This is the section to read about vaporterra's TPI that will not appear on youtube so if you wish to read it you can only do so here. This is a rare TPI considering that it's a hybrid of TDI and Survivor, and as such the pokemon will have personalities of both Total Drama and Survivor contestants. There will be 26 episodes and 30 pokemon. The host is Vaporeon and the Chef is Mamoswine.

The pokemon and the elimination tableEdit

there are 30 pokemon participating. They are:

Chinchou(episode 1-8)/Lanturn(episode 9+)-F-the Gwen

Psyduck-M-the Owen

Budew(episode 1-4)/Roselia (episode 5+)-F-the Izzy

Chingling(episode 1-2)/Chimecho(episode 3+)-M-the Trent

Hondour(episode 1-7)/Houndoom(episode 8+)-F-the Eva

Goldeen(episode 1-12)/Seaking(episode 13+)-M-the Harold

Azurill(episode 1-12)/Marill(episode 13+)-F-the Lindsay

Charmander(episode 1-14)/Charmeleon(episode 15+)-M-the Justin

Finneon-F-the Courtney

Elekid(episode 1-26)/Electabuzz(TPI Special)-M-the Duncan

Ralts(episode 1-5)/Kirlia (episode 6+)-F-the Leshawna

Wooper-M-the Cody

Dratini(episode 1-11)/Dragonair(12-22)/Dragonite(23+)-F-the Bridgette

Skorupi(episode 1-10)/Drapion(episode 11+)-M-the Geoff

Yanma(episode 1-3)/Yanmega(episode 4+)-F-the Heather

Scyther(episode 1-9)/Scizor(episode 10+)-M-the James (China+Micronesia)

Surskit(episode 1-26)/Masquerain(TPI special)-F-the Amanda (China+Micronesia)

Bagon-M-the Russell Hantz (Samoa)

Ponyta(episode 1)/Rapidash(episode 2+)-F-the Parvati (Cook Islands and Micronesia)

Magby-M-the Tyson (Tocantins)

Spoink(episode 1-26)/Grumpig(TPI Special)-F-the Danielle (Panama)

Zigzagoon(episode 1-7)/Linoone(episode 8+)-M-the J.T. (Tocantins)

Abra-F-the Candice (Cook Islands)

Wailmer(episode 1-5)/Wailord(episode 6+)-M-the Rupert (Pearl Islands+All Stars)

Mareep-F-the Jerri (Australia+All Stars)

Electrike(episode 1-14)/Manectric(episode 15+)-M-the Coach (Tocantins)

Taillow-F-the Sandra (Pearl Islands)

Tyrogue(episode 1-6)/Hitmonlee(episode 7+)-M-the Boston Rob (Marquesas+All Stars)

Snorunt(episode 1-8)/Froslass(episode 9+)-F-the Courtney (China)

Teddiursa(episode 1-13)/Ursaring(episode 14+)-M-the Colby (Australia+All Stars).

Vote table:


Bagon 12/30



  • 0


Surskit 8/14


Taillow 8/14


Psyduck 5/13



No vote *1


Mareep 11/12


Wooper 7/12

  • 2


Roselia 7/11


Lanturn 5/11


Wailord 6/10


Linoone 5/10







Magby 4/9

  • 3a and 3b


Drapion 5/8


Charmeleon 5/7



No vote

  • 4


Kirlia 5/12

  • 5


Ursaring 6/11


Rapidash 4/10


Manectric No vote

  • 6


Houndoom 6/8


Chimecho 4/7


Seaking 4/6







  • 7


Froslass 2/9

Scizor 3/9

Dragonite 4/9

  • 8
Dragonite Houndour Wooper Wailmer Wooper Spoink Wailord Spoink Abra N/A Scizor Yanmega Rapidash N/A Houndoom Hitmonlee Seaking Yanmega
Scizor Finneon Surskit Psyduck Wooper Houndoom Wailord Spoink Hitmonlee N/A Kirlia Ursaring Chimecho N/A Yanmega Chimecho Seaking Yanmega
Froslass Finneon Taillow N/A Mareep Roselia Yanmega Magby Drapion Rapidash Yanmega Yanmega Rapidash N/A Houndoom Hitmonlee Seaking Yanmega
Hitmonlee Finneon Wooper Wailmer Wooper Lanturn Dratini Spoink Abra N/A Dragonair Ursaring Houndoom N/A Houndoom Chimecho Dragonite Yanmega Dragonite
Yanmega Bagon Taillow N/A Mareep Linoone Linoone Kirlia Drapion Charmeleon Kirlia Seaking Rapidash N/A Houndoom Chimecho Seaking Hitmonlee Scizor
Seaking Houndour Snorunt N/A Mareep Linoone Linoone Kirlia Rapidash Charmeleon Yanmega Ursaring Houndoom N/A Houndoom Chimecho Dragonite Scizor
Chimecho Finneon Wooper Wailmer Wooper Spoink Wailord Spoink Abra N/A Scizor Yanmega Rapidash N/A Houndoom Hitmonlee Dragonite
Houndoom Finneon Surskit Chimecho Hitmonlee Lanturn Dratini Hitmonlee Abra N/A Kirlia Ursaring Chimecho N/A Yanmega Scizor
Manectric Bagon Surskit Chimecho Wooper Lanturn Dratini Hitmonlee Abra N/A Kirlia Ursaring Chimecho N/A Dragonite
Rapidash Finneon Taillow N/A Mareep Roselia Linoone Yanmega Drapion Charmeleon Kirlia Ursaring Houndoom Dragonite
Ursaring Bagon Taillow N/A Mareep Roselia Goldeen Magby Rapidash Charmeleon Yanmega Yanmega Froslass
Kirlia Bagon Taillow N/A Mareep Roselia Yanmega Magby Drapion Charmeleon Yanmega Froslass
Marill Houndour Wooper Psyduck Hitmonlee Houndoom Wailord Spoink Hitmonlee N/A Hitmonlee
Charmeleon Finneon Snorunt N/A Mareep Roselia Yanmega Kirlia Drapion Rapidash Hitmonlee
Drapion Finneon Snorunt N/A Mareep Linoone Linoone Magby Rapidash Froslass
Magby Finneon Taillow N/A Mareep Roselia Linoone Yanmega Hitmonlee
Abra Finneon Surskit Psyduck Hitmonlee Houndoom Wailord Spoink Hitmonlee Hitmonlee
Spoink Finneon Surskit Psyduck Wooper Lanturn Dratini Hitmonlee Dragonite
Linoone Houndour Taillow N/A Mareep Roselia Goldeen Hitmonlee
Wailord Bagon Wooper Chimecho Hitmonlee Lanturn Wailord Hitmonlee
Lanturn Bagon Surskit Wailmer Wooper Spoink Froslass
Roselia Bagon Snorunt N/A Mareep Linoone Scizor
Wooper Houndour Surskit Psyduck Hitmonlee Hitmonlee
Mareep Bagon Taillow N/A Goldeen Scizor
Elekid Bagon Snorunt N/A Scizor
Psyduck Bagon Surskit Chimecho Scizor
Taillow Houndour Snorunt Hitmonlee
Surskit Bagon Wooper Froslass
Finneon Bagon Dragonite
Bagon Finneon Hitmonlee
  • 0=Teams were made in Episode 2, so everyone was allowed to vote in Episode 1
  • 1=Elekid got arrested, so he was eliminated by default
  • 2=Per Wooper's elimination, Hitmonlee became the new TC of Team Sableye
  • 3a=Teams competed for individual immunity (1 for each team), and 1 person from each team was voted off
  • 3b=Hitmonlee made Chimecho the new TC of Team Sableye in that episode.
  • 4=Marill was removed from the game due to injury.
  • 5=Teams merged and the jury formed in this episode.
  • 6=For winning the challenge, Froslass chose who was eliminated. Froslass chose Manectric, and there was no vote.
  • 7=In this episode, the premerge losers voted off a member of the final 4.
  • 8=The jury vote took place in this episode, so they voted for a winner (Dragonite).


Episode 1: Two worlds collide

The 30 contestants on this season arrive to the island they will be spending 9 weeks at and will be competing for $100,000. Vaporeon greets the campers, all who are mad that this place is such a dump, except for Psyduck, who wants to have fun, nothing more, nothing less. His happy attitude is liked by Budew but disliked by Bagon, who came here to win, nothing more, nothing less. The first challenge the campers will be competing individually and the two with the best move combo that they perform will be the team captains, win invincibility, and pick teams on the next episode. The other 28 will be up for elimination and the stakes are especially high today since it's a double elimination. Wailmer says you have to be calm whatever happens, and you won't be eliminated, while Zigzagoon believes there's no way to guarantee your safety other than by winning immunity. Finneon announces her CIT position but nobody really cares. Teddiursa uses Slash and Metal Claw, Snorunt uses Ice Beam and Crunch, Tyrogue uses Fake Out and Rock Smash, Taillow uses Fly and Steel Wing, and Electrike uses Spark and Crunch. So far Vaporeon's faves for Tyrogue and Teddiursa. Mareep uses Cotton Spore and Discharge, Wailmer uses Surf and Water Spout, Abra uses Flash and Calm Mind, Zigzagoon uses Dig and Pin Missle, and Spoink uses Psywave and Magic Coat. So far Vaporeon's faves are Wailmer and Teddiursa. Magby uses Smokescreen and Fire Punch, Surskit uses Water Sport and Mist, Ponyta uses Bounce and Flare Blitz, Scyther uses Slash and False Swipe, and Bagon sues Rage and Headbutt. So far Vaporeon's faves are Wailmer and Ponyta. Wailmer says being TC's against a Ponyta would be so epic, and Ponyta agrees. Chingling uses Uproar and Confusion, Chinchou uses Surf and Discharge, Psyduck uses Disable and Surf, and Houndour uses Beat Up and Fire Fang, but none crack Vaporeon's top 2. Charmander uses Fire Fang and Dragon Claw, Azurill uses Charm and Sing, Goldeen uses Supersonic and Horn Drill, Elekid uses Karate Chop and Fire Punch, and Finneon uses U-Turn and Psybeam. None interest Vaporeon, even though Finneon claims hers was the best yet. The last five went: Ralts uses Magical Leaf and Shadow Sneak, Dratini uses Dragon Rush and Twister, Yanma uses Detect and Supersonic, Wooper uses Mud Bomb and Rain Dance, and skorupi uses Acupressure and Leer. Vaporeon's final desicion is to grant immunity and the role of TCs to Ponyta and Wooper, and immediately after Bagon, Tyrogue, Yanma, and Finneon argue that those were stupid desicions, but Budew told them to shut up and go with the flow.

Now for the aprijuice ceremony. If you don't get a bottle of aprijuice, you'll be eliminated. Ponyta and Wooper are immune so they aren't here. The first 5 aprijuices go to:

1. Snorunt 2. Budew 3. Teddiursa 4. Tyrogue 5. Dratini. The next 5 go to: 6. Wailmer 7. Psyduck 8. Yanma 9. Spoink 10. Goldeen. The next 5 go to: 11. Elekid 12. Chingling 13. Chinchou 14. Magby 15. Abra. The next 5 go to: 16. Zigzagoon 17. Ralts 18. Charmander 19. Azurill 20. Spoink. The next 5 go to: 21. Skorupi 22. Scyther 23. Surskit 24. Taillow 25. Electrike. Houndour, Finneon, Bagon, there remains one bottle of aprijuice. And it goes to........................................................................................................................Houndour. Finneon and Bagon are completely outrage because in their eyes they were the best competitors, but both their arrogance problems got them voted off 12-12-6. Elekid says he knew Bagon was toast but was surprised Finneon left, and vice versa for Ponyta.

Episode 2: Relay Run for your Life Wooper and Ponyta pick teams. Wooper gets Electrike Tyrogue Wailmer Psyduck Scyther Chingling Abra Dratini Chinchou Surskit Houndour Spoink and Azurill and becomes Team Sableye; Ponyta gets Snorunt Budew Teddiursa Yanma Goldeen Elekid Magby Mareep Zigzagoon Ralts Charmander Skorupi and Taillow and becomes Team Mawile. Both teams seem to be happy with each other-now. For the challenge, each team will compete in a relay race. It'll be 1 vs. 1, and each participant will tag off to the next one and so on. Wooper and Ponyta start the race, and since Ponyta has a higher speed stat than Wooper she gets an early lead and even evolves into Rapidash. The succeeding matchups are Electrike and Teddiursa, Tyrogue and Yanma, Wailmer and Magby, Psyduck and Charmander, Scyther and Budew, Chingling and Snorunt, Abra and Goldeen, Chinchou and Mareep, Dratini and Zigzagoon, Houndour and Taillow, Azurill and Skorupi, and Spoink and Ralts. It comes down to Surskit and Elekid, and in the end Elekid wins invincibility for Team Mawile.

Now time for the aprijuice ceremony. There are only 13 bottles of aprijuice. The first 6 go to:

1.Scyther 2.Chingling 3.Electrike 4.Psyduck 5.Wailmer 6.Dratini. The next 6 go to: 7.Houndour 8.Spoink 9.Azurill 10.Abra 11. Tyrogue 12.Chinchou. Wooper, Surskit, the final aprijuice goes to.........................................................................................................Wooper. Surskit, you and Wooper were in the bottom 2 for the same reasons, but you were expected to do better than Wooper, and you failed to do that. That got you voted off 8-6. Surskit goes home, ashamed she was the first one out post teams.

Episode 3: Luck of the Draw Tyrogue wonders why Surskit left over Wooper, since he thinks Surskit was a better asset to the team than Wooper. Chingling and Dratini agree, and form an alliance with Tyrogue, with Tyrogue as captain. Chingling says he has a crush on Chinchou, but doesn't know how to tell her yet. Rapidash gets Zigzagoon, Magby, and Teddiursa in her alliance since they all think she's hot. But Rapidash reveals she's just playing those losers to get farther into the game, and she would never fall in love with any of them like they just did with her. Vaporeon reveals that today's challenge is all based on luck. Each round, representatives from each team draw a card, and the card that trumps the other wins. First team to 3 points wins immunity. 1st matchup: Psyduck vs. Charmander. Psyduck gets Rock, Charmander gets Scissors, so Team Sableye leads 1-0. 2nd matchup: Wooper vs. Ralts. Wooper gets Paper, Ralts gets Scissors, so Team Mawile ties it up 1-1. 3rd matchup: Wailmer vs. Skorupi. Wailmer gets Rock, Skorupi gets Paper, so Team Mawile takes the lead 1-2. 4th matchup: Tyrogue vs. Rapidash. Tyrogue says although Rapidash can exceed him mentally, he won't go down easily. Tyrogue gets Doomsday device, Rapidash gets Carebear, so Team Sableye draws even 2-2. It comes down to Scyther and Snorunt. Scyther gets Lady Gaga, and snorunt gets Chuck Norris, but Lady Gaga turns Chuck Norris into stone and Team Sableye wins 3-2. Snorunt said Chuck Norris is never supposed to lose and Lady Gaga is a freak! That night, Chingling finds chinchou and reveals his feelings for her, and Chinchou says she feels the same way and kisses him, and the love Chingling received and the fact that it's night caused him to evolve into Chimecho.

