About meEdit

Hi everyone!

Yes it is me MrPokeguy9 from YouTube. I have two Total Pokémon season currently up and in the works Total Pokémon Island and Total Pokémon Action. I did take an extremely long hiatus from the community as I needed to put my real life first and focus on school and getting an education however now that I have some time and after speaking to fans of my series, I found my passion again and I am ready to finish TPA and potentially even start creating a 3rd season!

My TP Series Results: Edit

Total Pokémon Island:

Winner- Blissey

Runner Up- Delcatty

Total Pokémon Action:

Winner- TBA

Runner Up- TBA

My favorite pagesEdit

  • MrPokeguy9's TPI
  • MrPokeguy9's TPA
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