This Pokemon was nominated for Featured Pokemon.

Unown is a Psychic pokemon introduced in Generation II. It only knows Hidden Power, it has 28 forms, and doesn't have any evolutionairy relatives.


Due to the lack of usefulness Unon has in the video games, Unown are few and far between in the Total Pokemon world.


Unown's most notable appearance in the TP series is in this show. She was casted by the Sinistras Gazillonire, Bucks Gazillon. Unown debuted in Total Pokemon Action, and proved to be somewhat smart. Unown became Persian's main alliance mate, even though Unown knew it wasn't a good idea. In Episode 17, Unown got eliminated in a 10 way elimination twist. In the aftermath, unown and Castform become a couple.

Unown returns to TPWT/TM. Despite being a bit weak, Unown manages not to do bad in most of the challenges he's in except for the one in which he got voted off in. Unown alligned with Mothim, Persian, Starmie, and Phione, but because Persian was a douche, Mothim and Persian got elimianted in Episodes 9 and 10 and then Espeon blindsided Starmie in Episode 11. Unown and Phione were partially the reason they won the challenge in Italy, but the next episode Espeon blindsided Phione. Unown played the rest of the game on his own until Alaska, in which Unown messed up his Psychic compass and got him, Lopunny, Castform, Ursaring, and Machoke lost. Unown didn't want Castform to be a target, so he didn't sing Colors of the Wind with Castform. That eventually proved to be a fatal mistake as Unown became the 23rd one voted off and became 55th place.