Now time for the aprijuice ceremony. There are only 13 bottles of aprijuice. the first 6 go to:

1.Rapidash 2.Teddiursa 3.Magby 4.Zigzagoon 5.Budew 6.Skorupi. The next 6 go to: 7.Goldeen 8.Charmander 9.Mareep 10.Ralts 11.Yanma 12.Elekid. Taillow, Snorunt, the final aprijuice goes to..................................................................................................Snorunt. Taillow, you're out, and I'm not shocked Snorunt is safe, because it was all luck in the challenge, and someone had to go, so I guess your team thought you were a weak link. Either way, you got voted off 8-6. Taillow leaves, shocked she was sent home this early.

Episode 4: Shuffleboard Showdown Yanma is not prepared to let Rapidash's alliance control the game, so she gets Skorupi, Budew, and Goldeen to form an alliance and to rival that of Rapidash, Zigzagoon, Magby, and Teddiursa. But first she makes them prove themselves by battling her. First is Budew. Budew uses Toxic, and even after Yanma uses Bug Buzz, Budew ko's her with Cut. Next is Goldeen. Yanma hits hard with Giga Drain, but Goldeen 1HKO's her with Horn Drill, saying he totally has skills. Lastly, it's Skorupi. Yanma deals a harsh blow with Aerial Ace, but skorupi uses Acupressure (it boosts Attack) and retaliates with Slash. Then Yanma's Ancientpower and Skorupi's Fury Swipes collide, ending in a draw, but Yanma evolves into Yanmega. Yanmega then commemorates her alliance for being stronger than she expected and says she knows they'll be the final 4. In the confessional, Yanmega says she has know way of knowing if they'll make the final 4 with her, but as long as she makes it said far and wins, she could care less, and plans to eliminated Rapidash at the right time, when about 15 people or less remain. Tyrogue says Chimecho's girlfriend, Chinchou, can join the alliance. Then he talks to Dratini on how if the 4 of them make the final 4, Chinchou will be dropped from there because couples are risky business. Wailmer has a conversation with Electrike saying he should hook up with Mareep, saying the two seem to be a total match. Electrike says he'll think about, since a lot of people are interested in "Grease Lightning"(Electrike's nickname he gave to himself, possibly to parallel Coach's nickname, the Dragon Slayer). The shuffleboard challenge begins, with 5 players from each team facing off and each player has one shot each. Whoever gets their puck closest to the "X" wins invincibility for their team. Team Sablye picks Houndour Tyrogue Chimecho Chinchou and Psyduck, and Team Mawile picks Snorunt, Yanmega, Goldeen, Rapidash, and Teddiursa. Houndour fails and Snorunt is 15 inches away from the "X". Tyrogue gets 12 inches away and Yanmega fails. Chimecho, Chinchou, Teddiursa, and Rapidash take their turns, and Chimecho's puck is 5 inches away from the "X". Psyduck is up, and has his puck end up 50 inches away from the target, leaving an open window for Team Mawile. Teddiursa takes his turn, and knocks chimecho's puck out of the way and Teddiursa's puck lands right on the "X". Team Mawile wins. Later, Electrike talks to Mareep and she says she likes him. Another relationship buds.

Now time for the aprijuice ceremony, Team Sableye. I have 12 aprijuices. And they go to:

1. Tyrogue 2. Chinchou 3. Dratini 4. Spoink 5. Abra 6. Electrike 7. Houndour 8. Wooper 9. Scyther 10. Azurill and 11. Wailmer. Chimecho and Psyduck, I have one aprijuice left, and it goes to.............................................................................................Chimecho. Psyduck, you are rather clueless and did a crappy job in the challenge, so it's safe to assume your team made a good desicion in voting you out 5-4-4. Psyduck leaves on a good note, saying he had a good time, but Budew said Psyduck was her best friend, aside from Yanmega, and she'll avenge him.

Episode 5: Grand Theft Drama Budew finds out the indentity of the 5 pokemon that voted off Psyduck: Spoink, Abra, Azurill, Wooper, and Scyther and swears that none of those 5 will make the merge. In fact, she is so happy (it is morning) that she evolves into Roselia. Unaware that Roselia plans to do some revenge, Yanmega simply looks at Roselia's evolving as a plus for her alliance. But Rapidash looks at it as there being yet another threat on her team, and a threat to her alliance, and she wants to get Roselia voted off. Wailmer asks Electrike how did it go last night with Mareep, and Electrike replies saying the two are practically another couple, which excites Wailmer, and thinks the 3 should be in an alliance. Vaporeon announces that this challenge will require being sneaky, underhanded, and deliquent-like, qualities Elekid can relate to, but qualities Wooper resents. The challenge is to steal Vaporeon's car from the towing facility (which Mamoswine laughs at because Vaporeon had his car towed) and bring it back. The team to do so would win invincibility. Wooper says he's TC and he wants to lead by promoting goodness, but Spoink tells Wooper to stop being such a wuss; it's just a challenge. Scyther then questions why Wooper is TC if he's completely absent of qualities of a leader. Elekid tells Rapidash that he'll be taking charge for the challenge, saying this is a job for a deliquent, not a slut. Everyone laughs. Elekid sys he'll use his electric moves to cause the security system to crash and Charmander will tie a rope to Rapidash and she will make a quick getaway with the car, and they'll win invincibility. Everyone agrees to that. Yanmega taunts Rapidash by saying he's a better leader than her, but then Rapidash tells Yanmega that at least boys don't think she's ugly (owned :P). Wooper tells the team that they are going to forfeit the challenge because he doesn't want to steal. That forces his team to ignore him and Abra teleports the other team to the towing facility against Wooper's wishes. Wooper finds that he has no choice but to use Surf to atop hia team. It worked, but that left his team pretty darn angry. Tyrogue, Dratini, Chinchou, and Chimecho think Wooper just signed his own death warrant. Team Mawile carries on with Elekid's plan, and it works like a charm. Team Mawile wins the challenge, but right when Team Sableye is about to go to the aprijuice ceremony, the police come saying either Vaporeon pays his towing fine, or Elekid is eliminated by default for breaking in to a towing facility. Vaporeon, as fiscal as ever, agrees to those terms and Elekid is eliminated by default, and of course elekid threatens to kill him for that. But at least he's not Vaporeon's problem for now.

Episode 6: Good, Tether, Best Teddiursa and Snorunt hope they don't lose another member next challenge, but Roselia reminds them that in this game, anything can happen. Yanmega thinks it's total crap that Elekid, one of the best player, left that easily, but Ralts is relieved because she didn't really like him. In the confessional, Ralts says she kinda likes Goldeen. Then Goldeen, in the confessional, thinks that his skills are too powerful to have him voted off, and he will dominate the game once he's through with being in Yanmega's alliance. Vaporeon explains that the challenge will be a tetherball tourney consisting of 8 players from each team. Here's the tourney chart: Mareep vs. Electrike Rapidash vs. Dratini Roselia vs. Tyrogue Charmander vs. Wailmer Skorupi vs. Spoink Goldeen vs. Houndour Yanmega vs. Chinchou Ralts vs. Chimecho Round 1 begins. Mareep and Electrike are nervous competing against each other due to their romance, which worries Yanmega, Rapidash, Wooper, and Tyrogue. Roselia claims Tyrogue is no match for her, but Tyrogue doesn't worry. Charmander and Houndour plan to kick ass despite the type disadvantage. Yanmega calls Chinchou a loser, so Chinchou calls Yanmega a freak. Ralts and Chimecho have a close game. Rapidash, Roselia, Skorupi, and Ralts win for Team Mawile, and Electrike, Wailmer, Houndour, and Chinchou win for Team Sableye Rapidash warns Mareep and Wooper warns Electrike to keep their heads in the game. Electrike compares this to Romeo and Juliet. The roun 2 matchups: Electrike vs. Rapidash Roselia vs. Wailmer Skorupi vs. Houndour Chinchou vs. Ralts Electrike boasts about his nickname "Grease Lightning", but all Rapidash does is laugh at him. Wailmer is frightened by Roselia's tetherball skills, but fights back. Rapidash and Ralts win for Team Mawile while Wailmer and Houndour win for Team Sableye. In the semifinals, Wailmer dominates against Rapidash and Ralts defeats Skorupi, so the two evolve into Wailord and Kirlia respectively. But in the end, Wailord wins the final tetherball match in one try for Team Sableye, sending Team Mawile to vote someone off.

Now for the aprijuice ceremony. Team Mawile, there are 12 of you but only 11 aprijuices. The first 5 go to:

1.Teddiursa 2.Kirlia 3.Charmander 4.Zigzagoon 5.Snorunt. The next 5 go to 6.Roselia 7.Skorupi 8.Magby 9.Rapidash 10.Yanmega. Goldeen, Mareep, one of you is about to go home for good. The last aprijuice goes to......................................................................................................................11.Goldeen. Mareep, people doubt your loyalty to the team, so you got voted off 11-1. Wailmer comforts Electrike now that his love interest got voted off.

Episode 7: The Garden Of Eatin......You! Both teams get a rude awakening, waking up an hour earlier than on normal days. But then Charmander walks out of the bathroom and gives everyone a good morning, charming all the girls. Goldeen says Charmander's just jealous that he has the type advantage over him and more skills than him, such as flipping six times before touching the ground. Goldeen then performs it, but only Skorupi and Roselia are impressed. Tyrogue and Wooper have a battle since Tyrogue wants to stay fit to help him team. Wooper tries Slam, but Tyrogue's Mach Punch 1HKO's Wooper. Spoink says that's just sad, and compliments Tyrogue over his toughness. Then Tyrogue starts to evolve, and evolves into Hitmonlee because of his high attack stat. Hitmonlee then notices that Electrike isn't as vigorous or enthusiastic as usual. Electrike explains that he's depressed over Mareep getting voted off. Hitmonlee tells him to man up. Electrike's stronger than that, and if he really cared for Mareep, he'd try 100% and go for the goal for her. In the confessional, Electrike says that Hitmonlee has the qualities of a leader: strong, assertive, and encouraging, while Wooper is none of those. Roselia then kidnaps Wooper and tells her that she knows that Wooper voted off Psyduck on Episode 4. Wooper fails to see what the big deal is, leading Roselia to tell her that she vowed to exact revenge on whoever voted off Psyduck, and she's starting with him. As punishment, Roselia threatens Wooper to throw the next challenge or he'll be fed a doom seed to be reset back to level 1. Wooper accepts. Vaporeon explains that the challenge involves a garden-a GIANT garden. So the contestants go to the garden. The objective is to be the last one in the garden that isn't eaten by a piranha plant, and tells them not to worry if they get eaten-the plants will spit them back out after the challenge is over. Azurill says she's sort of scared and grossed out by the challenge, but Abra tells her not to be afraid and that he will teleport with her to stay away from the plants, and Azurill doesn't feel as scared anymore. The challenge begins with Wooper freezing the floor. Dratini asks Wooper what is the point of doing that, to which Wooper replies by saying it'll allow for easier getaway in case a plant chaes you. Houndour slips and gets eaten by a plant, so Dratini calls Wooper an idiot. Wooper then freezes Dratini, Chinchou, Wailord, Chimecho, Spoink, Abra, and Electrike so the Piranha Plant can eat them, but Wooper manages to hide so Azurill, Abra, and Hitmonlee don't figure out it was him. Yanmega tries to strategize with Roselia, Goldeen, and Skorupi, but the Piranha Plant eats Skorupi and Goldeen since Yanmega's Speed Boost gave her a quick getaway and Roselia escaped via smoke ball. Rapidash attempts to strategize with Teddiursa, Magby, and Zigzagoon, but Teddiursa and Magby get eaten, since Rapidash's Speed stat allowed her to escape and Zigzagoon used Dig to safety. In the confessional, Zigzagoon says that back in Alabama, he used to chase Diglett and Dugtrio by using Dig all the time because they always stole his Sitrus Berries from his orchard. Kirlia, Charmander, and Snorunt decide to form an alliance because they're the only ones left and because Charmander is pretty hot. Charmander agrees, and promises not to use them like Justin in TDA because he's a nice guy and Kirlia and Snorunt are pretty cool. The Piranha Plant tries to eat Charmander, but it's attracted to Charmander's beauty so it settles for Abra and Azurill instead. Hitmonlee tells Wooper to run with him, but Wooper freezes up, allowing the Piranha Plant to eat him. Hitmonlee is pissed at Wooper so much, he forgets that he's running and trips, allowing him to be eaten and letting Roselia, Yanmega, Rapidash, Charmander, Kirlia, and Snorunt win immunity for Team Mawile. Hitmonlee tells Wooper that he's the worst Team Captain ever and that he acted like he didn't WANT to win. Wooper knows Hitmonlee's on to him, so he tries to cover it by saying Hitmonlee shouldn't tell him how to run his team.

Now for the aprijuice ceremony. Team Sableye, there are 12 of you, but I only have 11 aprijuices. It really came down to the wire in this vote, so let's see who it's going to be:

1.Chimecho 2.Chinchou 3.Dratini 4.Azurill 5.Abra 6.Spoink 7.Electrike 8.Wailord 9.Scyther and 10.Houndour, you all continue. I'm not shocked by this. Hitmonlee and Wooper in the bottom 2. Hitmonlee, literally and figeratively you were tripping, but so was Wooper, since he sorta did things you wouldn't expect. Houndour: Like what? Well Houndour, Roselia threatened to reset Wooper to lv 1 Scyther: Too late. Wooper: Hey! As I was saying. Wooper made a deal with Roselia to make Team Sableye lose. (the team angrily looks at Wooper). I know, I know. The final aprijuice goes to......Hitmonlee! Since Wooper's out by a vote off 7-5, I'm assuming Hitmonlee's the new TC? (the team nods) K then. Hitmonlee, you're the team captain. Wooper leaves the game with no one feeling bad for him.

Episode 8: Mister Twister If it wasn't obvious from last episode's elimination, Team Sableye is very pleased with Hitmonlee being the new TC, but then there's Rapidash, TC of Team Mawile, who deems that under Hitmonlee's leadership, Team Sableye will become tougher to beat in the challenges, and therfore orders Teddiursa, Magby, and Zigzagoon to do everything they can to evolve and evolve fast. Yanmega also wants to make sure that Skorupi and Goldeen evolve, too. The contestants prep for the challenge which is to stay in a confined area and dodge the infinite tornadoes that'll come across their path with the last one standing being eliminated, and that flying higher than 5 meters is prohibited, much to Yanmega's dissapointment. The challenge begins and quickly Chimecho, Chinchou, Azurill, Spoink, Scyther, Teddiursa, Kirlia, Charmander, Snorunt, Skorupi and Magby get sucked into the tornado, meaning it's down to Dratini, Abra, Hitmonlee, Electrike, Wailord, and Houndour vs. Zigzagoon, Roselia, Goldeen, Rapidash, and Yanmega. The second tornado draws near, and it gets Dratini, Electrike, Wailord, Goldeen, and Yanmega, making it down to Abra, Hitmonlee, and Houndour against Zigzagoon, Roselia, and Rapidash. When the third tornado comes, Abra teleports herself and Houndour away, Zigzagoon uses Dig, and Roselia covers with a Smoke Ball, allowing Hitmonlee and Rapidash to get sucked in. Zigzagoon remembers that Rapidash wants him to evolve, so he uses Thunderbolt on Abra, who gets sucked into the next tornado, and Zigzagoon evolves into Linoone. Houndour levels the playing field by using Flamethrower on Roselia for Roselia to get sucked into the next tornado, causing her to evolve into Houndoom. In the final showdown and the final tornado, Houndoom avoids the tornado, but sadly, Linoone gets caught in it, so Team Sableye wins, and much to Houndoom's dismay, she is dubbed "Mister Twister", so she calls Vaporeon a girly man since he looks like a mermaid.

