Vespiquen is a Bug/Flying-type Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from a female Combee starting at Level 21


In Total Pokémon Island, Vespiquen started out as a Combee when she arrived in Episode 1. Even as a Combee, Vespiquen is proven to be extremely athletic. She eventually evolved into Vespiquen in "The Scary Outdoors" along with Chimecho and Chansey, respectively.

In Total Pokémon Action, Vespiquen returned and developed a crush for newcomer Gliscor. In "Freeze And Turn Back Time", Vespiquen got eliminated over Gliscor.

In season three she debuted in Beijing Loving and quickly joined an alliance with Bellossom and a lot of the other girls. She made the merge and the final two but let Drapion pass her during the final challenge because she regretted backtabbing Ninetales, Exploud, and Glaceon so much.

She was the first voted off in season four because Garchomp hates her so much, and she was/is going to be in Total Pokemon All-Stars.

Rankings:TPI:6th TPA:19th TPWT:2nd TPL:103rd TPAS: TBA (?)

MrPokeguy9 Edit

Vespiquen debuted in TPA as the superfan of the show and was placed on Team Farfetch'd. She has a superior knowledge of the game and returning players having a good idea of all of their strengths and weaknesses, this however did not worry any of the players as she quickly got into a majority alliance on her team. She developed a close bond with both Blissey and Zangoose solidifying their trust, specifically Blissey who she closes her closest ally and has been a great asset in challenges. Once at merge, Vespiquen remained close to Blissey and her alliance, calling the shots and making the decision, she was almost eliminated in Episode 20 during the Survivor twist when Haunter tried to target her but she managed to survive. Vespiquen manage to secure several immunity wins, proving she was not just a strategic player, however, once Blissey was eliminated in episode 24, Vespiquen was made head of her alliance and was put in a powerful position which she used to her advantage, during the merge she managed to eliminate big threats such as Poliwrath whom was also going after her, however during the Escape The Night event, Vespiquen was targeted for elimination due to her strategic and physical abilities, however at the elimination ceremony Sandslash decided to not give the final big pearl to either Vespiquen or Magmortar (whom she was in the bottom 2 with), thus eliminating them both, sending Vespiquen home in 9th place.

TPA: 9th