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What Is Total Pokemon Island?

Total Pokemon Island, or Total Pokemon to be more inclusive, refers to either of these two entities. First and foremost, it's a youtube series or fan fiction created by someone to put Pokemon species in a reality show setting where they compete in challenges and in a strategy game simultaneously in order to become the last person standing and win a prize of some sort, usually a large amount of money (either in Pokemon or real world currencies). Additionally, since their inception since the original US airing of the first Total Drama season in 2008, many people have created Total Pokemon "camps" where online users on youtube or other social media platforms competed in these simulated strategy competitions themselves. Though the Total Pokemon community has been less active in the past few years, it has produced large amounts of creative works. The first video series is thought to be ElcoRaiderx1995's Total Pokemon Island, though Misdreavous525's series has had the most longevity with three and a half seasons fully aired on YouTube, four full seasons completed, and a fifth in the works.


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