Now for the aprijiuce ceremony. Team Mawile, there are 11 of you but I only have 10 aprijuices. One of you is out of the competition for good, so let's see who it is:

1.Rapidash 2.Teddiursa 3.Magby 4.Skorupi 5.Yanmega 6.Charmander 7.Snorunt 8.Kirlia 9.Goldeen. Linoone and Roselia, there's only one aprijuice left. Linoone, you were the last one standing for your team but lost the challenge. Roselia, you got sabotaged by Houndoom and you're psycotic. The final aprijuice goes to................................................................Linoone! Sorry Roselia, but by a vote of 7-4, you are eliminated. Yanmega is outraged by the result and demands a recount, leaving Charmander to wonder why she would care that Roselia got the boot. Roselia leaves with a giddy "Peace out, suckas" and a few ninja jumps.

Episode 9: Nerds R All of us Scyther realizes that he is a strong asset to the team for now, but in due time he'll be a threat so he looks for an alliance. Since Abra and Azurill are quiet and weak players physically, he thinks they are the choichest people on his team to allign with, and also admits that he sort of likes Abra. Chinchou tells Dratini, Chimecho, and Hitmonlee that she's been trying to evolve and thinks that after the challenge she and Dratini should battle to level up and hopefully evolve, and Hitmonlee quickly takes a liking to that idea. But while they discuss, Spoink finds out about their alliance by snooping in on one of their meetings, so she decides that it's time to make a big move: not only just make an alliance with Wailord, Electrike, and Houndoom, but since she has a crush on Hitmonlee, try to play him into ditching his alliance and turning his back on them. Spoink and Hitmonlee have a discussion, and they both make it clear that they like each other and they should be a couple, and Hitmonlee considers trading alliances with Wailord. Wailord tells Electrike that he doesn't trust Spoink and he doesn't approve of her tactics, and although Electrike agrees, saying you should play this game with honor, it's a good idea to let Spoink do what she wants because if she succeeds, they have a good alliance, and if she fails, she gets voted off. Yanmega says that Roselia was unimportant to the alliance and that they can survive with only Yanmega, Skorupi, and Goldeen, but they need to play Charmander's alliance, especially since Charmander suspects her alliance. Rapidash kisses Linoone on the cheek for evolving, but later on the confessional she reveals that it wasn't real-she likes her alliance members willing to do whatever she wants. Vaporeon announces that the challenge is a Nerd's idea of a good saturday night, which excites Goldeen: A Chess Tournament! 8 members from each team will compete with the winner not only gets their team immunity but also wins a reward which is to be kept secret until the challenge concludes. Here are the round 1 matchups: Spoink vs. Rapidash Houndoom vs. Yanmega Hitmonlee vs. Goldeen Electrike vs. Snorunt Chinchou vs. Charmander Chimecho vs. Teddiursa Abra vs. Skorupi and Wailord vs. Kirlia (Dratini, Azurill, and Scyther sit out for Team Sableye and Magby and Linoone sit out for Team Mawile). Spoink beats Rapidash, Yanmega beats Houndoom, Goldeen beats Hitmonlee, Electrike beats Snorunt, Chinchou beats Charmander, Teddiursa beats Chimecho, Abra beats Skorupi, and Kirlia beats Wailord. Here are the round 2 matchups: Spoink vs. Yanmega Goldeen vs. Electrike Chinchou vs. Teddiursa and Abra vs. Skorupi Spoink beats Yanmega, which infuriates her saying there's no way she could've lost to a bouncing pig, Goldeen beats Electrike, Teddiursa beats Chinchou, and Abra beats Skorupi. Here are the semifinal matchups: Spoink vs. Goldeen and Teddiursa vs. Abra Both Spoink and Goldeen greatly executed their moves, but in the end Goldeen barely came out on top. Teddiursa and Abra had a less smart game, but Abra managed to take control of the game early on and defeat Teddiursa. It came down to Goldeen vs. Abra in the final match, but true to his nerdiness and high IQ, Goldeen eventually won the game and the chess tournement, giving Team Mawile invincibility. As the bonus Vaporeon promised, Team Mawile received a Dawn Stone, and the team gave it to Snorunt so she could evolve into Froslass. Froslass then comments on how hot she looks, and Charmander agrees and jokes that she's so hot despite her powers being so cold. After the challenge, Chinchou beats Dratini in a battle using Signal Beam, and she manages to evolve into Lanturn and she kisses Chimecho to celebrate. However, it's not all fun an games when Spoink tells Hitmonlee that she loves him and if he loves her, he'd vote off one of his alliance members, causing Hitmonlee to be torn between his newfound love and his alliance that he worked with for several episodes now.

Now for the aprijuice ceremony. Team Sableye, there are 11 of you but only 10 aprijuices. 3 of you got a lot of votes in particular, but one of you is going home and leaving this game for good. The aprijuices go to:

1.Scyther 2.Abra 3.Azurill 4.Chimecho 5.Hitmonlee 6.Dratini 7.Electrike 8.Wailord. It comes down to Houndoom, Spoink, and Lanturn, and the next one safe, despite her many votes, is 9.Houndoom. Houndoom says that her team is lucky she was safe otherwise her team would pay, but Vaporeon sushes her to continue the ceremony. Spoink, you've made some bold moves for once instead of being in the background for the past 8 episodes and Lanturn, i don't know why you're here you just evolved but maybe you're team doesn't need you. The final aprijuice goes to........................................................................................10.Spoink. Chimecho, Lanturn, and Dratini are all shocked that Lanturn got eliminated opposed to Spoink. Chimecho tries to kiss Lanturn goodbye, but due to the time limits of this show, Vaporeon has Chef Mamoswine take Lanturn to the dock of shame before they could kiss. Lanturn is sad that she lost earlier than she expected, and she swaers that she'll get Spoink back. Hitmonlee knows he made a bad move, but he doesn't care since he's putting his girlfriend first and his alliance seconds, assuming Dratini and Chimecho stay alligned with Hitmonlee.

Episode 10: Picture Perfect Hitmonlee and Spoink have breakfast alone as their first date, but Chimecho and Dratini look for Hitmonlee only to spot him with Spoink, so they automatically leave his alliance assuming that Hitmonlee voted with Spoink against Lanturn (and a correct assumption that is, that didn't make an ass out of you or me now did it?). Scyther then finds Chimecho and Dratini and tells them that if they want they can join his alliance, on one condition: they have to find him a Metal Coat so he can evolve into Scizor. Magby and Teddiursa try working out to evolve, but Teddiursa doesn't do as well as Magby, so Magby takes the opportunity to insult him in this manner: "Dude you can't even lift a 10 pound weight? You'll become an Ursaring in more time than a Caterpie will become a Metapod, you wimp". Teddiursa threatens to vote off Magby if he continues to be a jerk, but Magby says that Parvati will never let an alliance mate of hers leave the game. Yanmega is upset at how easily distracted her alliance is; Goldeen is practicing his karate and Skorupi can't pick which girl to like: Dratini or Rapidash. Vaporeon announces that the next challenge will require each team to pick a model and a designer and the team with the best design for a ocean themed jacket wins. Despite Charmander's efforts to have Froslass be the model, Skorupi and Rapidah's alliance chose Rapidash to be the model, but nonetheless Froslass found it sweet what Charmander did. Yanmega decides to be the designer, which bothers Kirlia since she was so rude in doing so. Hitmonlee immediately chooses Spoink as the model even though Azurill kept begging him, but to make up for it he makes Azurill the designer saying that she has great fashion sense. Azurill dresses up Spoink as a mermaid with a wave patterned jacket and sea shells for the front of the jacket (you know where I'm talking about). Yanmega Makes her jacket for Rapidash tricolored: pink-blue-yellow; yellow for Lanturn, blue for Lapras, and pink for Luvdisc, three of her best water type friends from her high school. Both Spoink and Rapidash admit that Azurill and Yanmega respectively did a good job. However, Vaporeon says that Team Mawile wins because Spoink's jacket reminds him of the Little Mermaid, saying that he hated that movie. Chimecho stole a Metal Coat from Chef Mamoswine's kitchen which was possibly going to be used for dinner, and Scyther evolves into Scizor, which pleases him because he's better, faster, and stronger (I guess Scizor is at maximum niceness). Spoink tells Houndoom, Hitmonlee, Electrike, and Wailord that they're gonna finish off Hitmonlee's former alliance starting tonight, and although Electrike tells Wailord to calm down and that it'll be alright, Wailord tells Spoink that the way she's playing the game isn't right and that she has no honor and that Hitmonlee deserves better. While Hitmonlee tries to stay out of it to avoid angering Wailord or Spoink with a slip of the tongue, Spoink says she has enough honor not to backstab her own alliance mate for speaking out like that.....yet.

Now for the aprijuice ceremony. Team Sableye, there are 10 of you but only 9 aprijuices. Whoever doesn't get an aprijuice can kiss this game and the $100,000 good bye. The aprijuices go to:

1.Spoink 2.Hitmonlee 3.Electrike 4.Scizor 5.Azurill 6.Abra 7.Houndoom 8.Chimecho. Dratini and Wailord, there's only 1 aprijuice left. Dratini, you got votes for leaving Hitmonlee's alliance. Dratini says that in her defense, Hitmonlee would rather be with his new girlfriend anyway. Wailord, you got votes for talking about playing the game fairly but ending up alligning with Spoink. Wailord tells Vaporeon to give the aprijuice to Dratini already, Spoink cuts in to say to just give it to Wailord already, and Vaporeon says that they should all shut up; it's his show. The final aprijuice goes to..........................................................9.Dratini. Wailord says that he was ok with voting because he voted himself off to cause his 6-4 elimination because he knew that he promised to either play the game fairly or not at all, and it seemed to him that his only option was the latter, which is why Wailord got voted off 6-4.

Episode 11: So You Think You Can Dance? Electrike talks to Houndoom about how he lost Mareep in Episode 6 and last Episode he lost Wailord, his best friend on the island, and now he wonders if being alligned with Spoink is the best idea. Houndoom tells him that if he's not comfortable alligning with Spoink since she plays so underhanded and without honor. Houndoom tells him that if he doesn't want to allign with Spoink he doesn't have do; she promises not to vote him off for leaving, and the only reason Houndoom alligns with Spoink and Hitmonlee is because that with her temper and unfriendliness if she was in any other alliance she would be target number 1 on the team, and lastly, if it makes Electrike feel any better, she'll be his friend. Chimecho and Dratini think that with Wailord gone and their alliance with Azurill, Abra, and Scizor their chances of winning are realistic again, they'll make sure that they become the final 3, considering that Dratini has a crush on Skorupi and if he makes the merge they'll allign with Skorupi. Yanmega says that later this episode Goldeen and Skorupi will battle because according to her calculations whoever will win said battle will evolve into either Seaking or Drapion, depending on who wins. In the confessional, Magby says that he knows that the princess slut (Rapidash) is playing him, Teddiursa, and Linoone, but in reality he's only pretending as if her tactics are working on him, and he knows she's smart and will eventually find out that he's not under his spell and she'll cut Linoone and Teddiursa loose but keep true her alliance with Magby. Vaporeon announces that the challenge this time is a dance dance revolution endurance test. Each camper must copy each direction the DDR game gives to upmost perfection and if they miss step they will get electrocuted and will be deemed eliminated from the challenge. Linoone, Goldeen, and Azurill all claim that they are experts at DDR, but the other campers have mixed opinions over whether or not they are lying. The challenge begins, and 2 minutes in Spoink, Dratini, Linoone, Goldeen, and Kirlia are eliminated from the challenge, leaving Scizor, Azurill, Abra, Hitmonlee, Electrike, Chimecho, and Houndoom for the Sableye and Yanmega, Skorupi, Rapidash, Magby, Teddiursa, Froslass, and Charmander for the Mawile. 10 minutes in it comes down to Hitmonlee, Scizor, Abra, and Chimecho against only Skorupi and Froslass, and although Froslass gets out next, Abra, Scizor, and Hitmonlee get out soon after, leaving Chimecho and Skorupi to face off, pleasing Yanmega since her own alliance mate is proving his worth. Both Chimecho and Skorupi went on for half an hour flawlessly performing the correct moves, but one miss-step and BAM! Chimecho wins it for Team Sableye as Skorupi has lost the challenge.

Now for the aprijuice ceremony. Team Mawile, there are 10 of you but only 9 aprijuices.Whoever doesn't get an aprijuice is riding the boat of losers and leaving this game FOR GOOD. The aprijuices go to:

1.Kirlia 2.Skorupi 2.Charmander 4.Froslass 5.Rapidash 6.Magby 7.Teddiursa 8.Goldeen. Our bottom 2 is Linoone and Yanmega. Linoone, you SAID you were good at DDR but you got out early in the challenge. And Yanmega, being a queen bee eventually makes you a target. The final aprijuice goes to......................................................................................9.Yanmega. Linoone wonders how he got eliminated 5-3-2 if he thought he had the numbers on his side? Magby and Rapidash say that they don't know (FLASH BACK) Magby and Rapidash decide to cut Linoone loose since he's just a silly redneck and he's no longer an asset to the alliance). Linoone then suspects if Rapidash backstabbed him and if he made a bad mistake with alligning with Rapidashh (what do you think?). After the elimination, Skorupi wins his battle against Goldeen with X-Scissor and then he evolves into Drapion. Yanmega and Goldeen are glad that his call of duty for the alliance motivated him to evolve, but what they don't know is that the real motivation behind his evolution was Dratini.

