuzz.

In Stranded on Poké High School, Swellow first got eliminated in episode 8, when Hypno hypnotized Team Haxorus into voting her out over Salamence, much to Gliscor's shock.

Friends Blaziken, Typhlosion
Enemies Electivire
Love Interest Gliscor

SOPI: 10th

SOPWT: 36th

SOPHS: 18th


Swellow started in Total Pokemon History as the pervert, who loved looking at girls all the time(Him being Jiriya's Trainer and all).It didn't work for him as he was eliminated in episode 6 by a unanimous vote against Zangoose.

In the aftermath show,it was announced that he has a crush on Chimecho,but it didn't work out for a while till after the season was over.On Christmas.Eve,he wanted to prove to Chimecho that he loved her, so they kissed and before he left,she gave him a chance if he were to stop his perverted ways,which he did.

A few weeks later,he got into a fight with Gliscor, the party dude(Geoff's pokemon) but after Chimecho was captured by Swellow's older brother, Staraptor. He proved to everyone and Chimecho that he was a nice person by rescuing Chimecho and kicking Staraptor's ass.

He didn't compete in Total Pokemon Heroes vs Villains.However, he did assist in the Galde-Aftermath show with Chimecho in the choosing a song segment.

In season 4:Total Pokemon The Musical, he did compete in it but he got medically evacuated because of Crobat and Mismagius's sabotage. However, he did find out that after Chimecho's ousting, he was going to be a father for him and Chimecho's baby girl:Tailching.He changed severly after that,being more of a down to earth father figure to help his new wife and his baby girl:Tailching.

In season 5:Total Pokemon Humanized, he competed up to the 3rd viewer's vote elimination and then got ousted but told his wife that Chatot was going to help her through it and that he and Swelcho(Tailching's evovled form) would be rooting for her to win.

He was not in season 6 or season 7. However in season 8, he was the host of the aftershow with his buddy, Xatu.

He is not in season 9 but will be in the final season:Total Pokemon Performence, with his wife:Creocho,his daughter:Swelcho and his son-in-law:Mewtwo

He was also in Pokemon Big Brother and ended up winning that season.


-As an unexpected surprise, Swellow made a cameo appearance in the Simpsons Movie.