Yes, I'm Mjpj189, Reality Show Lover Extrodinaire! Total Drama Island re-firnished my love of shows like this, and I'm glad it aired. Many may know me more from my Youtube channel, which you should easily be able to find. I'm mostly defined as a half Cody, half Noah type of person: Knowing many smart, knowledgable things for schoolwork and random things which no one cares the heck about, plus I'm not athletic. I'm partially fluentent in Spanish from my school classes, I'm a sort-of good drawer.

  • Apparently I have my own page on here as well for my TPI:

Just a normal person, and from time to time, you'll see I notice trivia and goofs that no one else does, cause I'm THAT good XD (mjpj189) 02:38, August 10, 2010 (UT

Also, I am normally associated with my Youtube reality series, Total Pokemon Island, which has become very popular sporting 5 seasons. A sixth season is now in the works as I have time at college.. You can reach me at: and send me a message if you have any questions.

  • The cast of Total Pokemon Island Season 5
  • Deal or No Deal set from PokeMole S2 Ep 10
  • Short lived cast of Pokemon Big Brother
  • A video in the middle of the editing process

I hope to continue my PokeMole series on the side, and maybe one day I'll get back in the hang of reality show hosting :D Thanks for all the support over the years! [[User:mjpj189|mjpj189 Total Pokemon Island 07:46, November 25, 2012 (UTC)]]

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Total Pokemon Island Season 2 charts

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  1. mjpj189 "Considering buying myself a life on Fred's list"
  2. Riding in my invisible jet

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