Episode 12: All's Fair In Art and War

Linoone's elimination leaves Team Mawile to be a team of nine made up of 3 alliances of 3: Yanmega, Drapion, and Goldeen, Rapidash, Teddiursa, and Magby, and Charmander, Froslass, and Kirlia, hinting that there will be lots of scrambling going on the next time Team Mawile loses a challenge. Chimecho tells Hitmonlee that he's pissed that he betrayed him, Dratini, and Lanturn and says that Hitmonlee's going next, unless he forfeits his TC title and votes off Spoink. Hitmonlee now feels conflicted; does he keep Spoink in the game or himself, because he thinks he loves Spoink and doesn't want to vote her off. After that, Chimecho, in the confessional, says that Hitmonlee's mutiny will not go unpunished, and that one way or another, a backstabber will get voted off, which is good because that means you won't get targeted for not doing anything wrong besides being in the competition. With 9 players a side, Vaporeon decides to make this challenge a paintball war, with the last team with at least one member not being covered in paint wins immunity. Both teams are given an hour to find a hiding place in the woods, and the game begins. Before Yanmega can even order Drapion and Goldeen to protect her for the entire game, Drapion wanders off to find Dratini, and Yanmega sucpects it, saying that she's going to have a talk to Drapion about that. Rapidash also makes Teddiursa protect her while Magby, who she prefers over Teddiursa, being more powerful physically and strategically, sets some booby traps for cheap shots. Charmander, Kirlia, and Froslass decide to just split up and do their best to get the most players covered in paint. Houndoom, Spoink, Electrike, and Hitmonlee go their seperate ways, while Scizor, Azurill, and Abra stick together. In the confessional, Abra reveals that she sort of has a crush on Scizor, and Scizor told her that he likes her, but are just taking it slow and the only ones that know about it are them and Azurill. After that Azurill says even though she's a third wheel, Scizor and Abra are both trustworthy and they will take her to the final 3. Chimecho decides to lure unwary players to him with the noise that comes with his Heal Bell and Dratini and Drapion have a date, and once they kiss, Dratini evolves into Dragonair, but Kirlia shoots Dragonair and Houndoom shoots Drapion shortly after. Magby set a pitfall and a tripwire; Azurill falls into the pit and Scizor gets tripped, and Magby shoots them both, while Abra teleported to avoid any danger. Chimecho's Heal Bell lured Yanmega and Goldeen and they get shot, meaning 6 remain on Team Sableye (Abra, Hitmonlee, Electrike, Houndoom, Chimecho, and Spoink) and 6 remain on Team Mawile (Rapidash, Teddiursa, Magby, Charmander, Froslass, and Kirlia). Electrike and Spoink get near Rapidash and Teddiursa, and Rapidash tells Teddiursa to shoot Electrike while she shoots Spoink, and while Spoink gets shot, Teddiursa's bad aim saves Electrike, who shoots Rapidash and Teddiursa. Chimecho and Magby, hoping to trap more players, encounter and shoot each other, leaving Abra, Hitmonlee, Electrike, and Houndoom for Team Sableye and Charmander, Kirlia, and Froslass for Team Mawile. Froslass finds Abra and uses Taunt on her so she can't teleport, and shoots her. The final 6 encounter each other: Hitmonlee, Electrike, and Houndoom vs. Charmander, Froslass, and Kirlia. Charmander shoots Houndoom, Hitmonlee shoots Houndoom, Froslass shoots Hitmonlee, Electrike shoots Froslass, and Kirlia shoots Electrike, making Team Mawile win immunity. Spoink tells Electrike and Houndoom who to vote for, and though at first they wonder why Hitmonlee isn't involved, it all makes sense later on.

Now for tha aprijuice ceremony. It seems obvious who the bottom 2 is, but we still gotta go through this anyway. The apirjuices go to:

1.Electrike 2.Azurill 3.Houndoom 4.Chimecho 5.Scizor 6.Abra 7.Dragonair. Hitmonlee and Spoink, you really had an impact on the vote since you two became a couple, but this time the tables have turned and one of you is out of the game. The final aprijuice goes to.................................................................................................8.Hitmonlee. Spoink, by a vote of 6-3, you are out. Should've been a nicer player and not a backstabber. Spoink questions how she is gone if she knew that Hitmonlee was out, and then Hitmonlee asks how did she know that, to which Electrike explains that Spoink tried to vote him off. Hitmonlee dumps Spoink, and Spoinks says she only liked him because he was a good player and he would get her farther, but if Hitmonlee doesn't want to be with her, that's his problem.

Episode 13: The Pokemon Triathelon

Now that Spoink is gone, Scizor, Azurill, and Abra reform their seperate alliance from Chimecho and Dragonair. Hitmonlee is readmitted into Chimecho's alliance and Chimecho becomes the new TC of Team Sableye. Azurill is so happy about Spoink leaving that she evolves into Marill. Scizor and Abra congratulate her on her evolution and Abra says now she only needs to evolve into Kadabra and their entire alliance is evolved. After Yanmega forces Goldeen to use Horn Drill on rocks for 2 hours, Goldeen evolves into Seaking. Seaking says that his skills are definitely heightened now, but Magby tells him that 100 times 0 is still 0, thus calling him still useless. Teddiursa thinks that he's on the outside of his alliance with Rapidash and Magby. Vaporeon explains that the challenge involves the contestants riding on flying, water, and land pokemon, and that the contestants will compete for individual immunity within their teams as both teams will be voting someone off. For the 1st leg of the triathelon, Scizor gets Pidgeot, Abra gets Ninjask, Marill gets Ledian, Hitmonlee gets Fearow, Chimecho gets Staravia, Dragonair gets Swellow, Houndoom gets Salamence, Electrike gets Masquerain, Rapidash gets Venomoth, Magby gets Pelipper, Teddiursa gets Noctowl, Yanmega gets Drifblim, Seaking gets Aerodactyl, Drapion gets Lugia, Charmander gets Chatot, Froslass gets Pidgeot, and Kirlia gets Mantine, and after the leg finishes, Abra's in 1st for Team Sableye and Seaking's in 1st for Team Mawile. For the 2nd leg of the triathelon, Scizor gets Sharpedo, Abra gets Surskit, Marill gets Lapras, Hitmonlee gets Vaporeon, Chimecho gets Qwilfish, Dragonair gets Swampert, Houndoom gets Kingdra, Electrike gets Gyarados, Rapidash gets Floatzel, Magby gets Whiscash, Teddiursa gets Corsola, Yanmega gets Quagsire, Seaking gets Starmie, Drapion gets Wailord, Charmander gets Wartortle, Froslass gets Dewgong, and Kirlia gets Lanturn, and after the leg finishes, Scizor and Rapidash are in 1st for their respective teams. For the final leg of the triathelon, Scizor gets Donphan, Abra gets Lairon, Marill gets Furret, Hitmonlee gets Flareon, Chimecho gets Bibarel, Dragonair gets Rhyperior, Houndoom gets Mamoswine, Electrike gets Leafeon, Rapidash gets Vileplume, Magby gets Venusaur, Teddiursa gets Jolteon, Yanmega gets Persian, Seaking gets Vigoroth, Drapion gets Tangrowth, Charmander gets Delcatty, Froslass gets Steelix, and Kirlia gets Toxicroak. The final standings for Team Sableye are 8th Houndoom 7th Dragonair 6th Chimecho 5th Abra 4th Scizor 3rd Electrike 2nd Hitmonlee, with Marill winning immunity. As for Team Mawile, the final standings were 9th Drapion 8th Magby 7th Rapidash 6th Froslass 5th Charmander 4th Kirlia 3rd Yanmega 2nd Seaking, winning Teddiursa immunity. Before Rapidash and Magby can congratulate Teddiursa for a change, Teddiursa says that he thinks he's better off alligned with Charmander, Froslass, and Kirlia, so he's out of the alliance.

First is Team Sableye's aprijuice ceremony. 8 of you, only 7 aprijuices. They go to:

1.Marill(immunity) 2.Chimecho 3.Dragonair 4.Houndoom 5.Scizor 6.Electrike. Hitmonlee and Abra, you're the bottom 2. Hitmonlee, maybe you're still not trustworthy, and Abra, you can be quiet and reliant on teleporting or other pyschic techniques to fare well in challenges. The final aprijuice goes to..........................................7.Hitmonlee. Abra, you're out with a vote off 5-3. Abra says there's no hard feelings for getting out, and kisses Scizor, hugs Marill, and wishes them both the best of luck.

Now for Team Mawile's aprijuice ceremony. 9 of you, only 8 aprijuices. They go to:

1.Teddiursa(immunity) 2.Rapidash 3.Charmander 4.Drapion 5.Seaking 6.Froslass 7.Yanmega. Kirlia, Magby, one of you is gonna leave. Krilia, it appears you have some enemies. Magby, you are rude and have been picking on Teddiursa. the final aprijuice goes to....................................8.Kirlia. Magby says he wasn't shocked that he left 4-3-2 and apologizes to Teddiursa, saying he underestimated him, and wishes Rapidash the best of luck.

Episode 14: If the Boot Camp Fits

With no alliance, Rapidash knows that her only option left in the game is to vote with Teddiursa's new alliance against Drapion because he likes Dragonair and therfore he could have an inter team alliance. Yanmega also suspects the same thing and tells Drapion that he has by the end of the episode to breakup with Dragonair or he's out of the alliance. Team Sableye decides to dissolve all of their alliances and just vote on who they think until the merge. For the challenge, Chef Mamoswine (dubbed Master Chief for the challenge) will have a boot camp in which it'll be so hard that he'll make everyone drop out except one, with the last one standing winning immunity for their team. The camp begins with canoe holding. Both teams go for 3 hours without dropping the canoe, as they are to continue holding the canoe until someone drops out. That someone would be Froslass, and she rings the bell to declare that she gives up, and the campers go to lunch: leftovers from today's breakfast. The next challenge is dancing the moves Mamoswine makes, and Scizor and Yanmega drop out because it's ridiculous and they make fun of Mamoswine's dance moves. It's Hitmonlee, Chimecho, Electrike, Marill, Dragonair, and Houndoom against Rapidash, Teddiursa, Kirlia, Charmander, Drapion, and Seaking for the essay portion of boot camp: whoever falls asleep or fails to complete a 500 word essay on how much you love him. Marill and Drapion fail to complete it, and Houndoom and Rapidash fall asleep, leaving Hitmonlee, Chimecho, Electrike, and Dragonair against Teddiursa, Kirlia, Charmander, and Seaking. The next challenge was the obstacle course. Kirlia gets disqualified for trying to teleport through it. Seaking falls face first into the mud and begins to choke, so Mamoswine pulls him out of the challenge, and Charmander gets stuck on the rope swing. Teddiursa, Hitmonlee, Chimecho, Dragonair, and Electrike complete the challenge, and with Teddiursa being the last one left on Team Mawile, the chances of victory seem non-existent. In the final part of the challenge, the final 5 have to hang on a tree, upside down for as long as possible. Electrike, Chimecho, and Hitmonlee fall off the tree, and with his will to win bigger than ever, Teddiursa evolves into Ursaring, but sadly, it wasn't enough since he was still out of stamina from the obstacle course, making Dragonair the winner of the challenge. Mamoswine tells her that he'd go to war with her whenever she wants, and Dragonair, not wanting to burst his bubble, says that she looks forward to it.

Now for the aprijuice ceremony, Team Mawile. I have 8 of you but only 7 aprijuices. Whoever doesn't get one is out of the competition. They go to:

1.Ursaring 2.Kirlia 3.Froslass 4.Charmander 5.Seaking 6.Yanmega. Drapion, Rapidash, I only have one aprijuice left. Drapion, you're relationship with Dragonair may be a problem for your teammates. And Rapidash, you don't have an alliance. Pretty good reason to vote you off. The final aprijuice goes to.................................................7.Rapidash. Drapion, with a 5-3 vote, you're finished. Yanmega says that he should've broken up with Dragonair when he had the chance, but Drapion says that he'd rather lose the game than break up with Dragonair.

Episode 15: The Geeky Bomb Squad

Vaporeon tells the campers that there is no challenge today so they can relax. Froslass and Charmander enjoy some time together, but Froslass goes off to take a shower. Feeling alone, Charmander pulls out his mirror to look at himself. Rapidash comes up to Charmander and uses Attract on him and they kiss, and Charmander evolves into Charmeleon. Rapidash then goes away and then Charmeleon snaps out of the attraction, wondering what just happened. What Charmeleon doesn't know is that Rapidash took a photo of her and Charmeleon kissing (she knows a Kecleon or two, you know how invisible and mischievious they can be). Then, Rapidash puts the picture on Froslass's bed, and once Froslass see's it, she's mad and sad at once. Speaking of sad, Dragonair can't get Drapion out of her head, and while Hitmonlee, Ecltrike, Chimecho, Scizor, and Marill try to cheer her up, Houndoom tells it to her straight: Drapion would want her to progress in the competition, because you had your eye on the prize in the beginning and perhaps Drapion's elimination was meant to be so you could focus again. Dragonair heeds Houndoom's adivce, and all is well with Team Sableye once more. It is lunch time, and everyone is enjoying a relaxing lunch of broccoli pizza with a side of carrots and a broccoli shake (Mamoswine must've cleaned out the kitchen). But suddenly, 2 bombs going off, and when the smoke fades, Scizor, Marill, Froslass, and Yanmega are gone. The remaining players split into 4 groups: Electrike, Chimecho, and Hitmonlee, Houndoom and Dragonair, Rapidash and Kirlia, and Seaking, Ursaring, and Charmeleon. Dragonair and Houndoom are at the washrooms, but a bomb goes off and gets Houndoom, so Draghonair flees. Electrike, Hitmonlee, and Chimecho are at the bonfire, but a bomb goes off, Hitmonlee and Chimecho disappear, and Electrike flees. In the boys' cabin, Ursaring and Seaking get caught from a bomb, so Charmeleon flees. A bomb gets Kirlia out, so Rapidash flees. Rapidash, Charmeleon, Electrike, and Dragonair run into each other, and Rapidash tells Charmeleon that she liked the way he kissed her. Dragonair is confused since Froslass and Charmeleon are supposed to be a couple, and then Electrike says that Charmeleon cheated on Froslass. Charmeleon says that he didn't mean to, but Dragonair and Electrike say that they want no part of this. Then Vaporeon shows up and asks what they thought about the surprise challenge, and of course they all say it was stupid and cheap. Vaporeon says that whoever dsoesn't get hit by this next bomb that hits the closest 3 of either Charmeleon, Dragonair, Electrike, and Rapidash. Thanks to Electrike's Quick Attack to flee and Thunder Wave to paralyze Charmeleon and Rapidash, saying that they deserve it for what they did, Team Sableye wins the challenge. Also, Electrike evolves into Manectric, and his entire team gives him a group hug, only to get inadvertidely shocked, as Manectric's just getting used to his new form. Kirlia sees Froslass crying, and Froslass explains that Rapidash and Charmeleon kissed, so Kirlia tries to get some votes.

Now for the aprijuice ceremony. Team Mawile, if you dont get an aprijuice, you're gone. This is no shock whatsover:

1.Yanmega 2.Seaking 3.Froslass 4.Ursaring 5.Kirlia. Charmeleon and Rapidash, you know why you're here. The last one safe is....................................................6.Rapidash. Charmeleon, with a vote off 5-2, you're out. Charmeleon says that he's sorry to Froslass for letting this happen since he let Attract get the better of him. Froslass says that she knew it wasn't Charmeleon's fault and that's why she didn't vote for him. Charmeleon wishes Froslass luck for the rest of the game, and Team Mawile may have set in stone who's going next.

