Wailord is a Water pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Wailmer at level 40. It is fmaous for being the biggest pokemon yet discovered


Wailord started as a Wailmer but evolved into Wailord in Episode 6 after beating Rapidash in tetherball. Wailord is based off Rupert so like Rupert he's a nice lovable guy thatcna be over-thetop optimistic. His best friend throughout the series was Electrike/Maenectric and he tried to help him with Mareep. In Episode 9, Wailord, along with Hitmonlee, Houndoom, and Electrike end up alligned with Spoink, and Wailord immediately becomes aware of Spoink's intentions and says that he's not cool with alligning with someone so devious. Therefore, in Episode 10, Wailord is voted off because Scizor, Azurill, Abra, Chimecho, and Dratini couldn't believe that he alligned with someone as evil as Spoink, and Wailord agreed as he voted himself off because he either wanted to play fairly or not at all, the former which was no longer an option for him. Wailord voted off Hitmonlee in Episode 25 because he made some bad desicions. Thanks to the help of Psyduck and Roselia, Wailord qualified for TPA.

Wailord starts off TPA optimistic that good will trimpuh over evil. Wailord finished 10th in the Shake It Up challenge out of the returning boys. Wailord was put on Team Safari Zone. In Episode 2, Wailord wasn't hard on Manectric for losing the pingpong tourney, and Wailord managed to shoot Oddish in the laser tag portion of the Suite Life challenge, which, along with Pikachu's prowess, helped Team Safari Zone win immunity.

Based On: Rupert Boneham (Survivor Pearl Islands, All Stars, and Heros vs. Villains
Friends: everyone except enemies
Enemies: Bagon, Rapidash, Spoink

TPI: 19th


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