Venusaur is a Grass/Poison pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Ivysaur at level 32.


Venusaur was one of the original characters from Nicki's cast. He evolved from Ivysaur in episode 21 of TPA, but was eliminated in the same episode due to showing a poor performance in the challenge and annoying Shuckle/Groudon.


TPI: 5th

TPA: 20th


Venusaur evolved from the Ivysaur commonly mocked for being small, but since evolving, Venusaur become normal size for a Venusaur. Venusaur is currently in the merge.

Venasaur is one of the only confirmed gay contestants in InsaneXmas's tpi. After the show he hooked up with Scizor and they scizored ;)


Venusaur evolved from Ivysaur during the Total Pokemon Fantasy Aftermath Show that was never aired due to it being cancelled or postponed by Neon. It is unknown if Neon has things in store for Venusaur, being one of his 1st season cast and being part of season 2 and 3 really brings some sort of connection. Its unknown if Neon will be making a 7th Season. But I do know Venusaur will be in for another season by my confirmation and my video production crew. On Nov 26th We already set up elims and the production of Season 6. Neon and his Production crew Amy,Shan, and Rob have confirmed there will be a season 7 and Venusaur will be back in action his love interest is yet unknown.