Episode 16: U not Ready 4 This

Everyone on Team Mawile, even Rapidash, knows Rapidash will be the next to go if they lose. Yanmega even mocks her saying that she thought she was running this game, and then Yanmega came along. In the confessional, Rapidash says that Yanmega is right. Looks can only take you so far. But she won't stop playing. She came here to win, and even though her chances of accomplishing that are less than 1% at this point, it doesn't matter. Meanwhile at Team Sableye's cabin, everything seems to be going smoothly now that their team (thanks to Manectric) is going well. Vaporeon says that this challenge will be comprised of 5 events: tennis, basketball, bowling, track w/ hurdles, and baseball. The team with 3 wins is immune from the vote for one last time. The 1st event (Tennis) begins, and it's a doubles match between Manectric and Houndoom vs. Seaking and Kirlia. Seaking tries to make a move on Kirlia, which causes him to serve twice and hit it out of bounds twice. Kirlia tells Seaking that there's a time and place for everything, and this ain't it. Kirlia serves and Houndoom returns and gets a point. Manectric then scores again so Team Sableye wins the 1st event. Now for basketball, and it's between Hitmonlee and Ursaring, which calls for an intense battle. Despite the type disadvantage, Ursaring beats Hitmonlee 20-14 (1st to 20 won), and Mawile wins an event. For baseball, Marill and Rapidash were to hit for distance. Marill hits it 60 feet, but Rapidash hits it 350 feet. Mawile is now in the lead, but Yanmega and Kirlia say that they won't change their vote. For track w/ hurdles, Scizor and Yanmega face off. Yanmega brags that Scizor can't beat her even if she doesn't use her Speed Boost ability, but in the end Scizor wins because Yanmega doesn't use Speed Boost, tying it up 2-2. For the tiebreaker, bowling, Chimecho and Dragonair are each given one try while Froslass is given two. Chimecho knocks down 8 pins, and so does Froslass on her 1st attempt. Dragonair scores a strike, but on her second attempt, Froslass not only gets a gutter ball, costing Team Mawile the win, she accidentally used Marill as the bowling ball which gets Marill injured. To avoid lawsuits, Vaporeon says that there will be no vote off tonight, but Marill will be removed from the game due to injury. Team Sableye, especially Scizor, is sad that they won the challenge, yet they still lost a player.

Episode 17: Do You Believe In Magic?

Rapidash is glad that Marill got injured, otherwise it would've been curtains for her. The rest of Team Mawile, especially Yanmega, is pissed that Rapidash's elimination keeps getting delayed. Scizor is also mad that Marill got removed due to injury because now he needs a new alliance, and he makes a final 3 alliance with Manectric and Houndoom. Vaporeon reveals that teams are dissolved, so from this moment on the campers will look out for their own. Before the challenge begins, Rapidash says that now that teams are merged, she can make an alliance with a member of the other team, but since Dragonair and Chimecho are working together and Scizor, Manectric, and Houndoom already made an alliance, her only option is Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee says that he's only willing to allign with her if she doesn't play with his heart like what Spoink did, and even though it meant reinventing her strategy, she accepts to those terms. Seaking is kind of bummed to be alligned with Yanmega as opposed to Kirlia. For the challenge, Vaporeon complains to the contestants that he ordered Chef Mamoswine to make him a well and when he through a penny in it, his wish didn't come true. For the challenge, the contestants have to dig deeper in the well until one of them finds the magic. Scizor says that this is ridiculous, and how'd he get the idea for the challenge? By watching Nickelodeon (no reference there XD)? Scizor leaves to go back to the cabins, and Vaporeon says that you are granted the option to stay in the challenge if you believe. Yanmega, Kirlia, Houndoom, Chimecho, Manectric, Ursaring and Dragonair leave, just leaving Froslass, Hitmonlee, Seaking, and Rapidash to do the challenge. Froslass and Seaking say that they believe in magic, while Rapidahs and Hitmonlee are just in it for the shot at invincibility. 5 hours into the challenge, and they get nothing. Seaking tries to use Horn Drill as a drill to get through the dirt, but for some reason something stops him. Hitmonlee reveals that it's just a rock, and he throws it out of the well only for it to hit Chef Mamoswine. Rapidash tries Solarbeam, but at this point their so deep in the well, she can't get enough solar energy to perform the attack. Froslass thinks that freezing it 1st and then Rapidash setting it on fire will get to the magic. It works, but Rapidash bounces to the surface with Hitmonlee by using Bounce to take credit for it. Even though they are too late to receive immunity, Seaking bounces out of the well with Froslass. It turns out that they really did find the magic since Vaporeon got what he wished for: Getting Glaceon, a famous singer, to be his girlfriend (trivia: Glaceon's owner is Heather Rose :) ). Vaporeon says that since they all were in the challenge, he'll grant Hitmonlee, Sekaing, and Froslass's wish by giving them immunity too. Off topic, it also gave Rapidash her magazines with her on the cover and Mamoswine his Xbox 360 that they wished for. Mamoswine tells Vaporeon that he's taking the episode off tomorrow to play Halo 3. For the elimination ceremony, all 8 non immune players seem to have been taken into account when voting: Ursaring and Scizor are physical threats, Kirlia is social savy, Houndoom can be aggresive and unapproachable, Manectric annoys people with his nickname Grease Lightning, Chimecho and Dragonair have a close bond as friends, and Yanmega is brutal and a gueen darner (saying queen bee would be incorrect).

Ok final 12 welcome to your 1st merged aprijuice ceremony. It took you guys a long time to decide who to vote for but I got the results and one of you is gone. 1st here are the immunity aprijuices:

1.Rapidash 2.Hitmonlee 3.Seaking 4.Froslass. Now for the next 6 aprijuices:

5.Ursaring 6.Manectric 7.Houndoom 8.Chimecho 9.Dragonair 10.Scizor. Yanmega and Kirlia, you both are rivals and big threats, so this last aprijuice goes to.....................................................................11.Yanmega! Sorry Kirlia, but with a vote of 5-4-2-1, you got eliminated. Kirlia says that Yanmega is gonna pay for blindsiding her, and that she wishes Ursaring and Froslass the best of luck. But before Kirlia leaves, Seaking tells her that he's gonna miss her because he lvoes her, and Kirlia gives him a big kiss and also hopes that he breaks away from Yanmega. And with Kirlia gone, it's a whhole new game that'll force the remaining contestants to strategize to the max.

Episode 18: Hide and Be Seeked

Yanmega is upset that Seaking voted against her despite them being on the same alliance. Seaking explains that he voted for Yanmega because he loves Kirlia, and in fact he doesn't want to be in this alliance anymore, and he ditches Yanmega, who is know allianceless and vulnerable. Seaking joins Rapidash and Hitmonlee's alliance because Rapidash tells him that the only reason Yanmega said bad things about her is because she was jealous of her good looks. Seaking buys it and is now part of their alliance. Ursaring and Froslass are upset that they couldn't get Seaking into their alliance, and they decide to merge alliances with Chimecho and Dragonair because they're all nice people. In the confessional, Chimecho says that he doesn't know Ursaring or Froslass too well, but regardless he feels that they are the ones that will take him the farthest. Houndoom tells Scizor and Manectric that the best mvoe they can make right now is vote off one of Dragonair's alliance because with 4 people they could really do some damage. Scizor and Manectric agree. In the confessional, Manectric says that he's not shocked that "Grease Lightning" got to the final 11, and that he feels like he'll be able to win this for Mareep. Vaporeon gathers the final 11 and tells them that the challenge is a game of hide and seek, and everyone laughs because that game is usually enjoyed by little kids. Regardless, Vaporeon informs them that Mamoswine is the seeker and that if he freezes you with Ice Beam, you're out. To win immunity, they have to either get to home base or bust someone else. The challenge begins with 10 minutes of finding a hiding place. Yanmega hides in a Bibarel dam, Rapidash hides under the dock, Scizor and Ursaring hide on top of the roof of the dining hall, but on opposite ends of the roof so they're unaware of each others' presence. Seaking hides in the waterfall by the cliff (shocker). Houndoom hides in the cave. Dragonair hides in the chimney. Chimecho hides underwater (with rebreathers and goggles, don't worry). Hitmonlee hides inside a tree. Froslass hides in the freezer (again no shock). Manectric hides in the confessional, saying he kept getting pushed out of hiding spots by Hitmonlee and Ursaring and even Froslass. Mamoswine begins hunting, and finds Houndoom in the cave and Rapidash under the dock, and even though they melted out of the ice, they're still out. Scizor and Ursaring find outthat they're on the same hiding place, but when they get closer to each other to talk to each other, the combined weight causes them to fall through the roof, and Rapidash busts Scizor and Houndoom busts Ursaring, so Houndoom and Rapidash are immune. Mamoswine also hears the noise and finds Dragonair in the chimney and Froslass in the freezer. After a while, Chimecho, Yanmega, Seaking, and Hitmonlee are also found, but since Mamoswine thought no one would be stupid enough to hide in the confessional, he didn't check there, allowing Manectric to get to home base and win immunity also. Meanwhile, Vaporeon enjoys a relaxing day with Glaceon, but then Glaceon gets a call to record a song, so she has to leave, but promises Vaporeon that they'll kep in touch. Vaporeon learns that the challenge is voer and Rapidash, Houndoom, and Manectric won immunity, so everyone prepares for the bonfire.

Ok final 11. Now for the next aprijuice ceremony. 1st let's give the immunity aprijuices to:

1.Rapidash 2.Houndoom 3.Manectric. The next 6 aprijuices go to:

4.Hitmonlee 5.Froslass 6.Scizor 7.Chimecho 8.Dragonair 9.Seaking. Yanmega and Ursaring, it's down to you. Yanmega, word on the island is you don't have alliance, so you'll be lucky to win now, if you ever had a chance. Ursaring, you're part of a big alliance and you may be a threat. The last aprijuice goes to.......................................................................................................10.Yanmega! Sorry Ursaring, but with a 6-4-1 vote, you're out. Rapidash says that she never forgot that Ursaring left the alliance and now she finally got him back for it. But before Ursaring leaves, he responds to Rapidahs by saying he can say that he's proud of the way he played this game, but can she (lemme think about it..................NO!).

Episode 19: Not So Advanced Wars

Mamoswine is pissed off at Vaporeon because he said he was supposed to have the day off yesterday to play Halo 3. Vaporeon says since when does he let people get days off? Mamoswine answers that he let all the interns take the rest of the season off, but Vaporeon explains that that's because tey quit or they're in the hospital, and now that Glaceon is recording her music, he'd be lonely if Mamoswine wasn't with him in the challenges. Mamoswine is touched, but then he says suck it up, and goes to his Xbox 360. Vaporeon then gets the perfect idea for a challenge. In the confessional, Dragonair is concerned that ever since the merge began, their alliance has been the only one taking hits, even if Kirlia wasn't part of their alliance when Dragonair and Chimecho were alligned. The point is that if they lose another member this episode, they could kiss their chances at winning good bye. Dragonair explains the situation to Chimecho and Froslass, and Chimecho says that they'll either need to gang up on another alliance with another alliance, or they'll have to resort to letting Yanmega join the alliance, and they all know that that is not a feasible option. Yanmega overhears this conversation and says that this elim she knows she's safe because with her in the final 10 are 3 alliances of 3 that will all want her swing vote, and that's exactly how she likes it. But the dilemma is who will she vote with, the powerhouses (Houndoom, Manectric, and Scizor), the traitors (Hitmonlee, Rapidash, and Seaking), or the goodie two shoes (Chimecho, Dragonair, and Froslass). Vaporeon announces that the challenge is an all out war. Each contestant will only be armed with a jump rope, a trash can lid, and whatever attacks they have in their movesets to TKO the enemies. The last one remaining wins invincibility. The game begins, and Yanmega tries to stay away from the war epicenter using her Speed Boost ability. Houndoom uses Heat Wave to knock out Froslass. Chimecho uses Yawn to put Manectric and Seaking to sleep, and Dragonair KO's them with Thunder. It comes down to Yanmega, Hitmonlee, Rapidash, Chimecho, Dragonair, Scizor, and Houndoom. Rapidash and Dragonair get in a stalemate with the jump ropes, so Chimecho KO's Rapidash with Psywave and Hitmonlee KO's Dragonair with Jump Kick. Meanwhile, Scizor and Houndoom find out that Yanmega is just waiting for everyone to wear themselves out, and Yanmega finds them so she braces herself for battle. Scizor tries to hit her with Double Hit, but Yanmega blocks with her shield. Houndoom tries to use Flamethrower, but she dodges with Speed Boost. Yanmega then ties up Houndoom and Scizor with Houndoom, Scizor, and Yanmega's jumpropes and KO's them with Air Slash. Hitmonlee and Chimecho face off. Chimecho uses Psywave, but Hitmonlee dodges and hits Chimecho with Hi Jump Kick before KOing him with Blaze Kick. Hitmonlee is happy because he thought he won, but then Yanmega reveals that she's still in the challenge so she hits him with Air Slash and Yanmega wins invincibility. Mamoswine brags that he won 20 straight matches in Halo 3, and Vaporeon challenges him before the elimination, only to get his butt whooped. Froslass thinks that they should vote off Rapidash because she's untrustworthy and she had this coming for a long time now. Rapidash tells Hitmonlee and Seaking that they're gonna vote off Houndoom because she's a major threat and has anger managment problems. Manectric suggests that they vote off Chimecho because he did well in the challenge and he may be ignored and win the competition if they don't stop him.

Ok final 10. Now for the aprijuice ceremony. With 10 of you but only 9 aprijuices, there's no telling who's going next.

1.Yanmega gets the 1st aprijuice for winning immunity. The next 6 aprijuices go to:

2.Hitmonlee 3.Manectric 4.Froslass 5.Seaking 6.Scizor 7.Dragonair. Chimecho, Rapidash, and Houndoom, you each received a lot of votes. The 2nd to last aprijuice goes to..........8.Chimecho! Houndoom, you can be mean and you're the toughest of the girls. Rapidash, everyone is aware of your tactics and you're a major villain. The final aprijuice goes to..................................................9.Houndoom! Rapidash, with a vote off 4-3-3, looks only got you this far. Sorry. Rapidash says that she can't believe she lost, while Yanmega says that she can, proving that there isn't anyone better at this game than her(Yanmega), and of course the rest of the cast begs to differ.

