She started out as a Sneasel who was always cold and scared. But she evolved during a cooking challenge and was no longer cold and had more confidence. She also had a crush on Hitmonchan. She made it to the final four.

The SwiftYanmegaEdit

Weavile is the Host. He is very mean to the competitors. He is also very self-absorbed. Most of the campers dislike Weavile, as does chef Nidoking.


Weavile evolved from Sneasel at the end of episode 6 of season 3 in Iceland. He is Ody Mandrell in the cast. Weavile immediately became a target in episode 8 in Brazil because Honchkrow suspected that because she evolved and the circumstances Weavile must reach to evolve from Sneasel, she likes Ambipom, which makes Weavile a threat, but she is narrowly saved because
Flygon screwed up immensely in the challenge. Weavile had a main alliance with Ambipom, Hitmontop, Ursaring, and Steelix, and later on Girfarig and Mesprit played elsser roles in the alliance. Weavile was immune in the episode 27 equator twist, taking her straight to the merge. But Weavile immediately entered target territory for blindsiding Steelix in California (ep 29) and singing the immunity song, Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (ep 30) with a different alliance and without consulting Hitmontop. As a result of this, and the fact Ursaring craved revenge on Weavile for voting off Steelix 3 episodes prior, Weavile got voted off in Oklahoma. Weavile made a cameo in episode 38 to aid Ursaring in the Sweden challenge, claimed that she was willing to put their conflict behind them to help Ursaring out, but nonetheless Ursaring refused to work with her. Weavile was the 49th player voted off and ranked 29th place.

Weavile returns to season 4, just like the rest of her former alliance (excluding Girafarig). Weavile was put on Team Scizor and was for the most part helpful to the team. Despite Weavile saying that she wasn't going to blindside anyone the same way that she did to Steelix in the season prior, Weavile played a major part in Glaceon's elimination in episode 6. Leafeon did not stand for this, so when he was TC in episode 7, he put up Gochirizeru and Weavile for elimination, only to have Weavile voted off. Weavile is upset because this is an elimination game so you can't blame her for wanting her to stay in at someone else's expense.


Weavile has only been picked once for Total Pokemon Island. This occurence was in Season 2, by SuperDarkReaper. He would eventually receive 3rd place.