Episode 20: Super Pokemon Kart

Yanmega tells Seaking and Houndoom that unless they get a new alliance member they will be at a disadvantage to the other alliances. Seaking and Hitmonlee know that that's correct, so they let Yanmega join the alliance. In the confessional, Seaking can't believe that after leaving Yanmega's alliance, now he's forced to re-allign with her. All he knows is that when the timing is right, he's gonna vote off Yanmega. Scizor, Manectric, Houndoom, Dragonair, Froslass, and Chimecho all agree that they're glad to have Rapidash finally out of the competition. After they eat breakfast, Manectric suggest that they all prepare for the challenge by meditating. Everyone, especially Scizor and Froslass, think this is a goofy idea, but do it anyway to avoid hurting Manectric's feelings. Vaporeon and Mamoswine laugh at them and explain the challenge. Part 1: all of them have to make a go-kart, and the worst kart is out of the challenge. Part 2: The remaining 8 race around the island with the 1st to cross the finish line winning. And then the top 4 of that race would be in Part 3: Race through a mine field, oil slick, and water with chinchous that shock if you touch. The winner of this challenge not only is safe but gets to choose who to eliminate. The contestants are hard at work with their karts. After a few hours, it was judging time. Manectric called his the Dragon Slayer, and Dragonair says that that's an offensive term. Dragonair called hers the Rainbow Wheels, Hitmonlee called his the Dirt Breaker, Seaking called his Checkmate, Chimecho called his Cacophony, Scizor called his Crosshairs, Houndoom called hers The Power, Froslass called hers Ice Rider, and Yanmega called hers Sonicboom. This is how Vaporeon ranked them: 1st. Houndoom 2nd Chimecho 3rd Yanmega 4th Manectric 5th Scizor 6th Froslass 7th Hitmonlee and 8th Dragonair, saying that Seaking's was too.....geeky. For the race around the island, it was close, but the final results were 1st Manectric 2nd Yanmega 3rd Froslass 4th Dragonair 5th Hitmonlee 6th Houndoom 7th Chimecho and 8th Scizor. For the final part, it was Manectric, Yanmega, Froslass, and Dragonair. Manectric wipedout in the oil slick, and Yanmega got blown up by the mine field. Dragonair and Froslass were doing a great job at avoiding all the obstacles. But in the end, Froslass was the winner. Now Froslass had to choose who to eliminate, and she chose Manectric because of the meditating thing and the offensive term towards Dragonair. Manectric protests saying that the meditating helped her, but Hitmonlee says that it didn't help Manectric. Regardless, Manectric is voted off, and it's down to the final 8: Chimecho, Dragonair, Froslass, Hitmonlee, Houndoom, Scizor, Seaking, and Yanmega.

Episode 21: On the Fence

Houndoom and Scizor know that they both are in danger of elimination since they are the only alliance with 2 members at the point, but Scizor and Houndoom think that first, one of them need to win invincibility, and then, they can vote off Yanmega and hope that Froslass, Chimecho, and Dragonair vote with them, too. In the confessional, Yanmega says that she, Hitmonlee, and Seaking talked and they went with her plan to strike while the iron's hot and vote off Scizor or Houndoom, and while their priority is to vote off Scizor, if one of her two targets happen to be immune, then she'll vote off the other. After that, Hitmonlee states that the only reason that he and Seaking went with her plan is because Scizor and Houndoom are physical threats and it's some miracle how they both went to the final 8, but atleast Ursaring's out, because even though he's a nice guy, he was also a threat. Lastly, Hitmonlee finishes by saying that he also has to watch his back because he's the strongest out of his alliance (well, he has a type disadvantage towards Yanmega). Vaporeon explains that the challenge for today is an 8-way fencing tourney in which they have to knock off their opponent from a high 20-foot platform, and that the winner wins invincibility. Both Chimecho and Seaking are a bit worried since neither of them are strong physically, but Dragonair says that there's nothing to worry about, although Houndoom adds that they better watch out when they fight her because Houndoom is the strongest girl. The tourney begins, and the matchups are Dragonair vs. Seaking, Hitmonlee vs. Houndoom, Yanmega vs. Scizor, and Chimecho vs. Froslass. Dragonair manages to beat Seaking, Houndoom takes down Hitmonlee, Scizor ends up defeating Yanmega, and Froslass wins against Chimecho. The next matchups are Dragonair vs. Houndoom and Scizor vs. Froslass. Houndoom underestimates Dragonair, and in the end Dragonair beats Houndoom. Scizor, however, beats Froslass. The final match: Dragonair and Scizor, but this time, Dragonair isn't as lucky, and Scizor wins invincibility. Houndoom confronts Dragonair threatens to beats up Chimecho and Froslass (since Houndoom has type advantages towards both of them) if Dragonair and her alliance don't vote with Houndoom and Scizor against Yanmega, also adding that Dragonair owes Houndoom for costing her invincibility.

Now for the aprijuice ceremony, Final 8. The immunity aprijuice goes to:

1.Scizor. Then, the next 6 go to:

2.Dragonair 3.Froslass 4.Seaking 5.Chimecho 6.Hitmonlee. Yanmega and Houndoom, you two are the least friendliest of the remaining contestants, therefore I'm not shocked. The final aprijuice goes to.....................7.Yanmega. Houndoom, you're out with a 6-2 vote. Dragonair adds that she was going to vote off Yanmega because she's mean, and Yanmega takes offense to that, but nobody threatens her friends.

Episode 22: Pokemon Poachers

Scizor knows that this is a crucial episode that if used correctly he can easily get to the final 3. So he talks to both Yanmega and Chimecho seperately, asking them both to be in their alliance as if so, to vote off Chimecho or Yanmega (the leaders of the last two alliances left), and they say they'll think about it. Chimecho tells Dragonair and Froslass that their next target is Yanmega (no shocker), and they think that they'll decide whether or not to let Scizor into their alliance after the challenge. Yanmega, Hitmonlee, and Seaking also talk about voting off Chimecho and they decide that it may not be the best idea to let Scizor into the alliance due to him being a threat, btut they need his vote to take out the other alliance. Once Yanmega leaves to take a shower, Hitmonlee and Seaking agree that if Yanmega doesn't win immunity, they're voting her off because both Hitmonlee and Seaking hate her. But Yanmega manages to over hear their conversation, and vows that neither of them will make the final 3 because they're traitors, but what else is new. Vaporeon congratulates the final 7 for making it to the 5th to last episode of the season and then explains that the challenge will be to poach a final stage pokemon. The first one back would win invincibility while the last one back would have to clean the washrooms, which automatically prompts the final 7 to do the best they can. Vaporeon then teases Scizor on how he has no alliance, but Scizor says that he doesn't need an alliance; he just needs to win, and he won't give up. The final 7 each draw a pokemon card from a hat to determine which pokemon they have to find. Yanmega has to find a Charizard, Dragonair has to find a Garchomp, Seaking has to find a Tyranitar, Hitmonlee has to find a Blaziken, Chimecho has to find a Rhyperior, Froslass has to find a Walrein, and Scizor has to find Chef Mamoswine. Dragonair tries to use Dragon Rush to KO Garchomp, but Garchomp hides with Sandstorm, and due to its Sand Veil ability, Dragonair will have a much harder time finding Garchomp. Scizor finds Mamoswine, but Mamoswine throws kitchen utensils at him, which Scizor blocks with Iron Defense. However, Scizor gets TKO'd when Mamoswine turns the portable toaster which is set on ON. Yanmega knows that her days are numbered so she finds restlessly for Charizard and KO's it with Ancientpower and Hypnosis, and Yanmega wins invincibility. The second one back is Scizor, who KO'd Mamoswine with Bullet Punch (shocker). Then Froslass gets Walrein, Hitmonlee gets Blaziken, and Chimecho gets Rhyperior by luring it with his chime. It is down to Dragonair who can't find Garchomp in a sandstorm and Seaking who can't use helpful moves like Supersonic or Rain Dance due to Taunt. Yanmega decides to sabotage Seaking by giving him a Lagging Tail which makes him slower, but Yanmega escapes before Seaking can know what happened to him and by whom, and gets KO'd by Tyranitar's Rock Slide. Yanmega also helps Garchomp by immobilizing it with Psychic so Dragonair can return to camp with Garchomp. In the confessional, Dragonair doesn't know why Yanmega helped her and now she feels suspicious, while Seaking doesn't know why anyone would want to sabotage him. Dragonair makes it to camp before Seaking, forcing Seaking to clean the washrooms. In the confessional, Yanmega says that that's what he gets for trying to target her and that he should count his blessings that she isn't voting him off. But the question is...who will Scizor vote off?

Ok Final 7 let's get this aprijuice ceremony started. The immunity aprijuice goes to

1.Yanmega. You are one lucky bitch. The next 4 go to:

2.Scizor 3.Froslass 4.Seaking 5.Dragonair. The bottom 2 is Hitmonlee and Chimecho. Chimecho, as the leader of one of the two remaining alliances, you are a threat. And Hitmonlee, with Yanmega immune, you're the closest thing to evil left. The final aprijuice goes to.......6.Hitmonlee. Chimecho, with a 4-3 vote, you're out. Scizor apologizes for voting him off-he just didn't want to be with him at the final 3. Chimecho says it's ok, and says that he had a good time and now he can see Lanturn again.

Episode 23: Battle (lack of) Strategy

Vaporeon tells the final 6 to express their feelings over making it this far. In the confessional, Yanmega says that she new that she would make it this far, and the only 2 of the other 5 of the final 6 she thought would get this far are Scizor and Hitmonlee because they play to win, while Seaking, Dragonair, and Froslass are inept of strategy. All she knows is that she's gonna backstab one of her alliance before the final 3 and take the other to the end. Dragonair says that she's glad to be in the final 6 and that she misses Drapion and also looks back to when she thought she, Chimecho, Hitmonlee, and Drapion would be the final 4, but then thanks to Yanmega, Hitmonlee, and Scizor, it's not possible, and she can't believe Hitmonlee wanted out of the alliance, but it doesn't matter because she and Froslass are going to the end. Scizor knows that it wasn't easy getting this far because in three different points of the game he had no alliance, and he knows that he can't take any chances and needs to win immunity, but he doesn't understand why he's a threat. Sure he's strong, but should he get to the final 3 it's not like Scizor's got the jury under his claw, but as long as he's safe he has nothing to worry about. Seaking thinks it's wicked to be in this far, thanks to his skills, but he wishes he could just vote off Yanmega but she won immunity and it's unknown if she'll repeat her performance this episode, but his main focus is getting Yanmega out for being a bitch. Froslass is really happy to be in the final 6. She explains that she thought that people would vote her off because she's skinny and girly so people would think she's a bitch, but that wasn't her gameplay at all and she feels like once she gets to the final 3 she's got this game won, and Dragonair has her back. Hitmonlee feels like he's going to the final 3 mainly because people will think about him and think that he won't get many jury votes. But he knows what to say and who to apologize to so once it's the final 3, they'll get the surprise of their life. But first, Yanmega's gotta go. Vaporeon rounds up the final 6 for the challenge: battle strategy. They will face 5 pokemon, one emphasizes Attack, one emphasizes Defense, one emphasizes Special Attack, one emphasizes Special Defense, and one emphasizes Speed. Whoever has the worst performance in each round gets eliminated from the challenge until one is left to claim invincibility. All 6 are confident in themselves because they all have somewhat above par battling abilities.

Round 1: vs. Heracross. Scizor made a point of noting that the Heracross had Toxic Orbs, which would activate Guts and increase their attack. so Scizor hits fast with Aerial Ace to KO it. Yanmega uses Air Slash and Seaking uses Peck to KO their Heracross, but Night Slash does a lot to Froslass and Aerial Ace does a lot to Hitmonlee. Dragonair uses Thunder Wave and KO's Heracross with Fire Blast. Heracross goes for another Close Combat, but Hitmonlee KO's it with Counter. Seaking, Yanmega, Dragonair, Scizor, and Hitmonlee move on, eliminating Froslass from the challenge.

Round 2: vs. Rhyperior. Rhyperior sets up with Sandstorm and Stealth Rock. Hitmonlee's Brick Break and Seaking's Waterfall hits, but Rhyperior barely feels it. Dragonair uses Rain Dance and Surf to KO her Rhyperior. Rhyperior uses Sandstorm. Scizor can't use Metal Claw due to Stealth Rock blocking him. Yanmega, however, uses Psychic and throws it all over the place. Hitmonlee's Close Combat and Seaking's Surf eventually prove effective while Scizor can't even get past Stealth Rock, so he's out and Yanmega, Dragonair, Seaking, and Hitmonlee move on.

Round 3: vs. Porygon-Z. Porygon-Z's Download ability and Petaya Berry boost it's attack. Seaking goes for the Horn Drill, but Porygon-Z uses Charge Beam and gets its Special Attack increased even more. Dragonair wraps around Porygon-Z and constantly slams it with Aqua Tail to win. Then, Yanmega uses Supersonic and Silver Wind so Yanmega's stats can boost, and Porygon-Z's Ice Beam misses, but Yanmega KO's it with Bug Buzz. Hitmonlee takes a hit from Psychic, but beats his Porygon-Z with Reversal. Seaking loses the challenge, and Yanmega, Hitmonlee, and Dragonair move on.

Semifinals: vs. Regice. Regice sets up with Amnesia and Hail. Hitmonlee uses Hi Jump Kick but gets hit by Zap Cannon. Since Hitmonlee didn't complete his attack, he gets hurt by Hi Jmup Kick, but atleast his Limber ability prevents him from Paralysis. Yanmega uses Ancientpower and giga impact to beat her Regice. Dragonair tries Dragon Rush, but Regice slows it down with Icy Wind. Hitmonlee goes for a Blaze Kick, but Regice freezes it with Blizzard, while Dragonair protects with Safeguard. Dragonair uses Dragon Dance and Drgaon Rush again and this time Regice is KO'd. Then, Dragonair evolves into Dragonite, and everyone congratulates her, even Yanmega, saying that she enjoys having tough competition. Hitmonlee's out of the challenge, so it comes down to Yanmega and Dragonite.

Finals: vs. Ninjask. Dragonite uses Fire Blast, Blizzard, Thunder, and Outrage, but all attacks miss because of Ninjask's Speed Boost abilitiy, Agility, Sand Attack, and Double Team. Ninjask ultimately KO's the exhausted Dragonite with Hyper Bream. Before Yanmega can even attack...Ninjask asks her if she'll go out with him and that he'll even let her win immunity. Yanmega tells him to call her after the show is over. So by default, Yanmega wins immunity, which pisses off Seaking, and Yanmega catches it, and Hitmonlee knows it, so he gives himself a facepalm, knowing that one of them are toast.

Hitmonlee, Yanmega, Scizor, Seaking, Froslass, and now Dragonite. What a final 6. But it's still an aprijuice ceremony, and someone's still going home. first, the immunity aprijuice:

1.Yanmega. You better hope you win the next 2 challenges. The next 3 go to:

2.Scizor 3.Froslass 4.Hitmonlee. Dragonite and Seaking, you're the bottom 2. Seaking, Yanmega knows that she's not your first choice for an alliance mate, and that can't be good. Dragonite, you did evolve, but you're now a threeat. The final aprijuice goes to..................................................5.Dragonite. Seaking, with a 4-2 vote, your nerdy, fishy butt is a goner. Seaking tells Yanmega to sleep with one eye open, because kharma, and possibly a rapid Mgihtyena, will get her someday. Yanmega laughs victoriously, saying all is right in the world now that another losers becomes more of a loser. Hitmonlee, Scizor, Froslass, and Dragonair pray that she doesn't get immunity again.

Episode 24: Stuff of Legends

Hitmonlee gives it to Yanmega straight: He's out of the alliance. Yanmega tells him that he made a big mistake and now his chances of winning don't exist anymore, but Hitmonlee begs to differ. Hitmonlee, Dragonite, Froslass, and Scizor meet up and all agree that Yanmega has to go no matter what, so everyone has to do their best at the final challenge. in the confessional, Dragonite says that she's glad they're gunning for Yanmega because hopefully it works out and she's gonna be in the final 4, which is very important because she's sort of a threat now. Scizor knows Yanmega has to go because she's been getting on his last nerve. He thinks that she she's all that just because she got Rapidash out, and although he is glad that he didn't, that doesn't make Yanmega anymore favorable and she just has to go. Froslass knows it's going to be tough for her, especially since she got out first last challenge, but she didn't come this far to give up, and if it means stepping up her game to take out the biggest villain of this season, so be it. All she knows is that she only wants to vote off Yanmega this episode and she'll be frusterated if she has to turn on a friend. Hitmonlee says that it was already a pain for everyone to be around Yanmega, but it was more of a pain for him alligning with her. He knows he started off a bit villainous, but he hopes to end this heroicly and by getting rid of Yanmega. Vaporeon announces that this will be the last immunity challenge and the last time the contestants remaining in the game will vote each other off, so basically after this episode, eliminations are all based on unknown variables. The challenge is to do whatever it takes to avoid capture by these 5 epic legendary pokemon: Mewtwo, Lugia, Rayquaza, Dialga, and Palkia. The last one not captured by a legendary will win the last invincibility of the season and is automatically in the final 4. The challenge begins, and Scizor, Froslass, Dragonite, and Hitmonlee stick together, hoping to make the legendary pokemon go after Yanmega. Yanmega know that they've been dying to eliminate her and know they're all against her, so she's going to play dirty (as usual). Mewtwo is first in the challenge, and Yanmega KO's Mewtwo with Bug Buzz and tells him to go for Hitmonlee since he's weak against Psychics. Mewtwo encounters Hitmonlee, Scizor, Froslass, and Dragonite. Froslass and Dragonite try Shadow Ball and Dragon Pulse respectively, but Mewtwo uses Light Screen and makes off with Hitmonlee, leaving 4 contestants in the challenge. Scizor lets Dragonite and Froslass know that they're safe with him, but Froslass says that he didn't even attack Mewtwo. Yanmega uses Steel Wing on Froslass so Lugia can get her, and now that Scizor and Dragonite know about Yanmega's strategy, they confront Yanmega and challenge her to a battle. Yanmega points out that that's highly unfair, 2 vs. 1, but Dragonite points out that she doesn't give a crap since Yanmega NEVER plays fair, and Scizor adds by saying that the nice girl (Dragonite) Isn't gonna play nice no more. Yanmega uses Ancientpower, and Scizor uses Aerial Ace and Dragonite uses Fire Blast, but Yanmega dodges with Detect. Yanmega then uses Hidden Power(Fire) wich KO's Scizor, and just in time: Rayquaza is looking for someone to capture, and since Scizor's out of HP, he goes for Scizor. Dragonite says that she's not prepared to let Yanmega win invincibility AGAIN, so she paralzses Yanmega with Thunder Wave, smashes her with Slam, and KO's her with Draco Meteor. And to add insult to injury, Dialga and Palkia hit Yanmega with Roar of Time and Spacial Rend. Dragonite has won immunity.

Alright. This is very obvious, so let's get through this aprijuice ceremony already. 1.Dragonite for immunity, and then there's 2.Scizor and 3.Froslass, and of course....................4.Hitmonlee. Yanmega, you should've seen this coming. A 4-1 vote finally sends your bitchya ss home. Yanmega says that she doesn't concede anything and she will get her revenge one day, and Scizor, Hitmonlee, Dragonite, and Froslass all know she's never had a chance at winning this game, and all alliances are dissolved, so with Yanmega gone, who has this game under their thumb? NO ONE!

Episode 25: The Power in Losers

The final four vent their feelings about still being in the competition. Scizor says that there was some points in the game, especially post merge, that he thought he was going home, but he just hopes he can win because he went through a lot, despite the fact that everyone did. Dragonite thinks that she has a good chance of winning because not only did she play fairly from start to finish, she's a top contender for challenge champ since she's a Dragonite now. Froslass is happy to not only be in the final 4, but to also be the last former member of Team Mawile left in the competition now that Yanmega was voted out. and lastly, Hitmonlee says that the others deserve to win more than he does, but he's not gonna let that stop him from doing his best. Vaporeon announces that he brought back the first 18 losers (the ones that didn't make the merge), but not to be part of the competition again; they will vote off one of the final four TONIGHT, which worries the final 4, but at least it will be good practice for the jury vote. Vaporeon explains the format: each semifinalist will addres the per merge losers, and then two of the lsoers will ask him or her two questions that must be answered. After all four have had their turn, the losers will vote off one of the final 4, and the final 3 which will go on to the actual jury vote will be announced. They decide to go in national dex order, so Hitmonlee is up first. Hitmonlee says that he probably came off as a villain for alligning with both Spoink and Yanmega, but that was because spoink played him and at the time he needed Yanmega's vote, and then he booted both of them before it was too late. He also mentions that he was a good leader before Chimecho took over and after Wooper was voted off, and he gave full effort in the challenges. Spoink asks Hitmonlee why shouldn't she vote him off, and Hitmonlee says that she owes him for playing him, but Spoink replies saying that she doesn't owe him anything his he's in the comeptition still, so Hitmonlee says that if she doesn't vote for him, she can count Hitmonlee as a friend. Wooper then asks why he thinks he was a better TC than Wooper even though he ended up giving up his TC position to Chimecho, and Hitmonlee adds that it was luck that you became TC, and then later evidence showed that he wasn't fit for the job from the start, but Wooper shouldn't be ashamed of that because not everyone can be a leader. Dragonite addresses the losers by saying she didn't want to be part of an alliance pre merge at first, but since Hitmonlee trusted her, she was happy to allign with him, but then Hitmonlee flipped, and then Spoink left, and she was able to help Hitmonlee become not flippy again (refering to how Hitmonlee flipped to Spoink's side). Dragonite then adds that post merge all she wanted to do was allign with her friends, which explains why she alligned with Chimecho and Froslass. and Hitmonlee chose not to allign with her, but she was still friends with him. Lastly, she hopes they don't vote her off because she evolved into Dragonite and to win this season would make this the best summer of her life. Lanturn asks why Dragonite deserves to win more than Froslass, and Dragonite says that she feels like Froslass wasn't as good at challenges in comparison to Dragonite, except for the bike challenge. Wailord asks if she ever felt like she was going home because of her final evolution, to which Dragonite says that she evolved so late in the game that she only had 1 vote off in which she wasn't safe as a Dragonite, and in the elimination in which Seaking left, she was scared and was thinking "just my luck; I evolve and then I get voted off" and she's thankful she didn't leave. Scizor says that he knew he wasn't the nicest guy in the game even though he tries to play as a hero, which promted him to allign with his girlfriend Abra and her bestfriend Marill, and he says that there were several points in the game in which he had no alliances and he had to rely on himself, but what didn't get him voted off made him stronge,r and he tried to vote with the majority to avoid elimination and then ultimately cost Yanmega the game. Marill asks if he would stay true to the alliance if she wasn't removed via injury, and scizor said that he is good friends with Marill just like Manectric and Houndoom and yes he would stay true to Marill since he's not the backstabbing kind of guy. Linoone asks Scizor if he thought he was a threat. Scizor says that he never thought of himself as a threat but he could've been due to his high attack stat and the Scizor-Bullet Punch controversy. Lastly, Froslass says that her goal in the game was to get far by making more friends than enemies and doing the challenges to the best of her abilities, even if she almost got voted off in Episode 3. Taillow asks Froslass if she felt bad that Taillow got voted off, and Froslass says that she did feel bad and wishes to be better friends with her because looking back, she wishes that she could've voted off someone else. Surskit asks if she thinks of ehrself as a coattail rider, and Froslass says that she sometimes acts like it, but she never tries to be because she knows that only one can win and that's why she tried her hardest to get to this point. And now the pre merge losers vote.

Ok. The losers have made their decision. It was a 9-4-3-2 vote, so let's pass out these aprijuices. The first one goes to.......................1.Dragonite. The second one goes to........................2.Froslass. Scizor, Hitmonlee, one of you is eliminated. The final aprijuice goes to.......3.SCIZOR! Cue confessional montage for those who voted for Hitmonlee:

Bagon: You were a dissapointment. I thought you would've played a hardcore game. I vote for Hitmonlee.

Marill: Sorry Hitmonlee, you didn't do everything well.

Abra: My boyfriend didn't trust you too well, so why should I?

Linoone: Sorry Hitmonlee you didn't play the best game.

Wailord: You trusted Spoink. I alligned with ehr at one point, but i didn't trust ehr and I through the game. what about you?

Taillow: With Froslass apologizing, my next choice to vote off is Hitmonlee for making some bad choices.

Magby: Dude thinks he's all that, but in reality he makes Wooper look like a threat. Hitmonlee's gone.

Wooper: You cost me the game. Sorry.

Charmeleon: We both have to learn to think carefully about which women to trust. i vote for Hitmonlee.

Hitmonlee says that he had a good time and will try again to win in the future, and wishes the best of luck to Dragonite, Froslass, and Scizor as they await the jury vote. Hitmonlee is also glad to be friends with Spoink.

Episode 26: The Most Important Vote

On the way back from the aprijuice ceremony, Vaporeon and Mamoswine set up a path to take them through a forest with sign posts to remind them of the 27 players they got past to get to where they are today, and to remind them that they couldn't have made it without them. They remembered Bagon the brute, Finneon the type-A, Surskit the beauty queen, Taillow the latina, Psyduck the doofus, Elekid the bad boy, Mareep the calm girl, Wooper the spineless, Roselia the psycho, Lanturn the goth girl, Wailord the good doer, Linoone the country boy, Spoink the heartbreaker, Abra the silent (and Scizor's girlfriend), Magby the sarcastic, Drapion the party boy (and Dragonite's boyfriend), Charmeleon the pretty face (and Froslass's boyfriend), Marill the dimwitt, Kirlia the stand up girl, Ursaring the humble powerhouse, Rapidash the slut, Manectric the sporty meditist, Houndoom the harsh, Chimecho the chill, Seaking the wierd, Yanmega the queen bee (or darner, the bug Yanmega is actually based on), and Hitmonlee the street smart. it really made the final 3 walk through memory lane. To commemorate going to the final 3, Chef Mamoswine prepared Froslass, Dragonite, and Scizor a great meal, the first and last they have had this season. But it's all fun and games until they go to the aprijuice ceremony one last time. Vaporeon gives them a cognrats for making it this far, but now it's time to decide a winner. A boat then docks at the dock of shame, and out comes the last 9 eliminated from the season: Kirlia, Ursaring, Rapidash, Manectric, Houndoom, Chimecho, Seaking, Yanmega, and Hitmonlee. Vaporeon explains how the jury vote, or the MOST IMPORTANT VOTE, will work. Each of the finalists will give an opening statement, and then each of the jury members will address the jury. After that, the jury will vote for a winner, and the votes will be revealed after they leave the island to go to Vaporterra's house for a live broadcast there (p.s. Glaceon's supposed to meet Vaporeon there :). First is Dragonite's opening statement, followed by Scizor's, and of course Froslass's.

"Hey everyone. When the game started, I looked around at the diversity of pokemon that played the game and that's one of the things I liked about this game; we had pokemon of every type except rock be in this game, and on top of that, there were people of different personalities, which made for an interesting season. I thought I was a good addition to Team Sabeye; I proved helpful to the team, and Hitmonlee even came up to me and chimehco and said that he knew we were strong players, and with that and alliance was born. We had difficulties thanks to Spoink, but we survived, even though a line was draw with me and Chimecho divided from Hitmonlee, but we remained friends. I am thankful for my friendliness becuase with that, I got along with almost everyone, and without that I wouldn't be here, especially when i could've been voted off late for evolving into Dragonite. The point is, I played hard, made friends, didn't backstab anyone, and I evolved twice this season, so I hope you guys vote for me"-Dragonite

"Hi jury. I'll be frank-I'm not the nice guy that gets along with everyone that you'd expect from Ursaring and Chimecho. I was a tough guy and I was always focused on the game. But that was my weakness. There is so much more to this game than winning, and I thank my girl Abra for showing me that. I came into this game trying to do what I can to make it to the top, but I was also able to make friends, especially with Abra and Marill, and I'm glad I did-you can't play this game without friends. I'd say I'm an anti hero. I'm not all about being tough, but it's not all about being nice, so I think since I was the perfect mix of both, I was able to make it through. It wasn't easy though. Even as a Scyther, I would've been a physical threat post merge, and the fact that both Abra and Marill left the game pre merge worried me. I had to shift my strategy from building an allince that have social advanatages to players that can mean business so I'm less of a target, which is why I alligned with Manectric and Houndoom, which I'm good friends with. But the reason I think y'all should vote for me is because I was able to be independent when I wanted to be and I had to be, especially when at the final 7 I once again had no alliance, but I was able to befriend the finalists and I'm glad to be in the end. It was a great experience competing in TPI"-Scizor

"Hey everyone. This was a really fun game. I'll be honest-my strategy was either miniscule or not there, but that's because I kept telling myself that the money would be nice, but I also want to have fun. The game really began for me in Episode 3 because i lost the challenge, but I was given a second chance and I was not voted off that night. Then I thought, that's what this game is about. Second chances and thinking with your heart when you voted. Of course that fairly tale wouldn't last forever, and I was reminded of that when Rapidash kissed my boyfriend and then Charmeleon was voted off, so from then on, I kewn I had to be more careful about how I play the game, and the most dificult part about playing the game is having fun while keeping your eye on the prize, and I was able to do that and that's why I'm in the final 3. Basically, you should vote for me because I could've easily been picked off early on, but I never gave up, I had fun from the beginning to end, and it was dificult playing in a game in which the competition is so fierce and it would mean so much to me if I won"-Froslass

And now it's time for the jury to address the finalists. First it's Kirlia. Kirlia asks them why should she vote for them, because she's pretty cool with all of them. Scizor says that he was a hard worker and it wasn't easy for him to get here and he'd really like to win. Froslass says that she and Kirlia were good friends from the beginning and they always had each others' backs. Dragonite says that she helped Kirlia's ally (Froslass) after Kirlia's elimination and that even before then, Dragonite didn't vote for her and she really wanted to play with Kirlia longer and she deserved to get this far. Next is Ursaring. Ursaring asks Scizor and Dragonite if they ever held anything back during the game, even though they are powerful pokemon. Scizor said that even though it wasn't wise, he went all out whenever he could, which was pretty dangerous considering that anyone could've picked up on that and voted him off. Dragonite said that she only rcently became Dragonite andonly recently she was seen as powerful, but she always tried her best. Ursaring then asks Froslass why he should vote for her if she hadn't shown her skills in most of the challenges. Froslass says that she's not very agressive, and she didn't want to be because she wanted to win this game with her friends and her mind. Rapidash then uses her turn to diss the final 3. Rapidash tells Dragonite that being a powerful pokemon is a waste on her because she'd rather spend her days surfing than being tough. Then she comments on how Scizor should stop referring to himself as a power player, because he's just like everyone else and that if Rapidash wanted to, she can take him down easily. And lastly, she tells Froslass that Rapidash made a mistake voting for Taillow over her because Taillow would've been a more worthwhile competitor and that she loved seeing Froslass's heart break when she kissed Charmeleon, to which Froslass flips her off. Then it's Manectric's turn. Manectric just tells them that they all did a good job playing the game and getting this far, but what was their one regret? Froslass says that it was choosing to eliminated Manectric instead of Yanmega. Dragonite said it was not alligning with Froslass sooner. Scizor said it was having more fun. Houndoom then asks if they would vote off any of their alliance members from the game, who would it be? Dragonite says that she would vote off Hitmonlee because when he flipped to Spoink's alliance, she almost lost. Scizor says that it would've been Manectric because he felt like the meditation was unecessary fun somewhat enjoyable. Froslass says Ursaring because he was kind of a threat and also a target for being an ex-member of Rapidash's alliance. But in the end, all say that they only gave their answers to answer the question, and they wouldn't want to backstab their alliance mates. Chimecho's turn, and Chimecho says that he already knows Dragonite well enough that she doesn't need to ask her a question, but he asks Scizor if he was able to switch his vote in episode 9, would he vote for Lanturn or Spoink? Scizor says that he would choose Spoink because Lanturn didn't do anything wrong, but Spoink did. Chimecho then asks Froslass that if she did get voted off in Episode 3, does she believe that Taillow would've made the final 3? Froslass says that there's a good chance that that would've happened because Taillow can literally fly under the radar and help the team when she wants to, but there's no more need to beat that dead horse and to hope that Taillow gets another chance next season. Seaking asks the finalists what they think their chances of winning this game are. Scizor says 30%, Dragonite says 40%, and Froslass says 25%. Yanmega then asks them if they thought they played a good strategical game. Froslass says that she had to because if she didn't use her brain, she wouldn't have gotten to the final 3. Scizor says that he thinks he played a good strategical game, especially when he had no alliance. Dragonite says that she wasn't too strategic and that if she evolved into Dragonite sooner, she'd be toast. And lastly, it's Hitmonlee's turn. Hitmonlee gives them the hypothetic situation that the final 4 going into the final 3 was determined by a regular vote off and Scizor, Dragonite, and Froslass voted for Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee wants to know why they would vote him off in that situation. Scizor says that it's because Hitmonlee did a good job at leading Team Sableye for a bit and someone with that big of a leadership quality is a jury threat. Dragonite says that she would because there was a division between her and Hitmonlee at one point and even though they are friends now, it would be more stressful for Hitmonlee to be in the final 3. Froslass says that she would vote off Hitmonlee because he alligned with Spoink at one point, and even thought Hitmonlee knows that that was wrong, Froslass wouldn't have a reason to vote off Scizor or Dragonite anyway.

Now that that is done, it is now time for the jury to vote. For some juriors like Rapidash, it was an easy vote, but for others, like Chimecho, it required a lot of thinking. Dragonite, Scizor, and Froslass are indescribably nervous at this time and all wish each other the best of luck one last time. But before the votes are read, Mamoswine takes the jury, the final 3, and Vaporeon on a bus ride from Muskoka to Los Angeles to read the votes there. Once those 14 arrive in Los Angeles, the 18 non-jury losers (Bagon, Finneon, Surskit, Taillow, Psyduck, Elekid, Mareep, Wooper, Roselia, Lanturn, Wailord, Linoone, Spoink, Abra, Magby, Drapion, Charmeleon, and Marill), along with Vaporeon's girlfriend, Glaceon, meet them there. But everyone is focused on just one thing: Who won Total Pokemon Island? That is about to be revealed right now. One at a time, Vaporeon will pull out a vote and the tv screen will show the confessional of the jury member voting when his or her vote is pulled out. Let's begin:

"Dude, I'm just in awe at how you overcame the odds, survived elim inations, and ultimately made it to the end. Scizor gets my vote"-Seaking. 1 vote Scizor, 0 for Froslass and Dragonite.

"Together we worked at getting as far as we could, and I'm glad I met you and you're worthy of winning $1,000,000. I vote for Dragonite"-Chimecho. 1 vote Scizor, 1 vote Drgaonite, 0 votes for Froslass.

"Ok, I'll be frank, I don't like you. But you were the one to ultimately stick it to Yanmega, so I'll vote for Dragonite"-Rapidash. 2 votes Dragonite, 1 vote Scizor, 0 votes for Froslass.

"Hey girl. We definitely got to be great friends in this game, and I think you did a great job. I vote for Froslass"-Kirlia. 2 votes Dragonite, 1 vote Scizor, 1 vote Froslass.

"You are what this game's all about. I'm all for a strong player winning this game, and you are worthy. I vote for Dragonite"-Manectric. 3 votes Dragonite, 1 vote Scizor, 1 vote Froslass.

"Us bug types got to stick together. Drgaontie cost me the game, Froslass did crap, but you definitely put a lot of effort and if you want I'll allign with you next season. My votes for Scizor"-Yanmega. 3 votes Dragonite, 2 votes Scizor, 1 vote Froslass, 3 votes left.

"It was a pleasure alligning with you. You played a good game and you deserve to outrank me. I vote for Scizor"-Houndoom. 3 votes Dragonite, 3 votes Scizor, 1 vote Froslass, 2 votes left.

"I'm sorry for losing your trust by alligning with Spoink. I hope through this, you can forgive me, because in no way did I deserve to win more than you. I vote Dragonite"-Hitmonlee. 4 votes Dragonite, 3 votes Scizor, 1 vote Froslass, 1 vote left. At this point, Froslass takes 3rd place because you can no longer get the most amount of votes. But if Scizor does get the final vote, Dragonite and Scizor will compete in a tiebreaker. So here's the final vote:

"Alligning with you after ditching Rapidash felt awesome. I know some people think you're weak, but that is not the case. I vote for Froslass"-Ursaring.

And with a 4-3-2 votes, Dragonite is the winner of Total Pokemon Island! Scizor is the runner up, and Froslass is 3rd place. Congratulations. And to end this season, here are Dragonite's closing words:

"Winning this game....I feel on top of the world right now, and it's not just because I can circle the globe in 16 hours, but it's because I won the hardest thing I ever participated in my life. And I couldn't have done it without my friends, especially not my late game alliance of Froslass and Chimecho, and later with Hitmonlee and Scizor, and I'm also glad I met Drapion. This game was such a great experience, I'm so happy that I won, and I'm glad I was in this game"-Dragonite.

And there you have it. Out of 30 contestants, the chill surfer girl from the west coast, Dragonite, wins the million. But is this the end? Hell no. This is only the beginning. Thank you for reading Total...........Pokemon..............Island!

Total Pokemon Island Special: $2,000,000 Free For AllEdit

Vaporeon sent an email to all contestants of Total Pokemon Island saying that for making the show a big success, he's throwing them a party in their honor. The very next day, everyone arrived and made themselves at home in the party at Playa De Losers, where everyone had a good time. Finneon and Bagon did what they did most of the time since they were the first players voted off-complain about how they deserved to win, yet they got out so early. Kirlia tells them that they need to stop living in the past and to get over losing already. After that, Seaking tells Kirlia that it's been a while since they last met, but Kirlia tells Seaking that she just wants to be friends right now and may later there might be a chance they can be together, but for now they're taking it slow. Seaking understands this, so he goes off to annoy the heck out of Magby with his vast knowledge on Bibarel, prompting Magby to say that the only way he could know more about Bibarel is if he WAS a Bibarel. Marill, Scizor, and Abra hang out and Marill and Abra tell him that he did a good job last season and if they were in the jury, they would've voted for him. Dragonite, Drapion, Froslass, and Charmeleon are in the hot tub, but Charmeleon and Froslass leave after a few minutes since Charmeleon doesn't like water, but Drapion and Dragonite begin to make out. Ursaring and Linoone hang out, staying away from Rapidash, who they hate for using them last season. Hitmonlee, Lanturn, Chimecho and Wailord are friends again despite the events of season one. Psyduck and Roselia have a hot dog eating contest, which Roselia won. Psyduck contemplates asking her out since she sure can eat. Taillow mentions that one time she ate 30 tons of bird seeds in an hour, but that was after she was in Puerto Rico for a week and her uncle had excess bird seeds. Wooper tries to impress Lanturn by attempting to make a soccer goal from the other side of the field, but he didn't kick it hard enough to go mroe than 2 feet. Mareep and Manectric are glad to be reunited and Houndoom says that she's happy for them, which is big on her part since she's not usually a happy person. Yanmega and Rapidash are upset that due to the way they played last season, their popularity is reduced to having to hang with each other. Meanwhile they notice Elekid with a burlap sack, but they don't care since they're pissed. Elekid, when he thinks no one is looking, reveals that the burlap sack contains rare candies. But Spoink and Surskit catch him and say that either he shares the rare candies with them or they tell Chef Mamoswine that Elekid stole his rare candies. Elekid agrees, so after they eat their rare candies, Elekid evolves into Electabuzz, Surskit into Masquerain, and Spoink into Grumpig.

Vaporeon interupts the party to reveal why they're really here. Despite Dragonite winning the million bucks, the popularity his show got this season prompted him to have a new one, in which the prize will be $2,000,000, if Dragonite says it's ok, to which dragonite does say it's ok, because she loves this game (probably because she won it). Drapion proves to be excited as well, since his girlfriend won last season, so he feels like he could do well this time. Vaporeon says that there will be a race to a hidden finish line somewhere on the island and whoever crosses the finish line by sundown receives entry to season 2. Dragonite and Drapion are so excited, they immediately get going. But the others aren't as excited. Yanmega says that after all the crap Vaporeon and his fat sidekick (Mamoswine) put them through, he's an idiot if he expects them to compete in another season. Rapidash, Lanturn, Houndoom, and Scizor chime in, saying that they're out. Everyone else except Wailord, Psyduck, and Roselia immediately agree, so Vaporeon hopes that they approve. But Wailord says he has to side with the majority on this one, Psyduck says coutn him out, and Roselia says that even thought she can be nuts, she can't hold a candle to Vaporeon and Mamoswine in this case. Vaporeon then says that's ok-Drapion and Dragonite will just win the easiest $2,000,000 in TV history, and leaves them. After a few seconds of awkward silence, everyone rushes, only to run into each other and form a 28 pokemon dog pile. Psyduck then suggests that they split it 30 ways and share it, but no one else agrees. Psyduck, Roselia, and Wailord form a group. Houndoom, Manectric, and Mareep form a group. Scizor, Froslass, Abra, Marill, and Charmeleon form a group. Yanmega asks if she can join Kirlia, Seaking, and Hitmonlee's group, only to get rejected. Rapidash asks if she can be in Linoone and Ursaring's group, but gets rejected as well. Magby and Bagon form a group, and reject Wooper, because he's a wimp. Taillow, Chimecho, and Lanturn form a group. Finneon, Electabuzz, Masquerain, and Grumpig form a group, which Finneon arranged, saying that it'd be smart to hang with newly evolved pokemon. That only left Yanmega, Rapidash, and Wooper, and through desperateness, they form the last group.

After running ahead for a few hours, Drapion and Dragonite take a break and then they wonder why they're putting so much effort into this? Dragonite already won, and she was going to spend her winnings on both of them, so they decided to just make out instead. Roselia changes her name to Captain Rosey,a dn both Psyduck and Wailord think it's a good name. Abra tells Marill, Scizor, Froslass, and Charmeleon that she'll try teleporting all over the island and let them know where the finish line is. That tactic works, Abra tells her group, and Abra, Scizor, Marill, Froslass, and Charmeleon are the first players to make it to season 2. Wooper tries to lead his group, saying that Yanmega and Rapidash are just taking them three in circles. Kirlia, Hitmonlee, and Seaking pass them by, and then Kirlia teleports them to the finish line when they see it, so Hitmonlee, Kirlia, and Seaking will be in season 2. Taillow, Lanturn, and Chimecho keep looking, as do Houndoom, Mareep, and Manectric and Bagon and Magby. Rapidash catches sight of Linoone and Ursaring, and decides to ruin their chances at being in next season. Yanmega sets up the trap with Sitrus Berries, and Rapidash tells Wooper to lure them in. wooper isn't ok with it, but the girls tell him to man up. so Wooper does what they say, and Linoone goes in to eat a Sitrus Berry, but Ursaring realizes that it's a trap, so Ursaring pushes Linoone out of the way before Rapidash covers him in honey. so Ursaring is stuck to the floor, so Linoone runs away, and so does Wooper, being afraid that kharma might get him. But that isn't the case as Wooper and Linoone cross the finish line and make it to season 2. Wooper then tries to do an act of kindess and tells Magby, Bagon, Taillow, Chimecho, Lanturn, Mareep, Manectric, and Houndoom where the finish line is, and those eight make it to be on season 2. But only 10 minutes remain before sundown. Finneon, Electabuzz, Masquerain, and Grumpig notice Ursaring stuck to the ground with honey, only for Electabuzz to laugh at him and for Grumpig and Finneon to call him pathetic. But Masquerain tries to help Ursaring, but a Heracross thinks that Masquerain is trying to take honey that he had his eyes on, so he uses Stone Edge to KO MAsquerain, Electabuzz, and Grumpig, while Finneon hid in the bushes to avoid attack. Electabuzz tells Finneon to help them get to the finish line, to which Finneon says it's survival of the fittest. Finneon finds the finish line and is in season 2. The Heracross then catches eye of Roselia, Wailord, and Psyduck, so they run away and end up going to the finish line, making it to season 2. Yanmega and Rapidash tell each other that after they pranked Ursaring, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. But Vaporeon reminds everybody that there's only 1 minute til sundown. Rapidash uses Agility and Yanmega uses her Speed Boost ability, and together they avoid the Heracross and make it to season two. The sun goes down moments before Ursaring, Masquerain, Grumpig, Electabuzz, Drapion, and Dragonite appear, so Vaporeon breaks the bad new that they won't be on season 2 as competitors, but will watch from the side lines. Ursaring, Grumpig, and Masquerain are sad, Electabuzz is pissed, but Drapion and Dragonite shrug it and continue making out.

So Vaporeon tells Bagon, Finneon, Taillow, Psyduck, Mareep, Wooper, Roselia, Lanturn, Wailord, Linoone, Abra, Magby, Charmeleon, Marill, Kirlia, Rapidash, Manectric, Houndoom, Chimecho, Seaking, Yanmega, Hitmonlee, Froslass, and Scizor that in 3 days, they will go to an abandoned film lot in New York for season 2: Total...........................Pokemon................................ACTION!